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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 2

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Bedford, Pennsylvania Commentary on the news 2 May Bedford Bedford established 1805 editor emeritus Hugo Frear 19111982 editor and publisher Edward Frear general manager John Zembower managing editor Gary Rotsten associate editor Sharyn advertising director John Nebel circulation director Samuel Arnold accounting director Lawson composing director Keith lands Page supervisor Janet press manager Phil published Dally except sundays and general Legal holidays by the Gazette publishing second class postage paid at Assn 07448457 subscription rates payable in Advance 1 6 in county zones 1 2 zones 3 above Carrier collect by the month for Home service and Billing Call 6231151 or 8002424250 monday thru Friday 5 Bedford Dally Box 424 Penn 15522 plan for highways 3 uncertainty about a Highway project even after it lands on the states 12year plan produces some understandable doubts about the Twenty years or so there were no 12year District Highway engineers were Magis and often political the 12year system was an Effort to make the process More sys it has but it Hast come through with a bypass for or with work on routes 30 and whose dangerous Mountain cutbacks remain unimproved after 10 years on the 12year nor has it produced the kind of upgrading of route 30 Between Bedford and Everett needed and most definitely to be needed when a new mall adds to the con it has not brought a bypass of Long a top item on the the shelving of 12year plan projects includes route 220 South of it was set Back years ago when some Valley residents protested designs either though the Valley or up on the Mountain its not that the department has been the Loysburg bypass is held up by a wetlands there was some upgrading on route though not editorial enough for the but take route 220 would it have to be four Lane divided through a narrow Valley not it does have to have a modern connecting link with plus agreement to meet our neighbors at the Mason Dixon and then theres serious congestion there has been the result of a state decision when interstate 70 was Breezewood needs new traffic Pat terns not to exclude business but to save it from the right design would do the 12year plan helps focus on the top priority but there is still a need for a the left to its will do Bridges and let some problems grow until they Are too visible to ignore Bedford county has been Bles sed by but the state has to remember it is a Large in which Many through routes in our claims Are often on behalf of and we need to do some to see that the 12year plan does not become a 20year or just getting items on the list wont get them the sack Saver by Bill Hall i am embarrassed to admit now that the members of the Earth Church have compelled me to do so one entire drawer in our Kitchen is Given Over to nothing but Brown paper super Market we never have enough storage space in our Small House As it and yet right below the junk drawer in our House is the sack you know what the junk drawer that is the usually near the where you keep the last five years of phone 14 pads of note 27 Odd pens and pen 139 receipts from ancient Pur seven dirty a paper a wad of pocket a tube of two Christmas cards from a Box of Chicken Flavoured a Lavender a Coupon offering half off on the double cheese a Pickle a letter from an aunt who died two years a Book of matches from als Leisure suit a Box of stomach three Jar a 23cent postage four a bowl of and an autographed Pic Ture of Tammy Faye everybody has a junk but i dont know How Many people have a sack we we come Home from the put away the and then save the i assume everyone in America has a sack but i never stopped to realize until now How silly it is to give Over a whole drawer to a drawer that could be used for the overflow from the junk once a the sack drawer gets so full that we cant cram anymore sacks into then i take about half of them out and throw them making room for More i dont throw sacks away the minute we get Home from the supermarket because you never know when you might need a couple of dozen Brown paper in five we have not yet needed a couple of dozen Brown paper but you never know when you the Earth Church people reminded me during their recent holy Day that i should examine my wasteful and i have since Learned that i reusable sacks Are suddenly the rage in american that development May give us Back the sack drawer for the overflow from the junk we can become another one of those american families with two junk something people in this that other countries Only dream the members of the Earth Church May save us from the curse of garbage As now that they have our attention on Recy they have made me to my that we Are taking More garbage out of the each by actual than we Are hauling into the House in i had no idea at first How that could be each week we bring 50 pounds of paper into the House in the form of sacks and and each we carry 60 pounds of paper out of the House to be hauled for Good a Quarter of a Pound of paper appears each week in the junk i finally realized that the paper products have been Breeding in our and that stands to Trees reproducing their own it is that the children of Trees Cartons and sacks would also but Brown paper sacks appear out of nowhere faster than All the they require an entire drawer a nest of their Brown paper bags Are the rabbits of the paper in our they Are second Only to clothes hangers when it comes to junk reproducing its own Kinin dark but the Earth Church offers within the another of the supermarket chains around Here announced it is going to Start encouraging reusable cloth grocery and still another is offering 5 cents for each bag you bring with you for reuse on your next Load of with that the heedless fools have Given us a moneymaking idea if those Frisky Little rascals keep we can make a tidy profit on that the More sacks we take Back to the the More Money we and our sack drawer produces one litter after i have never been Able to empty some people Breed some people Breed some people whelp kids All Over the we run a sack and we Are doing More to save Trees than anyone else in Wellesley protest slights female role Washington we were going through a stack of magazines the other my wife and and she said people Magazine has a piece on the 50 most Beautiful people in the if Barbara Bush int on the the list is no toss out it a few Days later the Story broke of the Wellesley College it appears that 150 of representing about on fourth of the graduating had signed a manifesto protesting the Choice of Bush As commencement speaker on june to Honor Barbara Bush As commencement said the is to Honor a woman who has gained recognition through the achievements of her which contradicts what we have been taught Over our years at the manifesto touched off a splendid let us pass Over the dubious proposition that by inviting her to Wellesley was honouring my own thought is that by accepting the Bush was Honor ing but let it the incident prompts reflections on the underlying theme of the changing role of women in the Century implicit in the seniors manifesto Are a couple of notions that Are plainly one is the notion that a woman who does not by which is meant work for salary or wages in the labor is somehow an inferior a second implicit notion is that a woman is a successful woman Only if she has made it on her i dont mean to set up Straw men and Batter them fearlessly to but i dont see How this Earnest protest can be read in any other Wellesley class 21yearold Julia por put it this Way she and her classmates intend to follow a path different from Bush path its not going to be the traditional role of getting married and having a we want to work and we have now there is nothing whatever wrong in a Wellesley woman aspiring to become a a an a television an astronomer or an and a conservative View by James Kilpatrick Miral in the More Power to them no Law decrees that a woman must must have must go to meetings of the Pat and must be a Den Mother for a pack of cub what is so patently wrong about the women from which the Wellesley manifesto is the corollary notion that the function of wife and Mother is less less worthy of Public acclaim and less than the function of the female this is Balder the merest and it ought to be Barbara Bush strikes me As a perfect role Model for the Young women of any she is indeed a As great a Success in her chosen Field As Barbara Walters of to or Barbara the Maryland Are successful in their to stand by your Man in Good times and to rear to be responsible for running a household these Are achievements of the highest in the sum total of human sex which woman makes the greater contribution to society the Good Mother or the Good stockbroker the Wellesley dissenters would i that they dont really mean to Knock the traditional role of they mean to say Only that they prefer a Dif Ferent if that is indeed the there remains nothing to argue As Bush Vive la go in but there is a Little More to the the uncomfortable truth uncomfortable to us chauvinists is that women have in fact been victims of discrimination in the those who aspire in the Wellesley fashion to professional careers have it when Sandra Day Oconnor was graduated with honors from her first Job offer was to serve As a Legal the situation steadily but it is beyond Cavil that women Are paid less than men for substantially equal the work ing woman who marries takes on a double if her husband is a Couch an insensitive Archie Bunker who wont change a diaper or dry a she is Likely to experience the worst of both in the next As in this a woman Choice does not have to be there is room to applaud both the hard edged Talent of editor Gloria Steinem and the Serene Beauty of grandmother Barbara thirty years hence the Wellesley graduates May looks like new Paul flog presidential lip Reading Chart new taxes could be put to Good use George Bush could use the and glib Tongue of Ronald now that the president is trying to get out of the tax Corner he painted himself into ill As governor of Reagan once pledged that he would not tolerate a tax increase on that he his feet were planted in when events nevertheless forced him to agree to higher Reagan cheerfully called in reporters and told them that the noise they heard was the Concrete cracking up around his unfortunately for Bush has shown neither the ver bal nor the political agility to extricate himself gracefully from his Tom Wicker own cheap but effective Campaign pledge no new his budget directors cries of alarm about the deficit have pushed Bush and the congressional democrats into the old game of Alphonse and Gaston you go first and ill Bush has invited the democrats to negotiate on whats to be done about the sup Posedly with All possibilities on the and for whatever either might All involved Are Well that this translates into bus speak about old photo album thought for today take it but take studs this photo was taken in 1915 of Mildred Betty Emerick Ickes of who celebrates her 75th birthday photo submitted by her As follows we can talk about anything but maybe the graduated income tax thing if theres going to be an in hard but you democrats have to propose then ill just have to Tell the tax payers in going along Only be cause you big Taxon spenders left me no witness senator Alan the Republican economic Whiz from who said with his usual eloquence no one is going to come out Here and say that were going to do anything at All with income and witness representative Newt the Republican hit Man from Georgia i dont think theres any question in this country which party is addicted to tax increases and which party is reluctantly willing to of that Gaston cant play the game As Well As Al we have absolutely no interest in asking for taxes and having a reluctant ride presi one wary Democrat Confes of course both sides Are less concerned about the supposed need for higher taxes than about ducking the its not that higher taxes Are to Cut the deficit the Economy has been since despite huge annual budget to sustain the expansion a tax in reducing Public spending is not the usual pump priming to hold Down interest rates the relationship is not and rates have come Down from their early80s despite the continuing with both sides however a tax increase conceivably lies ahead a bizarre Prospect in an election year for 435 members of the if so not accomplish something other than holding Down the Defi specifically with new taxes on Oil and gasoline demand for these is relatively the potential Revenue is and beneficiaries would include at least the air we Public transport and National not soften the blow against Middle and Lowe income by putting the graduated income tax on the casting a cold Eye on Bush capital gains Boondoggle and asking the Rich to pay a fair share if those objectives seem to contradict each they dont a gasoline tax rebate could be arranged for Low income people who have to drive to work other americans for years have been subsidized in profligate driving habits by the Low Federal gasoline tax and All would Benefit from the environmental consequences of reduced Auto another promising possibility is the investment of a substantial share of new tax revenues in the nations needy physical infrastructure City water and sewage uninsulated buildings and the that would put lots of people to work perhaps reducing the costs of crime As Well As stimulate the Economy and bring in revenues Over and above those from whatever new tax might be the last effect would be delayed but Worth waiting As Alphonse and Gaston urge each other its Well for the rest of us to remember who created the deficit bogeyman Ronald that with the tax Cut of 1981 followed by the military buildup he never really paid almanac by the associated press today is May 16 i36th Day of there Are 229 Days left in the today highlight in history on May the first Academy awards were presented during a banquet at the hol Lywood Roosevelt the movie wings won Best product Emil Jannings and Janet Aynor were named Best actor and Best on this Date in the English lexicon author and wit Samuel Johnson first met his future Biog James in Marie then 14 years married the future King Louis Xvi of who was in Congress authorized minting of the 5cent in the Senate failed by one vote to convict president Johnson As it took its first ballot of one of 11 articles of impeach ment against t i j a

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