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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 1

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Bedford, Pennsylvania Ord Gazette iric weather mostly Cloudy today and rather highs in the Littou change Low in the established 51 november 21t 1970 single copy ten cents Bedford Board gives to Laining two admitted to Hospital the Bedford area Board thursday evening agreed to request the Pennsylvania labor relations Board to certify Flie Bedfor area association As bargaining agent for profess anal employees the action of the Board was by a v difference tin semantics but not be tween the Board and two repro sent latavies of the Sabto ovation who attended the one problem that arose was whether six head teachers should be As part of the supervisory staff in the sys it was agreed they should be considered supervisors and in the re maimed at the Board later conditionally agreed to allow two teachers to be Abs Emit from classes 11 to enable them to attend a Pennsylvania education association House of delegates meet ing in the Condi Tion was that the Educ Afon association reimburse the Board for the Cost of hiring two Substian original to deduct of the two substitutes Sal Aries from the salaries of the teachers involved was Defeated by a 43 another lengthy discussion concerned a request to allow interested language students to attend a tour of France and Spain Over the easter after weighing Tai odious com Board authorized Only the absence of the students and teachers but did not Grant approval for the the administrative Council previously Dis cussed the trip and agreed to have it presented to the Board for the Board agreed to pay voluntary assessment to intermediate1 unit Boa irid eight to meet expenses until june the Money be repaid after july it was noted four Sto Denite have refused to take any tuberculin the after elected to notify parents and give them a week and one half to provide Atn adequate superintendent Robent Davis had recommended that the Stu dents be excused from school until they provided they Are free from tuberculosis or that their objection to testing was based on religious in still other action the Board voted to permit English teacher Roland Keller to participate 24 in a Middle states committee evaluation of tur Flie Creek High approved a request from Thomas shoves Tuu to attend a state music educators Confer ence 35 at he will receive a total for room and granted a request from the student for permission to plaint Trees along Watson Street Between the school Gate and tie Bridge to Meadow Brook Bedford Jaycees with provide nine eight will be planted along the Edge of the baseball Field and the ninth will be planted at uhe lower end of the parking voted to Purchase a Steve fior the Hyndman primary cafeteria build Ling at Cost of from Altoona glassware heard a letter from eds win Fisher of Green bed Ford stating the family will take Kheir Chamran to Soho Iol rather than have them school approved a bid met from Diehl Bedford for a replacement for Hyin Dorian High set an admission fee of 25 cents to Junior High wrist log voted to allow the Large gymnasium to be used in March for Junior olympics wrestling for toys 13 said granted a new bus contract of daily the Odd rate was to Kermit it noted the additional amount is for Extension of his scheduled an executive meet ing 3 to be followed at 8 by an committee kills welfare Reform Washington up the Senate pin Anoe committee vetted Friday to kill president Nixon welfare Reform the Keystone of his Domestic legislative conserva Tives charged it went too and liberals complained it didst go far the committee voted 106 to kill the Billon Bill which Nixon has called the most important social legislation since the new the vote came As a severe setback to the of enactment of the com plex and controversial proposal in the closing weeks of a Congress Busy with other Manson Only one to talk proclaims his innocence saw civilians but did not see Eugi says two of four persons injured in this crash at Friday on 30 at the old Forks inn West of Bedford were admitted to Bedford county memorial the Driver of the Auto in the foreground was Hea ded West and attempted a left turn onto 31 As the Driver of the car in the background was headed East on 4 injured in crash at old Forks inn 3olice seek two men in robbery at Motel four persons were injured at Friday when two oars crashed at the old Forks inn West of Bedford and one person was Hurt in a single Auto crash at Friday on inter state one mile South o f state police at Bedford investigated Bosch the crash pm interstate 70 occurred when Driver Robert of Ohio was headed North and skidded on a wet his car Nan off the right berm went 150 feet and upset on its roof facing the 1967 Chevrolet was demolished with loss set a Lee was admitted to Bedford county where his memorial Hospital condition Friday e vening was listed As Satis fac also listed satisfactory Fri Day evening in county Hospital were Leo Scaglione of new Alexandria re 2 and Timothy Paul Dap Ray of students strike up the a student body of Lincoln University boycotted classes Friday in support of a wide Range of the demands involve living conditions in the dorm glories with fou my Mem Bens the hiring and faring of professors and a Promise of no punishment Lor students talking part in the Capitol opinion both Are 22 years old and were passengers in an Auto driven by Richard of new Alexandria re both Scaglione and Dap Ray were listed satisfactory Fri Day Merich Fco was re leased after treatment As was the other Berell pm of Somerset state police repented Merichko was headed West on 30 and attempted a left turn onto 31 As Emerick was driving East on 30 toward the left Side of the Merichko oar was hit by the front of the Emerick the Emerick Cai spun around and came to real on the eastbound Lane facing the Merichko Auto also spun around but went of the Roadway and came to rest facing North on its Side on an embankment along the East Side of at least one of the two Pas sengers in the Merichko car reportedly was trapped inside Anc was freed Only Oai was rolled away from the pm both cars were demolished with value of the Merichko Auto a 1970 set at and value of the Emerick a 1970 set at state police at Everett bar Racks on the Turnpike reported a total of Advie crashes that involved at least three injuries just one a of was admitted to county Hospital where she was listed satisfactory1 later Jennerstown police Are searching Tor two men Fol lowing the robbery of a Motel and the murder of its Vera Catherine Homer was shot in the lower left slide by a Caliper Bullet just before Mif eight and died eight hours later in memorial after a five hour surgical Battle for her the Ritwo Young men forced the woman into the Kitchen area of her Home and awakened her As police de one shot her As she turned to get the Money they de Horner sneaked out while the two men counted the Money and phoned for help from his Sona Laws trailer police issued an Al Points bulletin for a 196364 Blue four door Ford station the men were described As 1 about 140 Light about 25 to and 2 about 140 Light about 13 to police suspect they May have been prison 500g robbery new York up three former Soldier testified Friday he saw two american Gib open Fike into a ditch filled with an estimated 40 to 50 South vietnamese but that neither of the gis was 1st William Galley Richard of said he and two companions walked up to the Edge of the ditch sometime during the morning of March the Day Galley led a platoon sweep through the Village and allegedly or ordered 102 unarmed South vietnamese under Cross examination by Kenneth galleys military defense pen Law okays 3year pact Detroit United Auto workers announced Fri Day its members have ratified deletion identified the two Gla doing the firing Only by their last and Doher Pentelton had indicated in his testimony that those in the ditch and Raby asked is it not True that Terry and specialist Doherty discussion about some had a people being alive in that ditch i assume that what they were talking Pendleton f they were they Terry and Doherty fired into the i cant say if they were there could have people i under following Pend tons Testi judge Reid Kennedy a recess until 9 est when the trial will go into its third further Pendleton prodding been said by Pendleton testified being about 10 to 15 bodies of South vietnamese near the Junction of two trails South of my he said he was near Ernest galleys com Pany and the Man charged with the Overall responsibility for the alleged my Lai when he saw a three or Foury Earold he living or dead Raby Pendleton asked what happened the longhaired witness replied i seen the child shot by a Bullet and i looked Over there saw while you were did Medina order a medic to treat that boy Raby i dont did you see it Media treat the boy i Pendleton los Angeles up Oharles Matison testified Fri Day at the Tate murder trial that he never killed anyone or ordered anyone to carry out murders and the defense prepared to wrap up its Case without Ca Dryg a single other Manson took the witness stand unexpectedly during tha morning session and gave a rambling account of life with the Phy family and but skirted his philos completely a record three year with general contract which is expected to end a 67day old strike shortly and Start pm Cairs moving off Assembly settlement of local disputes at several key Points was the Only to Liing left blocking a re Start off a strike pm that production after Cut the nations Ridge Board hires 2 new teachers armoured one truck the employees took worlds most expensive Breaks Friday three bpm dicta took advantage of the Coffee break to make off with their truck and approximately dollars in editors note the follow ing expresses the opinion of observers of political and governmental events on the state capital Capitol opinion by John Hope Harrisburg up department Heads in the executive Branch soon will be visited by members of Mil ton Shapps transition headed by a economic Speed the visits determine who holds the More than patronage jobs in the government and which republicans can be replaced by employees do not indications most of the have too much to worry about at least not in the and after future elections there May be almost Par tron age to hand the first to feel the arrival of the new governor will be about 200 persons in level High ranking secretaries and jobs in governors for Many it is important to note Penn Sylvania reputation As a state which depends on patronage to a Large degree has deservedly changed in the last Shafer personnel Secre w says the number of service jobs available today totals but Only about jut these filled through political endorse r although in beginning of the 1960s there was an excess of Job requests from county party in recent years the state has newspapers for advertised persons to in fill the posts usually filed through patronage in the custodial and maintenance most of the patronage jobs which do still exist Are in the transportation for Merly the highways depart but several coun ties have been unable to fill their quota of Highway the democrats appear anxious to dispel Rumers of whole Sale purges of employees of the kind that were commonplace in the a democratic spokesman said they were upset Over published reports they had requested from Shafer a list of names of All those holding patronage the spokesman said what had been requested was a depart mental breakdown so the Transi Tion team would know to whom to talk in each the democrats have also indicated a recognition that Many workers win be allowed to re main on the Job of the Lack of applicants for their positions and because they Are needed to keep the government functioning and help new administrators learn what it is All the single thing which May make almost discussions of patronage academic in the next election is the Public employees act of which gave Many state the right to form unions and bargain certainly one of tha main guarantees which will be sought by the unions in contract Nego Auto output sharply and Hurt the National once key local agreements Aire a pm Man resumption of production will vary at Assem Bly plants across the country As parts Are but output is expected to be Well under Way at nearly All Points in de the tally of the exact vote for ratification was not immediately the Laws negotiating led by Law president Leonard agreed the tentative contract with Gas negotiators and the Laws pm Council voted 31 recently to recommend approval by the 9 persons Hurt in trocar crash Nane persons were injured in a Headon crash at 8 Fri Day on tour Miles South of admitted to Bedford county memorial Hospital in satisfactory condition were Jeannette of bed Ford re Muriel of and Marie of Bedford re Relli eased after treatment at of Unity Hospital were Joy col of Bedford re 3 Harry of bed Ford re and four Cornelius 4 and the children were Riding with their Mother Muriel Cornelius and Marie the teenage i Iris were passengers in an Auto driven by state police at Bedford bar Racks reported Featt her was headed North apparently crossed Over Cen Terlina and struck the southbound car driven by Fealt her will be charged with to yield on half the state police both oars were demolished with loss to the Feather Auto set at and loss to the Cornelius car set at Louise Thoresen found not guilty a Mala jury Fri Dlay found Louise Thore sen in the fatal shoot ing of her the Fishertown the Chest nut Ridge school Board thurs Day evening filled two vacancies in the elementary electing teachers who Widli be graduated next month from the Johnstown Campus of the University of they Are Joseph Lewis and Shirley she will teach Reading in the elementary grades under ridges special Reading program established through title one of the elementary and secondary education in other Cha Board instructed bus Driver James Clay comb to operate is Beaverdale comb to operate his Beaverdale it Means the bus will use a i turnaround Point on the Tain that was used in recent it had been proposed to use a or other smaller vehicle to pick up Stu Deniis living Between Pavia and the Spanish teacher miss Ella Marshall was Given permission to take at least four Ridge language students on a people to people tour of Spain and France Over the easter students and teachers from other county and area including Are Partick the Board turned Down participation in a federally funded of do ism elec tric typewriters at a net Cost of they will replace two other to be used As one in the High school office and tha other in elementary arts depart Perl aeon to the Industrial ment was Given breakfast program for students after discussion of involve a duplicator machine wih be purchased from Cambria office Supply for the bid was not the Low of four submitted met Board specific but Best the Board approved Purchase Purchase 20 stools for draft tag tables at an approximate Cost of the athletic department was Given the go ahead to use the High school gym in january or february for a Benefit Donkey basketball the Board will hold a combined re organizational and regular meeting Mitchell innocent a military panel Friday night found David Mitchell not guilty of assault with in tent to murder in the first my Lai massacre court the seven officers who made up the military jury took just under seven hours to decide the first Case grow ing out of the deaths of South vietnamese civilians years Isaiah the defendants jumped to her feet when the verdict was announced and gasped she fell into the arms of Mitchells a Baptist minister from Francis District deaths obituaries on Page 8 Walter Bedford Carl of away from any specific men Tion of the killings of actress Sharon Tate and six other persons in Manson said at one Point that he could not recall telling anyone to take knives and go out and commit mass murder As the prosecution charges that he the three female code Fen wants in the 19week old trial Susan Patricia Kren Wmk i and Leslie Van Houten had been prepared earlier in the Day to give confessions their part in the blood but after Manson told Hii Story they changed their minds and announced they did not wish t0 testify at Manson testified for Well Over an hour Friday lambasting the their the press and society for responsibility for what he called hideous he took the stand very briefly for the afternoon the 36yearold cult Leader was Cross examined for five minutes by Deputy District attorney Vincent Bugliosi but nothing of relative importance was brought out during that the tiny dressed m Blue prison stepped Down from the stand after his Brief moment of exposure and took his seat at a counsel table Superior court judge Charles older asked the three Young women if they wished to testify and they replied that they did the judge ask they did Manson if he had anything More to say and he replied that he also did the jury was absent from the courtroom during All of Man son s older had permitted him to take the stand m order to determine what portions of his Story would be admissible under California Law m the presence of the the defense immediately began submitting a number of most of them documents introduced during 111 it was expected that the Case would go to the jury sometime late next week afer closing arguments and jury color radio stolen from chalet a color television and Large table Model foam radio Worth a total of were stolen recently from a at Blue Knob ski the chalet is owned by and Richard Magee of Al Toona and the burglary was Dis covered Friday morning when Magee visited the she found a basement door open and the to and radio state police from Bedford Ara gop women install officers to nations will be Job Security for covered officials of unions which will be making the biggest pushes among state employees have said that while they will not attempt to dictate who must be they will fight the firing of employees without just and a change in tha administration wih not be considered1 just causes the old political Maxim to Victor May coming to brought Down by Lack of inter competence of workers and mysterious millionaire who had been Pitat ored by the defense As a depraved a murderous tha a flight male and four women jurors deliver waited until before Gibso ivling the 34yearold who testified she pumped five bullets into the nude body of William Thoresen Iii 10 in self she used a gun from his Arsenal of thank 1 d e r 1 y Moi Lher alter court clerk Ste phen Poole not guilty 34 and not guilty leaser James Houts director of the Pennsylvania Council of Republican women and resident of was in Bedford tuesday evening to install officers in the women Republican club of Bedford from her left Are Harry president Grace second vice president Robert and Robert absent is Henry first vice Mckinley has served previous term Ai president but each of officers installed monday we newly

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