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Bedford Times Republican Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Bedford Times Republican (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Bedford, Iowa No 6 Taylor 1920 the reunion at Gravity scene anarchist work while the festivities vie their Best some dirty miscreant places bomb in garage and in the car of Samuel officers Are hot on the bombers the reunion at Gravity which the ballot to guard an closed last evening has surely placed that Little City on the land for two Days people were com Foster the source of her destiny the it has always been his opinion that the women wer the equals of ing and going from All of naturalized m i citizens the speech was Well re the great reunion opened tues Cei Ved b All the morning with a Clear sky and closed yesterday evening with heavy Clouds hang my Over the to Days session of amusement fall kinds and All kinds of the committee who had charge of making the different arrangements did their full every respect and everything Vas carried out to the the big and old and Voung stepped to the music of the modern equipped while Down merry go the Street cannons finely trained band of musicians freely discourse id patriotic while on a specially prepared platform a roup of wonder performers kept in Large audience spellbound rendering and asking themselves hat would be the next act almost an impossibility Ken and the Star actor was a slender Little boy of weighing less than who artist mature years in Many ways fact they were there to please 11 classes and we think that the hed the Bill the part of the Reg Rani was a speech made by Bat talented for Over one hour he Oke to that vast Assembly in be Fine City which was Ell seated with a perfect Grove Maple which offered pm it for All those Wner made a genuine 100 per american speech the peo of Taylor county know that sen Ever towners name is on by program for a that Ley can expect something lid they Are willing to travel ies to hear the speaker Index the new voters a rating that the mothers and Dau ers of the greatest country in the were pitching their its around the Hope of Zens and business men of Gravit Are to congratulated on the Success the greatest re Union Ever held in the the closing Day at the reunion was a big Ben Gibson was the leading followed by Snodgrass of Clarin whose subject was brother Hood the Street amusement were about the same As the firs Day with the exception of a free for All boxing blindfolded and one Arm tied behind them this was exciting from the Star and every body enjoyed the exhibition several bloody noses was the but in go humor just before the exercises close a fire alarm was turned in and the word went out that gab lers residence was on by when the fire boys arrived they found that the garage was on fire in a few minutes the fire was under control and upon investigation it was found one entire Side of the garage had been blown out and the car a total wreck a bomb was made out of blasting powder and two fuses attache the bomb the Idary was the property of Samuel the who had garage rented we the Gabler understand that a clue has been found and in May Only be a question of a few hours until the guilty parties Wili be in the hands of the and Short work made out f the we was placed in the car Between the two and the fuses were lighted and in a few minutes the top lesion it might have been planned to get the people to All Rush to the scene of the explosion while the guilty parties could Rob the Bank or business houses Dur ing the excitement sheriff Keith has the fuses in his efficient or Taylor county friends Apar to have been successful in gating the owners of the Chick that were brought to v Bedford i two men under very suspicious cum stances they claimed to raised the chickens but fail to convince the authorities the result that they were liked up and inquiries sent podcast which resulted in two aers of near Afton coming to Ford and proving ownership tie one Wise old Hen taken to the Vicinity of her and turned Loose she did rest by hitting for the old it looks As the men with the and Jig irom the Way they hand matters of that sort while we cd in Taylor these la will find a close it Redan Advance Idu want to remember that Lor county has a sheriff that ser always has one Eye we also have a county at key who backs him to a Chicken thieves have All heard of and they aim to mighty shy will attend orge and William Haller and Waterman left by Way of on tuesday for Iowa they will take up school at the entertained for son and theron Dunlavy entertained at their Home in Honor of their son who left on tuesday for where will at tend the state University of that those present miss Tressa George and Paul Ine Earl and Allie Little and miss Jennie Turne those present report a pleasant this is another Bedford boy the times predicts will go to the to Colorado and Kent Wallace and and Chandler left in their car for an Overland trip to where they will spend a few Days at the Home of mrs wallaces formerly of this count after spending a few Days there they expect to visit several Points of interest in the expect to be absent about four destroyed by who resides near had his barn destroyed by fire last sunday the origin of the fire is a mystery or Fluke is under the impression that it started in the Hay mow everything in the barn was Des feed and to Fluke decided to make a which be found in this goes to Guthrie Arnold has As signed to guthrie7 Center the people of that Little City Are fortunate in securing such an Able he leaves bed Ford with the Best wishes of Rev Arnold is a Man who Speaks out what he believes to be and will allow no Man or set of to put a ring in his we Admire such a and we pre dict that he will do much Good in his new tic Din Point of ability and earnestness in his work he ranks High in the con Ference and his True Worth As i minister will not be appreciate until after he is his new charge is Fine Point and the Field is Large and in shape for great development which Rev Arnold is ably fit to carry for his Many friends at bed Ford and of the methodist Church had Hopes that he would be re turned Here but Are pleased that his lot will fall in such a pleas ant place As Guthrie Iowa the new comes highly recommended and will no doubt carry Forth the Good work of the Bedford methodist Church without a the new pastor is to fill the regular appointment Attis place next Sunda the Best wishes of Bedford people will follow or and Arnold to their Field of family reunion the Jerry Dale Home was the scene of a Happy gathering yesterday Given in Honor of i Evans and mrs Evans was formerly miss Gertrude Bundy and a sister of Chamberlain and miss May bund those present were wife1 and son Cliff wife Anc Henry Cham wife and daughter Harry wife and child miss May Evans and wife of kans Jerry wife and Moth Sam wife and and miss Jessie Hardenbroo this was one of the most social gather Ings which has taken place in Bedford for some birthday will be a Day Long remembered by Jack that being his Lith birthday and his grandpa and planned and carried out a birth Day Surprise the following school mates were Leland Allen Thomp Ross Virginia Pierin Beth Martha Thomp Eleanore Edith Thompson and Marion Paschal the evening was spent in a Jolly Good time and after refreshments were served Jack announced to his invited friends that he had made arrangements to make it a theatre party As Well As a birth Day and the entire party left for the Clarks theatre where seats were reserved for them after the show All returned to their Homes wishing Jack Many More such on a tour of four of be Fords Young men took the Early train Ponca where they go with a Prospect of locating among Hose who left Are George Loyd Don Bris of and Rosco if these Young in securing Good jobs they will locate and then Send for their better the time Republican is sorry to see so Man of our Young eople leaving Bedfor Dwe Hope hat they will All make Good wherever they to visit cd Evans and Ivans and wife of prove in monday evening and will spend u few Days at the Home of heir f Evans and the Jerry Gooding Dies in Colorado Gooding answers the last summons at the Home of her brother in yesterday word received this morning from hooding at announced the death of Gooding at that City yester Day afternoon at 2 and the body is expected to arrive in Bedford tomorrow Gooding left Bedford several weeks ago for where she expected to visit with her brother for an indefinite time shortly after arriving there she was taken sick and confined to her and for several Days she was in a critical a Tele Gram was received by her Hus band at Bedford to come at he left on the first train and has been at her bedside Ever mrs Gooding has been in ill health for several years and a trip to Colorado was thought would be beneficial to Gooding grew to woman Hood in Bedford and had Many friends among All classes who will be grieved to heur of her deaths we go to press no arrangements have been announced for the funeral the friends and relatives have the sympathy of the entire Community in loss of this Good woman on their Brand mrs Walter Matson who reside at stopped Over attorney of this they were on their returned trip of four weeks through the while passing through they had the pleasure of shaking hands with our next pres they also had the pleasure of shaking hands with fighting Joe Canon of mat son is a very close observer Polf Mically and he predicts a land slide for after spending a Day with the Brant family they left for their Kansas Taylor county Day at Ayr at the Ine eting of the last week they decided to make september 30th the Day for Taylor county at the mount Ayr Iowa Stock the route planned is straight East on the state then North to the Wau Bonsie Trifil then East to mount the delegation will leave Bedford at 8 any one wishing to join the delegation May do so along the be with us and make Taylor county Day a gets 5 the motor Cycle thief who was captured by our sheriff last week was taken to Creston where he plead guilty arid the court being in session at that the judge passed sentence on the Young giving him 5 years at the re this we Call mighty Quick to Denver Sanford father and sister left today by Way of Stjoseph for they expect to visit at Joseph for three or four Days on their Way they will take in several Points of interest in Colorado they expect to be absent about three weeks will be Here re Merle the new of sent a message to the officers of the Church stating that he would be Here and fill the pulpit next Sun both morning and evening it is desired that All members be present and give him a Hearty Welcome Delco has new for several years or c of Blockton was the Agen of the Delco Light system for the South half of Taylor county am part of Ringgold and to his credit several Hundred Light plants have been installed in farm in Taylor the Del co Light system is now recognized by All to be the Best for the Farmer now on the Market to prove this assertion you will Only have to ask those who have them Yadon has resigned As Agen ind on september the i closed a Deal and con tract signed with Neke of Ross making him their agent for the South half of Taylor county and two townships in Ringgold county we think the company has made a Good selection Warneke is a Young Man full of push Anc and will look after the company interest on every turn he is a reliable Young Man in whom the people have Confidence and will no doubt make a Success both for himself and his com the Delco lights need no in we Are merely introducing a new we believe that whenever you Are ready to install a Light Plant in your you will make no mistake in calling up War Neke Ancl Lei him explain the sys tem to doing Good work East Mission teachers Cle met at the Home of Rev pot Ter last wednesday evening for the purpose of organizing and naming the Circle those present were miss Beu Lah 7 miss Mildred Clayton 1 miss Blanche Clayton no miss Maude Potter Clayton 6 Lutie Gay 4 miss Ruth Gay the officers elected were miss Beulah and miss Mildred Secretary Friday was named As the first mothers which will be held once each and the first Community Center was planned to be held at East the intention of the Circle is for the better cooperation of teachers and women in a Complete poll of Ward 2 made by mrs committee showed the following re sult total women undecided How to vote 49 democrats 26 republicans from the above figures it will be shown that there will be about 75 More women voters in this Ward than take the City Over in the three the to if the stand then will have majority Over the men at least wants the news 20 1920 Clark dear sir we have moved from to 4035 Shoshone and would like to have the times changed to our present address at once As we do not care to miss any of the num mrs Switzer to the supreme county attorney Locke left yesterday for Des where he has an important Case before the supreme which is now in session or Locke is fast coming to the front As one of the leading lawyers in the state improving Little Charles who was operated on about a week ago at is reported getting along his Many friends Mong his school mates will be pleased hear such Good from the eight pages Bedford Lodge gains National reputation this fast growing order proclaimed the ners in a contest that has been in Progress for the past an officer from supreme Lodge to be big the Bedford knights of has now jumped into National Fame As one of the fore most lodges in the United just a year ago supreme keeper of and seals of this or with Headquarters at Indian offered a prize of a Large altar Bible to the Lodge showing the largest per cent gain in general Lodge and this week the Bedford Lodge was notified that they had been declared the and the trophy would be delivered Here by the supreme keeper of records and seals in person this exalted official plans to make a tour of the state of Iowa in the near future and will make his first Stop at and at this time make the presentation speech to the Bedford it is Seldom noted officer of the supreme Lodge visits places the size of and the bed Ford knights Are to be congratulated for the High Honor thus trained by this Lodge the k of Lodge of Bedford during the past year has Shoven a wonderful nearly Zatio How names being added to their Roa Ter during that and Muca credit is due the present officers for their untiring efforts the up building of the order in this just what the a Cove mentioned gentleman will visit bed Ford has not yet been but the details and program to followed on this occasion will a published Latera special meet ing of the knights of pythias Jodge has been called for monday when Range ments will be made to take this matter and doubtless a big time planned to Mett Phisex tra Ordinary All Knight Are urged to be present monday night and help make the arrange government Wallace Deputy received word yesterday to report at on or before october where he will receive 45 Days training in the Revenue after which he will be assigned a territory As an in come tax inspector at a salary of about per month and sex Pense this is another Bedford boy who has made and we that he will still climb to the top of the his Many friends in Bedford and Taylor county will rejoice to hear of his he will leave Sun Day evening for Washington to take up his the times wishes him the very Best of Suc we understand that Ca Hall will receive the appointment As Deputy treasurer no better selection could be made with her years of experience in the Audi tors qualifies her to fill any position in the court House a Good we want to Call special Atten Tion of the Thompson mercantile cos and in this Issue you will find some rare dont Overlook it read every line and then let them show you their Dif Ferent it will mean a big saving to All Are there will be a reunion of the Greene people and any of their friends who wish to come at the Delphos school House 1920everybody bring Well filled Connor returned Home our who left for Illinois about three weeks ago returned Home this morning his Eye sights have not fully re covered since his interview with Hose two coloured ladies on the rain while Enro Ute to his old Home in Illinois we predict afer a few Days restart Home will come out of that trance and see the new machine John manager of Clarks received the new picture machine this morning and will in stall it Waller to have which will do away with stops while running the pictures through Mineral vote to accept new wage Iowa Coal in their convention voted to accept the wage scale contract agreed upon by committees of miners and operators two weeks ago by their vote they eliminated any danger of a Coal strike in the Iowa the vote was almost unanimous the final count being 76 for to 4 the scale Grants Day workers at the mines a Day leaving the tonnage rate the same Asun Der the the fight on the scale was made by the tonnage who sought an increase from to a the vote followed an today by John Dent of the Texas who explained to the miners the Necess Ity of their accepting the new scale in order to avoid upsetting present competitive conditions be tween the districts West of the Mississippi and those a Wilkinsons talk a filled with attacks upon Alexander at president of the Kansas District of the and president of the Illinois whom he charged stirring up strife in the United mine workers to further their own political John International president John former International president c Lewis Iowa president and other officials urged the men to accept scale to speak of Creston Vic president Thomas shall will speak at Creston on oct1st in the strand from there he goes to Sioux the democrats of Taylor county Are making arrangements to go in Large if the or is favourable there will be a Large crowd go to hear him defend the mismanagement of the government for the past eight years and also hear what he has to give the poor suffering Public in future will speak at Des senator our next president will speak at Des Moines on the Forenoon of october 7tht this willbe Harding Day at the and republicans by the thousands will be there and Taka part in one of the greatest 4 i l

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