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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Feb 5 1999, Page 17

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Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - February 5, 1999, Bedford, Pennsylvania It febuary Bedford health Medicine breast cancer new York a exciting breakthroughs Are making breast cancer More treatable and reported red Book just in the past scientists have discovered that one drug May prevent breast cancer in High risk while another can arrest certain surgical procedures Are becoming less invasive and Dis and new diagnostic tools Are catching the disease when its More easily a drug that blocks the oestrogen that makes breast tutors has helped women who already have breast the big news is that the Hor Mone May actually prevent the disease in otherwise healthy women who Are High risk because of a history of the Dis ease in their another oestrogen Blocker called ral Oxidene shows even More Promise in preventing breast this now prescribed to reduce osteoporosis in menopausal has been found to lower breast cancer risk without the worst of the Side a genetically engineered drug called her leptin offers new Hope to women with advanced about 30 percent of women with breast cancer have an excess of a protein called this protein makes tutors grow quickly and decreases the chances a woman successfully developed by scientists at Gene tech in san fran targets and kills cancer cells with excess leaving cells the first drug Ever to target a specific cancer spreading May Herald the Start of a new Era in treating immunizations the Pennsylvania depart ment of health will be holding Well child immunization clinics at the Bedford county state health Center every tuesday from 9 for an Call 623 2001 monday through Friday from 8 to hepatitis b vaccine is now available at the state health Center there Are age limitations on who May get the Call 6232001 for More a Parent or Legal guardian must accompany child to the immunizations cannot be Given if the child is accompanied by anyone other than a Parent or Legal if unable to bring the child on a regular clinic Call the state health Center to make special bring Childs immunization record to the sick children follow guidelines on when to Call the paediatrician and Mark Donahoe and Darian Fetters Donahoe United in Everett Nicki Brallier and Mark Den ver Donahoe were United in marriage 10 in the Everett United methodist the Ronald Parks performed the double ring ceremony at the Bride is the daughter and stepdaughter of Harry and Kristina Mellott of Hopewell re 1 and of the late Jack and Patricia Brallier of Hopewell re 1 and Freda Snow Berger and the late George Mel Lott of the bridegroom is the son of Francis smoke and Sharon Donahoe of Bedford re 3 and the grandson of Edwin and Velma Gnegy of and the late George and Vernalda Donahoe of Clearville re the program attendant was Ashley Cousin of the and the Guestbook Atten Dant was Jessica Cousin of the James Cousin of the and Tonya Littlefield were the wedding music was provided by organist Madeline Mills and soloist Kristie who also presented a flute my heart will go during the Unity Candle lighting and presentation of single red roses to the Moth the Bride was escorted to the altar by her she wore a White gown of White Matte Satin and featuring an Offeh shoulder a bodice accented lace and pears and a sem Cathedral she carried a cascading Bou Quet of White Casablanca White bridal White mini carnations and Shear chif Fon Tracy Rice and Amanda Holsinger were the matrons of the bridesmaids were Anita Callihan Jennifer Cousin of the Bride and Kristie sister of the Groom and Stephanie the Junior bridesmaid was jes Sica Cousin of the the Flower girl was Darian Fet daughter of the and the ring bearer was Alex the Best men were Kevin Harkleroad and Francis smoke father of the the Ushers were Craig Calli Han Thad Yothers Donnie Decker and Jason brother in Law of the the wedding reception was held at the Everett masonic tem ple and the couple is residing in new couple plans to take a one year anniversary the Bride is a 1992 graduate of Northern Bedford county High school and a 1997 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a Bachelor of science in civil she is employed by Enterprise Stone Lime As a civil Engineer drafting Coor she received an Engi Neeri training certificate in the bridegroom is a 1990 Grad uate of Bedford High school and is enrolled in the electrical Engi Neering program at the University of Pittsburgh at John by rebook a Hearst Magazine for a special features kids have always had their unfair share of sinusitis and ear wrote Stephanie Wood in an article in rebook and there getting even now that there exposed to More germs t through Day care and you know you dont have to run to the paediatrician for every Little sniffle or but just when does your child need medical care a whopping majority of these ill Nesses Are viral they cant be treated and pass by says Steve author of the american Academy of paediatrics new the guide to your Childs symptoms birth through certain symptoms dictate evaluation but its absolutely Safe in most cases to wait and says who is also chairman of the department of paediatrics at Maimonides medical Center in Brook a Borough of new York viral illnesses tend to be worse at better during the says Charles a specialist in paediatric infectious diseases at Wake Forest University school of Medicine in bacterial which May require a doctor visit for an anti Biot will cause if youre still by All Means pick up the sometimes the reassurance of a Call to the doctor is what you but unless youve got a baby under 6 you can Here Are some guidelines for some of the More common ailments sore Throat give it a Day at tour Basic sore Throat Doest need says but if it gets worse and worse Over a 24 hour your child might have a Strep which requires an untreated Strep can Lead to rheumatic which turn can damage the heart and the clue to Strep is the severity of says your child will be very have a fever and very swollen and May not be Able to other telltale signs include a Stom vomiting and a belly if your kid has any of these symptoms with a sore see your fever kids Spike fevers that would be terrifying in an even temperatures As High As 104 degrees f to 105 degrees f Are Usu ally harmless if there of Short says chances if your Childs still drinking and not too out of youll be told to give him childrens acetaminophen or ibuprofen for 24 to 48 then Call Back if the fever Doest pass or if other symptoms but Call your doctor if your child is Pale and not responding to acetaminophen or or if he also has an a stiff urinary pain or a severe you should also Call your doctor if your child has Ever had febrile seizures you May need to be More aggressive about keeping a temperature vomiting dont get excited if it happens just with you really have to look at the other says Katherine a paediatrician at the childrens Hospital of Michigan in for you need to see a doctor if your child also devel Ops a significant which could indicate pneumonia severe which occur with Menin gitis or fever Over 101 degrees f for More than 24 which can Indi Cate a More serious illness such As but vomiting with no other symptoms often signals the Start of a viral such As Gas which usually passes in one to two you do have to be Alert to the possibility of de Hydra kids can become dehydrated so if they Haven kept Down fluids for 12 to 24 Call your doctor for advice about administer ing an electrolyte diarrhoea its but your child might not need immedi ate it depends How Well Hes taking says Ling if diarrhoea lasts More than one take your child off a Dairy diet no milk or cheese because she wont be Able to process the for should your child offer White grape instead of which can Aggra vate if symptoms last More than 48 or your child int drinking is vomiting or theres blood or mucus in the see your Runny nose give it a nasal drainage that lasts longer than 8 to 10 changes and continues to get thicker might Sig Nal an acute sinus which Calls for says Max of paediatric Oto laryngology nose and Throat Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital in new York other clues to sinus infection include facial fever and bad school age kids Are More susceptible than ear infections when a baby or toddlers sniffles turn into a and nights become get to the Young children have immature eustachian which allow congestion to Drain Back into the Middle resulting in a painful ear older preschoolers can usually Tell you their ears but younger Chil Dren communicate mostly through extreme especially at night or when lying Down increases the most ear infections Are triggered by cold so if your child has just a Runny the diagnosis is fairly notes you need to see your doctor to confirm it and to deter mine if antibiotics will coughing most coughing is but the croup virus can produce scary sounding while theres no some symptoms can be greatly alleviated by prescription As a Gener Al the typical cough is almost always worse at when the body steroid hormones drop explains your child probably needs treatment Only if the cough int better after 48 is inter Fering with his ability to play and or is accompanied by a Jim and Paula Eisenhart of winding Ridge Are pleased to announce the arrival of their first a Alyssa Faith was born at 24 in Nason roaring she weighed 5 5 ounces at birth and was 18 inches Alyssa grandparents Are Richard and Bonnie Bair of Dauphin and Sally and Roger Eisenhart of Schuylkill great grandparents Are Ralph and Viola Charles and Dorothy Eisenhart and Elsie blessed events 14 inside Winder medical he weighed 8 11 ounces at birth and was 20 inches Harmon joins Ashley 20 months in the Waybright grandparents Are Ray and Jane Waybright of Josephine Howard of Bedford and the late Paul Bernice Lamb of is the Karen and Eric Waybright of Bedford have welcomed a son to their Harmon Everett Paul made his grand Entrance into the world at cards requested birthday cards have been requested for Edna Shroyer of Buffalo Mills on the occasion of her 92nd cards May be sent to Edna 2594 Madley hollow Buffalo Quality custom built Homes experience and service make the difference weve build your custom designed Home 8007582196 9 5 weekend by 814 7490727 by Oberle Exchange wedding vows Vanessa Cynthia Halterman and John Kenneth Oberle were United in marriage on the Bride is the daughter of Robert the step daughter of Cynthia Halterman of Everett re and the Daugh Ter of Deborah Wolfe of she is the granddaughter of Luveria Orourke and the late Frank she graduated from Everett High school in june she attended Allegany College of Maryland at the Bedford county Campus in Everett and is currently employed by Perkins the bridegrooms parents Are John David Chalybeate Bedford and Cora sue crites of Penn he is the grandson of Marvin crites and step grandson of Dorothy Snake Spring Valley and the late Elsie he graduated from Bedford High school in june he is presently serving in the armed going to school at fort Leonard he is planning a career in the future plans Are for the Bride to join the bridegroom As soon As he receives his permanent orders from the a Small family reception was held after the wedding at the grooms mothers in the next year a formal wed Ding and reception will be Gerald Clark business established 1947 rotary Well drilling Grundfor and a motor pump water conditioning bacteria treatment systems test drilling located on commercial state residential Everett office Fishers country store specializing in bulk foods specials Good through february 1999 offers Good while supplies now accepting a est i mile of Cessna on 320 Iii Holland a 155227658 hours 85 85 84 6232667 in memorial Chester Horn who passed away january 1999 Chester will be greatly missed by everyone involved with Bedford Grange Mutual insurance company which he faithfully served for 47 years As Secretary and it has been a pleasure to be associated with a Man of such the memory of our Friend and coworker will remain with us for Many years to we express our Heartfelt condolences to his family and most especially to his wife May god be your strength and Comfort during this time of tremendous we Are grateful for the Opportunity of having worked with Chester and being blessed by his positive sincere Bedford Grange Mutual insurance company office staff and directors

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