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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 2

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Bedford, Pennsylvania Commentary on the news 2 May him Hertford Gazette the smokescreen of nuclear testing issn0744ms7 established 1105 put shed daily except sundays and certain holidays by the Gazette publishing second class postage paid at 15522 subscription rates by mail or news Carrier in Bedford county one year six months three months 112 payable in news Carrier by the month collect delivery in adjoining counties one year six months three months to All zones outside local area one year six months three months for additional information inquire at daily Gazette business 424 West Penn Telephone Bedford business and news office 6231151 Everett office 6525611 toll free number 19111982 editor emeritus editor and publisher Edward general manager John Zembower business department John advertising sales director Richard classified advertising Doris news department Sharyn associate production department James production Bonnie May and Jeanne assistant production printing department Harry press department Phil quiet elections every it is quiet in Bedford it is a singular from congressional to court House Row that issues Seldom take a prominent there is in this years Choice of a legislator for the to replace Clarence in they Are already biting their nails about what Hap pens because it could control of the House of represent people Are interested hut apparently not enough o them to inspire a Call to see and hear the can there has never been much in Terest at the party level in promoting let alone joint there is no group like the league of women voters to invite the candidates to a forum and it there would anyone come to hear them with the departure of who after a Rocky Start became the unbeatable ticket Leader of recent there is a wide open three republicans have emerged to Challenge for his party Nomina and the Winner will face the formidable Jary Ebersole in the tall chances the Winner of this years election will be in office for years to it might happen hut the general Rule editorial once there for you would think that once in a while a candidate would want to make a Little you would think that the candidates who dont have the inside track establishment support would think it advisable to raise an Issue or but it Seldom you would think the party unless they consider their Man would want to promote wider interest in a Good in a that they would see the Benefit of an open you would think that concerned particularly those who see the years rolling would insist on some direct knowledge of who the people Are who want to represent them in the hours grows the three republicans Dick Dick Rice and Roy poor contesting for the sop nomination Are Busy Cam and have been for some but of their specific the differences Between the Many things they would or would not do in some people will feel inadequately perhaps someday it will hut Only it citizens begin to ask old time movies by Erma Bombeck every in a i indulge myself by living in the i dont have to look where in it int and its certainly a lot cheaper than living in the i think of All the things that have gone by the boards that i i miss the salespeople in the depart ment store basements who used to come up to you and How my i be of help to you now that All the merchandise is dumped out on shopping has become downright i miss two Way streets where you didst have to Divide the City by twos and go five blocks out of your Way to make a right that would put you within three blocks of your Doc tors office if you arrived before 4 or after 6 except on i miss the Home delivery of potato i cannot Tell you the times i hid in the bedroom when delivery was made and when my husband discovered another five gallon i i was too late to Stop ill catch him next but mostly i miss the Ushers who used to patrol Ushers went out with Dollar tickets and Black and White with them went manners and they set the tone foe they used to be a vital part of the when you they would help you select a they would excuse before you entered a Row so the people could stand up and give you room to when the film they made sure your feet stayed on the you didst talk or make if you they suggested strongly that if you the management would escort you out of the at wits end Heaters anymore Are a Combina Tion there Are no rules and no one to enforce them if there maybe its the intimacy of smaller maybe its because this country is suffering from a manner the other night my husband and i went to a film that had played out and had a Small a Guy across the aisle from us put both feet up on the seat in front of him and lit a the couple behind us complained the theater was so quiet and proceeded to do something about it by discussing the menu in the lobby and How they could eat dinner As they watched the film and have to go to bed on a full she ate a Taco and he chewed on every time a four letter word was uttered on the it Man who sat by himself a few aisles Down would beat on his seat and throughout the he offered comments like it was an audience participation when it comes to you need All the help you can you learn them at in in at in restaurants and standing in you wont see them in there Are options to going to the until they clean up their in Content to watch 10yearold movies on pcs during pledge if anyone puts their filthy shoes on the the management will personally escort them out of the living room almanac my the att tripled press today is May the i9tth Day of there Are Days left in the year today highlight in history Twentyfive years on May the chairman of the Federal communications wow my of in Washington television a vast on this Date in Christopher Columbus left on his fourth and final trip to the new in Benjamin Franklins Pennsylvania Gazette ran the first american newspaper depicting the colonies As a divided the caption read join or ten years ago an uneasy quiet settled Over one Day after the country parliament had elected Elias Sarkis president new York would the United the soviet Union and the whole world be better off today if the two superpowers had agreed to Stop nuclear testing 20 years or More an agreement both pledged themselves to seek in the limited test ban and nuclear non proliferation treaties you bet they be better despite the specious argument of the Reagan administration and others that nuclear War is bad but nuclear weapons testing has been and might still be had the superpowers banned their own nuclear explosions Long for one other nations would be less tempted to develop these forget the recently devised propaganda claim that we need to keep testing in order to make sure our warheads remain the never has conducted a statistically significant number of explosive pro of and no explosive Means of testing weapons reliability have Long been considered the real arguments behind this smokescreen Are that nuclear testing in the past has produced Lowe yield warheads and safety devices that prevent unauthorized use of nuclear weapons like the nuclear powered xray laser needed for a Star wars antimissile the first Point is safety devices need not be and usually Haven been part of warheads they can be installed in the launching system and dont de Pend upon explosive nuclear testing for their development or improve and while its True that testing has resulted in Lowe yield these improved devices actually make modern first strike weapons since the limited test ban treaty of 28 new types of nuclear warheads have been All required explosive for the worst mired missiles those with independently targeted warheads could not have been developed and deployed had All nuclear testing been halted in 1963 or thereabouts the necessary types of warheads were not then Tom Wicker a rvs threaten stability in two they mean an enemy can launch More warheads on fewer missiles but each of his mired and each of is a More tempting bearing More warheads that could be destroyed in a first the newer Loyield warheads also May be More accurately such a warhead might blow up Only part rather than All of new but increased accuracy Means that the warhead is More Likely to be launch because it can be aimed at a specific military target and each Side therefore has to worry More that the other might with such accurate to destroy its retaliatory missiles with a first this counterforce capability exist had nuclear testing been halted two decades As for the xray not Only could it be a threatening offensive weapon even if developed for strategic defense but if the necessary nuclear explosive devices Are not deployed in As some administration officials have promised they wont the laser would be of limited effectiveness for missile if you dont need the you dont need the xray laser to be part of to claim the necessity for nuclear tests in order to develop such a device is to argue for testing in Pursuit of a strategic defense that May not will Cost million or threatens a defensive As Well As an expanded offensive arms and for which no one has conclusively demonstrated the continued nuclear testing can have no purpose but to1 develop More and improved nuclear but such weapons Are needed not to improve deter but Only if one Side or the other seeks decisive nuclear which the history of the arms race shows to be a costly and dangerous illusion or pursues an enhanced War fighting capacity the supposed ability to fight and win a limited nuclear but no matter How surgical or clean the weapons one Side might launch in an Effort at limited there be no guarantee that the responding weapons would not be More and no Way to Stop the nuclear escalation that strategic experts on both sides believe would continued testing Only makes that terrible scenario More Likely to become a scene from twos a crowd at Walden Pond if you sit in the Woods Long Thoreau creatures will show themselves to you in this is especially True on a ruffed Tail neck ring As rigid As Shakespeare col stalks a Hen nearly invisible against the carpet of Brittle chips Fly As a Pilli ated Woodpecker chisels insects from a dead his hammering echoes in the a red sunlight glowing in its Bounds Over the Stone Row that Marks the end of this overgrown Meadow where i come on Balmy afternoons to dream of a simple life and listen to what the wind toting walking crash through saplings and pronounce serenity the wind cant get a word in my wife spots my heavy Canvas coat and Walden gives me have she mutters from her station at the when Trees fill my i tend to Jeff oboe to quote i go to the i because i wish to live to front Only the essential facts of to learn what it has to and when i come to discover that i have not you know were getting company she i want to live deep and suck out All the marrow of she cuts me supper is at the boy has been wrestling with the and the three of prone on the watch me As i Cross the the one in the mid with the guess Uncle barrys coming up and Hes bringing pictures of their vacation to Joes that 1 and when you have obtained those things necessary to there is another alternative than to obtain the my daughter is the first to find me in a stand of Young Maples that Rise tall and Silver into a cloudless she sits beside me on the we share the moment in she says you know that Check for the National record club i absolutely must have it to mail Money is not required to buy one necessary of the i Ive had a bad and i dont need however mean your life meet it and live it do not shun it and Call it hard the fault finder will find faults even in love your poor As it Ive been saving another one for the right situation we Are conscious of an animal in which awakens in proportion As our higher nature it is reptile and and perhaps cannot be wholly but i think ill let her Mother handle a nomadic tribe of aunts and uncles and cousins and inlays a some some whooping and Felling snags As Thev the oldest Praise rocks and stumps and it sets me we need the tonic of we can never have enough of we need to witness our own limits Tran and some life pasturing freely where we never my daughter Rolls her her foot wags like a cats Tail different she i think How peaceful it Back at the More Sun old picture album in the Assembly had passed a so called Sunshine the Law said All government from the governors office to local grassroots must conduct the Public business in full View of the three years a Commonwealth court Cut Down the size of the area of perpetual Sun Only at meetings where a vote would be the court was an Agency required to act in the Public last the Senate voted in favor of More even if no vote was the new Bill the these handsome Yot Uig men were i Hwahl to he Harry and either Karl or Lar Rivau Jerry Kil of Everett recognize them area anyone your representatives in Congress and the state legislature John Heinz room 443 Russell Senate office 20510 2022246324 Arlen Specter room 293 Russell Senate office 20510 2022244254 Bud Shuster 29fibrayburn office Oasis 2922952431 Robert Jubelirer room 989 main Capitol 17190 71778754w Clarence Box 111 main Capitol 17120 7177875075 press Bureau Public had to be admitted except to legislative ethics commit tees and executive sessions where collective personal real estate litigation and academic standings were under on that Bills arrival in the House Many weeks it was referred to the state government which last week voted unanimously to Send it on to the House before that Cor Reale Stevens Luzerne had grown weary of he wanted a specific ban against closed meetings of school boards Only school boards right for 10 years Sunshine Bills have been moving through this he and secrecy is As bad As it Ever he hitched his Hopes to a different its original purpose was Only to allow videotaping of school Board the House passed that Bill on the same Day that the broader Sunshine travelling a step emerged from the state government Stevens knew his measure would be but he had the immediate satisfaction of knowing that a Legal club was at hand for him to carry to court if thought for Tox Tay who shall guard the guardians themselves roman satirist and j

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