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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1998, Page 2

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Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - January 10, 1998, Bedford, Pennsylvania Commentary on the news 2 january Bedford put Bedford Gazette Bedford county own daily newspaper o Gazette publishing company editor and Frear general Hopf executive editor Christopher Frear managing Kevin Bruner copy editor Paul r Rowan features editor kit Henry associate Sharyn Maust sports Shuss editor emeritus Hugo Frear 19111982 circulation director Paris Kyriakis director Keith Landis sales mgr Joseph Beegle Page supervisor Janet accounting director Lawson Duvall press manager Philp Langham postmaster Send address changes to the Bedford Box published daily except most general Legal holidays by the Gazette publishing periodicals postage paid at Assn 07448457 uses 047680 subscription rates payable in Advance year 6 months 3 months Carrier collect by the month for Home delivery and cab 6231151 or 8002424250 monday thru Friday 7 Bedford Dally Box Penn route in county zones zones 3 above mall Early Spring the Bedford Springs hotel has a second whether its enough of a Chance to live and breathe As a resort again remains to be but it has a with the county announcement the Springs now has a new set of developers showers run development with a new the on its seems much better than the one that brought Marcus Fields to the the new version had the direct involvement of the states Lead attorney on such projects and the coun Tys from a technical the new contract answers the problems with the previous with dead lines and defaults spelled there was never anything wrong with the old of that adequate Developer Money have the purse strings problem seems answered for the new group brought to Bedford for the meeting to pay delinquent taxes and out standing Bills for the redevelopment if you Fields posted to enter the project then didst produce a dime More for Well Over a year until the borrowed million for Clos editorial ing in december As one participant said repeatedly the county had to resolve the Legal wrangling for the hotel to have a Chance to be that meant removing Fields from the Fields was bought out by the new developers but remains As a minority any further role is still under discus problems remain to be for the Golf course Dauphin county general and the new developers have to reach agreement on either a Purchase or suitable restoration of the but theres finally a sense of Hope about the the county liability has been and Money is flowing to the county coffers As opposed to out of them for the first time in the optimism of a new contract will and rough spots will for the project is finally moving Forward after nearly two years of being killer mom gets fourth Chance this is a Story about Latrena who lost custody of her first two Mur dered her third baby and threw the girl into the she was punished Only with week ends in a Halfway Pilleys conduct not Only destroyed the life of a precious Little but also destroyed of Keith the on july after seeing Latrena Pix Ley walking free on the still distraught and in despair Over the loss of his Hung said attorney Brenda this is also a Story about her fourth who has lived with Laura Blankman almost continuously since he was two weeks because Pixley was in a Halfway House for three months and then full time in prison for credit card in Laura filed papers to adopt the child she Calls Cor using the biblical in a five Day trial last she lost the and was ordered to return her son to convicted for killing his this is a Story about two i Imperial judges who ought to be recalled from the Bench for Gross misconduct in this Case Superior court judge George who refused to give Pix Ley More than Token punishment for murder and Montgomery county judge Michael i who is taking Cornelius away i from the Only Mother he has Ever j training to be a police offi Michael Mcmanus ethics religion on june Latrena Pix Ley used a Blanket to smother her i six week old Nakya Dannyel her third child each by a Dif Ferent when her Keith came Home she cooked him later they went out partying till 2 the next morning she told Scott she killed their Little he picked his Little daughter from the trash and called she told police she had nothing to feed the baby and it would not Stop yet Scott earned enough to sup port them when the Case came before judge Mitchell in a prosecutor asked for the maximum sen tence of 15 years to life for com mitting second degree Mitchell wondered aloud whether the attorney would demand such a Tough sentence for some High class society who claimed to have murdered her baby because of postpartum but could not under stand such psychological Phe in a poor i dont to be victimized by that kind of i want to treat All people the whether they be Rich or when i do that i can sleep at he he sentenced her to spend weekends in a Halfway House for three in the summer of Pixley was transported Between jail and court by Laura an intern in the Public defenders she did not see Pixley again until the fall of when they met by Chance on the Street and talked for five in december 1995 she received an invitation to a baby Shower from i was i did not real ize she was Blankman when she Pixley asked her if she would come to the delivery feeling compassion for the who clearly had few she agreed and went to the Hospital with Pixley told her that she had to go to a Halfway House on week ends and had to put the child in an orphanage those Blankman offered to care for the which she did till May 16 when she began full time care because Pixley was convicted of credit card judge Mitchell sentenced her for 5 to 15 years for the fraud and for Violat ing her nobody likes a baby he but she Only served eight months before Mitchell released her to enrol in Hannah House for two years to be reunited with her Blankman called Bill director of the National Council for for he found attorneys who worked for free to help her adopt the my intention was never to adopt this but in time Cor Nelius and i she told i became his i was there when he first rolled when he took his first i was the one he called judge Mason refused to allow her to adopt the because Bis Mother had maintained meaning Ful Contact with the boy by visit ing him 20 times in 1997 and for contributing to the needs of the yet in two Pixley gave Only toward his and Blankman had to pay for each visit in the sheriffs office from her so the boy must return to a Mother who is prohibited from seeing her first two children and who killed her third spark ing the suicide of the girls Wade former commissioner of children youth and says judge Mason should be recalled because he has lost sight of the compelling need to protect the interest of children out of a Blind allegiance to race Matching and family prefer a colonial Mountain hero h hundreds of settlers East and West of the Allegheny mountains owed their lives to the supreme exploits of a group of led by George Rogers the years were Between 1777 and the villain in these events was lord Henry Hamil who was in command of the British forces whose Headquarters were in Hamilton had been supplying the indians with Long re handled knives and was paying bounties to the Indi ans for scalps of the american women and the French held fortifications at Kas Kaskia and Vincennes but there was very Little love Between the French and the the City of Louis was under the control of the Clark was first approached in in december 1777 with the idea of heading or leading an first to Kas Kaskia to capture the French general who was closely following Hamiltons orders from Detroit to Supply the tribes with knives and paying bounties for to capture this Post would help break the British stronghold on the indians and release the Terri tory North of the Ohio River which Virginia claimed until the French and Indian War when England Laid claim to this on june Patrick Henry issued orders to Clark to proceed immediately with seven companies to Ken the final destination would be the Illinois the governor of through his received reports that the French officers Felt their forts were secure and could not be Cap tured by the colonists to support an army to make raids into the Illinois country would require an enormous amount of which was scarce at this time As Virginia was trying to support the soldiers in the american the government could not support the soldiers in the american revolt the government could not support Washington army at Valley forge and certainly not an expedition of this tales from the Allegheny Foothills by Vaughn whisker v v 1 1 m that with a Small group of men who were and who were fast on foot and move quickly and quietly on the he should be Able to Complete this Job within 40 if this present Assembly should learn of these plans they should be told it was Only for the defense of Kentucky and not told of the plans for the capture of the forts in each Man in the upon its would receive a Bonus of 300 acres of land while the officers would receive More acreage in proportion to their Clark was voted an Advance of pounds to help raise his plans were made to recruit most of his men at red near also to to Complete his recruiting at boons afew recruits were picked up in Frederick after reaching restore Clark and his recruits floated Down the Monongahela River to fort by the following May All plans were completed to float their barges Down the Ohio to Ken a month later they had reached the Illinois their main objective was the Cap Ture of a French held fort at unknown to Clark a group of americans were making raids on the Mississippi their base was new the Comman Der at Kas Kaskia had received reports of these they had received news that group of virginians were also making raids and their treatment of Cap Tives was extremely Clarks plans were to make their own path to the fort instead of following an established path to the fort to prevent being Dis this meant going through tall grass and Briar patches for four by the evening of july Clark and his men were on the Banks of Kas Kaskia with the Aid of a number of rowboats they crossed the River and went silently into the fort without being Dis most of the officers and their wives were having a dance Clark and several of his men qui etly went they immediately told the merry makers they were surrounded and were their that the com had retired for the night in his Clark insisted that the should now under the Flag of Virginia and not the Flag of eng within a few minutes Clark and three of his men forced them selves into the commanders House and captured him in the entire settlement of Kas Kaskia was soon under Clarks the inhabitants were so scared of the virginians they Felt that death was certain to come to Clark did not Tell the French soldiers nor the commander that prior to leaving fort Pitt he had been Given official notice of a new Alliance Between France and Many of the residents appealed to their local priest to approach Clark and beg for their and not separate their Fame the priest was advised to Tell his followers that red or White would be arrested if they attempted to leave the when the priest and his flock came to Clark a second time beg Ging for their they could now continue to live Normal lives so Long As they made no Effort to assist the British or the indians Eorge Rogers employing Small bands of captured entire forts without a As he had been informed that peace negotiations had been made Between France and the it did not take the French Citi Zens Long to offer their help to the not Only in food and but to act As guides and their influence to persuade neigh Boring settlements to within three Days three villages were persuaded to come to the virginians Side and took the oath of Clarks expedition had exhausted its funds and since they were More than a thousand Miles from it would be impossible to secure monies from the state of Virginia to continue his he wrote to new Orleans asking for credit until funds could be obtained from Clarks main ambition was to capture Detroit and Hamilton but there was one More step to take and this would be a rough this would be the capture of Vin Cennes in the Wabash it did not take Long for the news to spread through the various Indian tribes of Clarks capture of Kas Kaskia and the surrounding towns and his kind treatment of his also the news that the tribes were in danger if they continued to support England in making raids on the on one Black chief of the Chippewa took it upon himself to visit Clark and asked Many questions As to Why the virginians and other colonies were fighting each Clark carefully explained Why the colonies were rebelling against the English King and Why the colonists refused to pay heavy taxes for everything they used and Why the British had been deceiving the Indian tribes by bribing them with worthless pre sents and paying bounties for after a Long meeting the old chief said he would return to the various tribes and Tell them Clarks in the meantime Henry Hamilton began to realize some thing was taking place on the Frontier because the number of indians from the Wabash territory had dropped on an August afternoon a messenger appeared at the explained that the virginians had suddenly appeared out of the darkness Sand quickly captured the fort without any the French commander was in chains and All citizens had taken a oath of Hamilton was shocked and angered at the sudden turn of by october he had completed his plans to leave Detroit for the Illinois territory and Recap Ture the fort How held by the rebel virginian it took almost two weeks of travel to reach the head of the Maumee their Progress was slowed by Early Snow and Low water Levels which did not permit the use of heavy Laden boats to navigate the Aliaj in when they at Wabash water level had risen but now froze thus necessitating the smashing of ice by the men in the boats for mile upon the fort at Vincennes was 240 Miles from now that Winter had set the Rivers were either Frozen solid or had begun to overflow their Banks from the heavy Rains melting Hamilton reached Vincennes on december when the French Learned of the British army Many vacated the Leav ing but few individuals who would stand by the few militia men to face the British and Indi ans who followed the sur Render was no gunfire was within a few weeks Clark received the news that Hamilton had captured now he realized he must change his thus far he failed to receive reinforcements and financial Aid from travelling a distance of 240 Miles in the midst of severe Winter weather seemed almost an impossible but the men with Clark and several frenchmen were willing to Surprise and Cap Ture Vincennes in order to Stop All those British instigated Indian i Vaughn whisker 19071992 wrote the popular tales from the Allegheny Foothills in the bed Ford Gazette nearly two decades we kid gallery How we thought our bodies would develop in the Modem How our bodies have actually aflame

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