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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 1

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Bedford, Pennsylvania Bedford Gaz marking 152 years of to oar Community the weather considerable Clou Doneit and Erate temperatures with occasion Al showers and possibly scattered thundershowers today High 7478 7882 established 305 saturday september 1957 Friday winners listed horse show promises plenty of activity tomorrow the fourth annual Bedford Lions horse show opened yesterday afternoon at the local fair an outstanding Field of Fine horses from the East is on hand for the event which continues today and today show opens at and there will be sessions beginning at and p m As the three Day meet will close tomorrow night1 following an exceptionally at Tractive program tomorrow among the most impressive classes shown yesterday was the three gaited Saddle class in which the painted doll was pinned first in a Large and closely contested this a Grey Mare dyed a Beautiful Chestnut is owned by and David can ton and was shown by the three sessions of the program today will feature walk Hunting and jumping of special note will be Fine harness and roadster always Aular stake classes in All categories 5pear on sundays yesterdays results the results of yesterdays showing appear Shetland to drive Sargenti Dick John Gas Largos Jolly five gaited to drive 1st Ottawa John my Melody and David Ohio the Margo Diamond Ann Bea walking mares Sun Princess Harold new Moonlight big mans Palomine Midnight strolling Junior three gaited Saddle horses Ace in the arid new Spring and Stuart Darling bubbling Meadows Newton Ohio Helens mad Highland acres Bethel ladles plur Idov Howes Cherry Vicki Ohio miss Snyder Gay Patty cum Black Beatty Buick arabian mares a geldings Helena ladles to drive Fine harness Stonewall supreme Hytye Silver Pines Mia Bethel Palomino pleasure horses zephyrs Golden Palomine Dolly Vernon Allas Susie Stevenson three gaited Saddle horses Over the painted and David Ohio miss sparkle Hillsview Princess Beatty Buick Scott Paul Cleve saturday horsemanship Saddle seat 5 Junior 5 gaited 52 Trail horses Western 48 arabian stallions 71 Shetland ponies Amateur 3 Amateur 5 gaited 34 Amateur to ride working Hunters 73 open roadster ponies 18 Amateur walking horses 1 five gaited mares 27 open jumpers saturday 63 Saddle seat Sally Laughlin trophy championship 2 five gaited stallions and geldings 17 walking stallions and geldings 24 Junior Fine harness 38 open roadsters 69 open Shetland ponies 14 ladies to ride 3 gaited 49 Junior arabian horses 57 Parade horses combined 9 3 gaited and under in Junior walking horses 50 native arabian costume Fine harness 74jbpbn roadster ponies 29 special Corse open jumping sunday 36 open working Hunters 25 Junior Fine harness stake 39 open roadsters 20 Junior walking horse stake 75 roadster Pony stake 6 Junior five gaited stake 37 working Hunters stake 53 open Stock horses h amateurs to ride 3 gaited i 46 Pony championship stake 51 arabian stake 4 Junior riders 5 gaited 128 Knock Down and out sunday i 54 Western pleasure 128 Fine harness Champion stake 121 walking horse Champion stake 140 roadster Champion stake 115 3 gaited Champion stake 159 Parade horse Champion stake 143 pleasure horse Champion stake 172 Shetland ponies Champion stake 8 five gaited Champion stake ibs Western horse Champion stake 32 jumper Champion stake Miller weft tiffs Ori Elroney Sand work is held up the Donald Miller natural Gat Well in Southern Monroe township finally hit the Longway Tedfor oils Sand Early Friday drillers said the Gas bearing Sand was encountered at a depth of 4761 geologists estimated that another Hundred feet of drilling will probably Tell whether there is Gas in the drilling the Sand was encountered at a depth just slightly less than it was found in the original Miller Well drilled several years in the first natural Gas was enc Oun ered at the it will be several Days before drilling is workers must Case the Well first and then allow 2 hours for the Cement to Harden the news that the drillers had cached Oriskany Sand caused considerable excitement in the hundreds of property owners have heir land under Gas lease and would Benefit in the event of a sizeable Gas strike and additional at the horse show rear View a rider and his horse were caught in a Southern exposure in front of the grandstand at the Fairgrounds As the annual Bedford horse show got the fact that a Light drizzle was falling throughout the afternoon didst seem to Dampen spirits in if the Jaunty tilt of horses Tail is any Indica three children killed on wet Pike 20 an Auto and a tractor trailer crashed head on today on the rain soaked Penn Sylvania killing a a woman and three it was one of the worst traffic Acci dents in the 17year history of the toll state police said the bearing a California License skidded across the medial strip directly into the path of the oncoming Rig about five Miles West of the Pittsburgh the car was Rescue Crews worked for an hour removing the bodies from the Tow Hooks on the Back of wreck ing cars were used to pry the twisted Auto two of the dead tentatively were identified As Donald Young and Barbara the three Chil Dren were not immediately Ridenti police said they had no and the truck Driver escaped injury but was not immediately identified the wreckage tied traffic up on the Turnpike at the height of the evening Rush tha Impact knocked the engine from the car and twisted the it was the second fatal crash o tha Day within a three mile Seg ment of the four Lane the victim of the first crash was mrs Mary of Temple City her was in Gerrard Gil assistant to the commissioners of the said to his knowl Edge five is the greatest total o fatalities in one Accident on the Turnpike since it was opened in twice before traffic crash claimed five in five women were killed person injured when a greyhound bus Anc a tractor trailer collided seven Miles East of the Harrisburg was in five persons were killed when an Auto struck a Concrete Bridge pier on the others Square off tiniest Republic has 2 feuding governments san 20 if san smallest Republic in the had two governments and Kin size political rumpus contending factions in this Mountaintop nation of 38 Square Miles and persons were the com who have ruled since and an position of Christian demo independents and socialists who have set up a Rump govern the political Battle turned into violence last soldiers turned anticommunist away from the building and san Marinese attacked each other with fists and feet in a All was quiet in the centuries old town Square but Mill Tiamen in 19th Century uniform and fingering pre world War 1 rifles nervously suggested that a party of 200 foreign tourists leave the they the crisis broke out when six member of the grand coun cil parliament that was elected two years that reduced the communists 35 l to 29 in the governor still plans Appeal missile test in Florida is called Success missile test Cape cadaver 20 flame tailing missile was launched from Lere today in what was de to be the first successful firing of the air Force authorities confirmed Only that a missile had been third in two their tone indicated they were satisfied with the the projectile Rose with a Flam ing travelling upward on an even keel for perhaps 15 or 20 Miles before turning in a More horizontal at this a burst of White smoke indicated a Booster had been the gleaming White still travelling evenly on its left a string of smoke like thai from skywriting it moved away toward the East a Trail of like that left by a Jet followed it far out Over the observers three Miles away heard the sound 20 to 30 seconds after the missile was airborne a it earner As a heavy Roar like the sound of bombers flying High windows rattled in downtown Cocoa 13 Miles the 65 to 70 feet in length and designed to travel Miles is an intermediate Range missile developed for the air the first two firings were unsuccessful the set Oft on 30 travelled an estimated 13 to 1 Miles before its Booster apparently threw it off single copy five cents v Faubus gives in orders guard away from school new radar can detect air Force says 20 the air Force today revealed this coun try first major breakthrough in efforts to set up a defense against intercontinental ballistic it is a super radar system capable of identifying and Figur ing the precise course of u weapon speeding through space Miles Thomas air Force chief of disclosed the new development in space warfare and linked it directly to russian claims of having successfully test fired a ballistic rocket capable of reaching any target on declaring communist Progress in Airpower does not neutralize our retaliatory Cap Abil said the complicated and radically new radar system will be operating in the near for use in Alaska the air Force then said it is probable that the first of the Mil Range Adars would be in stalled in Alaska and that North Central Canada and either Labra Dor or Greenland could serve As locations for two More to Gether these could cast an elec tronic detection screen Over the most Likely approaches of any space missile from the air Force nor its fourstar chief held out immediate Hope that the revolutionary Radai would Lead to rapid development of a missile to destroy ballistic Only Short warning the air Force explained this statement by underlining hitherto Little noted congressional testimony by Secretary of defense Don Ald Quarles that such a radar detection system should give about 15 minutes warning of the approach of a missile hurtling through space at Miles an Ike greets foreign officers president Eisenhower is shown Asho spoke briefly to naval officers from 27 Friendly foreign countries who Are attending the War col lege at the naval in front Row to Are Daniel Gomez of sir Gaya of Thailand and Santiago Nuval of the the chief executive told the group we Hope you wll carry Back with you a better under standing not Only of our Navy but also of our International teamsters elections to be new York group tells court boy Dies from firecracker blast 20 15 year old boy died today of Burns suffered when a firecracker exploded in an Oil five others were one Crit in the Accident at the rear of a South Moline Home police said the firecracker was tossed into a 230gallon still containing waste Les Ter Kunst officers said a lid was placed on the barrel and the explosion which followed sent out flames that threw the drum 100 Russell a neighbor died in a Moline Hospital of Burns he Brenda suffered Burns about the face arid upper body and Hospital attendants listed her condition As others injured were Kunst his sister 17 his brother 15 and mrs Dorothy Mother of railroads must expand says per president 20 in the next the american rail Industry must double the 10 billion dollars expended on technological advancement Over the 10 postwar the president of the Penn Sylvania Railroad said James who Heads the nations largest said at least 20 billions must be spent refurbishing plants and purchasing new dress up for Commerce head urges state 20 Commerce Secretary Wil Liam Zavlin urged today that Pennsylvania communities make themselves More attractive to in addressing the 22nd annual meeting of municipal and local finance Davlin pointed out that the state in experiencing Industrial but he urged that More communities observe practices that attract in Lawrence county a loses fight 20 up the petition of Perry Keener of Lawrence county to re gain his authority to present cases to the county grand jury was rejected by the state supreme court the High courts order stated merely that reefers petition was the court did not file an opinion with the Walter reefers said after the court order was handed Down we feel Reeher has been gravely injured by being deprived of an Opportunity to refute these charges before the november elec a Are seeking a Way to vindicate even if other courts have to be used reefers petition was considered by chief Justice Charles Alvine and justices John Bell Thomas Mckeen John Benjamin Jones and Herbert the seventh Michael is on vacation and did not take part in the reefers Power to handle the grand jury was taken away from him last month by state Mcbride said he took Iha action at the request of president judge John Lamoree of Lawrence first asian flu death reported in Missouri the state of Missouri Friday re ported what it termed Thi first confirmed death from asian flu in this the Public health service in Washington estimated that about persons in the Continental United states have suffered asian governor critic de for integration stand 20 in a county official today accused Theodore Mckeldin of trying to stir something up with his Promise of state police support if a 8yearold negro boy would re enrol in a White everything it Calm if Mckeldin will just keep his Mouth said Pauline re who lives at this Bayside fishing Village and represents the 7th Dut Riet on the Board of Anne Arundel county 20 Fly r International brotherhood of team ters and its officers were ordered Loday to appear in Federal court Here 27 to answer charges that they have conspired to Rig the unions election in Avor of James finnish Dies 20 my Jean the brooding finnish died tonight from a brain Haemorrhage at his secluded Woodland Home outside he was Best known popularly Over the world for the sweeping sonorities of his tone poem Fin landia and to musicians for the craftsmanship of the Mysti Cal music that challenged both their wonder and the critical Sibelius left a mystery for the musical world to Puzzle his last published works came out in the late 1920s and he is believed to have done some major compos ing he died without the craggy faced giant Long had been regarded As among the worlds Foremost things drier in Japan 20 Japan is shivering in Delight Over its new the humidity plunged to 26 per cent this week for an All time Low As temperatures dropped to the humidity at times gets Over 90 to make japanese sum mers judge Dickinson directed them to show cause Why the election scheduled for the teamsters convention at Miami Beach next month should not be delayed by a temporary the 82yearold a former Republican congressman from acted on a petition filed for a group of rank and file teamsters in the new York area by attorney Godfrey former counsel for the new York state labor successfully staved off Oftas at tempt to swing a new York team sters Council election two years in his court appearance Schmidt claimed teamsters vice president and Lead ing contender for the year presidential Post being relinquished by Dave combined with Beck and others to Rig the Miami Beach he said the convention delegates have been without the membership vote required by the teamsters cons Titu he alleged this was typical of the teamsters practice of depriving rank and file members of a voice in either conventions or local Union Schmidt sought court appoint ment a referee whose Job it would be to determine when new convention delegates have been chosen Schmidt asked the court to take judicial notice of the proceedings against Beck and other Mem Bers of the teamsters Hierarchy before the Senate rackets com Mittee and the Falcio ethical practices after the order Cama Hoffa said he would have no comment until on explains sudden action Little 30 Orval Faubus tonight ordered the National guard troops Wuy from Central High school a few hours after a Federal court ordered him to Stop interference Ith the schools integration the guard left at faced with the injunction Fau bus Aid t will presumably the nine negro Stu dents Wiio have nun barred Tom the school by the troops me they Slemp cd in enter will at tend classes several had said icy would if Juniar Smeu would not bar their closes chapter the fiction of the governor apparently one chapter of the historic struggle Between state and Federal but Faubus said he would exhaust All avenues of a peal to overturn the Faubus spelled out his stand on a three station television Hookup in Little Rock five minutes alter Marion Johnson had appeared at the High and called out the it was k dramatic Climax to a Swift moving Chain of events which started with Federal judge Ronald davies1 injunction against Fau bus Folio Wing a rive hour hearing during which the governors attorneys walked out saying Acra c h e no t Day they had challenged the Federal governments right to question Faubus actions and then the hearing continued and at the end the judge ruled that Faubus had thwarted the order of the court for integration by his use of the troops and directed him to Faubus in his speech said judge Davies ignored the Law in re fusing some of the motions made by the governors attorneys he did not say specifically which a i have instructed my attorneys to exhaust every Legal remedy to Appeal this How so Long As this order is in effect and until its certain rever Sal on i will says guard leaving the governor then said even As he talked the guards were he appealed for order and peace in Little Rock and now is the time for the utmost precaution and forbearance on the part of All he said he hoped tha National for the advancement of col ored people would not be to Reck less As to push integration until a coling off period has Faubus said it was his firm be Lief that integration in Little Docte can be successful Only if it is accomplished in a peaceful manner which Means acceptance by a majority of the to be achieved otherwise is to do untold harm to the members of both races and immeasurable harm to any Community where it is forcibly neither state police nor City police would comment on whether officers from their ranks would take up stations at the school monday to sea that peace Hubby expect Stork visit in March Monti 20 Palace Mads it official to Day the former Grace Princess of expects a Sec Ond child next criticizes action in mid East Gromyko lashes us again Unius 20 Gromyko told the to Day the soviet Union cannot re main an impassive observer while the United states and other Western Powers try to turn the Middle East into a the soviet foreign minister out lined his country position on the Middle disarmament and other East West issues in a policy speech of Ivi to 82na icon he denied charges levelled by Secretary of state Dulles yesterday that the soviet Union was risking War by threatening Turkey and sending arms to Gromyko challenged the United states to raise the charges before the United he called on the to condemn resolutely being pursued by the Western he blamed the nato for creating a tense situation in the Middle East that bears upon so Viet the soviet Union cannot place itself in the position of an impassive observer while the near and Middle an area close to the frontiers of the soviet is being turned into a permanent hot bed of military a but growing concern in the Over the Middle East was reflected in a proposal put before the As Sembly by foreign minister Frank Aiken of Ireland that a com Mission be named for promotion of reconciliation and economic betterment in that troubled he called on the big Powers to Abate their diplomatic Competition in the the dangerous policy he was i Middle cast avoid risk of a world Gromyko submitted three proposals for consideration by the As Sembly at this they were that the Call on the United Britain and the so Viet Union to assume a Tempo Rary obligation not to use atomic and Hydrogen weapons for the next five that the three atomic Powers conclude without delay tests of atomic and Hydrogen and of next 1 for a period of two to three compliance would be checked by an International that the Call upon its member nations to be guided by the principles of peaceful coexist ence and Settle any dispute among them exclusively by peaceful

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