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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 2

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Bedford, Pennsylvania 1 f p 2 Bedford Gazette May 1972 Bedford daily Gazette established 1805 John president Hugo vice president and Secretary published every weekday morning by Gazette second class postage paid at 15522 subscription rates by Carrier and mail delivery by Carrier in Bedford and Everett per county delivery by mail outside Bedford Borough one 6 3 zone 1 and one for other rates inquire at editorial and advertising offices in the american legion 220 news Telephone advertising Telephone printing and classified offices at 113 Juliana Telephone and publisher Edward editor Harold manager Robert manager James manager guest editorial Philadelphia plan saves school Philadelphia is going to save million on four new by putting in prepackaged classroom an administrator says go in twice As fast at half the the first will provide 26 classrooms for 700 students nearly 27 per at a Cost of million compared to million with conventional the second 18 650 million instead of i 11 the third a 25 percent off conventional the fourth two Middle million design time is Cut from 8 months to and construction time from 14 months to be two Story buildings faced with Brick and with Wal Towall and Graffiti proof porcelain on steel Walls in the something like this is what the school Board has in mind at the concept has been As the most rational we applaud the and recognize the breakthrough that the Board and the administration Are willing to go to Bat for their for instead of sitting Back and accepting what the state the state May pay the bulk of the but in we Are the and in the state has a very limited idea of what local needs and realities they would Send the Hyndman children up Here by the they arbitrarily say you cant add to a building As Small As the As mayor Tom Cunningham Arent measuring but the elements of the and by their own there comes a time when a Community has to Tell the state what its going to and letters from column 8 easily on any of a minimum of two Hundred empty containers per mile in Ive done it several the average distribution is something like one milk six soft drink bottles or one hard liquor and the rest Beer although Many automobiles pass me on my i have never seen one of these containers being thrown from a Virginia Law presumes that the Driver or owner of any vehicle from which litter is thrown is the guilty Short of having every automobile trailed by a police How do you find the guilty parties As for a tax on non this would merely add to the Burden of paperwork already carried by american business at All whether the Glass Container manufacturers Institute likes it or not ver Monts ban on non returnable is More Likely to effect the desired result than Are the alternatives proposed by professor Clarence met calf ecology and economics the Wall Street journal its High time someone did some thinking and made an analysis of an alleged environmental problem As did Ben Many More such Are but in afraid few people will assuming branches statistics Are even close to Correct it would seem that Vermont should forthwith kill its proposed Law Banning throwaway bottles but ill bet it Doest the eco freaks Are highly Well heeled and politically at the Peak of their they will continue to push for this Law and will probably succeed in having it they dont seem to give a Damn about the economics of anything for precious few of them understand economics at Cook All that the Wall Street journal my reaction to bran 4roi Tow pop scares pollute our thinking Copley Newt service mired Down pejvjvsylv4wm Story chs article is one of Shock and i do not quarrel with the notion that the dollars and cents Cost of collecting and reusing bottles is greater than the Cost of making new ones up in but i strongly protest the apparent Assumption that we can go on depleting our natural resources forever without suffering some social professor Branch have estimated the Cost to society of reducing our Supply of available Glass materials he have estimated the pollution that the manufacture of the new bottles creates int the Cost to society of unsightly litter greater than the out pocket Cost of picking the litter up Studenmund assistant Proffesor of economics Occidental College los Angeles almanac today is May the 148th Day of the Moon is the morning stars Are Mercury and the evening stars Are Mars and those born on this Date Are under the sign of american poet Julia Ward was born on May on this Day in history in 1935 the supreme court ruled unanimously that the National recovery act was the act had been set up by president Franklin Roosevelt to combat the in 1941 the German battleship Bismarck was sunk 400 Miles West of in world War in 1968 the nuclear submarine scorpion was lost with 99 men a thought for today Ameri can writer Mark Twain let us be thankful for the but for the rest of us could not upper room give us this Day our daily Matthew prayer i give every anticipation and anxiety concerning this Day to help me glimpse the wonder and meaning As i live moment by moment under your Shapp wins bottle on welfare crisis by Mason editor Pennsylvania news service Harrisburg Colum lists notebook crisis revisited unquestionably governor Shapp and Secretary of Public welfare Helene Wohlgemuth emerged the winners this along with Keystone state when the state Senate hastily approved and his excellency equally hastily signed the controversial million deficiency appropriation for Pennsylvania Public assistance certainly heartwarming to Pennsylvania taxpayers will be the rewarding thought that with the additional million they will have kicked in nearly three Quarter billion dollars during the current fiscal year ending next month in support of the Relief and medical assistance letting pm the Shapp administration might Well take a Page from the folks up Shamokin Way in one respect at reason the other Day we noticed a car with a simulated License plate on the front with the message we like living in the plate was made up in the same official state colors As the regular License plate Blue and Complete with the outline of the state imprinted checking into the matter we found that the plate was the idea of Neil Shamokin Public relations when contacted said he thought of the idea to push his Home town against those who might think of Shamokin As a depressed Coal mining with the Advent of the Shapp administration and its tax program last year duplicate License plates appeared with the Pennsylvania land of it might be Well if the Shapp via its state department of modified the Tasker approach with promotional plates we like living in legislative Box score Pennsylvania senators during the past 1971 legislative session outdid their Brethren in the House of at least whatever happened just about a year ago in june of 1971 Pennsylvania Public High schools turned Loose graduating what happened to them the state department of education now has a rough breakdown of where the kids and it went something like off to College or University went wound up in no degree business entered nursing and in various other miscellaneous types of schools the armed services nipped office employment another and agriculture while wound up in various employment insofar As the number of Days in legislative session is throughout the year the Senate was in session 108 the House 102 and the Senate continues to hold its Lead so far this year with a count of 28 Days up to the first of this against 26 Days for the so called lower the past years session saw both houses agree on 192 pieces of general legislation which were duly shipped to his excellency for approval or of which number 188 were signed into Law and four Drew gubernatorial in 99 appropriation Bills wound up in the governors All of of were a Back to yesteryear Alandale hotel newly refurbished 40 years ago at the Alandale hotel manager Prutzman has completed club rooms in connection with the Golf course and has equipped them with hot and cold showers and these As Well As card and smoking Are at the Northern end of the hotel and will be very 30 years ago miss Anne Louise daughter of and was among the 78 baccalaureate degrees at the 72nd annual Wilson College commencement june she studied with economics and science As Allied 20 years ago state senator Fred Hare called for an end to corruption in government in an address before the Tri county boroughs association in 70 years ago Community leaders saw the recall of a total of 40 men by Eastern express and general refractories Brickyard in Sproul As a hopeful sign of increased Job opportunities j year ago Richard assistant county superintendent of who was was honoured at a Surprise dinner at the fort Bedford with 46 years teaching recalled the Days when students wrote out punishments in old picture album by Ned Frear do you get suspicious when people Start talking about saving the Earth and Zero population and these other dooms Day kicks there Are legitimate War is a bad pollution should be too Many people will cause but i get the idea that there not quite As frightful As All nor Are some of these suddenly popular ideas All that for now weve got the the Guy who Doest even know what the word its a sudden lets Hope the kids washing Oil off the backs of ducks Are still out ten years from now helping natures own get but you the conservationist i Admire is the Guy who has been out filling Squirrel feeders Winter and summer since he was a when the Deer Are snowed hell help buy feed and truck it maybe Hes helped Cut above he grew up with a respect for nature and and hell pass it along to his he never got his picture in the and it never occurred to ecology itself is the catchword know what it Means it is the study of the relationships Between living things and their environment and the effect of various life forms on one the word has been badly Bil Gilbert wrote a laudable piece in sports relating some of the he mentions ecology testing which imply ecology is a when its an people like to go out and enjoy the people buy ecology and go to ecological Gilbert denies that extinction of species is and this nonsense has been promoted by a number of people who should know repeat extinction is As natural As creation so far As we can As he adds later when conservationists begin to bully and frighten people into believing their Hobby is ordained by natural Law and that ecological Ven Geartie will be had on those who do not share their then they become intellectual he speaking for All of us who believe these pop concerns Are about so there overdoing whats in a is the politicians Are getting hold of and when they get make it Tough on a lot of already we Are seeing people out of work and factories Idle because the or the outraged decided something was Over polluting we saw a Clumsy beginning in this Over clean the state sent out a piece naming 23 concerns schools and As Well As state operations which could legitimately be termed polluters because the release said they would have to improve their if that int a what is it it turned out that the 23 named were Only named because the state had their because they were on a list of places which had tried to comply with in pollute far talk about reverse recognition echoes of Tyrone in there is a Zinc smelter closing and some 800 men will lose their the million payroll will dwindle in 18 months to some 35 farm people sued for but others accepted said that smelter smells like in the name of or something like they built that gob pile dam that burst in Buffalo hollow West Virginia in close a lot of or run up a Tab in the just to clean up the streams Bedford what there talking about is secondary treatment for All in the immediate Bedford area a Plant will Cost think about that this is not to say that concern for the environment is we need we need to encourage but we need to demonstrate a balance of thought that is too often lacking in the pop give me the Guy who has plodded along through the Woods All his life carrying sacks of let him have a say in How much Stream cleaning we or How we clean up strip or promote the i have a distrust for some of the people making the front letter writers reactions reveal original new suggestions Many people turn to the letters to the editor column of publications they heres an offering a different for those from the responses included to an article which appeared earlier in the Wall Street the articles thrust can be pieced the writers also provide several interesting suggestions of their and the subject is something a lot of housewives have been thinking Beauty and bottles the Wall Street journal professor branches article on the economics of reusable bottles april 20 is at once amusing and Basic economic considerations Are As Discar Dable As the bottles that litter our roads and and my concept of economic analysis is As Rusty As the cans on vacant How does a five cent Container Deposit by the consumer Worth a year in the state where Branch has carried out his research become a loss if it is a loss to the Doest it become a profit for the retailer or thereby cancelling any Dis Economy if Vermont has any similarities to our own the Cost of Highway litter collection is probably highly records of litter costs Are usually Only available for cleanup along state and do not include county and local Road systems which usually comprise the thousands of hours of Volunteer labor expended by boy girl keep America other groups and civic it is in Ter sting that Dollar values were allocated to the extra three Wert Brothers left Bedford Valley to go to Nebraska Early in thai Cen and never they apparently from left John Calvin and William time involved in handling returnable but the values of Volunteer cleanup efforts were also not cranked into the professors calculations were Cost figures involving the Flat tires caused by broken Bot implement break Down because of on roads or along Fields or in juries to childrens the value of time loss of a Cut tire or Down time on farm machinery can easily skyrocket the statistics presented in the completely ignored in professor branches paper was the indefinable value of surely the Beauty of a clean Roadside has enough value to be at least com Merce and government have allocated tremendous resources to meet the responsibility of cleaning up our air and water in our int it now time that Industry accepts its responsibility for halting the pollution of our landscape instead of expending efforts to prove it uneconomic Harry Doehne a potent Case the Wall Street journal will Branch be so Good As to Tell me and thousands of others where we can collect the Money we Are not losing when we do not Load and return Cartons of bottles putting a million Price tag on the time spent by individuals in returning bottles is by the same logic i cannot afford to read the Wall Street journal because the half hour a Day is costing me several Hundred dollars a i could almost retire if i could collect the Cost of the time i spend watching to and going to the maybe Branch operates on a different personal economic but when most of us Are not working at our regular our free time is just now if we delete that million for time used in returning and Cut the million for unreturned bottles in then even the purely Dollar comparison becomes a gain of about instead of a loss of add to this the reduction in residual litter and broken Glass and i find a very potent Case in favor of baning the Sale of no returnable Edward Caldicott litter problems the Wall Street journal Branch is to be complimented on his economic analysis of the effect of panning no returnable bottles in there Are further facts that support the futility of Banning non returnable bottles tempt to reduce while Branch found that about half of Vermont Highway litter was non returnable the average makeup of Highway litter in some 26 other states surveyed showed that 6 percent was an average Content for the bottle Content of such litter in the was composed of bottles do not make litter people no ban on no returnable containers will effect litter nor will a return to reusable bottles reduce the litter in enforcing deposits on containers to solve a litter one is in danger of engendering in the purchaser the attitude that he in paid for a License to the True answer to litter reduction lies in with the backup of punitive legislation for those offenders selfish enough to ignore the pleas of please if All the litter could be removed from the scenery to Stop inculcating emotional and ineffective legislative one could concentrate More objectively on the More fundamental need How to dispose of the collected litter and All other solid because remember this when litter is it will still be albeit out of a return to returnable is not the answer to less and is certainly not the answer to the solid waste any More than a return to the horse is the answer to air pollution by Peter Codd South catching the offenders the Wall Street journal while the proposal by Ben Branch instead of Banning no returnable we should strictly enforce existing anti litter Laws May to Likely to reduce substantially the defacing of our roads by discarded Beer this proposal shows the characteristic academic disregard for just How does professor Branch propose that we catch those who violate the anti litter Laws As i stroll the roads of this Rural Section of i can on column l

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