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Bedford Gazette Weekend (Newspaper) - March 28, 2015, Bedford, Pennsylvania / saturday amp sunday March 28 amp 29, 2015 a Bedford Gazette weekend edition Bedford a. -5 Economy. Clinton wipe email server continued from Page i the longest recovery on record was the 10-year growth period that lasted from March 1991 to March 2001. But Many economists believe this expansion could surpass that. Zandi said it May Only be at the half Way Point meaning it could last another six years. Here Are the factors that could weaken the Economy keep it going at the current modest Pace or accelerate its growth in the months or years ahead risks of a slowdown the biggest threats this year Are International. While the United states is powering ahead its major trading partners like Europe and Japan Are lagging. Even China the worlds second biggest Economy is grappling with slower growth. Weaker momentum overseas hurts sales of . Exports. Adding to the pressure is the Dollar which is strengthening As investors flock to Dollar denominated assets seeking better returns. The . Currency a Rise will act As a drag on exports making american goods More expensive in foreign markets. . Growth could also be Hurt by cutbacks in investment spending by businesses. In a report earlier this week the government said orders to . Factories for Long lasting manufactured goods fell in february. Moreover a key category that serves As a proxy for business investment spending fell for the sixth straight month. Part of that weakness reflects cutbacks at . Energy companies which Are scaling Back drilling plans in the face of tumbling Oil and steady the . Economy has weathered a number of storms Over the past six years a from a european debt crisis to last years Polar vortex and frigid Winter storms. Yet it managed to keep moving ahead. The severe Winter last year threw the Economy into reverse with Gap contracting at an annual rate of 2.1 percent in the first Quarter of 2014. Analysts believe the Economy is taking a similar but less severe hit this Winter As Well. Forecasters at macroeconomic advisers say this years Winter storms will trim first Washington apr republicans Are looking like they be finally figured out How to govern. The Gopas first months in control of both Chambers of Congress were marked by High profile stumbles and a near shutdown of the Homeland Security department. But this week the party celebrated important successes. Republicans in both the House and the Senate came together to pass boldly conservative and balanced budgets and House leaders struck a bipartisan Deal on medicare that passed on a huge vote and is expected to Clear the Senate once lawmakers return from a two week Spring break. A a done to look now but we re actually governing a said rep. Renee Ellmers emerging from the week of triumphs lawmakers were cautiously optimistic that it was a sign of things to come. On the budget House speaker John Boehner brought unruly conservatives who be defied him on past votes into line while Senate majority Washington apr the White House on Friday announced a five year plan to fight the threat posed by Antibiotic resistant bacteria amid fears that once treat Able germs could become deadly. Repeated exposure to antibiotics can Lead germs to become resistant to the drugs so that they Are no longer effective. The centers for disease control and prevention estimates that drug resistant bacteria cause 23,000 deaths and 2 million illnesses each year in the United states. The world health organi Quarter growth by about 0.7 percentage Point to around 1.7 growth while the bad weather depressed first Quarter activity Many economists predict a solid Bounce Back in the second Quarter similar to the March june period of 2014 when growth jumped to 4.6 percent. This time around the rebound is unlikely to be As dramatic since the first Quarter contraction was not As deep. Nariman Behravesh chief economist at is global economics thinks that growth will rebound to a solid 3.4 percent rate in the april june Quarter and remain robust for the rest of the year helped by Consumers who Are benefiting from the equivalent of a tax Cut with the big drop they have seen in gasoline prices. A Consumers Are going to be the engine of growth for the . Economy this year a Behravesh said. Other analysts Are forecasting growth rate of about 3 percent for the full year which would represent an improvement from 2.4 percent growth in 2014 and the strongest Pace since 2005. Their optimism is driven from impressive showing by the labor Market which logged the longest stretch of Job creation in 17 years. The Strong Job gains Are expected to continue this year. With More people working consumer spending a which accounts for 70 percent of economic activity a should remain brisk. Hopes for the current recovery Stem from the extremely Low rates of inflation a just a Rise of 1.1 percent in the fourth Quarter according to a Price gauge tied to the Gap. That is below the feds 2 percent target and Means the Central Bank will not be in a Rush to begin raising interest rates. While Many forecasters believe the fed will Start hiking rates later this year it will be starting from a record Low near Zero where the feds Benchmark rate has been for the last six years. Most forecasters done to expect More than two Small Quarter Point increases this year meaning rates will still be below i percent at the end of the year a level still very favourable for borrowers. Leader Mitch Mcconnell kept his republicans largely United despite the presidential ambitions of at least four members of his caucus and pressures on Senate republicans who Are up for re election. On the medicare Deal Boehner forged a rare Alliance with House democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to solve a problem that has bedevilled Congress for years producing a result widely embraced in both parties. Yet republicans stopped Short of declaring that they had tamed Capitol Hill. Several noted that some of the specific conditions that helped grease the budget and the medicare Deal Are not Likely to surface on other issues. In the Senate for example special rules governing the budget allowed republicans to approve it with a simple majority not the 60 votes required for most legislation meaning they could push it through on a party line vote without democratic help. A the 51-vote threshold is nation said last year that bacteria resistant to antibiotics have spread to every part of the world and might Lead to a future where minor infections like Strep Throat could kill. Antibiotic resistance also threatens a Napial health agriculture and the Economy. President Barack Obama who ordered the plan said drug resistant bacteria Are one of the most serious Public health issues. A this is one of those problems that does no to always Rise to the top of Peoples Day to Day concerns until somebody in the family is impacted a Gowdy Washington apr Hillary Rodham Clinton wiped her email server a clean a permanently deleting All emails from it the Republican chairman of a House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks said Friday. Rep. Trey Gowdy r-s.c., said the former Secretary of state has failed to produce a single new document in recent weeks and has refused to relinquish her server to a third party for an Independent review As Gowdy has requested. Clinton a attorney David Kendall said Gowdy was looking in the wrong place. In a six Page letter released late Friday Kendall said Clinton had turned Over to the state department All work related emails sent or received during her tenure As Secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. A the department of state is therefore in Possession of All Secretary Clinton a Washington apr the state department has ordered an internal audit of its record keeping officials said Friday outlining a top to Bottom look at the Agency a practices in the aftermath of revelations that former Secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton used a private email account and server during her tenure. The state department released a letter that Secretary of state John Kerry sent to the departments inspector general earlier this week asking for the review and calling it critical to a preserve a full and Complete record of american foreign policy and for the . Public to have Access to that information. Among the questions he outlined were How Best to retain records in Light of changing technology the Agency a global presence and increasing demands from Congress. State department spokesman Jeff Rathke told reporters Friday the review would include the archiving of emails As Well As Freedom of information act and congressional inquiries. He said it was not specific to Clinton a Likely presidential candidate who has been dogged by questions since it became Clear she did no to use a government email account while in what is very helpful a said sen. Roger Wicker a miss. A what we need to find out going Forward is if some of the democrats who have been shedding Crocodile tears about the Lack of consensus in moving legislation actually match their rhetoric with in the House under a complicated process barring filibusters on deficit reducing budget Bills passing a budget was the Only Way to allow republicans to Craft a Bill to repeal the presidents health care Law that could actually make it to president Barack Obama a desk. That provided powerful incentive for some conservatives to Swallow their aversion to deficit spending and go along. It remains to be seen whether the successes of this past week can translate into victories on other issues and those tests will Start to come soon. Lawmakers will need to come up with a Deal on Highway spending by May 31, when authority to spend Money from the Highway Trust fund expires. Obama told reporters before meeting privately Friday with members of his advisory Council on science and technology. A we take antibiotics for granted for a lot of illnesses that can be deadly or a if we Start seeing those medicines diminish in effectiveness we re going to have problems a he said. The White houses Overall goal is to prevent and contain outbreaks of infections at Home and abroad. It s aiming to maintain the ability of current antibiotics to fight illnesses and develop new treatments. Work related emails from the personal email account a Kendall wrote. Kendall also said it would be pointless for Clinton to turn Over her server even if legally authorized since a no emails. Reside on the server or on any backup systems associated with the Clinton a Likely democratic presidential candidate faced a Friday deadline to respond to a subpoena for emails and documents related to Libya including the 2012 attacks in a . Diplomatic compound in Benghazi that killed four americans including the . Ambassador to Libya. The Benghazi committee demanded further documents and Access to the server after it was revealed that Clinton used a private email account and server during her tenure at state. Gowdy said he will work with House leaders to consider options. Speaker John Boehner has not ruled out a vote in the full House to office and Only provided the state department with copies of work related emails late last year. The full trove of Clinton emails will be published on a website after they Are reviewed. She says they contain no classified information. The state department says emails pertaining to a congressional panels examination of the deadly 2012 attack on a . Diplomatic facility in Benghazi Libya will be released in Advance of the others. In the letter Kerry said his department has undertaken significant efforts to promote preservation and transparency including through better technology and training of staff. But he said the Burden was significant with More than 18,000 Fola requests arriving each year that put a a significant Strain on diplomats whose main Job is the advancement of . Foreign policy. In addition he said congressional investigations and requests have a greatly Kerry also did no to mention Clinton specifically but noted that officials were a facing challenges regarding our integration of record keeping technologies and the use of no government systems by some department personnel at the end of june temporary authority expires for the Export import Bank a government Agency that provides Loans to help foreign buyers Purchase american made products. Its a top priority for business but conservative groups Are opposed saying it amounts to corporate welfare. Then at some Point in the fall Congress will be faced with having to raise the nations borrowing limit something that a produced major conflict in the past. Add to that the House and the Senate will have to get together after their Spring break to pass a combined budget something that last happened in 2009. Harder still will be translating that nonbinding blueprint into actual spending Bills that have the Force of Law Send them to Obama and finalize government spending for the 2016 fiscal year by the time it begins on oct. I. At a news conference this week Boehner passed up the Opportunity to take a Victory Lap declaring it a Good week for Congress and the country but saying a a we be got a lot of Tough issues to Deal with Here in the Congress. We did no to get elected just to come Here and sit on our rear ends. We be got we Ork to Force Clinton to turn Over the server if she declines to make it available by an april 3 deadline set by Gowdy. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland the top Democrat on the Benghazi panel said Kendall a letter confirmed a what we All knew that Secretary Clinton already produced her official records to the state department that she did not keep her personal emails and that the select committee has already obtained her emails relating to the attacks in Cummings said it is time for Gowdy and other republicans to Stop what he called a a political charade and instead make Clinton a emails Public. Gowdy also should schedule Clinton a Public testimony before the Benghazi panel As soon As possible Cummings said. Kendall said in his letter that Clinton a personal attorneys reviewed every email sent and received to conduct official he asked inspector general Steve Linick to make several recommendations. They Range from How to make improvements across More than 280 diplomatic posts worldwide to ways to Stream line efforts to preserve appropriate documents. Kerry questioned whether the Agency has even the resources and tools necessary to meet its obligations. The state department has particularly struggled with the backlog of Public records requests. Some have languished for years without being met. Earlier this month the associated press sued to gain Access to Clinton a correspondence after repeated foia requests to the department went unfulfilled. They included one request made five years ago. An inspector general a report in 2012 criticized the state departments practices As a inefficient and ineffective a citing workload Small staff and inter Agency problems. Kerry asked if outside expertise might be advisable on How Best to manage preserve and make transparent its documents. He asked the inspector general to conduct a an expedited review of these some of the conservatives who were in the minority voting a a not this week said they did no to feel much had changed and they still intended to Register their opposition. Yet several acknowledged that after starting off the year on weak footing with historical defections in his leadership election Boehner emerged strengthened. And other members of the rank and file in both House and Senate said it Felt Good to notch some real accomplishments after several frustrating months gop leadership was forced to give up the fight to undo the presidents executive actions on immigration a though not before coming within hours of a partial Homeland Security department shutdown senators gridlocked Over a Bill to combat sex trafficking and House leaders pulled Back Bills on education changes abortion and Border Security in face of rebellions. A this has been i think a stabilizing week. Its one to show that everything and everyone s calmed Down Quot said rep. Gregg Harper a miss. A we have a responsibility to govern we re the party in the majority and i think this indicates that we re capable of doing that Quot from her private email address a 62,320 emails in total a and identified All work related emails. Those totalled 30,490 emails or approximately 55,000 pages. The material was provided to the state department on dec. 5, 2014, and it is the Agency a discretion to release those emails after a review. Kendall said Clinton has asked for the release of All of those emails. He said the state department is reviewing the material to decide whether any sensitive information needs to be protected. A Secretary Clinton is not in a position to produce any of those emails to the committee in response to the subpoena without approval from the state department which could come Only following a review process a Kendall wrote. Gowdy said he was disappointed at Clinton Slack of cooperation. A not Only was the Secretary the sole arbiter of what was a Public record she also summarily decided to delete All emails from her server ensuring no one could Check behind her analysis in the Public interest a he said. In a statement released later Friday Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said she a would like her emails made Public As soon As possible and. She a ready and willing to come and appear herself for a hearing open to the american Bedfor Gazette 424 w. Penn Street to. Box 671, Bedford a 15522814-623-1151 subscriptions Home delivery rates i year.$138.00 6 months.$76.50 3 months.$43.00 i month.$15.25 mail subscriptions zones,la2 i year .$152.00 6 . $85.00 3 months. $53.00 zones 3 amp above i year. $224.00 6 months.$123.00 3 months.$67.00 circulation Home delivery single copy dealer 814-623-1151 x310 Mary Ellen manges. Customer service specialist x310 Natalie Cottle customer service specialist x305 circulation Home delivery department is available to take your Call 7 . To 5 00 . 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