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Bedford Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 4

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Bedford Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bedford, Indiana I a Soull. 11.,. Bailie Maix bad Roku. Indiana wednesday june 23, 1920. La. Style and Nafty ext fat 7ure thread silk Hose very special $1.79 fie cent arrivals us Lii Pacuta Long Over duo Usuke possible this a. Extra offer. Ton dozen silk Liose in Black a White Cordovan a Cave a sizes 9 9% 10. Pure thread silk medium heavy it Giua Lity. Double sole Lisle Heel toe and Garter top. / would bring i i.50 per pair in we asked it but of their Low i Cost we can sell this lot at ?1.7�. Be recoup mind these for Quaty Aud service and advise prompt selections. Bui Unck a terns for s vie and Fil Waii erf a fools co. I the Farmers and Fluit Growe ii of cd. Is our pleasure to Boback Wilif again to carry fint the three i Fife service contract in the Way a running and spraying and replace All Stock that uus died free of 9, sold you in 1917, 1918 Aud 1919 Hen two company Fust opened this try Many people file that we never return after the first de Irwy because the proposition which offer the Farmers is so creamy. But this is the fourth year we have been in this Section Aud you Olio now Jlove those Orchards growing doubtless pleased with Quality of Stock received and also thu service which a amp to endeavoured to give. To those who have not bought we or i Fer you to your fortunate neighbor. A who did buy and now his Phomth maturing and getting ready to be a fruit. Get in Hue with Lipini by placing your order with us und our lil Cra contract will insure your getting be a goods and perfect service. Some of our then Hope to Sec Vidu a Oon and add to our list of pleased Cus Stomers or to end Large your contract if a ready bought of you of our Hearty a ppr station of past business and thai Kinu you in Advance for any courtesies Yon May extend we Are yours very truly. National nurseries. Wilson changes pact Ntboe of resident Abandons his Quot take it As it is or leave it Quot stand. Colby confers with chief or. Salvador Torre Diaz declares executive i accept Reser a nations aimed it Quot clarification j but not nullification negation or Quot of league document w ii it Luis i Uit. Tune a i reside it Wils uii has Aligui Luned Lii Quot Lake it Asil ii in h ave ii Quot a nut Ude us the Nai Luik. Titis a a Jiaqiu by Secretary of Kiaie Colby flt in it Wizig a Long Cou Feruce at the White House. After his talk with ihu president he Secretary Coni enter to make for quotation be Ruiyu observations on what kind of to the league covenant would be acceptable to the admin it tra Tion. Hotly it can he Sia cd trial lbs president will accept res it Miti it Tus aimed at Quot Clarit Catlon but not nullity cation negation or Quot of tie document. These words will undoubtedly a a pen the door at san to a thousand and one at least until the arrival there of or. . The facts that 3ir. Colby alone of All the cd Binet members and in Portail delegates has undertaken to touch of the burning Issue at ban Francisco and Fiat too. Fresh from a heart to heart talk Mith the president Feitis to justify the store that or. To it by i in Man who will put the authoritative touches on the league ii Laizik and the foreign relations utter vices ii realty. Or. Colby s statement. Mie statements of i. Colby wen regarded of so much Coult Eque Tice Takii he was asked to have them Vav Ritie out officially. The statement for the press was As follows Quot or. Colby was a Lues ironed a the afternoon session with the newspaper correspondents at the state department to when he was leaving for san franc Loco. He Sai it i Quot i am leaving at . Taking the twentieth Century limited from new York tomorrow and Inlet id to travel to Ijan Vancisco without stoic Quot he was asked if there was anything he would say to what was to take place in san Francisc a Ami in plied Quot a a a ill i al Ion is of logic fisc a in a ser luus Aud iii Alibi temper la discuss of Ali Quot i Hest iii Ondein Quot a whal Natter it or. Colby was Aski d. Quot Well he reply Etc 1 a link mar allusion will be ninth to the Veiva Lulfs treaty Atid he rj4 a Giro of . And f May say to you that i Aux in favor of lilt league of nations and the Rasiti Iatron of the Versailles treaty Quot a Willi a a ii out a Erv Lions v Quot in iii Quot the . Wit i out any a a certainly Bat Are . A Ahi Colby and i Don t belief thai the document re i iii it any reservations. The Doi Hnz Quot it. In other words is so a Lear Ilia interpretative reservations an hardly lir Urt d is necessary. However if re creations or Para Chicago school bom Aileo ten members found guilty of contempt of court for barring or. Chadsey. Five other we freed convicted men must pay fines and serve Short terms in prison for depriving superintendent of office it Siil Vador toi re Dia a is the ambassador to the United states from the new government of Mexico. While lie is in charge of he embassy in Washington he Lias no of Lucial status in the capital the new government has not been recognized by the United states. Irish still fighting rioters continue Battle in Londonderry Ireland. Son of protestant Leader Slisi incl robbed police official of dub Lin wounded . , Luik ing the ii hied in sea Mil Jiaras it is City after a Corii Prati Cly quiz night. Several persons Weri killed in the rioting Here monday an comes were More or less seriously injured. Military forces patrolled the a ii reets during it to night and today were guarding danger polut in Llie Cen Lei of the City. Additional troops Aie lie ing sent Here from Belfair. There were no deliveries of milk str bread in Londonderry this inor Niu. Belfast Ireland Tunc j -. Ai Iother Man want hot dead in Londonderry. Harsh Mckay wis lie i iii. I it was cycling i Otic hor ill by dilation when struck. His Imi Wei filled a my his id Cycle was soil ii As in Lay dead. He wins the son it if stir Squill Mckay j govt Rizor of then it Prici tick a prote Faut org iii aii ii Riih nuni Lica to Louis in Canada Ai if a Irania and Fornuff in ecu ii y in l ii ii a of to it a Dond Crry. Public lie lamp Lihue a. An Auto Mobly carrying the Assi it Init director Ceneria of he Lineal Iris i constabulary Aud four cons Lahla a i it Ai Iaci let gtd with revolver fir and Boylis in n in route from lbs Amiens Siree vii iii to ini Blin a a am. ,\s.-Isiani dire dior in ural Roberts wan severely win iii Elt a in the head by a revolver Lillei but is expected to live i Lic drier of he ear Waii Slot in Boisi ii. Orrt Stisi have been Ruidi. After Sho Tiok had one i or some a Slif tin in love s hot a comedy drama of the stage also Pathe review and topics of the Day _ rime the us gallants threw in Imine a phrases will clarify. There is no of i not Bung is known to the can Altai s a 1-. A in Youj who made the Ati Mck. To notify Harding july 22 nominee Busy on speech of acceptance Coolidge to be told on july 27. Jec find Terni hut ie.servatlou8 Shieh would Sofii idly he main pure Jose if the be iii i and be Atlee tie sub is Uick if 111.venant, Are things Stojich no Man. Iii j Kriis a it nit Atner ice s Honor can take into his re Kon into Quot treaty to be m Lime Liflet. A or. . It will lie observed in to Cisiah s i Chis Ion of fhe treaty of Versai les. A Quot iai in and probability Niener Iluigi Ilic acts of the president in is it is in in Lic Turku Laton of the trealy ill in the Lomeli Fht at he convention. List Alto Rethor Low Ihm Ziy Delegate to the con a Riti Iti has a league of a Quot Ati Lens Plank for the Phil Forron to Pihur written or Oral in his pos it Ems Ion. It i however to iii Tolian probable i hat the Plank will be Hai Allweil by or. A Allty in the la uht of what he Learned a iii that he is fhe Dele a ale who will to alone a la Allied Losyk a a tor the . I is that i . Indie i a Willi Ilie Dille it get for Atli Cinelly Noi Ilyina Lii Candida los of heir Noni Ivalinn. 1, e Are awaking of tie personnel of he Nixie Eon Mitlee which will have general charge of i in puny s Greshle initial Cam Pii Ign. Thos a selected Momiy at the conference of senator Hardin the lieu Blizin presidential Rio Minee. And Rha Irnen Hays Anira snip of a he ratio in Roun Nitice Liae been Nola a led by wire bin ii in Deti tiny was with Luald lie din Timeir a be ii Arice. The Cor Ifert Nice set july j j As he Dille for the formal Niit cation co iii ii Lone senator Llardi iii al his Marion a notice to the pub1.ic. Al la common Council of the City of by employed Adums amp tum in it Mot garbage consisting Only Idt dim refuse. Liose who have in Reidjr Dono so will please obtain of Minera and notify City clerk it a by address and Tsuck garbage in ret nored twice each woe i be Wedoe Aday. June j3.-Cerk it once phone 38. A Liaw h. Al Lff mayor. M Maki . Of the Dutily mat Are re #�9 taif office daring office to 4 a. A every tip al mtg Ltd Dally lug. Cd whiff Elf. Hirl a will be Oble o Detz be whal the Pregi Dent neans by the Wor Fly Quot Multi Yin Quot lug Aive Quot Quot nullifying a Quot and the excer Mary of a Laie will not Littsen Bis ill Fiji on he suited it Barf Niento Dur Irig Bis absence. He will he in touch with it Ami the Sec i. Live mansion every Hiir of tie Day after Bis Ari isl at san i Radii Lson. Shriner Host in Portland Home Nind lice Days Laier to. Coni. Me of Wil he no Kiiji d of Bis nomination for Vicc i resident it j it it Vernor s Home in Xii Hanifi ton. Hardini is al world pre i Grinj Afeei it Tai ice speech and. Nou that the no mints has con ferry d with and of Btu ii nine the views of Nio i of fhe haders of to Vorio tif inc icons of ilm party ii. A. Cut in Tileti a ii of 111�� speech would lie in died reds repulsed by poles Choc afro lunar 2 l eur Otic jul of fhe thomis on school Board were held a Nelly of contempt of court by judge Scanlan of the criminal court and sentenced to serve jail sentences and pay fines As a penalty for burning or. Charles e. Chadsey from Possession of the office of superintendent of schools and passin a rules to take his Powers away. Five other Ofshe iils. Including mixer intend fut it in schools Teler a. Morten son. I Quot. Chadsey s successor were found not i guilty by the court. Those held guilty. Those held guilty of contempt by to disc is Minhin Aud fhe sentences meted out Are Williatt a. , attorney five in the county jail and sit line. Lbert in , Nemtz Ltd of the Board three play in the Cotmil jail Iohd .5 .0 �-4intt------ Hart Hanson member of the Board three Days in the Cotmil jail and Tine. Mrs. I. K. Tho Nilon member of the Board .1 750 Fine. Or. Sadie i a Adair member of the Board i too Fine. Cortie in a. A Nold mender of the Lioard two Day it in the county jail .&Quot>0 Lino. Fat a. A. Klinkowski one Day in the a a Guniy jail and it j0 Fine. Lines 15. Ken. One Day in be county jail and Una. Francis f. Croarkin. Member of the Board one Day in the county jail and a .-00 Fine. Mortenson held not guilty superintendent of schools Morten son a Ralph w. Condee assistant attorney for the Board mrs. F. Z. Brin Sley. . In o in cd Rote Fuy ene Mccattry. It Force Lilius and chief of Jaimus l. Mooney were lir id Silty or be contempt Chiru e. Eliom Spoti was in noun a Ben the was rendered by Ludo in s Winlan. Of were a number of his to Lilii al . Differ As to Yard strikes conflicting Clavins by both sides a to recent walkout of workers in Eastern cities. Rail Adolphin. A. June a a 5.--r, change is noted in the Railroad yardman s strike Here. I old sides continue to Neaice Coqui a it lie tory claims As o the in inner of men Oil and he effect of Quot the Sirick on the unit Mineni of Frei it. Strike leaders declare near by <111 the three Railto ails the i Pennsylva Tom. Lea dir and Baltimore in Ohio Are Idle Aud thai Frei he i Radie Esi ice rally in the i Mimi Viires is at a a Laii Clvis ii. Lanai a does on All Evcei Verj it Ihle Fri is it Aud a Oal for puh lie in Iuzie. Are in Etteen on All three roads and the lie din and Nick that service in and Aroutin i Hiya Del a Liia la is lieu ser Oij by al Elcied. The i Entsyh Ania and Baltimore a a it Trio. However declare All their Yards Are o he a in a nearly Khz per a a it nor inn. Cornwall Calls g. 0. P. Man governor of West Sinsel to act during convention. . U. \ a. Lime Cov. Of. .1. Cor Nuvell who is in route to san a a Incisco for the Ifgenio tat in Nihon al Ann tuu e l before having a Harleston that to bad Naratil de with a in , i it a. Of , Dent of the s Tato Sim Kmic to inne the Laller a wyme the duties of chief dec live in an Eider ency during his absence. In his invitation Lodr. Sinsel. It iii ii accepted. A nov. Corn Well said a it i to Aud an Luiei Jitenev i Oxild arise la i Essit Atin action. I ill you come Here and assume the iii is iii the it idi let Cor us a Leni Imi of Lime As Vuu would re card As Nee is Virv Quot big concave open with Oregon City filled with visit or from every Section of u. S. Strong attacks in Region of Smilgas Strozina driven backs heavy i losses inflicted f Oriand. Ore., Hine their a j Day of like Imi Teiml sir in set a it iii j w in it a inne in l les opener with a Iron Beer tor fair it ath Rimini cd a ironic in the or and with the cite crowded with re Iliou of Smi Lual Imi Inlet in con lder Alile i ousts upon the Bol she Raul. Accordini to an Ohi civil statement on the Lmh Long operations. The troops shrivers from a Vety Section of the country. The hrs i Parade was scheduled for ibis afternoon. Slih every shrine Bali patrol and Marchiti or Maui nation in line. of the Imperial Council were silted used to open today at the Audi Tori tii various Uteri ailment Fea lure were of the program reaching their hit Gaz in the Imi Raul Putty to to a us a at a fight. Of Ceil in Ifo Iner in he i Kraine have that i ill in Hijra Alrh tue Chi Uhlry of due bail Slick Lienert a a Lenny. A lie statement a jays Ami a Kritun Lail troops North a of to Dniester sue cd psf univ railed Barczy me. Tukins of cup Rulek Irini cajun of and a Veru a try i Ftp a it mfr Janesville wis., gains figure Given by census Bureau at Washington show Badger City a it population of 18,293. A a Hini Loti inner he follow . Iio iii action Are a a Ven oui by the census Bureau lamps Ille Opul Alioti. Is a it tim Reasel it percent aide the. French ships Shell turks bombard to Elma Whan they attack Meruma in Madigar Rancan 8�a. Farl. Luke a Temps Naya today that turkish Force a attacked Mer Nina on the Mediterranean a lout lowest of Aduna and that French Saraht pm let a tha Horbow hot Hided the tick a shoe Sau a a my Ammus Asmat the Cut Price shoe store East Side of Square in slides in inn Menai Phi Glish and to und men s shoos in l Rove Amelai and Kniph us al. My ii s All a Cathie work Slio a to a al. Men s will Leal hot ii Eavy and a thl work Sisoes at. A. 98 boy s dress and Sci tool Lish Aud Bucher at. A up o month s dress and school shoes Bullon a a iid hic fir it. A a w Little Iionia ital Schnol Slioch 4 Button Quot lace and Bluc incr Are Obe Loi of Atid cell diets. A virile lace and straps al. T do is Bast Side squaisi106 store Bedford Indiana. Opera House hrs Lla Djosan a Lea pm .m/cm7mi a Zion admission Balcony at ult 30 Chii Arou 20 lower floor at Cults 40 children 20 War tax included is i 1.1 e Atni physician and Gurrion. Africa or Hartman t Zakary. Phanara mea tsp. Rati to. Cardinal cal main Plant 2m Suatt in pm. 17�. R. 9. Out. 0.beginning thursday june 24th. At 8 a. In the out Price shoe store will put on Sale their entire Stock of shoes and oxfords at greatly reduced prices Many lots will be sold far below the Cost of to manufacture. Below Are a few prices. All men a boys women and child a i ens Tennis al. Women s , tie pumps Hijo hand military Heel al. Women s o.\ford.s, thick Brown Csc and Low Heel at. Vonsien Quot a boots Brown and Buck 69c 4.984.98 All heels al. Women s oxfords by assortment log of at. Women s Black one strap and while a Kos a lords Hij hand Low Heel or a Missi s lace oxfords and straps to 1.98 98c Many other equally As Good values in. Iaci you must Sev this won Tertul display of Good stylish foot in to appreciate the great saving you can make by buying at this Sale. Don t forget the Date thursday y morning Dune 24, 1920. Notice or Bond Issue. State 1 1 Indiana. No. Uhke a. Hawi t ecu a a duty so in us ii a of up plication of Law Retic c county la Issue in urls Iio Tiee la hereby that the Hoard of com of Hawro Neo county Indiana has Lihn Willi Tho state Board of tax it u jct Tiomi to a Kudo a Jill al ill till mini of Ohio Terii Trio us Ault to ten be Hun Isreil tvs july dollars for i tie iii of Luhtala Tsiou of heating Lipaut women s rest and toilet room men s toilet and court lid Uso has Eimont. A Public hearing of Kail Apih cation will be hold at Roonie a a 1 l state House Hilua polls in a Nana on tuen Duy Luly Goth. 1920, but in any of Keetion is tiled to Nudi Bond inst to the Hoard it will be continued and the time Aud Philo Sot for Tuo taking of evid nue he it the coun y teat of it i l county. Any Tux Pii Yor having Oigt be Tion to who grunting in Ermish n k a Ettive with Iho Herluf. 111, Lato of housing objections i Fri unit giving his joint of lice i i Ziess. Any tax payor Intorn it ted appear Aud he Hoard at such Heliin a. William m. Denn Laton 1 auditor a ii wrench it county India us. Lune ill cd j Ltd
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