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Bedford Gazette Weekend (Newspaper) - March 28, 2015, Bedford, Pennsylvania Commentary on the news 4 a saturday a sunday March 28 a 29, 2015 a Bedford Gazette Bedford a Bedford Gazette Bedford county a own daily newspaper a o copy Fht 2015, Bedford Gazette. Lac Assn 0744 8457 it St s 047680 Pomona Marsend a Mno planers to Tow Bedford Guette la it hoi 671 bed id a pub text a dais except sunday and new Warday memorial Day Index Modem e Day Aua Hay and it if i part Odra Poat afr paid al bad cad a 15522 �i7l Home Yeii Wrev 6136.oc a i year. S76.5c 6 a rants $43 of 3 month 615 25 i month mail role ski Ahtl Hyldur Honc 814 623 i Isi i Oil free i60ui 242 425u Thida 62 a 3055 remembering a Mentor 15522 i 71 ii. By the Bedford la Hie. La troopers need outside Leader guest editorial its starting to look like gov. Ism Wolf did the right thing when he went outside the ranks of the Pennsylvania state troopers in picking someone to run the Law enforcement Agency. Current and retired troopers Are waging a bitter Campaign against Wolf s nominee Marcus Brown. Their reaction suggests the Force harbours a clubby insular element with the attitude that a we re the ones who run this show not left unchallenged that kind of attitude can easily Lead to abusive behaviour by those whom society entrusts to use deadly Force. Is Brown the Best possible candidate to bring that fresh outsiders perspective to the troopers that remains to be seen. Though he grew up in Pennsylvania attending High school Here and graduating from Penn state some legitimate con Ceras have been raised from Browne a time in Maryland where he spent most of his Law enforcement career. What a going on says a lot More about the culture within the trooper ranks than it does about Marcus Brown. Those questions done to automatically disqualify him nor does he deserve a free pass just because he is gov. Wolfs Choice what Brown deserves is a fair Chance in Senate hearings to address the legitimate concerns expressed so far. What he does not deserve is the kind of often Anonymous sniping waged by those upset at him for the bogus a of Fensel of deciding to Wear the Pennsylvania state trooper uniform. A the did no to earn it is his critics refrain. The latest example comes from Hampden township police chief Steve Junkin. A retired Pennsylvania state trooper Captain Junkin went onto an anti Brown Facebook Page and posted a message that warned Brown a i too will do everything in my Power to see that you done to Wear the uniform of a pop in his Facebook Post Junkin asserted that the right to Wear the trooper uniform is a not bestowed by gubernatorial edict but earned by being the that remark suggests theres a superiority Complex at work in the troopers ranks a one that can easily feed the attitude that a troopers can do no retired troopers like Junkin done to run the state troopers. Neither do the current officers. The duly elected governor of Pennsylvania is in charge and he gets to pick who runs the state troopers subject to veto by the state Senate. That a not an a edict a that a what Pennsylvania a Constitution provides. When a symbolic matter of such Little consequence stirs such vituperation toward the would be Leader of the troopers it says a lot More about the culture within the trooper ranks than it does about Marcus Brown. Wolf is right to Challenge those parochial self righteous attitudes by bringing outside leadership to the Penn Sylvania state troopers. A sleep your Way to Success the other Day president Barack Obama ruefully told the huffing ton Post that he probably does t get enough sleep. Our response to that was duh we want him to fret and worry about the country at night so we can fret and worry about other stuff. Quot the tonight shows Quot Jimmy Fallon unkindly Ineis Tecle Don t pay the president to sleep on the Job a he s expected to be bleary eyed All the time. There is an ulterior motive in All this you know. Arianna Huff ton the Rich woman who founded the online Huffington Post Media group is peddling a new Book Quot thrive Quot in which she argues that America s big problem is that we Don t get enough sleep. The full title is Quot the third metric to redefining Success and creating a life of Well being Wisdom and since this is her 14th Hook she has two children she runs a Media Empire and she goes to a lot of conferences on women we wonder How she gets much sleep. She does argue that cat naps a la supreme court Justice Ruth Bader gins Burg can be a refreshing alternative to a full supine eight hours. Thus All those nodding Heads at meetings. At any rate because the Huffington Post boasts that Arianna s Empire is Quot one of the world s most influential news and information brands Quot we can expect that sleep will be a big 2016 Campaign Issue. Quot sen. Cruz sen. Cruz How much sleep do you get each night. After you read Green eggs and Ham Quot reporters will shout again dredging up that Best for gotten time the new Texas senator filibustered for More than 21 hours in part by quoting or. Seuss. Mcfeatters syndicated columnist president Bill Clinton took great Pride in needing Little sleep. He was famous for calling friends scientists authors and historians late at night for Long philosophical conversations while they propped up their eyelids with toothpicks and slept at their desks the next Day. Obama recently told vanity fair he goes to bed at i . And is up six hours later although sometimes aides Wake him in the Middle of the night to inform him about a crisis. However there Are Many photos of the president nodding off during meetings. Newsweek said in 2011 that Obama outlined his typical Day for them Quot i m a night owl. My usual Day is i work out in the morning i get to the office around 8 30 . To 9 . Work till about 6 30 . Have dinner with the family hang out with the kids and put them to bed about 8 30 . And then 1 11 prob ably read briefing papers or do paperwork or write stuff until about 11 30 . And then i usually have about a half hour to read before i go to bed. About Midnight 12 30 . A sometimes a Little the Huff Post interviewer elicited this from Obama Quot i will say that when people leave the administration and i see them six months later they have that pos administration glow. They really look Good. So i m hoping the same happens to Quot Tut. Tut. Tut Quot Arianna would say indicating there s no time to waste getting More sleep. Her goal is changing the thinking that successful people Don t need much sleep. She wants people to consider burnout stress and depression new Quot worldwide like Many motivational speakers she wants people to exercise lose weight smell the roses sleep More telecommunication equipment stowed elsewhere and meditate. She says meditation changes the brain. Quot one study found that meditation can actually increase the thickness of the pre frontal cortex Region of the brain and slow that thinning that occurs there As we age impacting cognitive functions such As sensory and emotional Money and Power were the first two legs of the Success Stool she says. But without the third the Stool Falls. The third leg is Well being Wisdom wonder empathy and giving Back it s a new paradigm in politics. Or As being Well rounded is now called the third metric. Get ready. Quot gov. Bush. Jeb How often do you meditate Quot Quot sen. Paul Rand Paul Are you stressed out Quot Quot Rev. Huckabee Mike Are you losing weight again Quot Quot gov. Walker. Hey Scott do you have any empathy at All Quot Quot Hillary Hillary have you Ever slept Quot Ann Mcfeatters is an oped columnist for Tribune news service. Readers May Send her email at am feat ters National press com. I lost a great Friend and Mentor this week when capt. William Terrell of the Camden county sheriffs office in Woodbine ga., passed away suddenly after a Short illness. When i moved to Georgia after i graduated College in january 2013, i was scared out of my mind a i did t know a soul there and i did t want to mess up the first real Job of my career. William Public information officer for the sheriffs office was one of the first people i met a he gave me a tour of the county the courthouse and the jail introduced me to most of the sheriffs office staff and helped me understand How to handle stories coming from their department. I had never covered crime before and was actually scared of Law enforcement officers but the deputies detectives and investigators at the Camden county sheriffs office proved my fear wrong and working with them became the favorite part of my Job. William invited me on ride along with deputies took me on an Early morning prescription drug raid with the drug task Force let me attend a train ing exercise on dismantling methamphetamine labs and allowed me to learn How to shoot a gun at the depart ment s private Range. I gained so much knowledge about Law enforcement investigations and the Crimi Nal Justice system during my time working with him. Throughout the week we often went to lunch to catch up on cases and upcoming investigations but he was always interested in How i was adjusting to life on my own hundreds of Miles away from family. He always made me laugh even if we were covering a sobering Case and it was evident to me that he truly loved the work he did. When i left Georgia. William and i continued to stay in touch caught up Dur ing my visit to Georgia in october and often texted about big stories going on in our areas. I knew i could rely on him for More than a Job reference or an opinion on How to come up with new crime related stories and features he was almost a father figure to me during my time in Georgia and More importantly a great Friend. Hell be missed by Many and i la always smile when i think of my memo Ries with him. Rest in peace. William. A Jocelyn Brumbaugh while we All Are waiting for warmer weather and at the request of someone who said a live been waiting to read about your trip a in be decided to share a few excerpts from the cruise i was fortunate to partake of in january. First if you be never taken a cruise and you re not too prone to motion sickness i would recommend giving it a try a just done to go during Hurricane season As in be heard the seas Are rough during those months and even the staunchest of cruise travel ers have been known to get sick. Second read the signs in the Public restrooms before you use the facilities while in port a because in Case you Are wondering in Costa Maya and Cozumel Mexico the locals ask that you done to flush the toilet paper due to the very poor septic systems found in the coastal towns. Instead you la find wastepaper baskets in each bathroom stall. Unfortunately or newsroom a maybe fortunately i did no to see the sign until after i was leaving the facilities. Third take a Chance and a taxi. Tourism is a major economic Force in those areas which Are Host to cruise ships. The downtown area of Cozumel which was reached by a hair raising taxi ride from the port bustled with shoppers from at least four diff rent cruise ships on the Day our ship the carnival Sunshine docked. Merchants and craftspeople called out to passers by trying to entice shoppers inside to Purchase mexican Silver rum cakes jewelry to shirts and so much More. The air was filled with chatter and the constant beeping of horns As cars mostly taxis weaved through traffic and two lanes became three and even four As motorcycles and scooters shot through teeny tiny openings Between vehicles. Fourth if you do decide to take an excursion be prepared for anything. The Pace of traffic in Mexico As Well As Belize and Honduras seems frenzied. The roads Are narrow no one obeys any kind of Stop or yield sign and everyone seems to think they own the Road. In Honduras our excursion featured kayaking snorkelling and a tour of the Gumba Limba Park in which monkeys sat on our shout Dors. Our tour guide was a local Young Man who first led our group out into open water in Clear bottomed kayaks. The Waves were High we see a thing in the water and we managed to sink our kayak. In a not sure our guide understood our hysterical laughter As we paddled furiously to get to Shore to empty our kayak Only to get within a few Fleet before one last wave sent our kayak to the watery deep a which was Only about two feet Down at that Point. We sat there in the sunken boat among the Slimy seaweed and laughed until we cried. After spending a couple of hours in the water first in the kayak and then snorkel ing a the Long flight of Flag Stone Steps leading up up up to the Park seemed rather daunting. But we did it As Well As the swinging Bridge Over the Lagoon. Our tour guide was so enthused with telling us the history of the area that he lost track of time. We stumbled Back to the parking lot to get the last shuttle to the port and about 45 minutes later scrambled through the duty free shops to reach the open air and the trek to our ship. We weren to the last ones aboard but pretty darn close. After a very Short night on the ship we embarked on a tour of Belize and the mayan ruins. The seven hour excursion we booked daily thought thought in the face of death god is the Only steadfast and secure Hope one can have. Scripture Jesus called out with a loud voice father into your hands i commit my when he had sate this he breathed his last. Luke 23 46 prayer dear god your strength is perfect. As i look no the Cross i see Hope and Security that i can base my lift upon. Thank you for the sacrifice that you made so that i May live victoriously even when the circumstances of lib Are almost overwhelming. Bless our nation today and give us All your peace that pass eth All human understanding Pray. Amen. Heart moment copyright 2015 by Elizabeth Whetstone included four hours on bus. During the 2 hour ride out to the xau Tauy ruins a our two belizean guides shared the history and lifestyle of the country Here too traffic seemed to go Willy Nilly with no signal lights or Stop signs we found out traffic was controlled by Speed humps and rotary intersections. A we have two Highway patrol f officers and we do not like them and we do not need them a one of our guides informed us. The country about the size of Massachi v setts and with about 350,000 people Only has sir traffic lights and they Are All i in the Capitol Belize City. Our trip to the ruins took us past Small villages and/., towns unkempt graveyards and Homes with hard packed dirt Yards. We a found this was not unusual i after our Honduras guid told us that his Grandfather at 98 years of age stint a a sweeps the Yard. It a of course there Ait 1 dozens of stories i Cou do share about the trip such. As the people from Maui. Who regaled us with stories of their nude cruise the ele Vator full of people on a hot. Sticky Day who stared longingly at my two cups of it water until i offered one to the room at Large and Actu. Ally had someone accept drink the water in front of j everyone and laughingly say a a done to you wish you a taken it a water Wasny to hard to come by but you either bought the $5 bottle of water in your room or you travelled to the Buffet deck to fill cups with ice and water a a lastly if you do decide on a cruise look for deals Don a a worry about getting a bal Cony room unless you plat to spend the majority of your time there or Are Claustrophobic and be prepared to talk to any and everyone. There is something about the people on a cruise they re All Happy enjoy sharing the expo Rienche with others., you May never see them again hut for a few Days you in a fall my the same a Holly c Luscomb old photo album the Gazette welcomes conto buttons to the old photo pictures should be of Bedford county people or places from about 1980 and before of possible. Please give the Date and location of the picture and All other relevant information. The name address and phone i number of the person submitting the picture must accompany each f picture. The last name of the per j son submitting the photo should be written on the Back of the photo. Please Type or print ail a a information legibly. Photos used by the Gazette will be filed at the front desk and May be picked up As soon As they have appeared in the newspaper we will return photos by mail it you include a self addressed stamped envelope drop off or mail to the Gazette. 424 w. Penn St. Bedford a 15522. E mail Gazette opinion @ Embar while individual or Amity pie Tures Are Welcome and appear in Gazette sunday As Well readers say the Scenic photos of times past have the widest Appeal weekend gallery i Don t wow kit they Cau them Quot two i ate two boxes of them ust year. Ano i sure dont Peel any thinner

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