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Beckley Sunday Register Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Beckley Sunday Register (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Beckley, West Virginia Ten killed in crash of Gigantic new Airliner by. J. H. Mcculloch fatally injured by the associated press Alder least ten persons were killed including two officials of dutch airlines when a four motored 33-passenger air plane designed to operate through the sub Stratos Patere plunged Quot or Earth near Here today during a test flight. Witnesses said the plane appeared suddenly out of the Clouds and that the sound of its motors died Down momentarily. The motors then seemed to Speed up and the plane began a Long crazy spin earthward. The Tail Assembly apparently broke away during the fall. It struck in a Nar Row Ravine in logged off land. A it travelled toward the Earth Al tremendous Speed a said mrs. L. W. Gilbert of Lagrande. A there was an exceptionally loud noise not like an explosion but More like a Seattle Headquarters of the hoeing air plane company which built the $500,000 a str Atolinery a named the victims As Julius Barr Boeing test Pilot Earl a. Ferguson Roc Iii test Pilot John Kylstra Boeing Engineer Ralph l. Cram. Boeing flight Engineer and aerodynamics expert William Doyle Harry West Boeing flight Engineer Ben Pear a a a a son p. Guilonard assistant general manager of Royal dutch airlines a. I. Von Blumauer dutch Kem line Harlan Hull chief test Pilot for transcontinental and Western airways. The company said an Lith Man e. B. Kunneman. May have been aboard the plane. Rile Stra Toliner was the first four engined transport designed and equipped with Cabins and facilities for High Altitude operation �?~20,000 feet or higher above storms on the Earth a surface. It was to carry 33 passengers by Day or 25 in luxurious night accommodations with a Crew of four or five and had a capacity of two tons of mail and air express. Financier Hospital executive was Long prominent in medical and business circles funeral arrangements not yet completed Unrau of teamster member of tue associated press and audit Bureau of doctor dead volume 58�?no. 230. Beckley West Virginia sunday Mohning Mauch to 10,10. Price 5 cents 9qc a month 20c a week russian Aid asked to Stop nazis Hitler reviews his Honor guard in Prague rumanian Trade to decide move by Hitler democracies want Russia to buy rumanian goods so Carol wont need Hitler Germany Brazen in rejecting protests or. J. It. Mcculloch part owner of the Beckley Hospital and president and general manager of the Lilly Rook Coal company died yesterday of a fractured Skull the result of a fall Down the Steps at the Black Knight country club at 6 p. In. His family summoned from Ronceverte where they were attending the regional basketball tournament did not know of his death until they reached their Home on Woodlawn Avenue. Born at Point pleasant. Dec. 14, 1885, or. Mcculloch attended the University of Kentucky and graduated from the medical College of Virginia. After one year at St. Luke s Hospital in Richmond be began his medical career at Welch where he served As county health officer. Later he was chief examiner for the state compensation commission. Following the practice of Medicine in Charleston he came to Beckley in 1922 to acquire with his brother in Law or. A. U. Tieche the Beckley Hospital. He was Active superintendent of the Hospital until five years ago. Besides his connection with the Hospital and the Lilly Rook company. He was vice president of the Raleigh smokeless fuel company president of the Beckley Industrial savings loan Bank and a director of the Bank of Raleigh. He is survived by his widow mrs. Lajo Stalnaker Mcculloch his Mother mrs. C. Mcculloch. Two children John h. Mcculloch. Jr., and Patty to All of Beckley two Sisters. Mrs. Flor ence m Teiche of Beckley. Mrs. Mary v. Gates of Huntington and one brother c. E. Mcculloch of Point pleasant. He was a scottish rite Mason. Funeral services expected to he held tomorrow had not been arranged Early this morning. Terri by the associated pics i a a Protection of rumanian Britain and Fiance turned to tory. Ward soviet Russia last night in a King Carol was understood to Quick Effort to Block a reported have asked Paris and London for move against Rumania by a nazi a reply within 48 hours on what Germany they no longer sought to support they could give him appease. Against the nazi demands and High authoritative sources Dis Britain and France in turn have closed the attempt to form a triple asked Moscow of the soviet Union Bruit against hitlers eastward would loin them in buying from course of Empire amid these Swift Rumania to Block Hitler. Germany now is the largest outlet for Rumania s exports. Moscow kept a close watch on the situation hut official comment was lacking. Hitler himself left Vienna and Berlin prepared a rousing Recap at noon or. J. Ii. Mcculloch president of l Illbrook Coal company and part owner of the Beckley Hospital died of injuries received in a fall on Steps at the Black Knight country club yesterday. Adolf Hitler new master of what once was it Echo Slovakia. Is shown reviewing his Honor guard in front of a Ricany Castle in Prague. The Castle was the traditional Home of ancient Bohemia s Kings. Hitler spent the night there and this picture was taken just before he departed. This picture was flown from Prague to Berlin then flashed by radio to new York. Disturber of Community held Relief families get Garden seed Ash and carry arms Sale asked Allen Mosel jailed for it fahd High Hundred packages liven to them Mir ctr at by state Home grown vegetables to reduce Relief c osts Harvey by Register stall writer Fayetteville a Allen merely began serving a ten Day sentence at the jail Here yesterday f allowing his arrest for causing several disturbances in the Section around Harvey. According to Jim Kyle Mosely attacked Hurt and beat him. Several other dwellers of Harvey related to officers that Mosely came to their houses in a Drunken condition and caused disturbances. Magi irate r. C. Godsey held the hearing. Insurance men know their Stief senator Pittman proposed Bange in it. S. Neutrality Law moving events the two democracies denounced Germany a seizure of Coccho Slovakia in notes which Germany almost immediately rejected As lacking a every political Legal and moral Paris and London called Home Tion today sunday their Berlin ambassadors a for re Beckley time ports in a double Rebuff w hich meanwhile hungarian troops Gorman countered by summoning completed occupation of Eastern from London her own ambassador j car Patio Uki airy and began for the same stated purpose. Blocking roads into Rumania to Premier Dander a on from the halt All traffic. Plaintiffs in circuit court win $7,011.30 largest amount during term was $3,5 h won by Charles Bushala for in juries French chamber of deputies dictatorial Powers to whip the nations defences into shape for any eventuality and called an emergency sunday Cabinet meeting to Sider defense measures. Hungarian infantrymen numbering an estimated 200.000 were in Eastern car Patho Ukraine. Thov had orders to Speed up authoritative British said Roumania had received and then rejected a virtual German ultimatum demanding sole Access to the nations Rich Oil and Era n resources in Exchange for German con pacification of the former czechoslovak territory. This was inter damages totalling $7,Orr 30 were listed As being turned Over to plaintiffs in Law cases tried during the last term of circuit court a checkup in the clerks office revealed today. The largest amount. $2,500, was awarded to Charles Bushala from Fred Vav. Miller for injuries the a ourm pm a a cd indicating that Tho. Plain Quot suffered in an automobile would he urgently needed on the i omd ent iat Camp Creek last de Comber 9. Masons Honor or. Nash Patton two Alderson men have been members of Lodge since 1888 one murder on indictment list Jbv the associated press Baldwin Park cadent May happen any minute a argued insurance salesmen a Williams and Gus Johnson to their client David c. Phillips As they i stood in his front Yard. Phillips fell at their feet wound led by a Bullet which ricocheted after a neighbor Sho plier. Falls to death a tim a Ciati i Welch Oscar scions 43, was round fatally injured beneath a Norfolk and we i n rash my Bridge. Officials said he apparently fell from the Span. Nearly All of 800 packages of Garden seed have been issued to families of Raleigh county to Plant in subsistence gardens this summer announced e. Vav. Worrell jr., director of the department of Public assistance yesterday. The packages containing All kinds of Garden seeds were sent Here last week by the state department of Public assistance. Worrell estimated the gardens throughout the county will be Worth More than $83, to families of Raleigh courtly. The number of families to raise gardens will be More than the 544 in the county Lait year. A Field workers have been Busy throughout the Winter making estimates of the need making it possible to receive the seeds earlier this year than Ever before. Worre11 said a we Are of the opinion that one of the Hest ways for the indigent to provide for themselves is by cultivation of a this plan will enable the assistance department to make substantial reductions in Relief Grants in the Rural sections of the county. He added. People taking part in the plan must sign an agreement promising to do the necessary work on to Quot Garden and visitors will Check at interva1 to see that they meet terms of the agreement. Weather fair and warmer sunday. Monday increasing cloudiness and warmer. About seventy five indictments to be asked by Thornhill Only one murder Case is on the d Ciket scheduled to come before the next term of the grand jury which opens monday morning. Prosecuting attorney w. A Thornhill jr., said yesterday that More than 65 presentment will be offered by the prosecuting attorney s office and about 75 indictments will be asked. Five manslaughter indictments resulting from Hig a fatalities will be asked and the remainder will consist of charges of maiming and burglary. By the associated press Washington a senator Pittman a no chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee proposed today revision of the neutrality legislation so As to prevent the Sale of any american products to warring nations except on a a Cash and carry basis. He announced he would submit a Resolution monday to repeal existing neutrality legislation and substitute the new program. Pittman who often Speaks for the administration on foreign policy matters said he had not discussed his Resolution with president Roosevelt or the state department but that he thought j it would be More acceptable to the president than other neutrality proposals. In response to a question As to whether the legislation would strengthen great Britain s position in event of a european War Pittman replied a any nation that controls the sea would have the advantage under this Resolution. Of course we can not be sure who we Ili control the sea in War rumanian Frontier. Prague at least 10,000 please turn to Page 7 somebody a Dogna Ped a Beaver cow Friend do Napers have spoiled the Damon and pythias Friend hip of the Jersey cow and Collie dog a trouble who interested Beaver residents by their daily rounds together for Many months. A a trouble took unto himself the Job of watching Over the family cow of the family of l e. Duncan of Beaver immediately after Eddie the Duncan s youngest son a a picked Quot the dog on other cow s that were bothering the Jersey at feeding time. Ever after that the two were inseparable although the cow did no to seem to appreciate the dogs sticking to her like a Leech while she grazed the highways and mountainsides. But a a trouble has disappeared. Little Eddie said he had w asked up and Down the a hard Road a but no a a trouble had Bern seen. A somebody must have picked him the lad thought. But the Jersey cow is going her Way seeming not to mind that the Collie that brought her Home sometimes against her will follows her no More. By of Rogister staff writer Alderson a a get together meeting which started with a dinner in the dining room of the Alderson methodist Church was enjoyed by 46 members of the Alderson masonic Lodge thursday. The program honoured or. C. P. Nash and p. R. Patton Veteran masons of Long standing who were awarded service badges by a representative of the grand Lodge. Or. Nash first became a Mason in 1882 at the Kanawha Lodge at Buffalo. He was admitted to the Alderson Lodge in 1908. Or. Patton became a Mason in 1882 at the Alderson Ridge. He holds the distinction of being the oldest member in the Alderson Lodge. Preceding the dinner p. H. Hull Ings played a March while the members were gathering for the social Assembly. E. V. Core pronounced the invocation. Those attending the dinner were or. C. F. Mahood Joe w. Hedrick Harry h. Scott w. F. Nelson c. M. Nelson e. V. Broyles l. V. Pezzanite w. P. Ware c h. Bivens j. E. Kieffer c. M. Patton e. C. Gwinn f. G. Lobban e. Chase Bare w. D. Townley Everett l. Roach. Bill Goodman j. K. Harrah w. M. Echols h. R. Walthall Harry Brownw g. Smith p. H. Hulling a n. Wilkinson p. D. Straight e. P. Honaker c. W. Gwinn Elmer Taylor c. G. Eads w. C. A a dad Eades j. A. Rise h. R. Mcvey Max w Miller p. B. Patton w. I. Holliday c. N. Hogg rtt r s. Johnson a. G. Huffman e. V. Core c. In Harrah. R. B. Foster c. M. Perry Lovell Huston i. W Twohig e. L. Roach and l. J. Hines. Professor appointed by the a Oci ated pres Bethany the appointment of or. R. H. As head of the the second highest judgment was $1,481.41. It went to the West Virginia tractor and equipment company from George p. Clay. Four men w. F. Tolliver m. L. Tosh Coy Suggett and Wade Lovell won judgments for the death of their cattle on tracks of the virginian railway near Sophia. Tolliver and Tosh got $75, Lovell $20, and Fugett $20. Injured parties in c a. Hough was paid $600 by the general stores As the result of a truck collision and Mike Vergis got $500 from Constable Emmett Williams for injuries received in a fight at his Edw ight restaurant. Other judgments Mariah Cooper from Steve Pavlos $150 s. E. Jarrell from Clyde Montgomery $41.21 c. D. Garten from modern furniture $35 Callaway motor sales from f. C. Burchett $75. Herman Mclean company from j r Root. $450, and w. V. Stillwell and j. E. Martin from f. C. Burchett $60.68. Mrs. Al lie Plumier tried to recover on a $1,000 insurance policy department of education was Anil of the Superior fire insurance mourned by president w. A continued on Page 7 Cramblet of Bethany College. Says lewis9 plan Radical clerk a a aide in Fayette jailed by the communist party in Juno 1937, read a a a we mus4 never cease to Dib the associated press it acc cd Lewis suggestion calling it Washington an a. F. L. Impractical and one which of Lofficial charged bluntly tonight Fereck no possible solution of the ii t 13t that problems arising rom conflict be Mand the unification of the Trade ranked by John l. Lewis w is that p i n and Aff. I a advocated by he communist party. A a f i a n mine men a n or with this instatement John p Frev Frey who appeared the the party Bas raised the resident of the a f. Metal ?1gs comm tree investigating in question of the convocation of a rades division described As a Widen Icale Lewis proposal and one a. ,. Ald a he communist part Advance footholds m Many c. I. Unions hoods and other unaffiliated in Cair in hic Cofta a non t a inc \ rat Oil the d two years ago. He referred to the suggestion american activities last year and i Trade Union Unity Congress of the charged communists had gained a. I. A. F. A. Railroad Bro her Fayetteville Earl Miller former aide at the court House Here began serving 20 Days in the county jail yesterday when convicted of passing a bad $2 Check on the local Kroger store. His hearing was before i Istrate r. C. Godsey who sentenced him to ten Days and fined him $100�?which was defaulted meanwhile Miller is to he held for giving bogus checks in Greenbrier Boone and Raleigh counties according to records at the sheriffs office. Miller formerly assisted the county clerk in making official election counts. America taxes German imports in protest against nazi seizure of Czecho Slovakia porn Lewis head of the c. I. O., that he a f a. C. I. O and rail said in his statement Lions. Let All those who stand for a it will not make the problem i and Solidarity come to such of Unity Between the a. F. L. And a Congress Quot the c. I. Easier to solve when Road or other kids unite in a Nas understood that the first pro annal la or federation. Lewis pm Sals for Unity advanced by the Naie his proposal immediately of c. I. Were identical to Hose to the first a f . I. O peace prepared by to communist party r o c told at the White House Vith Moscow s approval two years seemly. a. F. L. Leaders already have re j Frey said a Resolution adopted the a. F . I. O peace negotiations Are to of resumed Here next Friday. At that time. The joint committee is to consider an a. F. L. Proposal that As the first step toward Unity the former a f. L. Unions now in the c. I. Apply for readmission. Jail visitor will stay Long Beloit. Palumb sky. 29, went to the City jail to visit a Friend but remained longer than he expected. Sergt. Thomas Timmons saw him and dusted off a warrant charging Palubinsky with breaking and entering a girls dormitory at Beloit College last july. By the associated pre Washington on the heels of the state department s strongly worded denunciation of Germany a absorption of Czechoslovakia the Treasury ordered an extra 25 per cent Tariff today on Many products that the Reich sends to this country. A Treasury spokesman who announced the action said it a taken with the state departments knowledge hut refused comment when asked if it was related to Germany a seizure of the czech Republic. A the he said a Speaks for there seemed Little doubt however that this economic blow to germane could be interpreted in Ain other Light than As a forceful expression of this country a extreme displeasure at what Sumner Welles acting Secretary of state called yesterday the a Wanton lawlessness of the occupation of Czecho Slovakia. Roosevelt s penalty it recalled too that president Roosevelt said in his message to Congress last january that there were Means a Short of War but stronger and More effective than Mere words of bringing Home to aggressor nations the aggregate sentiment of our own the Treasury ordered the extra Tariff by imposing what Are known As a countervailing duties a effective april 23. The Tariff aet of 1930 provides that Sinh duties shall be levied in addition to regular tariffs on any foreign products subsidized in manufacture or Export by the government of the country of origin. The Treasur acted after attorney general Murphy ruled that German goods imported under barter arrangements should he subject to extra duties. Imports from Germany declined in 1938 to $61537,000, compared with $92,168,000 the previous year. Its mostly barter private Trade experts estimated that at least $30., of the 1938 Trade was carried on by barter. In View of Welles expression yesterday diplomats Herr were convinced that this country would not recognize the nazi absorption of Czecho Slovakia. The administration also authoritative sources said will give Complete moral backing to the determined fight a \ Ladimir s. Durban the czech minister to prevent his dismembered country a legation Here from falling into German hands. Durban said he would not turn Over the legation until the Czecho slovak National Assembly by a three fifths majority approved the merger with Germany. Since the National Assembly no longer exists it appears the Doughty czech Mal continue to hold on for some years to come. Germany a Only recourse would he to sue before the United states supreme court which by the Constitution is Given original jurisdiction in cases involving ambassadors Public ministers and consuls. Answer prepared at the state department today. Sumner Welles acting Secretary. Said the United states was preparing an answer to Germany s Binal notification of the developments in Central Europe. The German note was delivered last night by or. Mans Thomsen German charge d affaires. Welles said the Exchange of notes probably would he made Public Early next week and that at about the same time a decision Likely would be announced As to the status of Wilbur j. Carr the american minister to Prague who has remained at hts Post. The acting Secretary told reporters there was no basis Lor speculation that this country might join with great Britain. Franco and soviet Russia in a conference on checking a i a Force

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