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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Bedford, Pennsylvania V ski Bedford Gazette the weather High established 7b december 1963 single copy ten cents russian racism growth depends on who s Moscow ob1 servers disagreed sunday oh1 the Long Range effect of last weeks ant soviet demonstration by african students on red Square arid whether racism has Cometo the soviet the answer is yes if you ask some of the More extremist organizers of the Anarch to the Kremlin who flaunted placards such is another Alabama in front of inter National communism sacred Lenin maus but afr asian diplomats and responsible leaders of afro asian student organizations deny it is there any truth in either of the contradictory views the relations of our students with the is said John the ambassador and i have had no complaints of mistreat chairman says and to accuse a russian to his face of harbouring racist animosities is like calling an Amer ican politician the russian is Likely claim that even czarist Russia was relatively of the Imperial who conquered the caucasus and Central Asia intermarried with the subjugated people arid the aristocracy was admitted into the jews accepted there was rampant ant Semi base largely on religious grounds but jews who embraced christianity were accepted and integrated into russian since the the rus sians doctrinally and for Mally taken upon themselves the role of champions of the underdogs of the oppressed Multi a Cial nationalities of whom there Are several score in this where Pope will go s i wont delay Bill Washington Man Howard Smith the House rules committee said sunday that hearings his group will hold on the civil rights Bill next month should not delay floor action on the measure for More than a the Virginia Democrat a foe of the Bill to end racial discrimination in jobs and Public accommodations said he was frankly very much afraid that Congress would enact the legislation at next years who has agreed to Start hearings on the Bill predicted that despite his opposition it will be mess than a month before it gets to the y he gave his views in a Tele vision interview the Leader of the House Southern bloc said he would not conduct a filibuster against Clearing the measure but everyone who wants to be heard Catholic san Viet report red terror South Viet Nam up some communist inspired buddhists carried out terrorist acts against roman catholics in Cen trial Viet Nam last a missionary priest from Belgium said father Robert will chs said two catholics were fatally beaten Catholic Homes and stores looted and religious images Anc altars and the bodies of catholics exhumed from Ceme teries and he made the statement after re turning to Saigon from a 12oaji trip through the said almost All of the acts were carried out by crowd of angry buddhists who had been apparently worked up and led by communist Viet Cong agitators he said the mid november terror ism has not but tha Many catholics in the area a living in fear that it May Breal ill be heard the proposed by be late president John f Kennedy and endorsed by pres Dent still faces an up ill Battle in the Senate where filibuster is Smith said the Bill was draft d by the Justice department Ather than members of con he also charged that it Vas just As full of Booby raps As a dog has the Veteran committee chair Man said one Section could be applied so that he or others who openly criticized the Mea ure could be jailed for con he noted that Congress Tad enacted civil rights Legisla i fein 1957 and How Tia Ray Bills do we have to pass he Why Don hey go on and enforce the Laws Leyye got Smith also said that without legislation everything needed n the of integration could ome about a very few people Are he said no one is the virginian also said the failure of a discharge petition which would have pried the Bil out of his committee shows hat the members dont reall1 want this Bill the petition was signed by about 165 House members Short of the 218 that were need much of the steam Wen out of the petition drive when Smith announced his committee would hold when con Gress out catholics Are a minority in strongly Buddhist Central vie some buddhists charged tha Catholic communities and clerk received favored treatment unde the regime of president Ngo Din who was District deaths obituaries appear on Page 5 John Anna Lor Merly of West Bare Foo funeral obituary deferred Pope Paul looks toward holy land the itinerary of Pope Paul i during his visit to the holy land is still but Many of the places on this map will figure in his the pontiff is expected to arrive atthe Airport in on 4 at the Start of his tour of the sacred places where Christ was lived and died and was resurrected into he will be driven to the jordanian sector of Jerusa Cross into Israel to visit celebrate mass in Bethlehem and make a Brief Stop in Beirut on his Way governor urged to run Ike adds Scranton to gop s 1964 Field Washington up for Ner president Dwight Eisen lower threw Pennsylvania William Scranton hat in he ring sunday in a move that injected further uncertainty into he Republican quest for a pres dental a dispatch from disclosed that Eisenhower lad urged Scranton to seek the gop the governor announced he was giving the suggestion deep thought but was still disinclined to become an Active the exp resident Only recently suggested that Henry Cabot 1960 vice presidential nominee and now Ambas Sador to South Viet also deserved a Little Richard Nix the 1960 presidential Candi Date who also is viewed As a possible 1964 was a recent visitor to Eisenhower partisans of Barry Gold water of Arizona have been keeping a wary Eye on Gettys Burg for signs to indicate whether a Strong rival can mount a Campaign against Goldwater gop leaders believe Eisenhower is Cool toward the conserva Tive although he has pledged himself to support who Ever is nominated in reappraise Outlook Republican leaders have been quietly re appraising their Politi Cal Outlook since the death of resident Kennedy a month ago and during the months political armistice which ended sunday who is not a declared is still far in front of the Field in terms of potential Delegate strength at gop National he has been judged to 3e a weaker candidate against president Johnson than he might have been against Kenne chances slim few republicans regard Rockefeller As a Likely Winner f the unil and unless he defeats Aneth r major candidate in a state residential since president Kennedy republicans have looked Oward Nixon and Scranton As he strongest potential rivals for election strategy for Goldwa Ter was based on his Appeal to Southern and farm where Johnson is deemed stronger than anti Goldwater republicans now be Lieve More than Ever that the party needs a candidate with Broad Appeal in the big Indus trial where Goldwater is assumed to be weak and John son to be weaker than Kennedy Nelson Rockefeller o new the Only announced resumes his Campaign at Jan he already has announced his entry into the bellwether new Hampshire primary March 10 and in the California primary june closer to the Center of the of and Scranton As a representative of the Liberal Scranton is viewed As a sort of Republican a handsome Ivy Lead a millionaire with Charm and tested Appeal in a big Industrial but to make him i National a massive buildup must Start some Goldwater backers have spoken longingly of a Goldwa Ter Scranton ticket with Scran robbers gun two Down in rectory Job Ottawa up two gun men who attempted to Rob the rectory of a roman Catholic Church during noon mass sunday shot and killed a parishioner and the rectory police fatally wounded a Man they said was one the victims were identified As whom police believed be one of the robbers miss Alberte the rec tory housekeeper and Paul about a Reginald brother of the slain was apprehended at the scene and held for As noon mass was finishing at the Church the Christ the King roman Catholic woman into the scream ing for she said that a Rob Bery wits in Progress at the red Brick rectory next Church the Guil Laume rushed out of the Church to the accompanied by three they were met by a Hail of gunfire from a second Story window of the rec miss Guindon and Mercier were caught in the 19623 figures told welfare programs Cost in county wife does talking red negro Singer Robeson Back in us new York up negro Singer Paul thin but smiling returned to the United states sunday for the first time since 1958 his wife do All his there were reports the con 65yearold Long associated with communist front had be come disillusioned with com that his White haired told newsmen at Idlewild Jailer a al Airport after the couples arrival from of course he is not he never he thinks its always thought that Way and he always Robeson Robeson since of 1961 has undergone treatment in East Berlin and London for a circulatory ailment and will have further medical cafe the former al american foot Ball player was much thinner than when he left this country five years he and who appeared to be shielding Robeson from the were greeted by their his wife and their two i May have something to say the who has been in retirement since prior to his told has to get his health Robeson wife Hes just come out of a spent four months in East Berlin before going to asked if he intended to join the civil rights movement in this Robeson Ive been a part of it All my other than that state Robeson answered the questions of Gazette Harrisburg Bureau 21 pub Lic welfare programs of one kind or another in Bedford county during the past fiscal year received an mated in state eral the state department of Public welfare revealed the represents o de Cline of when compared with the preceding fiscal year during which the county received 573 for welfare the preceding fiscal year 62 was a 13month year adopted to permit Pennsylvania fiscal year to coincide with the Federal fiscal year which ends june How was the Money spent in the county in general it ran something like this Public assistance Relief in the pre Vious mental health program work general and special Hospital services in the county children and services the county services to the Blind a breakdown of these expenditures during the year in the county shows for example that o the 960 spent on mental health program was underwritten by the state for treatment and maintenance of Bedford count Iaru in stat owned mental hospitals and psychiatric institutes for the care of mentally retarded in stat owned schools and hospitals As reimbursement to bed Ford county for mentally retarded Oare and for evaluation and mental health centers Anc psychiatric children and youth services included for stat operated youth development centers and forestry Camps for juvenile delinquents As reimbursement to Bedford county for child welfare services and in Community Grants for juvenile delinquency services the Blind included direct vocational rehabilitation and for the of blindness and preservation of the Public assistance total was split into for assistance Grants for medical and capital riot scene 2y harolds sight Peri led Vicki moves into new Home burial expenses and to county administration and Ole the local Community received the As reimbursement a Goldwater Nixon As a Man Eisenhower urged him 15 to consider becoming a Candi he said the National scene now was such that he Felt that a number of persons thought that i should be the candidate and he thought that i ought to give a Good Deal of thought to this Scranton denies candidacy while sticking his toe in the1 the governor again de Nied that he is a candidate said he knew of no National or state movement to launch Campaign for Advance published by a group of Young Republican circulates a news letter sunday night that the gop is totally up real pared to face the election of this anti Goldwater publication said the Arizona senator was As the vice presidential no still the front runner although his candidacy now makes less Scranton told newsmen that sense than gop wants Cash red credit Issue stalls Congress persons under the Hospital received payments of for persons 65 and Over under the medical assistance for the aged program and under the old age assistance greeks in Cyprus Battles Cyprus up fighting broke out sunday night Between greek and turkish cypriots in this tense casualties were reported on both one Turk was reported killed and three greek cypriots seriously wounded in a Rifle Battle in the southwestern area of the other Battles were reported going on elsewhere in Nicosia in the second Day of communal violence Between members of the greek and turkish communities in this Mediterranean is land sunday nights shooting spread after heavy gunfire broke out in the area of Cyprus army head details of the fighting were not immediately just a Pawn in the British Broad casting said it had received reports that a big Pun Battle was under Way in in it said the reports told of machine gun bursts and mortar fire and of police sirens wailing through the the shooting followed a Day of violence saturday in which at least persons were killed and eight injured in the worst such outbreak since this Mediterranean Island won its Independence from Britain in in police patrol was ambushed by gunmen sat urday night in a turkish Village 10 Miles South of authorities said six members of the patrol three greeks and three wounded in the one of the wounded was hospitalized following he Shotgun Washington up Santa it cannot persuade members of Congress to forget on everybody on Capitol Hill was tired and yearning to be yet con Gress bogged Down in loud and bitter dispute Over the foreign Aid now it will be Christ Mas eve or later before Congress can write a finish to its longest session in More than 20 Why the answer lies with three they Are vol speaker John Magor Mack and Indiana Charles the House Republican at the Issue was the govern ments authority to guarantee that the soviet Union makes Good on payments for at Issue More deeply was the jealously guarded pres Tige of the president and con Gress said the Hon or of a legislators Johnson had thrown the full weight of his prestige into the fight to win approval of the Aid Bill before and wanted it passed without the Republican sponsored Amend ment that would prohibit Feder al guarantees of private cred its extended in any Trade with communist the House had approved the credit ban and the sen ate had rejected it Bowling Vicki threatened with the loss of her remaining Eye from has moved into a new Home sunday carrying More than and countless toys donated from unknown friends across the the 2yearold child is afflicted with retinal a form of cancer which took her right Eye last Vicki new Home is adjacent to her but is larger and includes a it has been refurnished for what could be the last Christmas Vicki will Ever state Bate Harvey of near by Clover is in charge of a fund to help raise Money for the Childs which would leave her the surgery was to be performed at Duke medical hos Pital at last but specialists postponed the operation saying it was not immediately Harvey said a Little More than had been received through saturday night for Daugh Ter of a Mill he said countless toys had also been received from arounc1 the Harvey said he could not venture to guess How has been such an in flux that Robert Vicki has asked the salvation army at to come Here monday and distribute the excess Wray said he wanted to the happiness of Christmas with other underprivileged moved his wife and nine children into their new five room Home it is owned by the same person from whom Wray rented their old fou room dwell Harvey said about 300 cards and letters had been received for Vicki one Christmas he came from two boys who enclosed 11 cents they told Vickie they wanted to in her Christmas Cele new Stepfather on the horizon Liza daughter of Elizabeth climbs out of a car in puerto mex where her Mother spoke of plans to marry Richard Bur for the merger will mean losing Eddie Fisher As a Stepfather and gaining Fisher and miss Taylor report edly had reached an agreement Clearing the Way for charges infringement Johnson charged it in fringed on his constitutions Power to determine foreign he also said it could wreck the already precarious wheat Orussia but sentiment in the House was running strongly again Federal credit after a favourable Senate House leaders were ready to let the whole matter drop until Janu when the second session some legislators had already left for and Congress had assured the Aid Agency i would continue to get funds a current Levels until but Friday at the last Johnson told i House lieutenants again that he wanted the Aid Bill Anc the ant Trade clause tossed out or before Congress quit for the frantically the word went out for House democrats to return to Washington for another peking pushing red chinese bigwigs hold talks Algiers up communist chinese Premier Chou Menlai and algerian president Ahmed Ben Bella met sunday night for Politi Cal talks in another step in be Kings Campaign to win friends and influence african Chou and foreign minister mar Shal Chen i arrived Here Satur Day after conferring with United Arab Republic president Gamal Abdel Nasser in Well informed algerian sources said the Agenda of the chinese algerian talks As in the sin Indian conflict the possibility of another Bandung con Ference on Southeast Asia and a Dencle Aried zone in they said the talks also Cov ered peking absence from the United Means to support movements such As liberation in and anti racism in South barnstorming around Africa to build up support and contacts outside of was expected to plead chivas Case in both the sin Indian dispute Anc chivas bitter ideological struggle with soviet the chinese Leader was expected to Hammer on the theme that China is the True Friend o and that her sphere o influence should be extended to this Ben in was expected to Welcome chinese support for i although he has banned the algerian communist party Ben Bella seeks close ties with and Aid from both factions of the communist bloc As Well As from the Ighile air Force planes ferried legislators Back into House and Senate negotiators agreed on a Compromise wheat expresses displeasure it expressed Congress Dis pleasure Over credit Guaran but left a final decision up o the president to act in the National Johnson has usually gotten what he in and out of but not this the c o trip r o m i s e wheat amendment Defeated by a Roll Call vote of 141 to Dawn s t u n i e d House leaders pressed with More Legisla coming and another Compromise was threshed this one would have the pres ident report his decision on credit guarantees to Congress within 30 but when the latest version of the Aid Bill went to the House rules no Republic ans were on hand for the six democrats were but the committee needed eight or a to Clear the measure for a few minutes Hal Leck had privately told Mccormack his terms for Republican helped in getting the Bill to an other Halleck wanted the democrats to Promise that con Gress would adjourn after the whether they won or Halleck later told the House he wanted to know How Many times we Are going to have go go through he said he had hoped for an answer in a reasonable second defeat the democrats predawn de feat was their he you lost in a clean you come Back today and want to do it All Over three times and you strike he telling his Side of the private accused Halleck of going Back on his Mccormack said he had called the White House after three won the presidents agreement to Tell Halleck that the next vote would be the the speaker told newsmen Ater there was no undue delay y the White he when Halleck he told me i had Aken too Mccormack Aid he began to wonder just is speaker of the and decided that if i capitulate d without an Effort to put this matter to a i would not deserve to be Mccormack said he went through a tortured hour he did not want to experience i dislike having a club Over my head and that All Ive had his the speaker Halleck said he did not want o break any Friendly ties with but insisted that i dont plead guilty in any re Spect to any notes difficult task Halleck said it had become increasingly difficult to keep republicans in town As afternoon wore i had to protect my he said i cant order these people again denying any breach Halleck have bared my breast on a nor partisan basis to support Grams i thought were in the Best interests of my at another he said a i just happen to believe american people Are with us this i

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