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Bedford Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 2

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Daily Bedford Gazette (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Bedford, Pennsylvania Commentary on the news 2 apr Bedford Bedford Gazette income disparity extreme in Africa i j established 1805 editor emeritus Hugo Frear 19111982 editor and publisher Edward Frear general Zembower managing editor Gary Rotstein associate editor Sharyn Maul advertising director John Nebel circulation director Samuel Arnold accounting director Lawson composing director Keith a Landis Page supervisor Janet press manager Phil published Dally except sundays and general Legal holidays by the Gazette publishing second class postage paid at Assn 07448457 subscription rates payable in Advance in zones 1 2 zones 3 above Carrier collect by the month for Home service and Billing Call 6231151 or 8002424250 monday thru Friday 5 Bedford Dairy Box Penn 15522 prison crisis 6 3 the corrections overcrowding in a report requested by Robert has called for More parole agents approval of the governors prison expansion plan sentence reduction for in mates in treatment or vocational programs fewer mandatory sentences use of vacant state buildings for Lowrick offenders and Boot Camps for nonviolent if that All sounds youve been Reading the papers diligently for the past five this kind of report made by this kind of committee has been filed a time or two there Are two this report also addresses what it Call the state wherein state prisoners Are housed in county this report follows by roughly six months a three Day riot at the state prison at Camp wed like to see one More differ wed like to see the state do something with this report other than Transfer it to As Alfred chairman of the Pennsylvania commission on crime and Delin our society responds brilliantly to but it Doest respond Well to chronic situations that get worse because no crisis precipitated those other commission guest editorial reports have done nothing but adorn the resumes of their now weve had a believed to have been at least in by prison if Blumstein analysis is we can expect the state to alleviate that that Fine As far As it beyond the states corrections experts must commit themselves to Long Range plan to try to anticipate the problems the corrections system could face into the Early 21st Cen we must prevent chronic situations that get worse the state also must respond to the needs of the which House some offenders sentenced to less than two this has contributed to overcrowding on the local the report recommends paying the counties a per diem rate for housing state in mates and Money for alternatives to such As House arrest and electronic its Fine for our society to respond to its better for us to prevent York daily record talk by Bell Hall when i hear an insensitive store clerk Tell some technologically illiterate i cant place your order because the system is i wonder if the customer has the vaguest notion what that what system and what does Down mean we blessed ones who work every Day with computers know what it Means when someone the system is it Means the computer aint it Means the bucket of bolts on which they write up or ring up the stuff you want to buy is on the it Means the Cash Register is busted and the adding machine has gone it Means that Tom Swift and his electric file Cabinet have gone around the but How do you know that if you dont work with computers i am i am fluent in help i am beginning to understand a Little comp Terese As i know what they mean when they Tell you in a store or Bank or newspaper office that the system is it Means broken it Means the stupid thing turned itself it Means the clerk is going to have to do the whole business with a pen and paper the Way the ancient americans used to do Way Back in the Middle of the 20th if i had retired a few years As Many americans missing the mixed Blessing of computers before they came i would find it difficult to understand the people now working in offices and stores and people have always spoken in the language of their so the words change right along with the a thus stores no longer ring up your Purchase As they did when they had an Ordinary old Cash Register with a Bell on and they certainly dont write up the Sale the Way they did Back in the Days when people used those Long pointy things with Lead upper room love your for which despite fully use and persecute you that be May be the children of your father which is in prayer help o to forgive those who wrong in Jesus this ii that in them to record purchases i for get the name of those they now enter the Sale because that is the key you push on the computer adding machine Cash Register device when it is up and not and if it is baffling to be told that the system is How much More baffling it must be for the unfamiliar to be told As i sometimes hear in sorry but were having a software say what let me the tape that goes in the tape recorder is the the tape recorder is the the people who make the tape Are called the computer is the the recorded stuff that tells the hardware How to spell out the words and add up the figures is the and the people who record the stuff on the software Are either called computer programmers or weird bozos who talk to but what message is conveyed to computer illiterates when the clerk says she is having trouble with her software people unfamiliar with computers must think she is complaining about her sex the Odd part is that people dont normally what does that mean when Given these Odd explanations for poor service in the computer they just they know better than to they know its just another in coherent phrase like Backor when a store tells you your new electric Duck Washer still Hast come in because its nobody knows what that on the other everybody knows what that Means it Means something or somebody screwed up and you Arent going to get your electric Duck so people dont ask for explanations of these they just look and no people who move to another country gradually forget their own this is people who have remained in America All their lives have lost none of the words they always but America has forgotten the language they have always they Are strangers in their own their language system is their software is their sense of time and space is South Africa any idea that political change can quickly heal the divisions in South Africa society is dispelled by a visit to this it is an african settlement built on the Barren Sand of the Cape 20 Miles from the Lush gardens and mountains of Cape by official people live in Khay Elisha almost All of them have come to the Cape in recent years from lives of destitution in two Socall de Independent homelands created by South Africa in the heyday of the Transki and when the migration 15 years the people built shacks of paper and tin in a squatter Camp near Here that they called it became a world Symbol of South african Crossroads was because africans were then forbidden by the influx control Laws to Settle in the Western Cape the government tried to close the Camp it bulldozed pathetic shacks and moved the residents but the migrants kept and in the end the ideology of apartheid gave in 1985 the government did away with influx and Here in the Cape it accepted the reality that africans would come from the homelands in search of jobs and a sign on the main Highway now Points the Way to just past the Cape town that in itself is an admission of permanence an admission that the original apartheid vision of Blacks As Only temporary sojourners in South Africa is the City of 2 million out Side Johannesburg that used to be a kind of official is on the map the old Crossroads is still a miserable Jumble of hovels without then there is new another squatter Camp but somewhat build ing without government harass the residents have put up ingenious combinations of prefabricated window plastic and there Are paved fifty women with pails and barrels Are gathered around a water Anthony Lewis there is a line of corrugated Iron huge floodlights on tall pylons Light up the area at and then you come to Khay Elit Sha a Square mile of shacks that have sprung up in the last beyond them come Row upon Row of tiny Box planned by the government to replace the but As fast As people Are moved into As fast do new people come a month at last the moment you leave a piece of ground says Andre the White for a a its to see Khay Elisha is to feel oppressive social it is an example of Whites making decisions on where and How africans will on the other the government is now putting Money in roads instead of and families that Are on a site can submit plans to build their own real last month 128 plans for houses with running water were it is also True that among the misery of the shacks in Khay Elit Sha and Crossroads there Are much ambition and new minibus taxes ply the Many people Are Well dressed and have Evi Dently found jobs in Cape and in their Little houses Many operate fruit Beauty around the Corner one comes upon surprising evidence of the Rise of a new a private real estate Developer is showing Model the new York three bedrooms and costs about the interest rate is 21 to afford the family must have an annual income of that is a very High but some make there Selling like says Richard a the real estate Salesman 30 in the first but for anyone who has seen the wealth of Cape town and its Khay Elisha is a remin Der of the fundamental social reality of South it has the highest level of economic Ine Quality of All countries in the world for which figures Are Avail per capita income of Whites is More than 10 times that of the most important recent by Mam Phela ram Pele and Francis found that the inequality was a product of the racial government spending still follows the pattern a year on education per White for and per Black any real political change Here must be followed by an enormous Effort to decrease those Dis How to do that whether by some form of socialism or by a capitalist society new commitment will be a principal Issue in the negotiations lebanese Vou know who been quiet lately for right you can buy anything by Russell Baker if the papers Are and sometimes they Iraq sent somebody out to buy atomic bomb that seems like a Tough purchasing imagine can i help sir id like 30 or 40 of your Best atomic bomb is there a discount for buying in bulk and you might think nobody would sell you atomic bomb shows How out of touch you Are with modern for sold Muammar a Qaddafi the makings of a Poison Gas can you imagine that Guy comes in the give me observer the following you look at his looks like youre going to build yourself a Nice Plant to make Poison you Guy whats it to you Haven you Ever heard of the constitutional right to Bear Gas imagine this Guy talking about constitutional right to Bear any thing except the proud colonels Hes got libyan writ ten All Over of since colonel Qaddafi Gas gear was bought in old photo album this photo was taken shortly before John and Josephine Mckenzie of Bedford were married on april the youngster Mckenzie is holding is Barbara Cook the daughter of her you be talking constitutional youd be to Busy wondering Why the poor dumb libyans want to waste Money making Poison Gas instead of luxury cars to unload on Rich dumb not Only could colonel Qaddafi buy a Poison Gas the soviet could buy the navys most precious and did so from an american family named didst even have to the main Walker was Selling like one of those old time encyclopedia salesmen who went Doort door telling victims they been specially chosen to be the owners of those priceless founts of imagine Walker i there Hes got a foot in the door at the soviet embassy youve been chosen to be the recipient of the most fantastic Deal in Navy secrets because we want them placed in the most elegant of pm not to overstate the the Point is you can buy anything nowadays if youve got the absolutely baseball supermarket humanity greatest the ultimate driving there is nothing More important than absolutely Noth not even Uneeda recently a group of those grown up boys who buy things bought Uneeda and i Haven had a fresh one though there have been hundreds that crumbled to dust in the this is the the new tradition of vandalizing americas most beloved old traditions for a har Vest of the new tradition started with moving the Brooklyn dodgers to los Ever since ruination has but who Ever thought the great old Uneeda americas cherished companion to its Superb rat would be debased As casually As the Brooklyn dodgers and the navys most precious secrets everything for Uneeda Brooklyn Poison Gas most vital you name somebody who worships the Sanctity of the fee marketplace will sell it to the confusing stories about Iraq attempt to buy atomic bomb triggers suggest that its buyer went to the wrong so got himself reported and then Arres its hard not to feel a kinship with this imagine him let me get this Baghdad wants me to buy some triggers for detonating atomic Baghdad int really building atomic but Why do we want if were not building any bombs to trigger i see your colonel if a British journalist can get hanged for a poor iraqi buyer would be an idiot to ask dumb ill see what i can scrap assuming no Doort door Salesman of the Walker school rings your How do you Start to buy atomic bomb triggers i suppose you Check the classified looking for triggers for Sale on the off Chance that the Job will be easier than you then you go to the yellow checking under bombs and and then what do you do throw yourself on somebody mercy that would be my Way it would save my neck Back in if you sold me a few of those nobody even miss just a few fortunately for i am not fit to survive in modern a great Many people that How the Uneeda biscuit almanac by the associated press today is april the 94th Day of there Are 271 Days left in the today highlight in history on april civil rights Leader Martin Luther King Junior was shot to death in Mem where he had gone to support a strike by sanitation he was on this Date in Congress decided the Flag of the United states should consist of 13 red and White stripes and 20 with a new Star added for every new state of the in one month after his in president William Henry Harrison succumbed to the first chief executive to die in in the City of los Angeles was in Susanna Medora Sal Ter became the first woman elec Ted mayor of an american Community

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