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Read an issue on 6 Feb 2016 in Bedford, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bedford Gazette Weekend.

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Bedford Gazette Weekend (Newspaper) - February 6, 2016, Bedford, Pennsylvania Commentary on the news Bedford Gazette Bedford county s own daily newspaper 0 copyright 2016. Bedford Gazette Lac Oso 0744-8457 Isis 04768� fwd water Send a of Deri quem. Us to b857lb #sf4 a. 35522-9671. Toners of do a Simom a sir wet am in Cwi pm Quot a a pfc. Pwn it teis aah age pud it depart. A i subs Ndoc sates payable in Advance i year 6 months 3 months gamer motor roue s138 of 876.50 $43 00 in Cassy a zones a 2 is 52 of s85.00 s53 of zones 3 St Abaft mail 8224 00 $123 00 $67 00 for Home Dri Rary and Sente. Call the Gazette of amp Ces monday Tiara Friday 7 5 p m Beff lard Gazette. Inc. To Box 671.424 w Pena St Bedford a i 5522-0671 Phebe $14? <33-ii 51 Lei free 00$ 242-4250fax 18141625-5055e-mail boy Omuhr taper a fun Saax try so a Tsa a race a a at sir Sak hour rec. A tbsp Aarau Ajroja ate state tax pm i in or at Zan Duvic sit to co National debt to increase guest editorial the omnibus budget Deal and accompanying tax Breaks for businesses and individuals that Congress agreed to in december will put a greater Strain on the National debt according to the congressional budget office s latest budget and economic Outlook for 2016-2026 under the co s forecast the annual budget deficit will increase As a share of the nation s Gross Domestic product to s544 billion a the first time it has done so since 2009, when the deficit peaked at $1.4 trillion. Revenue As a percentage of Gap. Will remain above the 50-year average but still will not be Able to keep Pace with spending. With most of the expenditure growth going to social Security medicare. Medicaid the children a health insurance program and Obama care subsidies. Over the next to years. Gbo projects that the Federal government will add another $9.4 trillion in debt and even this is a rather Rosy scenario As it assumes Congress will not Ratchet spending up again and the Economy will not experience another recession during the first seven years of president Barack Obama s tenure the National debt has increased $8.3 trillion 78 percent and stands at $19 trillion. That translates to nearly $71,000 per household according to , relying on . Treasury and census Bureau data. Federal debt held by the Public has increased from 39.3 percent of Gap in 2008 to 73.6 percent an Quot already High level Quot Gbo notes. Gbo expects that to continue to Rise to 75.6 percent this year Quot higher than it has been since the years immediately following world War it and on up to 86 percent by 2026. As we have warned Many times Federal borrow ing for our sizable debt places an unfair Burden on future generations crowds out private savings and suppresses economic growth and innovation this will Only be exacerbated once the Federal Reserve allows interest rates to Rise from their historic and artificially Low Levels thereby substantially increasing our debt service costs. Paying Down debt May not be As sexy a presidential Campaign Issue As buying votes with a new spending program but we need responsible adults who will tackle the Issue lest we Wake up one Day and discover that we Are Greece. The above editorial was published feb. I in the Orange county Register Santa Ana California. Its views Aren t necessarily those of the Bedford Gazette. The future of sports Usa today recently reported on the release of Quot the future of sports Quot a 50-Page document commissioned by sports concessionaire Delaware North to take some Guesswork out of planning for impending developments in the Indus try. Among the predictions tossed around by academics and futurists Are stadiums with morphing roofs Tail gating inside the stadium the proliferation of professional women s leagues and robots replacing some human workers. Broadcast network to we Are told will have to Settle for what it can scrounge together after satellite and streaming sew up All the major sports. Quot tonight a very special episode of i can t believe it s not Badminton guest starring Heather Locklear s clone Quot supposedly the role of twitter Facebook and the like will make sports commentators and reporters almost obsolete. Just what we need hordes of underemployed sports personalities holding up Quot will color comment ate for food Quot signs and working children s birthday parties Quot he shoots he scores he eats he hurls Quot and what of the fans who become Overly reliant on social Media for their sports experience they la be bubbling Quot i can get my favorite on the All Star team if i vote column a by Danny Tyree repeatedly a and let a nigerian widow Deposit $80 million Iii my Bank it is prognosticate that fans will get to use a virtual reality Headset and watch the game from the perspective of their favorite player. A sports franchises will probably Start beaming the games straight into our Heads. A can i borrow the sports Section pal Haggh wrong Section of your brain that s the one of your kissing encounter with your Cousin Lek do Over the proliferation of drive less cars is projected to mean smaller stadium parking lots and higher alcohol sales because the whole gang can imbibe and still have a designated Quot Driver Quot. Yep everyone can get hammered and then go to their Job a which probably involves building and programming drive less cars. Hij inks ensue. The study claims that As escalating ticket prices make it prohibitively expensive for Ordinary fans to attend in person there will be an explosion of a new generation of sports bars. On a negative note the department of Homeland Security is already concerned about the prime target that the wretched excess will generate. Quot just moments ago Isis smashed two jetliners into the he Fla screen to in the men s room of to s sports Sanctuary Quot baseball is expected to continue its slow decline. Perhaps Quot America s pastime Quot can be saved by re branding itself As mixed martial arts spitting and scratching. Of course that won t matter if a Quarter Century of technological Quot improvements Quot brings us announcements such As Quot the game is delayed while we Call a convention of states to look at that instant replay and determine if it was a Ball or a some of the More fantastic predictions involve the creation of separate leagues for Quot natural Quot athletes and Quot enhanced Quot athletes those who have been souped up via genetic modification Man made parts league approved steroids and the blocking of pain receptors a As in Quot the thrill of Victory the numbness of defeat Quot of course fans who have been relieved to see concussions publicly debated will have to sigh Quot Here we go again Quot As super athlete problems arise. Quot so a few crybabies Are complaining about an isolated 750 cases of disembowel ing by Wolverine like and Amantius claws does no one remember How to walk it off hey no using the a Ray vision on Heather Locklear s clone Quot policy on letters to the editor the Gazette welcomes letters to the editor on pertinent issues. Submit original typed or neatly written letters signed and with the authors address and Telephone number for confirmation to letter to the editor. Bedford Gazette . Box 671, Bedford a. 15522. Telephone numbers will not be published. Please keep letters Brief to the Point and no More than 500 words. Letters May be edited for length or clarity but grammar is the writers responsibility. Letters from a group should include a spokespersons name and phone number for confirmation. Letters will be rejected if libellous or for reasons of Good taste or repetition. Thank you notes should be submitted to the classified and department. 4 a saturday St sunday february 6 4 7, 2016 a Bedford Gazette Bedford a. Remarkable tales of giving since working Here. I have experienced a Beautiful thing people in this county just want to do the right thing no matter what. People were just raised to do the right thing because its what you do. In be met two very special ladies who gave a part of themselves to someone else. So that they could live a full and Happy life. Michelle Zipp of new Paris donated a kidney to a woman in Florida and Shanda Goodrich of Everett is donating a part of her liver to a Man from Bedford. They both donated their organs to people they had never met to offer a Chance for them to fulfil their dreams. When i asked them if they were scared they both said they were More excited than nervous. Both women did the right thing. Recently we ran a Story about Many of the Unsung heroes of this county who helped the Many stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike during the second a a Snow Magged on. While most of us looked out our windows and stayed cozy some volunteers hiked out of their House to bring food water and toilet paper to those stranded in the Peak of the storm. Some of those people were out there for More than 24 hours helping people. I applaud the people of Bedford county for doing the right thing no matter what. Its very special to find a Community who so eagerly just wants to help. Please keep teaching this for generations Bedford. You re doing the right thing and please Don t Ever Stop. A Cassidy Ann Sherman we had a discussion in the newsroom this week about the candidacy of Bernie Sanders a 74-year-old democratic socialist who has gained a surprising la Strong youth following. The argument from the Clinton Camp and others is that he can twin in a general election a his ideas Are too far left his idea to tax americans to give everyone Universal health care is Way too expensive Etc. And. I pointed out some pundits think Young voters while they Are frenzied it seems about Sanders done to show up at the polls. Actually some statistics show 18-year-Olds vote at a very High rate to take advantage of their new status i guess but then they drop off As they get into their 20s. However having said that its possible Young voters will go the polls and show their strength. Sanders seems to think they will and provide the tide that he can ride to the nomination and beyond. To do that Young voters will have to first make sure they Are registered which can be done now though March 28. Call the county elections office 623-4803. For More information. Is it too cliche to say your voice is your vote a Elizabeth Coyle Over the course of this week i have been working on an article for an interesting event coming up Here in Bedford county rebels and Rye which will be held at the Omni Bedford Springs on feb. 20, seems like something that members of the Community will be very interested to attend the immersive theater show is set to transport attendees Back to 1794. The height of the whiskey rebellion which is a contentious period in county history. The Way the show is presented with actors interspersed within the crowd of guests seems like a very unique Way of presenting this historical drama. This includes whiskey tastings live entertainment and even a live tar and feathering of one of Bedford county a Public servants. The show is also set to help raise Money for a great Community cause the fort Bedford museum. I Hope everyone who enjoys history live theater or even just wants to try some new whiskey attends. The article will be published in an upcoming Issue of the Gazette. A Andrew Carr super mixed feelings for big game guest editorial it is Ever harder to watch the super bowl without mixed feelings. This week As football fans geared up for the High holy Day of sports on sunday researchers at Boston University confirmed that the late great nil quarterback Ken Stabler was suffering from High stage 3 chronic traumatic encephalopathy when he died in july. Score one More for cute the degenerative brain disease increasingly linked with football. Few athletes were As charismatic As the Snake during his Young hell raising years with the Oakland raiders. And few men have endured a Middle age As crippling. His partner Kim Bush said on wednesday that his 60s were a Nightmare of memory loss insomnia and disorientation with headaches so severe that he often spent whole Days in silence. As he witnessed other retired athletes succumbing to dementia depression and other neurological problems he agreed to donate his brain to science cute which is believed to arise from repetitive brain trauma can Only be diagnosed posthumously. After Stabler died at 69 of complication daily thought thought if you Are tempted to write yourself off As an insignificant human being consider this you Are a one of a kind creation made by god he loves you As if you re his Only child scripture for you created my inmost being you knit me together in my mothers womb. Psalm 139 14. The life i now live in the body i live by Faith in the son of god who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2 20b prayer almighty god. I stand in Awe of you As i Ponder the complexity of the human body your creation. It truly is unfathomable to think of How each tiny cell muscle Bone tissue and each part works together to help our bodies function. Life is something i tend to take for granted until i am faced with a health problem. It makes me realize How even the act of lifting a Finger is triggered by a Chain reaction of various body parts working together. God help me to use this mind soul and body you have created me to be. Make me a vessel which brings glory and Honor unto you my creator. In Jesus name i Pray amen. Heart moments copyright 2016 by Elizabeth Whetstone from Colon cancer Ann Mckee a Neur pathologist who has been among the leading researchers into the condition immediately identified the telltale shrunken temporal lobe Small hippocampus atrophy and shredded brain tissue. With the diagnosis Stabler joins More than too of his Peers including More than a half dozen Hall of farriers who appear to have suffered from cute including Junior seau Quot Iron Quot Mike Webster and Frank Gifford. Bennet Homalu a medical examiner and University of California at Davis professor whose work w As the basis of the film Quot concussion Quot has estimated that nine out of to nil players have the affliction. Though Stabler became increasingly private As his health degenerated the news surprised no one who knew him. Like most pros he had experienced football s occupational hazards for Many years before football was his occupation. By the time he retired had spent some 28 years being tackled starting at age 9. After years of denial the nil has begun to acknowledge that cute is a problem and that being slammed repeatedly in the head is no different for football players than for boxers or combat veterans or hockey players or any other Mere mortal. California last year passed a Law limiting Contact practice for football players in Middle school and High school and the american Academy of paediatrics has weighed in on the Issue. But More must be done. Homalu has questioned whether there should be an age of consent for football since the brain damage appears to Worsen with the number of hits and thus the number of years of Contact. Others believe the game needs to be changed at every level to limit trauma. Of course that s not what fans want to focus on now and who can blame them football is thrilling and it s hard to separate its mix of skill and violence and patriotism and marketing and nostalgia. Still the casualties Are mounting. Tuning them out won t be easy this weekend As As America Waits for the Kickoff and stables survivors wait shattered for the cold Comfort of possible admission to the Hall of Fame. The above editorial was published feb. 5 in the Sacramento Bee. Its views Arentt necessarily those of the Bedford Gazette. Weekend gallery j Cor Whf Lff Jeff for a ssh of cum Wilh amp rain amp or amp a comply the Loi Quot too High Quot

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