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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 30 2015, Page 4

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Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - March 30, 2015, Bedford, Pennsylvania Commentary on the news Bedford Gazette Bedford county a own daily newspaper copyright 2015 Petiford Gazette. I la Shyk urn �4 it Mars h76su put err a Joseph a bee0e -.4, it pm Danu a a Gnu re. A Etc abm tax jail a pfc. a 5krrsa is Rrt r Jar birr a sir or i a features editor it Rel amp Henry euro drlitrjth1071 Roc sports eds or Yaji spree it mtg pcs it in Edlor. Sharer must Porto my rate or Hulk s or it it editor emeritus a Hugo k Friar 11911 i982j of Dwarf k Friar 1�v> other i. Shtaih it Rel i an t �1 opera news a it str re cur. 9r it Rex a or Orv i Ltd a Send address Chanty Fudie bed fear Quot a surr a Iii of sea 6?i 3r<ifcrf % i55-2 a. A the Becj feed Eleele jul 4 a monday. March 30, 2015 Bedford Gazette Bedford a Fuff mid feta new rpm sm4r and see a it a 0� in ,.�eir4rarr Lott labor us a err eurs Pivot a Pax it a Braer a vj2l of Quot. Subscription ram payable to ads Nee i year Carrier motor a tour Sci of in county a zones. I 2 maj al ? 152 of atm 3 4 Abote nut 9224 of for Moon or Larrv and smar Cal be calf or it min or the flab tam Siv Bedfard Gazette inc. Of bos67f 424 m Penn St by a. 15522 i>7 i phone a 14 823 115i to free <01242 4250 a. A ii 623 a a. a Divins in raw. V. A a a a r. A a in. A. F Manito t9 5� sfc5 of 9123 00 i with 94.3 a 953 of a a to tank a ire a catching up with drilling successive state administrations and state legislators eagerly have embraced the natural Gas Industry while contending that the government has Well regulated the Enterprise in the Public interest. Unfortunately As the Industry matures it continues to demonstrate the Many ways in which the state government continues to play catch up. It is extraordinary for example that the state government still is debating the merits of an extraction tax that simply is part of the Drill everywhere else in the United states that Gas is drilled. But that is one of the older arguments. Recently a panel discussion at Wilkes University revealed that the state has yet to come up with a definitive regulatory regiment for one of the most fundamental aspects of the thriving Gas Industry a guest editorial. Pipeline transmission. John Quigley the new Secretary of the department of environmental Protection announced a pipeline task Force to consider the various issues the transmission lines present nearly a decade after the Industry began laying them. And the legislature passed the pipeline act outlining standards Only in 2011. Issues include erosion control wetland protections and property rights. It s apparent that As the Industry matures the Only thing pennsylvanians can count on is that the Public interest in the Safe operation of the Industry is a work in Progress. A the Wilkes Barre citizens voice new Era of televangelists this past week the Junior senator from Texas Ted Cruz kicked off the 2016 Republican primary season at a University founded by televangelist Jerry Falwell. Liberty University s students were mandated to attend Cruz a announcement speech so senator Cruz enjoyed a packed House of attentive students accustomed to being preached at. Quot imagine Quot he asked Quot a president who stands unapologetic ally with the nation of Israel Quot the launch of the gop s bid for the White House was hosted err hoisted by the spoils of televangelist sounds appropriate for the party of the also ran Industrial Complex. This recent phenomenon of Quot running for office Quot when really they re sprinting for a Book Deal to show or cinnamon cure spokesman has become its own commercial Enterprise. If you re a conservative Public figure the real Money is in Selling yourself As a presidential Centrefold lots of airbrushing and shared pet peeves All with a Wink and a smile. Ifs Selling a Promise that will never Ever have to be delivered. Call it feign and gain it explains Why the gop Field is congested. There s lots of Money to be made with Little liability. The 1980s saw the Golden age of televangelists. The world always had preachers but Cable television made them stars. They were the Staples of pop culture crossword Puzzle hints sol parodies late night monologue punch lines. Jimmy swag Gart Oral Roberts Jerry Falwell and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were All Well coiffed and Well compensated celebrities. For tv7 Faith healers and health to wealth preachers the Exchange was simple Send them your Money and things will be better. That s How you increase your wealth by giving it to the Guy on to. Everything will improve your health your Faith your Home your finances if you just Send that Check or Money order to the address on your screen. In 1986 Oral Roberts famously planned that if his ministry did t raise $8 million the lord would Quot Call him meaning if he did t get the Money god was going to kill him. Reportedly he raised $9.1 million and lived another 20 years. See it works. Televangelists were Able to merge Showbiz Glitz with the modest nonprofit status of your average Village Chapel. It s where missionaries got paid like mercenaries. Prophets raked in profits it was a revolutionary hybrid Marvel of mass Media. And in that vein utilizing the language of hellfire and Brimstone Ted Cruz has been denying global warming while strangely saying the world is on fire. Head desk it the Gap has evolved into a new wave of televangelists. They be managed to step into that vacuum and suck up Money from the faithful. The Mold was cast in the 1980s and now we have a dozen Pat Robertson figurines trying to scare the same hyper religious bloc of conservatives. Alik to what defines a televangelist banking on personal Faith asking for donations and constant Media presence it s the gop in 2016 Check and running mate much to her credit Tammy Faye Bakker a fundamentalist Christian became a Gay icon because of her outreach to the Community in the throes of the aids epidemic. There s not one gop televangelist today with that kind of courage. Instead Republican candidates have managed to merge corporations Are people politics with a Persona i re i at ions in with Jesus platform. Where Christ hates All the right people ayn Rand is the Virgin Mother and the apostles Are All cos. If you just Send these Sergio Niezers Cash they can fight the holy War against the Meek undocumented immigrants Gays poor people american muslims atheists wage earners drug addicts and the others out of the fold. Ifs a revival of revisionism. This current bumper crop of candidates thrives on fleecing believers with the Promise of a conservative Christian Garden of Eden. Act now. Space is limited. You know imagine. Old photo album 25, in in Jame r. Rom is shown on i Harley Davidson about 1935, possibly on Palo Alto Road. Rooms was a steamfitter in his Trade and was a member of the plumbers and steamfitter local 489 out of Cumberland Maryland. He and his wife Lois Emeric lived in Hyndman and had three daughters Faith Londa and Debbie. Rooms passed away in 2005 at the age of 89. In lesson on nation building it is not often that the Leader of a Small City state a in this Case. Singapore a gets an International reputation. But no one deserved it More than Lee Kuan Yew the founder of Singapore As an Independent country in 1959, and its prime minister from 1959 to 1990. With his death he leaves behind a legacy valuable not Only to Singapore but to the world born in Singapore in 1923, when it was a British Colony Lee Kuan Yew studied at Cambridge University after world War ii and was much impressed by the orderly Law abiding England of that Day. It was a great contrast with the poverty stricken and crime Ridden Singapore of that Era. Today Singapore has a per capita Gross Domestic product More than 50 percent higher than that of the United kingdom and a crime rate a Small fraction of that in England a 2010 study showed More patents and Patent applications from the Small City state of Singapore than from Russia. Few places in the world can match Singapore for cleanliness and orderliness. This remarkable transformation of Singapore took place under the authoritarian Rule of Lee Kuan Yew for two decades As prime minister. And it happened despite some very serious handicaps that led to chaos and self destruction in other countries. Singapore had Little in the Way of natural resources. It even had to import drinking water from neighbouring Malaysia its population consisted of people of different races languages and religions a the chinese majority and the sizable malay and Indian minorities. At a time when other third world countries were setting up government controlled economies and blaming their poverty on Quot exploitation Quot by More advanced Industrial nations Lee Kuan Yew promoted a Market Economy welcomed foreign invest Thomas Sowell syndicated columnist merits and made Singapore s children learn English. To maximize the benefits from Singapore s position As a major port for International Commerce. Singapore s schools also taught the separate native languages of its chinese malay and Indian tamil Peoples but everyone had to learn English because it was the language of International Commerce on which the country s economic Prosperity depended. In Short Lee Kuan Yew was pragmatic rather than ideological Many observers saw a contradiction Between Singapore s free markets and its Lack of democracy. But its Long serving prime minister did not deem its people ready for democracy. Instead he offered a decent govern ment with much less corruption than in other countries in that Region of the world. His example was especially striking in View of Many in the West who seem to think that democracy is something that can be exported to countries whose history and traditions Are wholly different from those of Western nations that evolved democratic institutions Over the centuries. Even such a Champion it Freedom As John Star Mill said in the 19th Century Quot the ideally Best form of government it is Seal eely necessary to say. Does not mean one which is practical Hie or eligible in All states of civilization in other words Democrat by has prerequisites and Peoples and places without those prerequisites w ill not necessarily do Well when democratic institutions Are created. The most painful recent example of that is Iraq. Where a democratically elected government set up by expenditure of the blood and treasure of the United states became one of the obstacles to a United people with the military alien gel to protect itself from Intel National terrorists. In Many parts of the third world Post colonial governments set up democratically Marie sure that there would be no Mort democracy that could replace its original leaders this led to the cynics Phi ase Quot one Man one Vot one time democracy can he wonderful As a principle when it is viable hut disastrous As a fetish where it is not. Lee Kuan Yew under stood the Pitfalls and steered around them. Of oui Western advocates of nation building Quot in other countries would learn that lesson it could he the most valuable legacy of let Kuan Yew. In daily thought thought there is room at the Cross for you. Eternal life is within your reach embrace it today and Don t delay scripture then he said Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom Quot Jesus answered him Quot i Tell you the truth today you will in with me in Paradise Luke 23 42-43 prayer dear god thank for the invitation to live Etui Nally Iii Paradise with you. I reach out to you today acknowledging that i am a sinner in need of you i Heher that you Are the Only True Way by which i can be saved and i confess my need of you. Guide us All we Pray Iii paths of righteousness and bless our world today amen. Heart moments copyright 2015 by Elizabeth Whetstone your elected representatives in Harrisburg and Washington . Pro Sid ant Barack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania ave Washington dc., 20500 202 4561414 202 456-2461, fax , web gov. Tom Wolf room 225 main Capitol bldg. Harrisburg a 17120 717 787-2500 717 772-8284, fax , a meal nov Amyy of a. Room 502 Hart Senate office bldg Washington dc., 20510 202 224-4254 202 228-0284, fax Emal trough website sen. Bob Casey a a. 393 Russell Senate office bldg. Washington ., 20510-3804 202 224-6324 202 228-0604, fax web site Casey Senate gov email through web site rep. William Shuster r-9 204 Cannon office bldg Washington ,20515 202 225-2431 202 225-2486, fax Hok Vaysburg 696-6318 san. John Woor Tek d-36 room 182 main Capitol Harrisburg a 171201 717 787-5400 fax 717 772-0573 email through website at Contact Bedford 107 s. Richard St. 814 623-5004, fax 623-5044 rep. Yeeee Topper r-78 House p o Box 202078 409 Irvis office building Harrisburg a 17120-2078 717 787-7076 717 705-1855, fax wow , web Bedford 133 s. Richard St. 814 623-9097, fax 623-6633 rep. Carl w. Mfr Ger r-69 House Box 202069 149-a East Wing. Harrisburg. A 17120-2069 717 783-8756 717 783-3899, fax Somerset 301 georgian place 814 4484230 a a a a a

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