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Bedford Gazette Weekend Newspaper Archives Mar 28 2015, Page 3

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Bedford Gazette Weekend (Newspaper) - March 28, 2015, Bedford, Pennsylvania Saturday St sunday March 28 St 29, 2015 a Bedford Gazette weekend edition Bedford a. 3 attorney questions charges. A continued from Page i Hooper also presented a few of his pre trial motions the first regarding the search warrant issued for Bishops grandmothers Home in Hyndman where he was staying at the time of the murder. Hooper said that the search warrant was mis dated and therefore evidence found during execution of the warrant should be thrown out. Higgins argued that the incorrect Date on the search warrant was a clerical error As the Date is Correct on state police affidavits detailing the execution of the warrant. While Livengood said he would have More concern if the affidavits were incorrectly dated he give Hooper More time to research any relevant Case Law to argue his Point. A in a preliminary hearing held oct. 8, magisterial District judge Tonya Osman i ruled to move All of Bishops j charges including an arson charge Over to county court. But on Friday Hooper argued that there was not enough evidence to charge Bishop with arson because the vehicle fire Bishop is accused of setting did not i endanger anyone a require ment for the charge. Police Higgins called Aaron Campbell assistant fire chief for Hyndman fire department for testimony As Campbell responded to and was in charge of command at the scene sept. 25. Upon arrival at the scene Campbell said a the car was fully engulfed and was intense creating the concern of the car exploding from the Blaze. Hooper said that there was no specific danger to others because the car exploding was Only hypothetical. Higgins argued that just because no one was actually injured during the fire did no to mean the possibility Wasny to there meeting the requirements of the arson charge. Livengood gave additional time to Hooper in this motion to research and present relevant Case Law to support his claim. Next Hooper filed a motion to throw out statements Bishop made to state police investigators during an interview on sept. 29, claiming Bishop who had previously invoked his right to an attorney was pressured into making the statements. Higgins called David Clemens and Dana Martini the state police troopers in on the interview with Bishop to testify. Both Clemens and Martini said that they were at the jail on sept. 29 to interview Nicholas Forbes 19, and his Mother Kimberlee 45, who were both charged in connection with covering up the scene of Deneene a murder which police say occurred at their Buffalo Mills Home. After interviewing Nicholas Forbes Clemens and Martini said they returned to the booking area where Bishop was being kept in an isolation cell and were talking with correctional officers about meeting with Kimberlee. At this time the troopers said Bishop began to bang on the door of his cell seeking the attention of the correctional officer they were speaking with. Diana holler the correctional officer said she approached Bishop and asked what he wanted and Bishop said he wanted to speak with Clemens and Martini. At that time holler explained Bishops request to Clemens who advised Bishop twice that state police were not allowed to ask to speak with him because he had invoked a Mercersburg Man was charged with retail theft. Shawn Michael Younker 33, of heavenly acres Road Mercersburg was charged with retail theft Friday after a he took items from the Everett food liner without paying for them Everett Borough police reported. Younker was stopped by employees who saw him take Bug Spray and during a Pat Down a Container of Metal cleaner was found police said. Charges were filed at magisterial District Kathy Calhoun a office. A Wells Tannery Man was arrested for driving under the influence. J Brandon l. Bartholow 23, was stopped for a speeding violation along route 30 in West Providence township at 7 47 . March 9, state police said when it was determined that he was driving under the influence of a controlled substance and in Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A Man from Shippensburg received minor injures in a crash in Monroe township. According to state police Dale e. Seibert 53, was travelling South on Black Valley Road at 4 13 . March 8 when he lost control of his 2004 Subaru Baja and travelled off the Western Side of the Roadway and then spun clockwise into a Utility pole. Seibert who was wearing a Seatbelt at the time of the crash was treated by Ray town Ems for minor injuries. Everett fire department also assisted at the scene. Seibert was cited a for careless driving police said. An Everett Driver Wasny to Hurt in a single vehicle crash thursday in Monroe township. Banner b. Mann was northbound on Black Valley Road about 3 10 . When his Chevrolet Silverado crossed the Eastern fog line state police reported. His right rear tire then blew out. The Driver lost control and a his vehicle crossed the double yellow lines and then the Yve Stem fog line striking a tree. The car spun for about 4q feet and came to rest in he southbound Lane. T a two Drivers were charged in a thursday a rash on route 36 in Woodbury township. State police said a 1999 Subaru Forrester and a 2004 podge ram were travelling North on route 36 at 6 42 . When the Driver of the Subaru passed the Dodge. A Hort time later police said the Dodge passed the Subaru and the Subaru then Fol owed the Dodge too closely. When the Driver of the Dodge braked the Subaru collided with the rear of the vehicle. Both Drivers were cited for the crash. Neither Driver was named in the report a Bedford woman was charged for Public drunkenness. According to Bedford Borough police Cindy Clark 53, was charged with Public drunkenness following an incident at 9 45 . Wednesday along the 300 Block of South Juliana Street. Police said Clark showed signs of intoxication and Bedford Ems assisted at the scene. State police arrested an Altoona Man for driving under the influence and drug Possession in Cumberland Valley township. At 5 42 . Feb. 25, police said Brandon t. Wike 22, was found to be operating a 2002 Hyundai sonata while under the influence of a controlled substance along route 220 in Centerville. Police also found Wike in Possession of marijuana and related paraphernalia. Wike was arrested and taken to a pm Bedford where a Legal blood test was conducted. Charges were filed through the office of magisterial District judge Tanya Osman. A Driver involved in a Pleasantville Borough crash was driving under the influence police said. Joel m. Miller 23, of Hollidaysburg was involved in a crash along Quaker Valley Road in Pleasantville Borough at 12 10 . Feb. 27 and was found to be operating his 2005 Ford focus while under the influence of a controlled substance according to state police. Miller was arrested and taken to a pm Bedford memorial for a Legal blood test. Charges were filed through the office of magisterial District judge Tonya Osman. A Bedford woman was charged for making false reports to Law enforcement recently. According to state police Tammy v. Miller 41, was interviewed at the Bedford county children and youth services at 11 15 . March 17 when she reported a 2-month-old baby boy was dropped off outside the Back door of her residence by a person she did not know leaving the baby alone. Miller reported that she was unaware the baby was left at her Back door and did no to know How Long the baby was there. During an interview with Miller on March 20, police said Miller admitted that the incident did not occur. Charges will be filed through the office of magisterial District judge h. Cyril Bingham. Police Are investigating a theft that occurred at Waymart in Snake Spring township. The incident involving an unnamed 32 year old male from Manns Choice occurred at 1 04 . March 26. Anyone with information should Contact state police. A hit and run occurred in West Providence township thursday. State police said the incident occurred at 7 55 . As an unknown Driver in a dish network Van was turning right onto main Street from route 30 and struck a vehicle driven by a 33 year old unnamed female who turned left off route 30 onto main Street. The Driver of the Van continued straight onto main Street and did a u turn and then got into the East bound Lane of route 30 without stopping. Anyone with information is asked to Contact state police. Last Chance for a classic Furnace the time to get a new classic Furnace is running out proposed sem charges pm soon Alana sate Centra Bone Lassie furnaces its Imp Bree a i de j �01 demand tor Classe furnaces tug 9 pre Rule time period Don it Fate Bliest rapport to get a owe1 save up to on a Central boiler outdoor Wood Furnace today 5 daily number is Beegles heating amp Cooling Everett Pasi 4-662-9175 141 to s6s0 a my it a my Cost or snap my i a a Csc Soo my. Shim hrs his right for an attorney. Bishop then said he wanted to revoke this right and Tell them his Side of the Story leading to the interview. Martini who first interviewed Bishop sept. 26 at his grandmothers Home added that she stopped questioning him after he asked his grandmother to get him an attorney. Hooper pointed out several times when Bishop requested an attorney. Bishop asked his grandmother twice to Call an attorney for him when he was first detained by state police on sept. 26, Hooper said. At his preliminary arraignment Bishop filled out an application for the Public defender and filled out the same application again once he was booked at the jail he added. After Bishop was put in jail sept. 26, Hooper said Bishop was denied the right to an attorney for three Days and suggested that Bishop was put into an isolated cell As a Way to pressure him into talking to police. Higgins cited prior cases that show defendants can still waive their right to an attorney even after they be asked for one. He also said that on sept. 29, it was still unclear if Bishops application to the Public defenders office was accepted. A it comes Down to this who initiated it a Higgins said pointing to Clemens Martini and hollers testimonies that it was Bishop who requested the interview. Livengood also decided to allow More time for both attorneys on this motion. Hooper requested several experts for the Case including a forensic psychiatrist forensic firearms expert and a death penalty attorney. Livengood asked Hooper to compile a list of his selections and their requested fees for his review. Higgins requested a Cap be put on the costs for the experts. Livengood will make rulings on Hooper a motions and his list of experts within a few weeks. Within two months a separate hearing will be held for Livengood to decide whether robbery will be added to Bishops charges. Bedford police warn of distraction burglary Bedford Borough police Are advising Borough residents to watch out for distraction burglary. On thursday an elderly woman reported an incident at her Home around 6 ., when two males arrived at her Borough residence in a newer Model Silver extended cab pickup truck. Police said one of the males knocked on the door and advised the elderly woman of a water break in the area and asked to Check the water pressure in her Home while the other male remained seated in the truck. When the woman asked if he was with the water department the suspect told her he was. Once inside the Home police said the male walked throughout checking faucets and Flushing toilets and was using a two Way radio. After he exited the Home the woman reported several items out of place and eventually discovered $300 in Cash and several ring were missing. Police said the Man who entered the Home was described As a White male about 5�?T5�?� and 175 pounds with dark spiked hair and glasses. While the woman was in the presence of this Man police believe he alerted his accomplice using the radio to enter the Home. About an hour later another elderly resident reported an unknown male knocked on her door and said he was with a Crew repairing potholes in the Alley behind her House police said. When this woman told the suspect he could speak with her husband he left the area. Bedford Borough police remind residents that the Bedford Street department and water department employees Wear uniforms with the boroughs Emblem and also carry identification cards. Bedford employees status can be checked by calling the Borough office at 623 8192 or contacting Borough police. Police advise residents not to let anyone into their Homes unless their identity and employer is verified. Weather today. Mostly Cloudy in the morning then becoming partly sunny. Scattered Snow showers. Colder with highs around 30. Northwest winds to to 15 Mph with gusts up to 25 Mph. Chance of Snow 40 percent. Wind chill values As Low As 3 above. Tonight partly Cloudy in the evening then Clearing. Lows around 15. Northwest winds to to 15 Mph with gusts up to 25 Mph. Forecast tomorrow sunny. Not As Cool with highs in the mid 40s. West winds 5 to to Mph becoming Southwest in the afternoon. Sunday night mostly Cloudy. Not As Cool with lows in the mid 30s. Southwest winds to to 15 Mph. Gusts up to 30 Mph after Midnight. The Outlook monday mostly Cloudy in the morning then becoming partly sunny. Scattered rain showers. Highs in the girl 4, hops bus for Plushie Philadelphia apr a 4-year-old girl has grabbed her purple Raincoat slipped out of her House at 3 . And hopped a Philadelphia bus in search of a snack. Bus Driver Harlan Jenifer says the girl swung her legs in a seat As she chanted a al i want is a authorities say the girls family did no to know she had awoken and unlocked the backdoor to Start her trek during a downpour Early Friday. They found nothing amiss at the House and have no plans to file charges. The bus Driver is a father of three. He says he was scared for the girl but found her adventure funny. He says he knew she was in Good hands. He stopped the bus and called police. They took the girl to a Hospital where she was reunited with her Mother. Legal notice lower 50s. Chance of rain 40 percent. Monday night partly Cloudy. Scattered rain showers in the evening. Lows in the lower 30s. Chance of rain 40 per cent. Tuesday partly sunny with a 50 percent Chance of rain showers. Highs in the mid 50s. Tuesday night mostly Cloudy in the evening then becoming partly Cloudy. A 50 percent Chance of showers. Lows in the mid 30s. Wednesday mostly sunny. A Chance of rain showers in the morning. Highs in the upper 50s. Chance of rain 30 percent. Wednesday night mostly Cloudy with scattered showers. Mild. Lows in the lower 40s. Chance of rain 40 percent. Thursday mostly Cloudy with a 50 percent Chance of showers. Highs in the lower 60s. Thursday night mostly Cloudy with a 50 percent Chance of showers. Lows around 40. Friday partly sunny with scattered showers. Breezy with highs in the mid 50s. Chance of rain 30 percent. Of you currently subscribe or had co cast Cable anytime from 2003 to 2008, in Bucks Chester Delaware Montgomery or Philadelphia counties you could Benefit from a class action settlement there is a settlement in a class action lawsuit against co cast claiming that certain business practices resulted in subs cobers paying higher paces for Cable to services in the Philadelphia area the settlement provides benefits to current and former co cast customers co cast denies All of the claims in the lawsuit and says it did nothing wrong. Who is included the class includes a All customers who i currently subscribe or 2 previously subscribed at any time from january i 2003 to december 31, 2008, to Cable to services above and beyond Basic Cable from co cast sex any of its subsidiaries or affiliates and a the services Are or were provided in the counties of Bucks Chester Delaware. Montgomery and Philadelphia Pennsylvania. What dots this settlement provide the settlement valued at $50 million provides different options for current and former subs cobers a current subs cobers can choose either a i one time credit of $15 off their Bill or 2 credits from a selection of co cast services including pay per View movies. Internet sen ice. Or limited subscription to the movie Channel current subscribers who do not tile a claim will automatically receive two free months of the movie Channel. A former subs cobers can receive a Cash payment of $15 a commercial subs cobers Are no eligible for the pay per Siew movies and must choose Vine of the other benefits How do you ask for bin asks to choose your benefits you must submit a Quick and easy claim form online or by mail by july to 2015 claim forms Are available at wow Cable settlement com or by calling 1-866-863-4450 your other options even if you do nothing you will be bound by the court s decisions of you want to keep your night to sue co cast yourself you must exclude yourself by june to 2915 of you stay in the settlement you May object to it by june to 2015 the court will hold a Heaning in the Case on september 9, 2015, to consider whether to approve the settlement hid a request by settlement class counsel for up to $15 million for attorneys fees and expenses to be paid out of the settlement you or your own lawyer May ask to appear and speak at the Heaning at your own Cost but you do not have to for More information about die settlement and your rights Call or go to the website shown below

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