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Bedford Daily Gazette (Newspaper) - March 24, 1969, Bedford, Pennsylvania Dial Bedford 623-8118 for a want and taker Bedford daily Gazette established 1805 John h. Biddle president r Hugo k. Frear Viet president end Secretary published every weekday morning by Gazette publishing co entered at the Bedford a. 15522, Post office As second Claes mall matter subscription rates by Carrier and mail delivery by Carrier in Bedford and Everett boroughs a $1.78 per month. County delivery by mail outside Bedford Borough one year $15 of a months $8.50 3 months $5.00 zone i and 2. One year a $17.00. For other rates inquire St office. Hugo k. Frear. Editor and publisher Edward k. Frear. Executive editor Haro i j b. Cessna business manager j. Terry Leach editor j. Robert Miller circulation classified manages it won All go under the dual nuclear attack defense is just a myth Hie missile debate Lias been vastly overdone. Sitting Back unwed by the single fear re a missile attack you could suspect its All a game to spend More tax Money. We said a single fear because ii an enemy scans to Plant bombs around the country he wont need missiles to do it and no abm system will Ever Stop Bim one of the prices of our Freedom is our vulnerability to unfair attack. One method already described in a National Magazine was tin smuggling of bombs into shrimp ports along the Gulf Fleet of trucks fanned out across the country. One was Stop id a a Pennsylvania state troop a i Hio Miles East of Pittsburgh so help us is Ben the big a went Boom. Of they re going to give it to us give it to us. Why spend another Multi Batch of billions to perpetuate the myth that we can defend ourselves against it president Nixon made a sensible Choice to build Only a defense for tile retaliation Force. Hut it remains to fax seen whether even that is worthwhile of effective. Guest editorial gov t sick leave Capitol opinion one fee attorney makes More than Shafer editors note the following expresses the opinion of observers of political and governmental developments on the state Capitol scene Pennsylvania Story budget trimmers to study Highway spending what about this sick leave in government a subcommittee of the gov i nor committee for Modem state government headed by High ways Secretary Robert Bartlett Mia owed that state employees Hove regularly taken advantage of sick leave benefits that now accrue at the rate of 15 Days per year and can be car bled Ove from year to year until 9 Days Are accumulated Many state employee the committee said believe they Are or it of tied to sic k leave whether they Are sick or not. In fact so Many take this attitude that the state has to budget annually the Aam amount about $33 million for suck leave As it Doe for vacations. What about Oiler government a in five City in Hie townships in the county and elsewhere what is being done by government itself to prevent abuses by local government employees governmental Colita constantly Are on the , constant Cheeks Are needed to avoid abuses that s Why taxpayers Are so cynical about govern Merit and tile men and women who operate it. Uniontown Standard Mimi wiil by Lester i a Oleman Mav marriage bet men cousins or. Fole nmn Many Youn couple who Hie related to each other an Distant second or find Roo Lim enter into marriage with unexpressed fears i say unexpressed his Mise these Hajji youngster Rilling the Crest of enthusiasm frequently will deny the fact that they have some concern about the heredity he it Ert a of such marriages. Many Are married and have children who Are healthy and Happy and show no evidence o f genetic difficulty. Others May have Ona or two children who have a birth abnormality that might happen even to a husband and wife who Are in no Way related. It is difficult for parents to be free of an Ovi whelming Senne of guilt Wincn there happens to be a birth deficiency. Physicians must not lie expo ted to take the responsibility of giving Young people permission to marry and then accepting the problems that a it company that decision. The Normal variations that May Ltd or Are so great that Young people planning to marry uni r such circumstances must he fully aware of the possible do advantages that May occur the modern knowledge of genetics has made almost unbelievable strides in the past fifteen years. Chromosomes and genes Are no longer mystical substances. They can be measured and counted and even manipulated to avoid birth defects. I believe that when there is a dose or first Cousin relationship genetic counselling and guidance is imperative if the marriage is to be a completely successful one leading to a healthy family Structure. Perforations of the eardrums Ara not nearly As com Mon is they were Befurt discovery and the use of antibiotics and the sulfa drugs. Previous to their use infections in the Middle ear would Progress and finally perforate through the eardrum and discharge into the outer canal today these infections a kept Well Len cited and the bacteria Are killed by one of a wide Choice of antibiotics nevertheless some perforation do occur and Are permanent some Ara associated with a mild loss of hearing there now Are a variety of proven surgical methods to re pair perforations of the eardrum especially those that Are Quot dry Quot and do not have a discharge through them. The Casse Are carefully selected for eardrum transplants. Or skin grafts. In Moat instances the single important reason for trying to Cloee a perforated drum is to increase the hearing when by testing it has been found to be below the level of serviceability the i exult ars very Gratifying see excessive noise especially in factories can slowly and insidiously do damage to the delicate hearing mechanism in the inner ear. Few people really. The intensity of the noise they work in. Until their hearing is affected. There Are now excellent methods of modifying noise by shielding both the machine and the worker. Hundreds of thousands of people ate unnecessarily deprived of Good hearing because they have been exit used to uncontrolled noise for Many year a # speaking of Yoi b health the grinding of Teeth during sleep interferes with rest and does damage to the Teeth and jaw joint. Or. Coleman welcomes let frs from readers and while he cannot undertake to an firer each one he will use questions in hts column when Ever possible arum when they Are of general interest. Address your letters to or. Coleman in care of this nest paper. By Mason Denison Harrisburg a when the appropriations committees of the Senate and House of representatives ultimately get around to having a look see at the budgetary request of the department of highways chances Are Good there will he no Hasty Cooling of the Grill indications Are that a number of areas of departmental operations a heretofore glossed Over lightly a will be gone into in depth this year. While the budgetary request is a whopper As usual concern is entering at this Point More on the Tnolue Operand of tile bureaucratic Edh Citadel than anything else. For one thing lawmakers Are Atli i irked end nettled to a pre it somewhat mildly Over the hammering they received last year when they were blamed by the department for forcing elimination of some 1700 so called a local Hazard elimination projects Quot a when the legislature refused to go along with a $50 million passenger License fee and $15 million truck fee increase schedule to help underwrite the Cost of these projects. Next tiling lawmakers knew the departments publicity Bureau began grinding out local a announcements Quot pointing out How this or that Highway project had to he a a eliminated because of the failure of lawmakers to approve the License fee increase. This was designed of course is Quot High strategy Quot to Force Law makers into going along with the License fee increase this year. Another Point that has scalded the ears off lawmakers which this column brought out Early in the hassle in How a project can be classified As lost or a shelved Quot As the department in its or strategy liked to refer to them when the project was never off the shelf in the first place. Thousands of state projects Are projected and programmed a to the year 2000 a hut until funds Are made available for the particular project it can hardly be classified As a lost Quot thus actually in the Case of these local Hazard elimination projects which the department has been telling local people have now been lost they never really Quot had Quot them in the first place but lets look at this a Little closer and hopefully the appropriations committees will too. This column has come in Possession of a report by the . Bureau of Public roads which shows that Pennsylvania has been lagging behind other states rather startlingly in the utilization of Federal funds a available for Highway Hazard elimination projects under the bureaus Highway safety improvement program initiated in 19 4, a nation wide inventory of actual and potential Highway danger spots revealed a need to Correct some 20,620 locations at an estimated Cost of upwards of $2 billion. The needs of Pennsylvania in this respect were estimated a 1300 pro Acta coating $120 million. Under thie special program the states Are authorized to draw upon their regular allocations or Federal Highway funds at the applicable Federal state Matching ratios for the financing of any such spot improve ment projects on the state Federal systems. A of september 30, the and of the first Quarter of the current fiscal year the . Bureau of Public rods reported that Pennsylvania a in four and a half years a had used no More than $502,000 in Federal funds for Highway safety improvement and this for Only one project. Meanwhile other states had Usel a total of $417.6 million in Federal funds for 4417 such projects or an average of $8.4 million and 88.3 projects per state moreover in Highway safety improvements not involving Federal funds Pennsylvania was reported to have completed 409 projects at a Cost of $43.3 Milton in too percent state funds in this category the averages for All other states were 278.6 projects and $8 4 million per state. The question now Why did no to the department program use of Federal funds for these project As other states did a instead of asking for More state funds via the License fee increase a or were these Federal funds used for More glamorous and politically face lifting Highway projects. By William Ecenbarger Harrisburg up a Robert l. Webster Uniontown attorney was paid More for his services to the Commonwealth last year than gov. Raymond p. Shafer. Webster is the Fayette county Republican a airman. Edgar t. Hammer jr., Greensburg attorney received More from the state for Legal services last year than atty. Gen. William c. Sennett. Hammer is the Westmoreland county Republican chairman. Webster and Hammer Ara among 236 men who comprise the commonwealths Little known fee attorney system. Their Basic assignment is to represent Pennsylvania in local courts on a variety of matters including eminent Domain proceedings for highways and state Parks delinquent collections tax disputes welfare claims and motor vehicle cases. This work in nearly every Case merely supplements their private practice. A common denominator for this group in addition to the a Squire after each name is a relationship a ranging from vague to intimate a with local Republican politics. Indeed the current list of be attorneys from which state agencies Ara compelled to choose was compiled largely from the recommendations of local cop overseers. Possibly by design there is an astonishing dearth of information about the fee attorney system. For instance there appears to be no responsible stats official prepared to say How much is a id out for these services. But a canvass of individual comptrollers for involved state agencies shows that this year the 236 attorneys will receive fees totalling close to $2 million. The highways department with its huge construction program pays out about 80 per cent of these fees. Webster the Fayette county gop chairman has been paid a w. Allen Diu Sharon a Republican state committee member from Mercer county was paid $14,576 in fees Over the 18-month period for his part time Legal work. Nearly All of it came from highways. Dill also serves As solicitor for the City of Sharon. A Maurice l. Epstein Towanda the Bradford county Republican chairman was paid $10,125 in fees during the same period for his Legal services for the highways department. Epstein also serves As the Bradford county District attorney at $9,450 a year. The fee attorney system has been in use since 1930. There is no discernible evidence of what it was like during the three democratic state administrations since that time except that former atty. Gen. Anne x. Alpen 1959-81 tried to end it without Success. Sennett who it must be remembered merely inherited the system Points out that the fees Are Low compared with those for the same service for private clients. A no matter what individual fee attorneys Are making i know that they re Only getting so much per Case Quot Sennett says. A if in a not paying too much per Case i can to be paying too much Money wide work variance Sennett said one of the Rea sons for the High payments to Webster in recent months was the fact that two other Fayette county fee attorneys were removed from the select list because Quot they weren to getting the Job there is a wide variance in the Type of work performed by fee attorneys. The most common cases Are title searches which can be done by the average Law student a and eminent Domain proceedings a which require a skilled experienced advocate to protect the Commonwealth and its taxpayers from unreasonable co pension verdicts. Although the fees Are indeed comparatively Low they Are paid for unsolicited guaranteed business. And taken in Large doses they can amount to a tidy piece of extra income. The insufficient facts and background about the fee attorney system raise doubts to its Efficacy but make conclusions difficult. There is a real question of whether its goals could be accomplished with greater efficiency with less Money and with less partisan politics. This system has survived virtually unmolested for four decades in the Darker recesses of the Capitol a and it is time someone brought it out in the Light and examined it carefully. Fees totalling $64,912 in the past 18 months. The payments came from every Agency involved in the fee attorney system a the highways Revenue Public welfare Justice and forests and Waters departments and the fish and game commission. Hammer the Westmoreland county gop chairman received $31,675 in fees Over the same period. The total included $16,-830 from highways $14,738 from Revenue and a smattering from the other agencies. Here Are other examples of the fee system a Jackson m. Sigmon Bethlehem a Republican state committee member from Northampton county has received fees totalling $24,993 since 1968 from highways Justice Revenue and Public welfare. Back to yesteryear higher milk prices forecast for area 40 tears ago Over 2500 baby Chicks have been received by the Bedford Post office for local patrons in the past week. Spring is Here. 30 years ago tile Strong Catholic five won the championship of the Church basketball league by defeating the methodists in a spirited contest. 20 y ears ago demolition of the old Riddlesburg Furnace is proceeding rapidly with to Crew of 15 on the Job. To years ago Kalman Hine was named president of the Bedford rotary club. J year ago higher class i milk prices were forecast for Bedford county at the annual meeting of interstate milk producers held at Snake Spring Valley school. Woman to woman health not age is Good driving Factor Mideast mews commentary Arab-1 israeli conflict gives birth to new sport e by Kobert Musel up senior editor Jerusalem up a there is h Spring event that is not listed in any track and Field compel Tam. Israelis Call it a the 700-meter the runners they say Are Arab guerrillas and the swiftest of them May survive. Some pay with their lives for being slow. Rile a track Quot is the 700-meters 900-Yard wretch from the Dorse undergrowth along the Jordan River in the Valley of bet Sheun where guerrillas have been a trashing israeli kibbutzim or farming settlements to the next Patch of cover. Limited time the guerrillas know they have Only a climbed time to Plant mines or take pot shots before israelis detect them using tactics so successful they claim 95 per Lent of All attempts to Cross the Jordan by guerrillas end in death rapture or Retreat. As guerrillas break cover israeli planes aware of their position swoop n to strafe them. That a where the rare is to tile Swift and Only to the Swift. Although the guerrilla Campaign against Israel As far As correspondents hens can see is not a major threat to the country there is growing anger at the attacks. One source said the Farmers Ai such kibbutzim a Gesher and Ashdod Yacob had urged defense minister Moshe Dayan to push Back the present Jordan Frontier. This was not feasible he said emphasizing Quot but we must do something about Dayan and the chief of staff of. Gen. Chair bar lev have also warned that Arub tactics Are Irving Israel. Latest information the source said the latest information to reach Israel Taiwan the guerrilla Campaign indicates it May he More of a danger to the regimes of King Hussein of Jordan and president genial Alx Lel Nasser of Egypt than to this country. In Jordan he said guerrillas he constantly referred to them As a a terrorists Quot a openly flout an agreement not to appear uniformed and armed in the streets of Amman. He said Hussein has brought two More brigades of Loyal bedouins into the capital one of which is stationed not far from the Royal Palace. In Egypt he said Ilia pressure by guerrillas added to the impatience of younger officers and the younger generation May Force Nasser into More extreme measure than he might otherwise take. A we done to believe their main aim is Israel. If it had been they would have surely done something by now Quot the source said. A one must keep the Terrar Tot Campaign in perspective Quot he said. A we lost proportionately More people in the Arab troubles of 1929, 1933, 1936 and 1939, than we Are doing almanac today is monday March 24, the 83rd Day of 1969 with 282 to follow. The Moon is approaching its first Quarter. The morning stars Are Mercury and Mars. The evening stars Are Venus Jupiter and Saturn. On this Day in history in 1603 England and Scotland were joined under James i of Scotland. In 1882 German professor Robert Koch announced discovery of the pathogenic germs of tuberculosis. In 1934 the United states granted the Philippines Independence. Effective july 4, 1946. In 1965 a Ranger rocket hit the Moon and transmitted Back perfect pictures of the lunar surface. Try and Stop me by Bennitt Cerf a thought for the Day Arthur Schopenhauer said Quot the most Beneral Survey shows us that in two foes of human happiness Are pain and by Patricia Mccormack group passed on these safety a use familiar streets and new York up Young is or a Ider Drivers roads. Statistics show it Hazar it foot this Day gets stuck have a regular Eye examine Dous for the older person Hind a White haired Driver on action you May not realize that generally to drive on unfamiliar a Turnpike your right has become too poor types of roads say expressway a it t0 read Road Rio is rapidly. Versus town streets i a restrict driving if sick. All Drivers this and previous poor be snarls. Both chronic and acute cond studies have shown ought to a fall you old people ought to tons May greatly alter ability steer Clear of Wool gathering at turn in your to drive. The wheel. He a wrong. A done to drive during Snow or daydreaming increases int an a aged Drivers Quot study by ram storms. Tention. Chances of running red the research department of Thea avoid Rush hour and night lights and Stop signs Are National safety Council Csc driving a much As possible. Heightened at such a time shows that age taken by itself is not a Good indicator of driving ability. Or. Thomas w. Planek head of the research unit found health May be a More reliable single indicator of driving ability than chronological age. The study involved 3,500 Drivers beyond age 55 and an analysis of 200,000 accidents by Drivers of All Ages. Or. Planek said safety proposals that would Rule older Drivers off the Road Are geared to some specific age a largely because this information is easy to get and usually beyond True. Older persons Are More Likely to have a physical condition that limits driving. But four out of every to persons under 45 have at least one chronic condition and one in to of these has some restriction on activity. Planek and his colleagues recommended that a test of physical function be made when a person first gets a License and again at later periodic reexamination time. The Council reported that 35 states require a re examination for renewal either periodically after the first License or when a person has reached a specific age ranging from 57 to 75. Authors of the study financed by colonial Penn insurance a la afternoon a real estate agent had been showing a Young couple empty houses. The ones they loathed a ways seemed to be available but the one that struck their fancy invariably had been snapped up by others. Finally they came to a House at the very Edge of town and fell in love with it. A please a they begged a Tell us that this one we can Quot its yours a beamed the agent. A a it a last but not leased a a probably the Moat compulsive Gambler in show business was Chico Marx the piano playing member of the four Marx Brothers ensemble. Until the Day of i fed Uatha chic0�?T despite pleadings of i Brothers Groucho ?0�?T Manta t0 to practically All of his prodigious Admi tin e8? a a series of ill advised wagers. One Day he one Quot Billon four Hundred and eleven thousand dollars and forty even cent a in gambling. Quot How kee/0 n0wa a la8t Penny a he was asked. Quot do you scoffed cel b?1 you win lo5e?�?� Quot not at chix it a 1 Juet sneak a look at Groucho Bank Balanc e a

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