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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Bedford, Pennsylvania Bedford Gazette the weather sunny and pleasant highs mid to retd Clear and Cool Sonny and warm sunday and memorial in and Tow established vol u7 211 May 1972 single copy ten cents Summit Triumph follows Effort Over utilities editors note the following represents the opinion of observers of political and governmental affairs at the by Jane Shoemaker Harrisburg Utility few people think about them other than to sign the checks each month and Tell the children once in a while to Stop leaving lights the Pennsylvania Homeowner pays to 70 a month for and his unless his salary is More than he pays More for utilities than for the income and although he demands to know where and How his tax Dollar is being he never expects the same accountability for his Utility should the state step in and make the Consumers argument for him should the individual rate payer have a say in what he is charged for electricity or water what size profit is reasonable for a Utility to earn Puc in uproar these questions have the Public Utility the regulatory Agency for different in an until this the fireman commission acted As a if there was any disagreement about a rate it always was kept utilities requested in hearings were and decisions were it was always that two things happened which upset the traditional Milton Shapp appointed Louis a to one All Republican commission and instructed him to examine each rate request with an Eye toward Carter began issuing dissenting unlike previous he insisted that his dissents be made Shapp appointed a new chief counsel for the com Mission and gave him similar Philip Kalodner joined the Puc and immediately took the Side of the consumer in some key rate both Carter and Kalodner said the commission was too Utility they said their actions were not the Best Way of representing the but it was better than commission chairman George Bloom has successfully fought attempts by the pair to change the pics court supports Bloom he says the commission Al ways looks out for consumer interests in its Normal course of Commonwealth court has supported his argument that Kalodner has no right to take sides in a rate Case unless he is instructed to do so by the Bloom staunchly defends the pics past record of decisions As and the other three commissioners have backed him it is obvious that the Gover nors first plan of action has if Shapp tells Bloom the commission is too Utility Bloom can counter by saying Shapp is forcing it too far the other Way and discriminating against the but there is an alternative which can satisfy nearly everyone in the controversy establishment of a new office of citizens Shapp proposed the new office months ago and a Bill is in the but so far no action has been taken on the citizens advocate would be appointed by the governor to represent the interests of the Public before any legislative or judicial office com Mission or Agency of the in other he would work for no one except the on Page 10 soviets agree to curb nuclear arsenals Over 130 of festive tribute Hoover feted As Man of the year1 vow commander elect Russell keys presents distinguished citizen Fred heeler Taape honouring Hoover As be Fords Man of the Hoover Doodna tiredly tries on one of several joke a toilet seat labelled our and presented by the Thiemann win Shapps agents Trace total control of party away left journeying Harvey who Learned politics handing out patronage jobs for Milton took Over thursday night As chairman of the democratic party in Thiemann was elected by an overwhelming vote at a chaotic meeting of the 200 member democratic state he Defeated Pittsburgh attorney Daniel Berger 17227 to become the youngest person in the nation to head a state democratic the Thiemann Victory gave Shapp Complete control of the state the mop haired Erie whose real name is blundered through his first experience with parliamentary procedure As other party officers were elected were Rita Wilson Kane of Allegheny National committee woman Robert pop Jones of National committeeman Delores Tucker of vice chairman and Jay Leff of Martin Murry of Luzerne county was appointed former chairman John Scales of a bitter enemy of released the sketchy results of a party Treasury audit before he stepped Scales said the which he supervised along with showed the state committee brought in about million during his the much criticized inaugural supervised by earned the inaugural he earned somewhat less than anticipated and still has Many unpaid there is absolutely not the slightest question of any misappropriation of these Scales he and Shapp had accused each other of financial mis dealings last january when Scales refused to resign under pressure from the the audit report did not mention the amount of the party which Scales said Are no payments will be made except to those accounts that can be he Scales promised to submit a written report including the dollars and cents before the vote for chair Man the Berger supporters most of them members of the Liberal new democratic a secret there Are rumours said Warren a Berger supporter from that pressures Are being brought to Bear on members on behalf of one particular As a i Call for a secret bal Goff implied that who controls had threatened state employees with the loss of their a spokesman for Thiemann denied the the motion was Defeated with a Rowdy voice Bill Myrtetus of Delaware read a speech by Berger As he nominated the he accused Shapp of turning away from principles of an open bergers speech said rank an file democrats must be organized into political a How do you organize these he you dont do it by giving everyone a state i will stand Side by Side with the governor when he is which is most of the but when he is wrong i Sill say but a laudatory seconding speech by Isaac Esra of Levittown prompted Only he repeatedly referred to Berger As not who will replace Commonwealth court judge Genevieve Blatt on the National survived a serious Challenge by bar Bara Altemus of the vote was 134 on Page 10 Washington up Federal agents Are piecing together the crisscross Jour Leyings of Arthur Bremer that placed him in the Vicinity of president Nixon and Hubert Humphrey in the weeks prior to the shooting of George charged with the May 15 assassination attempt on has been traced to during Nixon state visit there april evidence has come to Light showing him in four new York and with several witnesses identifying him As present at a Humphrey an estimated 200 Fri and secret service agents Are continuing to fill in the gaps of Bremers travels leading up the attack on Wallace at a presidential Campaign Bremer pleaded innocent to state and Federal charges at his arraignment from the time Bremer vanished from a bus boy Job at the Milwaukee athletic investigators have traced him As follows april 3 a Humphrey Campaign rally at capital Plaza shopping Center in Milwaukee the Day before the Wisconsin a fellow worker at the athletic club claimed to have spoken to him at the a Humphrey Campaign worker also has identified Bremer As at the april 4 Man turned up at Wallace Headquarters in Milwaukee has been identified As Bremer by the candidates Campaign april 5 or 6 at the Auto ferry service be tween Milwaukee and Michigan reported Bremer turned up at the Milwaukee ticket april 7 and 8 was registered at the Waldorf Astoria in new York Humphrey was scheduled to spend the night of april 7 at the hotel but cancelled his on Page 10 in a festive friends and fellow citizens of Bedford feted genial Fred Hoover As their Man of the year thursday night at a dinner sponsored by fort Bedford Post and held in the american legion More than 130 it was a Gay As tributes to Fred were mixed with pranks and some very interesting of wre but others will serve As somewhat Ribald mementos of an occasion when his friends honoured their latest distinguished George Hull of radio station wafd served As master of while the Richard freds delivered the John president of Bedford Volunteer fire presented an assortment of gifts from fellow where Fred has served As fire chief for the past nine other presentations were made by Thomas Reiley for the Bedford fair Clem for the Daniel Boone dub the Tome for the greater Bedford lutheran Parish William for the Bicentennial band and fellow musicians and by John an old Friend and fellow member of the Blue devils football a handsome Book in which All guests inscribed their names was presented by the development a letter from Richard a Comrade of freds in the Marine corps and a recipient of the congressional medal of was presentation of the plaque to Fred climaxed the and was made by Russell commander elect of Post in his Brief remarks of Fred expressed thanks to All his fellow whose cooperation made it All top of the morning topics in the news today winners in years Post 1954eugene Davidson 1955 Harry Shimer Cress Reiley 1957 David Leuin 1958 Spangler 1959 Edmund Flynn 1981 Hugo Frear 1982perry Wilson 1983 Norman Timmins Stanley Stroup Studebaker Donald Gallagher 1971 Fred Hoover around Here topic a Shuster spent on his primary he reported to the county elec Tion contributions to his Campaign were including of his own the biggest sex went to a Harrisburg Public relations final spending reports Are not due in the House in Washington until Early opponents had said Shusters spending would run Well Over commissioners have for Mally petitioned the court for approval to Purchase the historic Russell House at 203 Juliana a hearing Date has been set june at the Purchase prize is the Russell House was built in 1816 for the boroughs first James summer begins this rain or traffic surges on the turn attractions like fort and Coral resume full and Golf race tracks and baseball Fields have full memorial Day observances Are scheduled in nearly every for its a for resort a and for a there will be no edition of the Gazette monday publication resumes the newsroom will reopen monday afternoon at 6 news of memorial Day events should be called in at that Bedford teachers have virtually come to agreement with a school Board but wont confirm the fact until late next no details Are yet a final meeting is planned teachers Are expected to vote a spokesman for the teachers refused there has been no report to the Public in the four month interrupted by delays at local students honors graduates at Pennsylvania Philadelphia David and Linda Popelish were among students graduating in the University of Pennsylvania 216thcommencement May at the Philadelphia civic John president elect of the Rockefeller foundation and former general director of the general Hospital in gave the commencement address and received the honorary doctor of Laws an English graduated cum laude from the College of arts and he was also among 32 students receiving certificates from the general honors David was awarded a Thuron Fellowship and will spend a year studying in he is the son of and David Bradley of a member of Phi Beta majored in she received a prize for her senior Honor this summer she plans to attend a two month sum Mer Field school in digging a Pueblo Indian daughter of John Popelish of will begin graduate work at the University of Arizona this supervising principal at Bedford from 1947 to retires wednesday As chief administrator at Susquehanna near he began As a teacher in Hyndman in 1932 and where he was football coach with a 02 Page Southern Huntingdon county will receive two a and one other health professional through the health service the area was designated a critical health manpower shortage application for the personnel was made through the Southern Huntingdon medical services and Irving residents of the Broad top Are expected to intermediate unit 8 has set up a task Force to seek out mentally retarded children in Somerset and Cambria the Force will specifically seek children Between 4 and 21 who Arent enrolled in school under state children within those Ages Are guaranteed free Public programs of the Bureau of employment Security will be closed due to the past president Vaughn whisker has been named citizen of the month by Bedford a Leader of the boy scouts for whisker has also served As the Prin Cipal first Aid instructor for on pag3 10 elsewhere topic Nixon and the soviet leadership scored a Triumph in the East West sum Mitry when they signed the worlds first agreement to impose joint controls on the two countries massive nuclear weapons final agreement was reached during a Nixon Brezhnev Hopes fell for a comprehensive us soviet Trade some us sources has expected a pact to be but the governments instead decided to set up a joint commission to study Trade but the arms agreement was the crowning achievement of the the treaty places limits on defensive anti ballistic missiles and a joint freeze on both land and submarine based offensive this in Laird cautioned that there will be no immediate budget cuts due to the he said existing munitions can still be in the us foreign Trade account dropped another million in the red during the second largest monthly deficit in the coun try since us exports have lagged behind imports in the amount of South vietnamese shored up by us helicopters firing Tan killer held the line against human wave assaults at North vietnamese troops broke through outer defences North of but were stopped by government a new buildup of reds was spotted just five Miles from the loosely guarded easier flank of Phu a us base that is Home for fighting in Korntum was one observer said the City was a constant Page an army of motorists took to the highways Friday for the memorial Day estimated death toll 530 to Shapp has Complete control of Pennsylvania democrats after Harvey Thiemann was overwhelmingly elected state party at he is the youngest person to hold the Job anywhere in the this Humphrey beat the ecology Drums in California while Mcgovern outlined his five Point health plan Enro Ute to the june 6 primary Page Utility rates have been among the noncontroversial items until even though most people pay More for them than they do for the new income the situation changed when Shapp named a consume oriented Puc and appointed chief counsel with instructions to think of the both have made some this Wallace showed a marked Overall improvement and for the first time was permitted to sit in a regular the governors activity will be doctors Page Federal agents Are piecing together Bremers criss crossing journeys that placed him near Nixon and Humphrey in the weeks prior to the Wallace this new York Jones closing Stock averages 30 Indus up 20 trans off 15 utile up 65 stocks up volume x1972 new Moscow up in a Triumph for East West president Nixon and the soviet leadership agreed Friday to impose the first joint curbs on the staggering arsenals of strategic nuclear weapons each country has amassed since world War final agreement came during a 25minute meeting Between Nixon and Leonid general Secretary of the soviet communist capping 2 12 years of complicated soviet american negotiations in Vienna and arrangements were made for Nixon and Brezhnev to sign the hard won pact at the Kremlin at 11 after a dinner of roast Yorkshire pudding and California wines Given by the president for his soviet hosts at Spaso official residence of the am White House press Secretary Ronald Ziegler made the announcement almost at a Post meeting briefing for report they discussed International problems and completed the final agreement on strategic arms he Hopes fell for a comprehensive Socie american Trade which some sources previously had expected would be signed As Early As the two governments agreed to establish a joint com Mission to study bilateral Trade with meetings beginning in Moscow in White House adviser Peter Flanigan said a key the question of the russians lend lease debts from world War will be settled Side the commission he a separate agreement for soviet Purchase of million Worth of american grains was nearly but the arms placing limits on anti ballistic missiles Abms in each country and a joint freeze on land based and submarine launched offensive was the ultimate goal and crowning achievement of Nix on eight Day Mission to the soviet after a Las minute flurry of activity including personal intervention by Nixon National Security Henry in the final technical american officials reported sub Stantial presumably based on a top Nixon Brezhnev break in the at the dinner Friday Kissinger said the arms Accord is one of the Best things we have other american officials said privately that on the agreement left the strategic nuclear advantage slightly in the United states earlier in the White House press Secretary Ronald Ziegler told i dont anything on Salt strategic arms limitation talks and that complexities still remained to be but american officials reported a few hours later that it looks like we have virtually All matters of principle dealt about that Gerard the chief Salt negotiator in and soviet first Deputy foreign minister Vladimir flew to Moscow aboard a air Force Dob transport plane for the late evening it As understood initially that the arms pact would be in two a draft treaty covering the defensive abm missiles and requiring Senate and a five year executive agreement Between Nixon and the soviet leaders imposing interim Mutual limits on Hud and sea icbms strategic in which the United vastly out numbers the russians by a margin of 531 to were not the defensive reportedly agreed at least in principle Long before the Ibapah fils

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