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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Bedford, Pennsylvania Bedfor Gazette the weather mostly sunny and a Little met today and High 17 to established 273 August 1967 single copy ten cents sprint car Driver Jose following crash during fair races sprint car Driver Joseph of West died at saturday of injuries suffered in a saturday afternoon pileup during races at the Bedford county Csiki and two other Fred of Meshanic Sta and Gerald of Rockville were rushed to Bedford county Mem orial Hospital after being separated from the wreckage by truck officials and Bedford county Coroner Alton Bare foot of Bedford said Csiki suffered severe head and abdominal juries in the Peters was discharged Karl sunday evening was reported in Good he is being treated for cuts on the face and multiple cuts and reports from the scene indicated the crash occurred As one racer skidded sideways just North of the grandstand during the 16th of a 25 Lap Tsikis racer apparently hit the first car As a third racer crashed into the the last two cars rolled Over several Csiki car after to Earth upside Down with the critical injuries three persons reportedly suffered minor injuries in at multiple vehicle Craft sunday afternoon near Everett Barracks on the turn foi1autos and a bus reportedly were wreckage blocked eastbound lanes of the three persons were taken to Cumberland memorial Hospital after a one Auto crash at 11 saturday on two Miles South of reports indicated an Auto driven by Linda Davis of Cumberland failed to make a turn and struck a Utility the All from Cumberland were Virginia Davis Scalp Mary bruises on the face and Debbie Arm state police at Bedford Are searching for the identity of a reportedly from who was struck by an Auto at 8 saturday along 30 just West of Bedford an Auto driven by Bonnie Mccreary of Schellsburg hit the and knocked him state police he refused treat ment and disappeared before being an army jeep overturned on its Side at saturday on two and on half Miles East at Driver Gilbert Craig of Greensburg was admitted to county Hospital but discharged passenger Wayne Yez Erski of Herminie escaped vehicle damage was Charles Odt Hopewell re 1 escaped injury at 1 sunday when the Auto he was driving crashed and Over turned on its roof tour Miles Norfa East of he told state police the Auto went out of control on a downgrade curve when a front tire blew there were no injuries reported in a two Auto crash at Friday on 220 just North of state police at Bedford said an Auto driven by Arthur of Bedford hit a oar driven by James of Everett re Warnick had halted to make a state police nuclear treaty meeting eyed Geneva up William the chief disarmament said sunday he hoped to meet with soviet officials this week to go Over final details on a draft treaty Banning the spread of nuclear Foster flew to Geneva from in Washington with president Johnson where it was announced that the russians were ready to table a draft treaty at 17 nation disarmament conference very District deaths obituaries on s Charles a voter Burg re George bed Ford re Johnson sanctions bomb r in Vietnam one Driver was killed and two others injured in a pileup of three racers saturday afternoon at the Bedford county above is the twisted remains of the car that apparently Slid sideways and triggered the below is an action shot caught by John Pittman of Bedford for the victim Joseph of West was in the second car wheels in air Over car facing both it and the third racer right rolled Over several a fourth racer with Back wheels showing at left Edge of pileup escaped be ing involved As did the racer at the far Viet presidential candidate asks us intervention Saigon of the civilian candidates running for president of South Vietnam against the military ticket in next months election said sunday the United states should intervene and Force the ruling generals to there is no Chanc of an honest election said Hathuc an Engineer regarded As the third ranking civilian candidate in the Field of if the generals stay in Power during the they will go on cheating and using their government positions to unfair advantage and there will be no Way to Stop other civilian candidates made new charges of dirty against the relation to politics sunday Junta who is no jets rip Railroad 10 from China Saigon up attacking Premier Nguyen Cao made the statement in an interview following demands by some congressmen that the United states pull out of South Vietnam if the Junta does not guarantee a Campaign free of corruption and an honest election on it appeared sunday that by and seven other civilian Candi dates would end their Boycott of the election Campaign and resume a barnstorming tour of the provinces that ended in a transportation fiasco a week the military regime sent the civilian candidates a letter sunday declaring that the i military government would try to meet demands for chartered air Vietnam planes for the Campaign tour in the the letter also acceded to a request by the civilians that the government also organize out under new orders from Wash Navy and air Force fighter bombers struck North vietnamese targets near red China sunday and destroyed the Railroad Highway Bridge at Lang son Only 10 Miles and 30 seconds flying time from the chinese the raids ended a Long standing ban on targets within 25 Miles of the North Vietnam Mes chinese the Lang son raid sunday and two More strikes that knocked out one Railroad Yard and heavily damaged another were the closest strikes of the War to chinese All three raids previously untouched targets on the third consecutive Day of missions near Hanoi and North of the Bridge and the two marshalling Yards Are on North Vietnam Northeast rail one of two linking Hanoi with red the Northeast line is Clay Star in Watts festival los Angeles up de posed heavyweight boxing Cham Pion Chissus Clay and Blade Power advocate Brown were stars sunday at a Parade which Clim axed a we Klong summer festival in Clay was grand marshal of the 4ounit Parade which Cut the heart at an area which Only two years ago a flaming Battleground on which 34 persons were Leader of the student nonviolent coordinating com Mittee was featured speaker at a rally held on a parking lot after the thousands of braving 90 degree lined the Parade route along Central Avenue and 103rd Street and cheered wildly As the convertible carrying Clay who was in the was accompanied by two police he had been under con Stant police guard since his arrival Here a which officials taken for the welfare of the Community and for Philadelphia objects to Philadelphia up opposition to a proposed Middle Atlantic states air pollution compact came monday from the chamber of Commerce in the Chambers pollution control committee told Ray mond Shafer and key state legislators in a letter that the compact would tend focus on the new York metropolitan problems and give Only secon Dary consideration to greater Philadelphia and the committee urged the legislature to reject that would unite new new York and the fed eral government in an Effort to clean the dirty air that hangs Over the new York and new Jersey have already approved the the committee said a compact would be set up after a study of air in com not enough la known about How to draw boundaries which would define the greater Phila Delphia Region for air Contro nor is there enough data to permit setting meaning Ful air Quality the committee it said the compact was formulated rather hurriedly to meet the pressing needs for interstate cooperation in the new York metropolitan us own the appearance by Clay and Crown injected a note of into the otherwise harmonious Clay currently is appealing a draft evasion Brown s free on Bond after being charged n with inciting a riot and counselling and procuring the burning of a critics of Clay charged that selection of a convicted draft dodger and outspoken foe of the Vietnam War As grand marshal besmirched the festival officials defended their Choice and said Clay is a religious Man and a Man of his bombs dropped on Nigeria rebels Lagos up the Federal air Force sunday night Bor Ribec the rebel Eastern Region capita of Enugu and other towns in the secessionist Milocich an offi Cial statement the announcement mid the bombing caused considerable dam age but no other details were immediately it the first time the federa government reported bombing the cities and towns in the Region since it declared itself the Independent Republic of Michael says British vicious London up Leader my Ochael one of Britain Black Power told a Public meeting saturday that the eng ush White Man More vicious than the Michael whose real name i Michael de said disturb Anim like those in Detroit to pfc happen in Iso american the time every year and called on he follow Era to later gop Calls for Aid Tan on nations aiding Vietnam Washington up the Republican party top policy makers endorsed foreign Aid goals sunday but called for major including a qualified ban on Aid to any nation military Aid to North the gop statement was written by a task Force headed cum the door voter rallies indoor instead of More important Northwest route than the because it carries the bulk of War material reaching China from other nations through chinese other targets1 there were indications that other targets might be removed soon from the proscribed list the intensified american Campaign to Knock out War Supply routes from red China and cripple North Vietnam military these targets include the docks at the port of the Haiphong and Hanoi airports and irrigation in informed offi Cial administration sources said sunday that president Johnson last week authorized air attacks against a new group of North vietnamese targets in the face of congressional we got it its one Navy Pilot reported in a radio message after rained Down on the Lang son a key link in the raid line Between continued on Page 6 raids near China Border comment refused by lbs Washington ident Johnson has sanctioned air strikes against a list of North Vietnam targets that were previously of limits to american official disclosed administration spokesmen refused comment on the but the change of policy seemed borne out by the fact that fighter bombers struck North Vietnam sunday at Points closer to the communist chinese Border than Ever raids hit inside a 25mile wide zone on the North Vietnam Side of the Frontier that had been immune to raid until Phil assistant for Public had never defense Secretary said there been a Public announcement of the existence of a Buffer zone along the not characterized we never characterize thing As a policy change or a tactical change or an Escala continued on Page 5 Kiesinger bound for us to Iron out differences Bonn German Chancellor Kurt George whose defense spend ing cuts have disturbed the Johnson purchased a roundtrip commercial airline ticket for his first trip to Washington sunday despite Security agent warnings i would be More difficult to protect who came to Power opposition to lbs tax plan spreads Washington up the Johnson administration firm sunday on its proposal for a 10 per cent tax but congressional opposition appeared to be on the eve of hearings by the House ways Means commit Treasury Secretary Henry Fowler discounted reports that president Johnson was ready to accept a reduction in income tax Fowler said he was confident Congress would accept the Levy without Compromise when it is fully confronted with the alter a measure face a very difficult Phill and he said it Ras unlikely Congress would it the surtax on individuals nto effect by As Johnson a televised by Robert ambassador to former and but Wilbur d adopted by Republican coordinating committee july the committee includes ormer presidential congressional Gover nors and other party spokes the report was issued on the Eye of Senate debate on a jillion foreign authorization trimmed by the Senate foreign relations committee the administrations billion the republicans said that while Aid should not be Given to those who rattle swords or engage it should not depend on total support of foreign it Are dealing with Independent nations and a measure of demonstrated Independence from us in certain matters is often a political necessity for d their it in the same the report Saida id ordinarily go to whose like president carnal Abdel of engage in continual intemperate abuse of the United giving military Aid to the in Vietnam or engaging in military that engaged in Commerce or confiscate property without Tali to chairman of ways 8e broke silence to say the Romney finishes nomination talks Mackinac George Romney Sun Day concluded a weekend Holiday with key moderate republicans who pushed him closer to openly seek the Republican while disclaiming a political motive for their presence on this idyllic Nelson Rockefeller of new John Chaffee of Rhode and former William Scranton of Pennsylvania told re they were devoted to securing the nomination for the Michigan Rockefeller even went to far to hint that Romney has the nomination sewed up by suggesting that the of running mate up to student found dead University Park up Kim a freshman at Pennsyl Vatt state was found deat in his room at Mifflin Hall Center county Coroner Robert Neff ruled Farrar death was a older Tal As the result of asphyxia he said the boy had a plastic a Over his head and there was Evi he had been sniffing plane crash injures 4 up 1 Light plane crashed in Woods nose first injuring four Phil area none ser the a single engine pipe went Down about 20c Yards from route 6a and so fee frown two nearby demolished but Hier and Fowler said in his Security jumpy Over interview issues and answers that we will do our level Best to make it Clear lat anything Short of 10 per or the revenues it would would rom the risk of an increased the who will be the first witness before Mills committee said there was no reason Congress could not act in time to put the increase into effect after Congress determines hat higher taxes Are needed to Lead off an inflationary Boom and to reduce the current expected billion budget it Doest seem to me hat there will be much More to debate Fowler but who exercises almost life Eddeath control Over said he lengthy he called the measure about the toughest proposition that he Johnson has had to face really in the Field of Mills was interviewed by Barber Over Western new York Sta the which would raise an estimated billion the first year would require individuals and corporations to Jay the government an extra every they owe n King asks racial nonviolence stand the Martin Luther King called on negroes sunday to disrupt the Blac White status quo in Northern cities with militant nonviolence rather than the destruction of life or on the 10th anniversary convention of his Southern Christian leadership conference is Csc King declared the rights movement had made significant Progress against leg Al segregation in the South and now must work to become real and powerful and dynamic in the nine months ago on a pledge to Cut government brushed off the warnings and refused to take a private chartered plane As his predecessors had what could possibly Hap Kiesinger As he boarded a Lufthansa for new Yorken route to officials were the particularly since someone broke into foreign minister Willy Brandts air plane one night last week when it was parked in Kiesinger plans to spend monday in Washington visiting with his Viola and Ceci and German embassy will have with president Johnson on tuesday and spend thurs Day and Friday and is scheduled to depart for Bonn on As Kiesinger left he said that he was convinced the Alliance with the United states remains vital to West Germa nys he and Johnson have had a number of misunderstandings in the past nine each has accused the other of failure to consult in Advance decisions which affect both at the Kiesinger is on the defensive for without warning that West Germany defense appropriations for the next four months will be smaller than Early reports said this meant the armed forces strength would have to be to about expresses regret Secretary of state Dean Husk expressed regret at the German and it was understood that Johnson was angered because it increased congressional pressure on him to withdraw More troops from he reportedly also was disturbed about the fact he was not consulted in Advance and first heard on the Cut through news but Kiesinger and defense Minster Gerhard Schroeder reached an agreement in principle at the end of last week that the Chancellor believes will at least save face for both him and k i e s i n g e is spokesman claimed there will be no noteworthy reductions in Man Schroeder said in an interview this will be achieved by reducing the number of Active soldiers and replacing them on a rotation basis with reservists serving one month at a the number of men on duty at any one moment will be at same level it is but Many of them will be boy of after 24 pinned in Well up a i in it of Northern urging negroes King said he refused to give up Hope despite the recent negro that the american racial problem could be solved teenage trapped 24 hours under rocks and debris in a Sandstone water rested sunday and daydreamed about a coast coast truck Rescue braving caverns that per led their own pulled Leonard out of the Well late saturday to give him the Chance to realize the the boys Only complaint sunday was in he told his and Ben doctors at Williamson memorial Hospital fed him intravenously but Leonard wanted solid condition Good Cabaltica said the boy had suffered Frost bitten toes but otherwise appeared to be in Good physical Willard owner of the Well who had hired Young Boyce to clean had Road Crews bulldoze it full of dirt shortly after the boys there will never be another Well there who often did chores for went to the Well Friday afternoon to inspect its to escalate As he was climbing Back out the Walls began to crumble sheriffs police and a Rescue squad William tried unsuccessful y to pull Leonard out through he top of the one Lenore Gus was lowered 21 times by rope to pull the rocks out one by when reported further rescuers began trying to Tunnel into Leonard from the miners help Coal miners from Island 2reek Coal mines came off their work shifts at Midnight and joined in the Rescue their faces still to lady with Coal they were thrown Back times digging they cleared the rubble Down to the Aoys Knees Early saturday but then More of the Well Wall a wooden Cylinder which had through a peaceful social Rev and he fell 15 feet Down becoming lodged up to his neck in rocks and the Well about 21 feet been erected Over head safety helmet he deep and had 10 inches of water 1 Mother was wearing probably saved his the 100 Pound High school was Given medication three times by James a former Navy medical corpsman who slithered through the leonards and his 10 Brothers and Sisters had maintained a Vigil at a neighbors were glad

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