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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 2

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Bedford, Pennsylvania Page two the Bedford december 1970 dial Bedford 6238118 for o want and taker Bedford daily Gazette w established 1803 John president r Hugo vice president said Secretary published every weekday morning by Gazette publishing second class postage paid at f subscription rates by Carrier and mail delivery by Carrier in Bedford and Everett boroughs per county delivery by mail outside Bedford Borough ont 6 3 zone 1 and one year for other rates inquire at Hugo and publisher Edward editor Harold manager Terry editor Robert manager sewer system costs per person the editor of the roaring Spring newspaper has taken a sceptical look at the Saxton sewage and sees in it trouble for us editor of the Blair Points out that the solution is to build a million Dollar sewage system to serve a Community of fewer than think of he for every woman and child residing in that now before you say that no skin off your you should consider that about half of that Money is coming out of your pocket tax funds sent to Harrisburg and there Are a few More than 300 Homes in Barnhart goes meaning that sewer costs will be Moro than for every Home in the town fathers figure that the for Eracli sewer tap is More than the Market value placed on 25 per cent of the properties in the Cost of the sewer tap is higher than the value of the Only a government would dare try to explain something like in Barnhart each Home owner will pay a tap fee of and an average of for plumbing and a lateral to the sewer plus a front footage government manages to find absolutely the most expensive Way to do water pollution is indeed a but int there a less costly Way to combat it Back to Yeste Bacab Bank examiners z found shortage 40 years ago Bank examiners found a shortage at the Bedford county which the cashier said was due to speculations i the Stock he disappeared after saying he was going for water for the noon 30 years ago firemen quelled a fire triggered by an explosion on a car being repaired at the Bedford other cars were pulled As heavy smoke filled the 20 years ago postmaster Charles Allen reported the biggest Day in the history of the local Post with pieces 10 Vears ago Bobby a former Bedford Rode 8 winners in three Days at and Rode to the feature Vic tory before a crowd of year ago fire destroyed the Home of Grace Mccreary in common Low uniform viewpoint around town copyrights loosing up the a whats that Kunf i Christmas stories i for the Holiday season world of religion Church attendance Down for Many reasons by Louis Cassels Dpi religion writer anyone who thinks a explanation for declining Church attendance should take note of a Survey conducted recently among Christian Lay men in Livingston Distri buted questionnaires among Roem Toerag most of Are Active he asked each of them to set Anonymous personal opinion As to the reason or Why Many people Are Drifting away the most popular theory cited by nearly on third of the that churches Are driving people away by harping too much on controversial social issues instead of concentrating on b i by i c a 1 themes of personal the v i b a growing churches Ive visited recently have All had one thing in said one they were evangelistic churches com prised of people who Are interested primarily in Salva Tion of second group opposite a second group of almost As Large As the took the opposite they thought ministers Are dispensing top much shooting syrup and failing to confront honestly real issues of modern the Church has too much Oldna stoned ritual and does not face the very Downto Earth problems of today one and another we Are told Only what we want to instead of what we ought to a major Lily of the laymen blamed the clergy one a sizable minority about Onet ourth acknowledged that men and women in the pews might be responsible for the lethargy of Church other reasons suggested by the group of laymen included the other reasons with inadequate sunday schools that Are merely babysitting services for Young churches have become so Large that just get lost in the and there is no sense of Community or decline in churchgoing is related to the massive shift of population Small towns and Rural areas to big one Man confessed that his own reason for not attending Church was simply that hed rather do something on sunday my world is so Ful from monday through saturday that sunday is my Only Day to breathe and take he whats your reason almanac today is the 353rd Day of the Moon Between last Quarter and new the morning stars Are Mars and th6se born of this Date re under the sign of on this Day in history in 1777 George Washington and the Continental army began a Winter Pincai moment at Valley in 1942 members of the american federation of labor elected Wiliam Green president to succeed labor Pioneer Samuel in 1965 Charles de Gaulle won a second five year Teim As president of in 1968 Norman six a thought for today German philosopher Arthur Schopen Hauer intellect is invisible to the Man who has prayer prayer dear we thank thee for thy love expressed in help us in this season to remember that giving is not always but May Call for by Ned Frear life presents Little vignettes which ought to be perhaps its a or a Childs or an acrobatic move by an was ushered in for me with this Little treasure Kal grinning the lights behind him illuminating the Tufts of hair around his bending Over Little Heads with Golden hair and Christmas dresses rotary children were singing for their dad and after cajoling them to join was holding the microphone out to each in the amplified Youthful and then As the Mike moved there was who always seemed to be singing lustily a couple notes too but who magically rejoined the key and kept right on then there was who at first was part of a then part of a now youll hear night in Kal and Janice Sang it alone in Little girl tones a treasure for the Santa Glaus was an they never called for 30 and everyone has Good words for the Christ Mas lights in and we All anticipate the remarkable displays of Home decorations throughout the residential i have always Felt that Bedford is remark Able for its and theres no better proof of it than the Tours the Garden club promotes so this years decorations were so Well done that a widely considered perfectionist in such said to her own club that Only Pittsburgh club could have surpassed in this downtown Bedford has never seemed to be in the same league As the surrounding but there have been Many striking improvements in recent and at least the trend is at at night and bathed in the glow of the new its As Bright and Gay As a Little town can Chester of manned the controls tins week As Philadelphia sent holi Day greetings to servicemen in the City of brotherly was for a moment living up to its name with the Little City representative Harry Gal Fane our prayers for a Safe and speedy return Are with Shipley is a wheelchair one of ten members of a Ham radio club at Inglis where incurable patients Paul a life insurance broker who organized the Ham club at Inglis House to give the incurable patients some Contact with the said a message can be relayed by Ham network to Vietnam in As Little As three or four Earl Shaffer fascinated guests at the motor club Christmas dinner with tales of Christ Mas and there Are others to be the original Santa was a Martyr who died in Turkey in 342 his cult spread across and through rus Sia to the who changed his White horse to the Reindeer drawn the legend of the Norse was grafted to Thor used to ride the skies in a and appear in a red coat for the Pagan feast of the dutch shortened Nicholas to Santa and a Clement modelled our Santa after a dutchman he when he wrote night before As Earl pointed there Are two Christ Mases one is Santa and one is the birthday of More Pagan is the metropolitan extortion for the the the the they were talking about it on the tonight Allen King quipped that he had got a something like this merry Christ Mas from Al and Eddie in the this is your second Washington window what s in a name a racial attitude by Louis Cassels Vii senior editor Washington up i whats in a name in some it May be an Index to rectal White people who Are considerate of the feelings of Black people usually refer to them As negroes pronounced never nig Gruz or coloured or simply varying Degi Reea of racial animosity Are conveyed by such terms jigs and the old picture album to the would be few things Are As precious As the words and ideas he has put to Gether into a Dis quieting thoughts of literary copycats May Cross his it be Wise to Rush his manuscript off to Washington and have it copyrighted the trouble most kinds of literary material cannot be copyrighted in that the Only Way to copyright a Book or an article or a Story is to Actu ally publish it and to with the first a notice of copyright the kind of notice usually found on the Back of the title Page of a Only after publication will the copyright office accept the material for the although not a copyright in is useful in establishing the writers rights in Case of then what does protect his manuscript before it is published it is very effect by an ancient Rule of Law often called common Law under this the writer owns his work automatically just As the Man who builds a Bookcase owns it he need not go through any particular formalities in order to establish his nor must he keep the Manu script secret to protect this common Law he May let friends read he May submit it to editors for possible by doing he no More gives up his ownership than a person gives up ownership of a watch by submitting it to a jew Eler for his ownership has no time while an Ordinary copyright cannot last More than 56 a common Law copyright May last Indef Long As the work re Mains in one famous an unpublished Story of Mark Twain came into the Possession of a but his plans to pub Lish the Story were blocked in the judge held that even though 73 years had gone by since it was and even though Twain had been dead for 38 his common Law Black people have an equally varied lexicon for White the polite terms Are Cauca sians or simply also widely and not necessarily is who Many pejorative names other Black names for White people convey varying degrees of racial Honky is meant to be it is on a Par with its etymology is some students of language believe it is a corruption of which originally was applied to White of hungarian Des say it is derived from a West dialect word for Stokely an acknowledged master of Black contends that White people matted Hon flies because they Are always honking like sounding off with loud threats or empty another widely used term White people who hear it applied to them Are often puzzled about what its sup posed to Treyve forgot ten thedr childhood pig Ofay it pig latin for to Call a White person Ofay is tantamount to the it the the Man was once widely used by Black people to designate an individual White or the whole White Power Struc k is a Hor hand of the Man with the whiskers Meang Uncle or the this term is now obsolete and Seldom heard among caucasians galled Grays Charley apparently dates Back to the slavery k has a bitter flavor of Youmg Blacks today tend to avoid Charley because of its foot shuffling they have shortened it to Chuck which manages both to tie it in with negro history and at the same time to express Defiance of White men who expect Black men tomcat them a relatively new usage among negroes is to refer to members of the caucasian race As Grays or Gray bags rather than the Point is that most caucasians realy dont have White any More than most negroes have Black the typical Cauca Sian complexion is sometimes pretty far whereas the typical negro complexion is a Shade of the term Moat heavily Laden with hostility is Many Whites have the idea that pig is applied Only to not among especially among the More pig stands for any representative of the White dominated establishment and by to any White person who Ben flits from a racist social try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf 1 daughters in a i maurices store represented the character in gone with the wind in the halloween Parade of Mary Beverly Dale Reighard second Row Mabel Lee Dorothy the Walter Holland and his two sous third Row Vesta Lour Nora and May Ned Bette Ann Cohn Edfar Elwood and Nevin last name unkown j fourth Wynoma Nora Helen Jessie Helen Sill Elsie Nellie Mildred Maurice Maurice submitted by Jessie i u a Feu Jour daughters in a one of Broad lira Man he found at the car and its a Boyl i have a son and if you have got a ill a Nappy to Light it for you con Hep had ing her a new look at Imbo shabby in these old rags that if you brought of your friends Home they mistake Tor the Icar Cek looking up from his Ger try

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