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Bedford Daily Mail Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 3

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Bedford Daily Mail (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bedford, Indiana A re. M o fio a mail a pm Toifl a Edferd Indiana. Phona2l9. Thomas j. Brooks. Editor rom 1. Otis Manarino editor Cert c. Wicker City editor and circulation manager mrs. Harry As 6w phone 887 society editor Job department pm the Bedford Indiana Foi Toffice tel second claim in a a matter. Be Neuilly we a a Odd i fiday Usu the is a Lay Moderato us. Allu rup Laue pumped Over Mitch Neil yesterday going in the direction of i rom ice lick. Tile Ukia of the nio of Ultra cod the attention a of a. Number of Mitchell res Donta. Truck grilling tuli Jait ifs photo 16�0. Vui gift. L itty a mrs a a c Atli cart and three Sun it went to bios Upington Ali is Forono ii. Jod Tueth Are Asti Ruusu of better Hoalt i ii Appl Jafes and of Pix Ai .i4ic<?. Or. P. A a. Jackson dentil it. Forl National Uaita bldg. 8 a. In. To g p. In. Special Neeti Bijj Thura Uay night. A Iju Arry workers requested to i tend. 22t2p president. The informal club a ill Laue with mrs. W. E. Mcconnico Friday afternoon. After Jwuc 21�t Luik will be 15c it 3c pint. Cream half pint inc. Su3p Hill top Dairy. Or and mrs. Vlayn of Gullible went to Ludiana Olig yesterday Liere Uliey were called by the death of mrs. Hays sister. A it 2 or truck hauling to Igia 14tl2p Robert Jeffries. For Sale corp Home set of Flaesch. New. Phone Llu Vui d wan eat property Aud far iii to sell al. Ii. Saiu phone a a a oif the Naii ii Sierles Are Here pruu�o4iipriy11l and trip lacing All Stock a old in lii 1w8. A la a. Cad Fholer and in Ftp Zyther col Omu. Lil a a a for Sale of cd owe us. Of Detroit much ill of 3 after six o clock Here for a visit with Relatos ans by Frienda. A a i panted Well drilling and pump a ring. Phone 523. 11. Greer. Jurt. Dale Utlz a Baek of Liidi Ainapo lip a % thrasher a to i. Mil of phone for Saie 21 top Victrola. Phone Looy. For Sale a As stove. Halo u st. 23tlc planer Iuen. A. A my for Sale Call 324 cow. Ii wanted Walter or waitress. 21tcc Palace restaurant. Wanted Oulu desk. Phone 171. Irlue for Sale Square piano. Call cd la in top a used in the manufacture of Alum cake made liquor is very Pleni Potter lab and refine Torles lle beneath Bedford. Linton. Torre haute the soils of southwestern real phonol6�i hours Quot a a be Quot Quot almost untouched source in a secured. Much 21tce Mineral wealthy according to Geo l i its who recently Mado an of a a a a Quot a is to see into Blooming Galoh of the deposits under the do Quot a in a Quot be Man fac rec ton tif w. N Logan state Colo he coming Orbre Gist and head of the department of a a in a Quot Quot Quot hereabouts. During the Maslij geology at Indiana University. Tew months Bloomington has b�en1 the value of the deposits is not dry than Ever before in its has j known but the report of the gifts has created a new interest in the Quot Long abandoned kaolin mining of far no one hat in several Southern Indiana Home made Coli Purisic ulary in Martin and Lawrence �ction.s.-bioomlu5ton Telephone counties and a rejuvenation of the kaolin mining Fields and it he sinking of new shafts May be the result. Tile ile posits of kaolin in Southern i Indian have Long attracted the attn tion of scientists and to Weir extraordinary purity has been regarded As u phenomenon. Quot the attention of the manufacturer has not Heon called Verj frequently to the commercial possibilities of kaolin said or. Ixo Gau. Quot since the discovery in 1874 of a thick bed of Koo Len on the property owned by or. Joseph Gardner in Lawrence county the kaolin from this Deposit has been used Only intermittently. Mcmillan amp son. told. A a a p mus. James w. Douthity. Who underwent a surgical operation at the Mayo we re Ikot Are a iii Willii you we is just a Ellitia you trial Lilicy re the right clothes tor you the Jig lest Cothes you Ever had if you come ii we 11 prove it be ready for hoi weather by y pah ii be Char a hair so it it in h Iasi air tue h me of Hart Schaffner amp Marx clothes copy tote 1920 in Elf Diaff nor amp Max Clinie Rochester minn., Over a �o4, is visiting air Quot Abu Kline and Fani ily a Cut fifteenth Street. Miss Clarice Henderson of bcdfor3? his returned Homo after visiting or. Militan aug Anu lub Lien der Sill Street a Bloomington world. Wanted Small or mrs. Frank m. Suhr underwent surgical operation at the Mayo clinic vill con idea tic Hester. Minn. Tuesday l or a 120-. A Rous growt i and her condition is re a it sorted to be All Tiitu could be desired. Pay i. O. O. F. A Lues before line 28lh. Survey begun in 1916. Quot in tiie autumn of a Ltd i began in week ago. Is improving rapidly and Vestiga ions wit ii a View to dote min Jiwu probably be Blu to trome biome 4 Bood Jersey Cut. Call ing the origin and extending the util next week. I8t in i action of the Mineral. One Lino of in investigation led to the i testing of trial re mixtures of kaolin and Indiana Are to difference in Active materials the Days for the possible manufacture of cake prepared from kaolin should refractory furnaces. Soil for l it More the ii 25 a ton. The a j Quot following the edit Ranee of tiie Quot a Organ of profit thus shown he a Aid and do Llo Fri est a per in Tain ii United states in the world War Lite de 8l�0uld be an Ece Llott Imi Cement for a itt Wilren. Good waged Call 1408. Uia iid for kaolin suitable for the Manu i manufacture. / facture of Glass pots White Ware and a tho purer varieties of the Clay May a a Nofre Cortes. And for the purposes con be used in tie manufacture of White Loath a pics Imi. Out of a ode Clute cumin Clai pottery wares us ares Are Macau Between Peerless and 11th and s its. Very insistent for the reason that the fart Rcd out of a Neilt ire of feldspar Call 311.jt2p european supplies were no longer kaolin Quartz Aud Ball. Clay. Sarto Rirs a available Beau eur of transportation Ore. Electrical Ware Aud Poroli iii for Sale commercial Bottom t or . A to contain Kaohu. Kaolin May be Ford Cor. Cheap if sold of once. .1. L. I Quot on a request i obtained and ship utilized in the manufacture of refract Miller. Phone 1057. Static Ped Indiana kaolin to several tories such As Firebrick fireproof legs a ordnance laboratories and to the Furnace linings Glass pots Saggers wanted Twenty a Ood Bureau of standards. Shipments of and pottery Kiln supp lists. Nor does Bounly faint. I of it a k. Many cars of kaolin were made from this list ennui Herat air the variety Nosef .1. Stud scr Mcfort Juno Solh. 17tl2p tho Gardner mines. This Clay also of the Mineral for geologists Wim we used in st Louis in the Manu Timve tested tlle Clay and lid tip al h for Sale us lit Maxwell roadster facture of a refractory material called May be used in the manufacture i fair shape Good urea. A . Ternik. encaustic tile As a paint plug melt to 21120 Kent Bass. I the kaolin of Southern Indiana w us furnish the tale Chalk oud other sub a al list mentioned in the geological Lite stances used As a Tiller in the Manu for rent rum shed rooms for nature of Leo i a Quereux who pub facture of paper in the manufacture ight housekeeping at 1118 West Lith Lia hed tho pamphlet Quot geological lie of Flat Era. A o filler for varnishes for phone 7r�0&Quot. 23t2p of in 1863. 7�hing cloth As a Catal Yzer in the Lesquereux disc Ribeil it As Quot a very manufacture of the Poison Gas of mod Furi ubed Libuse. Soft Behrons Clay which has resulted Era warfare and a an a Brubie in 4 furnished rooms from the Burn iii out of a bed of buffing. 22t% k. T. Cox. Wiio published Trio sixth f revival of the Industry. A annual geological report of Indiana j Luck of proper transport Sutlon and wanted is end Viand furniture and in 1874. Gave the Mineral the name Low Market value for the product i rugs. Wii at have you Call a Nikko caused the first mines of which i in ice Oiin of try i .7 a i coif the Topf it i it i a a m by Cui t Teil do mrs about a iii a a a fun f / a hat you like most in a cig iii a Yogi Ujj fat Ltd in Caine they refreshing in flavor so delightful in Mellow mild Isis so pot i 66 full a camels Quality and camels expert blend of Choice turkish and Choice Domestic Tolm cos Neaice the most woh Deniful combination Ever jut into a i gaiety l you prefer this Fehd to either kind of tobacco smoked st Siil ally they i v it Sipf pre hot turn you5 taste it we Sec. Amp Gemberling. Pipione 281�. 21h�c to Cdv trip tits i for a a in puffs. Notice is hereby Given that tie Hoard of commit isomers of Lawrence county in tho state of Indiana will up w 1 o clock p. M. A Oihi May july 5th, a a Quot Iti 1t 2t>, it Iceie sealed bids for furnish aug supplies for the county poor Asylum tor i he Quarter Emil ii september 3 a a Indiana we. Wal so Law renew county Dan Wistoft. Sees basis of new Industry. There were a number in Martin Ami or. I Ogan sees in the kaolin deposits Lawrence counties to suspend opera for Sale in Eyele run about two to basis for the building of a now in Tlona Twenty years ago. Since then Montaiti. Good Tirey. No punctures Industry in Indiana. Liere is no reason half a dozen Small mines have eked them. Goo Das new. See hurry love. Of Huys. Why suitable manufactories out a livelihood in this Region. 21 tap / i should not profit by tho Long neglect-1 a of tic Best kaolin is led kaolin deposits of Southern Indiana Jujj of poorest Quality wanted two or three Furui Whendi it to kaolin of Lawrence and and it operators have Learned How rooms for Light House Keuping with Jiuing counties is suitable for use in by. Ujj or transportation tailor 1057. I7t 5c to number of industries in some of a a a a a Ziemand for tho Indiana a j which its value is already Well a Stab product is growing Day by Day. Wanted to sell you hums City to says. Quot its Utill Zuelou in j i to richest deposits of the Mineral Nur Tiery Witock shrubs and ornamental Quantity has been in the Cerasle in i a. Found in spice Valley town county. In one stratum of pure another feature about camels they leave no unpleasant Citer Olty Cipr a pleas it a Faretty odor you la a repose camels Quality and camels >leili4 tit my ito mums Coupe is or rifts you Quot. The Oft a a a i.,1 ,. I r a a. A Rees. Pricen reasonable. Write Harlan Dusty and in the manufacture of Alum-1, i a reuse e ily order of the 1.0uiu of Quot Quot of a a a pm Aii Lephate. The kaolin in in. A a other valuable minerals. Agricultural Lime excellently suited a Abby ant Rabbon Kab he in Setre to Oai Ieon wee ii a Toflea vol a Quot u5tti in Power when it a scud. Lug a in Sunj a pc rho Juii. Una t Molko y a Ltd to it a a a i l actor. Eugi tyr a in a i Frau in in ? l it to Pronce county has been used for Many Crys Tuuifo kaolin ten feet in hic Kuest a i Yoash in Tito manufacture of this Man of by hundreds for item a modern front room up Era. But cry Leto supplanted it. And a pm roads of the Clay have been tak it Valru. Coho to Bath and Largo cloties wins in turn supplanted by Bauxite a of this mine. Or. Logani said Loael three blocks from Square. Co Toiny id production a eco in to have a uji go Quan uhe a remain. This a laii West 17lh st. Phone 5i3. Been to Ucang Factor in this sub a a a a a typical a a a everal iii Thlu Reg-22t8o Asti Sutlon. Ton. A Quot Xuereb Are other economic use for for Salsa Otto of tho most Deb Ruble the Stayr however. Alum Luuri sulphate Homes in the Olty. The Burton proper is readily Tolu he in Del Teh up curio no Fertit a Ltd of farm to. 1118 w. 14 b st. Seven rooms Bath Jaekl. Ana in saw to be Superior to other been Bro flit to Light in a and Tell modern improve meets Best aluminium Allica Teh for this purpose. A Sejat Survey by the state geologist locution Ond a surround Iuga. A rare Large quantities of Olumn cake Are a re a Gref ter Jart of Thea Opportunity. Apply to we. A Webb now used to produce flocculation of found in county. L for mrs. C. A. Lurton. Phone club particles in water intended for a Lopo Sug a Monroe and Hendricks a in i in 22tuc Domestic use. With an abundance of quantities of it Are now in to pm sent at the a Liuro this vol big Moi pin will by Noat atm to ii to i a Vrr us our us to our by Toto for the manufacture of cd Ott tile a Tate from at of new liitle. At 7 m. Tylo Cill la pro Hgt it twi a la or circa of a by eve a Salaimtn-8�les Mau Agor Ikia uii Pho Rio a old. There in no reason Why Ere its quiz tip a air in lip to Teil. M Dirac Iloe and Uio tor will do to lib Cut it. It capable Oner Golc Salesman Alum Cako should not be manufactured a a a Eav uht strata o rocks underlie Harford tractor stuck it Vou represent nationally known Manu. With profit in Tula practically the a a Taro oui Westera cart Paioa books now Oyan Ami it Loo to to p Vjra. Yer fun Turing corporate Lou in local territory a Hon Maryf ass. A it the Alato. to tho Geo of and Miore a liar a a Oltof. A must Call on whole Iulo Job bars Flor ii Reardin the us a of aluminium to us null a nearly to to to True of Pari Flo Oil share. K. R. Run Noii cult and Carago Trade. Line Well advert a Phate i Romo los Clay Par Leleu from Martin la re nce county a. Pruhs Lithia National am Ilin Veranth la cd and Demund great i Erma Kent eos a water. Or lid an said that Orno Muni Ai al Ivie a tarted to Martin of Niten Finai Wilt Fuji item Blimp a ��4 s Necton Aud Good income for right Man a Pat water works in Indiana Are buy no a Lnu a of a cd. A oni Iuey. And other Nfn Melni kit f whiny Virtu be six a a a a at other Pylitt. Iff fit a a a i i of a Noav it shool tia Clit. Kit Ery team Kip in the Sunter school Hendricks of first Christian Church is asked to pm the pm Quot a to a la a ilm. Henri a aide my Oil m a Elink it the Selund Spirsi var is Ivy Gay Pili Waw e. Foj Gays co. Pc Korth g st. Phone 1284 of Tord Indiana. Or. Nn4 mra. J. Jaq. Of la if tto in Kee tank to Tiki if Fomuk. Mir a my a Hanm Lhnn trip tet it a Wella a Rok my Stu be iii pit it it i at other Jln it Quot. La. Ump ton of mute ill Waitice car my Kik a tki m my m
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