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Beckley Sunday Register (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Beckley, West Virginia Strong opposition to nominees develops in Senate by the associated press Washington Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of col. Frank Knox a nomination to be Secretary of the Navy was reported today after the committee decided to question him on his views toward United states policy and the War. One committee member who said he favored approval of the nomination asserted that an informal poll indicated that if the vote were taken today the nomination would be rejected la to 5. He expressed the opinion that whether or not the committee approved the nomination would depend on Knox s statement of his attitude toward possible intervention in the european War. Chairman Walsh . Merely announced after the closed session that it had been decided unanimously to summon Knox for questioning on his views and that the hearing probably w Ould be held on july i. It was reported authoritatively however that it was proposed in the session that the committee Issue a Public statement to the effect that it intended to investigate Knox s views and that if it found that he favored intervention it would reject his nomination. This proposal was said to have brought from senator Ellender . The protest that this would constitute prejudgment of Knox. In this stand he was reported to have been supported by senator Johnson . And senator Hale other members finally adopting the same attitude. Walsh told reporters that committee members had received scores of protesting and commend tory expressions on Knox a nomination and on president Roosevelt a selection of Henry l. Stimson to be Secretary of w a. Most of the protests he said appeared to be based on the protestants understanding of the attitude of the two men toward the War. Both have advocated that the United states give All material assistance to great Britain and France. Stimson also is expected to be asked for a statement of his views before committee action on his nomination. The Senate military committee decided yesterday that hearings should be held. And chairman Sheppard . Said that Stimson probably would be called As a w fitness. Criticism in Congress of president Roosevelt a Choice of the two republicans for his Cabinet has entered principally on the appointment of Stimson. In that connection critics suggested in Senate debate yesterday that Secretary of War Woodring was forced to resign because he was unwilling to go As far As Roosevelt wished in Aid to the allies. Ref. Fish . A expressed the same thought today in a statement in which he declared that the Quot purge of Woodring from the Cabinet Quot goes far beyond attempts to Quot purge members of Congress. While questions of policy continued to agitate both Senate and House they completed action on a $1,000,000,000 tax defense Bill and a $1,768,913,908 emergency defense measure supplying funds for air planes tanks guns and other munitions. The latter Bill was the last of the special defense appropriations asked by president Roosevelt. There was some expectation among the legislators however that further requests would be made in the near future in View of reports that the National defense commission had recommended an additional billion Dollar project to Roosevelt. Authoritative source said that this called for construction of scores of government plants to turn out powder shells Armor plate aircraft and other munitions. In addition it was understood that the commission had recommended further huge orders for air planes and other weapons to assure that Industry could go on a mass production basis. France signs armistice on German terms House passes four billion Dollar Navy measure nazi demands called would give us biggest Navy in All history details Are kept secret but it apparently would mean building 26 battleships by the associated press Washington a $4,000,000,-000 warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House today after scarcely two hours debate. The Swift action together with final congressional approval of a $1,000,000,000 tax defense Bill and s $1,768,913,908 emergency appropriation for the army and Navy shared attention at the Capitol with reports of Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of colonel Frank Knox a nomination to be Secretary of the Navy. The naval committee voted at a closed session to ask Knox to appear before it for questioning about his views toward United states policy and the War. One member who said he favored approval of the nomination told reporters that an informal poll indicated that if a vote were taken today the nomination would be rejected la to 5. Whether or not the committee approves the nomination this member said May depend on Knox a statement of his attitude toward possible United states intervention in the european War. Details Are secret the Navy expansion Bill swept through the House with a chorus of Quot ayes on a voice vote. The exact number of new ships i opposed in it is a military secret the measure cloaking this by providing Only for 385,000 tons of battleships 200,000 tons of aircraft carriers 420,000 tons of cruisers 250,000 tons of destroyers and 70,000 tons of submarines. These have been unofficial estimates however that completion of the program together with Otner naval construction aready authorized would give the unite states a Fleet of 618 warships capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.�?. This Fleet would comprise -6 battleships 14 air plane carriers 70 cruisers 338 destroyers and 170 submarines. This compares with the existing Navy of 15 battleships five air plane carriers. 35 cruisers. 219 destroyers and 95 submarines. In addition to heavy combat ships the Bill also would authorize acquisition of 15,000 air planes construction of $25,000,000 of Small Harbor defense Craft and 100,000 tons of auxiliary vessels. Informed sources said the latter would include a new. Fast Type of ship capable of carrying completely equipped detachments of marines including their tanks and artillery. Congress in control the Bill also stipulates that no ship boat or vessel in the Navy or being built now or hereafter could be sold or otherwise disposed of or be chartered or scrapped without the consent of Congress. Chairman Vinson . Of the naval committee said it was designed to prevent such transactions As the recently disclosed continued on Page 6 uti d leu beats ter member of the associated press and audit Bureau of circulations volume Row no. I. Beckley West Virginia sunday morning june 23. 1010. Price 5 cents. 20c a week 90c a month Congress takes week s rest hands to for a billion defense Bill hikes taxes on gasoline cigarettes whiskey and other articles in 10-hour Day by the associated press Washington Congress quit tonight for a one week recess after sending to the White House a Bil lion Dollar tax Bill and Over $4, 000,000,000 of appropriations legislation. A scattering of Quot noes came from the Republican Side when the House adopted the Resolution which closed a ten hour Day for the legislators and recessed Congress until july i. Acting swiftly on one item after another the Senate and House sent to president Roosevelt a score of Bills during the Day including a $1,768,913,908 emergency de sense measure and the annual appropriations for Relief the labor department and the Federal Security Agency. In addition to the direct appropriations Congress also granted authority for various government agencies to enter into contracts totalling almost another $1,000,-000,000. In addition to giving Quick approval to Senate House Compro Mises on the tax and defense Bills the two branches of Congress accepted and sent along to the White House a Compromise $1,157,711,-357 Relief appropriation Bill. As finally passed the defense tax Bill was shorn of a Senate approved proposal for a War profits Levy. It carries provisions to increase the National debt limit from $45,000,000,000 to $49,000,000,000 Lowers personal income tax exemptions increases the number of individual tax payers by an estimated 2,000,000 and imposes increased taxes on theater tickets cigarettes whiskey gasoline and numerous other products. The. Income tax changes will cover 1940 incomes payable on March 15, 1941. The excise increases become effective immediately the president signs the legislation. The $1,768,913,908 emergency defense appropriation was the latest of president Roosevelt a recommended defense expenditures. The bulk of the fund will be used for army air planes tanks guns and other munitions but part will go for Navy needs including a Start on construction of 68 new fighting ships. Wide open Quot g. 0. P. Convention spiked with Quot Deal Quot talk Willkie Poohs Poohs Rumor that Taft and Dewey Are fusing to Stop him by the associated press Philadelphia leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this carnival Bent convention City today denying fast flying rumours of impending a deals a and looking Forward to the party a first wide open contest for the nomination since 1920. Wendell Willkie the new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e. Dewey the Young new York District attorney who swept Pitt preference primaries and senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing line in Washington reached town to join senator styles Bridges Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h James of Pennsylvania contenders who had previously taken up their quarters Here. With them came a Rush of delegates and party Camp followers who jammed hotel lobbies bars and restaurants talking excitedly of this Rumor or that and arguing endlessly about platform planks and candidates. Dewey it bling a press conference said flatly that there was no truth in reports that his forces were teaming up with those of senator Taft in an Effort to a Stop asked whether he would accept a vice presidential nomination he said a i Trust the question is at the same time platform subcommittees were at work behind closed Dors including the group at work on the foreign affairs Plank. All the groups had been advised to have their planks ready for presentation to the drafting committee by Early evening. Alf m. Landon chairman of the foreign affairs sub committee asserted however that that was impossible in his Case. Willkie Pooh poohed All talk of a a Stop Willkie movement with an assertion that other candidates did not control their delegates to such an extent and flatly asserted he would not accept the vice presidential nomination. At a press conference Taft said he was contemplating a no combinations of any kind a saw no continued on Page six Relief fund red Cross Relief fund for victims of War donations yesterday $720.86 previous gifts. $3067.60 total. $3788.46 contributors yesterday were consolidated bus lines and employees $22.15�?b. T. Wren jr., a. H. Morris Essie Stephens w. A Hardister Marguerite Cook consolidated bus lines Clarice Stephens Robert Price Paul Craft Carl Shumate William Lively Homer Fitzpatrick Naomi Price Audra Price Fred Bryson. George Foresman jr., $1 George Foresman sr., $3 Anna Mac Foresman $1 mrs. J. P. Nowlin $5 mrs. A. S. Johnston $5 Palmer Farley $1 or. D. B. Jarrell $5. Beckley ice and feed company $10 tile following Beckley ice and feed company employees $22.25�?otis Lilly j. S. Larrick e. W. Jones c. S. Calfee o. R. Taylor Earl gravely John Harper. Calvin Moore c. O. Crouse Herbert gravely Bernard Porterfield. James Basham Eddie gravely Henry roles Hayward Riffe. Charlie Cockrean e. Booth r. R. Wheeler r. Moore s. Basham Frankie Wheeler John Kheda George Keith. Ammar Bros store and employees $7.50�?ammar Bros. Tom Thabet and Edyth Lunstrum. Macalpin Coal company employees $176.46�?ladies Aid society $15 or. George w. Johnson $10 w. B. Crickmer $8 w. L. Ogle $3 Frank Walters $2 the following gave $5 each Duncan Wright d. H. Halstead Saul Brown f. C. Belcher e. M. Tolliver Claude Bradford James continued on Page 15 weather partly Cloudy sunday monday partly Cloudy and warmer followed by local showers at night. King Carol decrees nazi pattern with pessimism by the associated press Bucharest a King Carol called upon rumanian today to Quot revise their entire mental attitude to conform to the new nazi patterned totalitarian party into whose hands the government has been placed. Its aim the King said in a radio address will be to Quot put aside personal interests and aspirations in the interest of the Quot no one must any longer think about himself but Only of rumanian National interests a Carol said. Quot its typical obligations Are imposed on All rumanian a they must work struggle renounce All personal interests and sacrifice themselves to the new ideals of the the King said he created the party Quot with the conviction that i have succeeded in realizing a totalitarian Union which is so essential now for no one knows what the future holds in store for tax Lien comes third court rules in Lece Onny and Price Hill receiver suits by the associated press Charleston the liens involved in conditional sales contracts take precedence Over the states liens for Gross sales tax payments the supreme court ruled today in a Raleigh county receivership Case. Tax commissioner Ernest k. James had appealed from a ruling made in the Case of Harry e. Moran against the Lece Onny smokeless Coal company and others in of Tiido the property was up for Sale. The decree established priority of various liens including several under which property had been purchased under conditional sales contracts. It was affirmed in part reversed in part and remanded. The opinion by judge Fred l. Fox held that the Vendor under a conditional contract a holds a preference Over All other liens which May be created against the same in the hands of the after that he said proceeds of a Sale go first toward paying expenses of receivership then to taxes due the United states and then to taxes due the state. In another Raleigh county Case the decision of the court in the receivership Case of c. H. Sprague and others against the Price Hill Colliery company also involving priority of liens was reversed and remanded. In a decision of March to 1939, the lower court fixed priority of liens at first receivership costs second Federal taxes and third state taxes with other private Lens following. A decree of August 23, 1939, changed the priority. The appellate court held the March to order should stand. Negroes make political plans Neely Kilgore club meet again next saturday to the Raleigh county Neely Kilgore coloured club met saturday afternoon at 5 p. In. In the Assembly Hall of St. Matthew a. M. E. Church to perfect the county wide executive committee. Clint Howard presided. The following persons present consented to serve on the committee Jap Adams Joe Jennings Henry Tyree winding Gulf Willie White l. C. Mccray Sullivan Andrew Evans Mcalpin Aleck frail in Stotesbury d. G. Jenkins Stanaford Bernard Hollis East Beckley Fred Watkins Helen Ballard Hackley Tams Jessie Banbury logo James Austin Louise Goldsten fire co William Katus big stick Susi Rigley Dean Affinity. The Neely Kilgore county group will meet saturday june 29th at 7 30 p. In. At St. Matthew a. M. E. Church. Double egg Hen has the habit by the associated press Welch Farmer Marvin Price has a double duty Hen. Not Content he says with laying an egg a Day each of the eggs is a double one. The eggs Are about eight inches in circumference and in each is a smaller perfect egg. She has Laid eight so far and seems to be in Good health. Hard but honorable the fight continues French plenipotentiaries now must reach agreement with Mussolini before War stops Poilu Battle italians bravely by the associated pres Bordeaux a the French government announced officially Jato tonight that France and Germany had signed an armistice providing a hard bul honorable terms. A if the terms had not been honorable France would have been ready to Light on in Lier colonies a French sources said. The Price Adolf Hitler demanded for peace however will not he announced officially until after France reaches an agreement with Italy and the cease firing order is Given. In a heavily censored dispatch it was disclosed that the government remains for the moment at Bordeaux the provisional capital. From that Headquarters official spokesmen said a fresh French troops were holding firm along the Alpine Frontier beating Back attacking italians from Mont Blanc to the sea despite the menace of German pressure from the rear. The germans were pictured As pushing a spearhead Down the Rhone Valley behind the Frontier defense forces slowly steadily despite valiant resistance. The High commands night communique indicated that while the fighting was Jess severe it continued in local combats All along Hie front. The germans apparently were pushing Forward with Advance and scouting units. A War office spokesman said the tired Poilu a Are continuing a desperate but not useless their resistance during the tense hours in which emissaries of their government discussed with the germans the terms of armistice was said to have enabled France to hold out for the a a soldiers a peace which Premier retain demanded. T Here was no cease firing order. Apparently the troops must continue to hold their lines until six hours after agreement is reached with Italy. Not until then government spokesmen said is the armistice effective. It was Churchill pleads for French Aid says Only British Victory Over nazis can free French Empire from slavery by the associated press London a prime minister Winston Churchill expressing British Quot grief and amazement at France s acceptance of German armistice terms appealed today to Jill frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British fight against Germany As the Only Hope of Frances eventual restoration to Liberty. Declaring that the British government could not feel that a free Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the German armistice Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the Petain government Quot to Aid to the utmost of their strength the forces of liberation which Are enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly despite the action of the Bordeaux government he said a victorious Britain will Quot cherish the cause of the French people a and pointed out to them that a British continued on Page 8 understood too that the terms of Hie armistice will not he disclosed until that time. By the associated press battered France capitulated finally to triumphant Germany saturday night with the signing of an armistice in the gloom of ancient comping be Forest but the business of fighting and dying continued for the soldiers of both sides. The Stem German terms were not disclosed but the French radio reported that France had made Quot some counter proposals to them. The radio announcer added that too members of the French Senate meeting in Bordeaux voted Confidence in Premier marshal Henri continued on Page six o. Wheeler indicted again granted venue change red candidate to face trial on felony counts Oscar Wheeler communist can Date for governor of West Vir Lia we ill be tried in some county ter than Raleigh on nine new ii tents returned by a special and jury in criminal court yes Day. Judge Harley m. Kilgore sus Ned a petition from wheelers Orneys Harold w. Houston of Harleston and Louis Fleischer new York asking for a change venue and told them he would of by monday afternoon where a trial is to be held. Two counties besides Raleigh will be banned Mcdowell and Logan. Houston said he has had Quot experiences in each of those. Both defense attorneys expressed preference for either Boone or Kanawha counties. Assistant prosecuting attorney w. H. Mcginnis moved in court that five Misdemeanour indictments returned by the last regular grand jury be Rol pressed. They All accused Wheeler of fraud in obtaining names to the petition supporting him As a communist candidate for governor. Mrs. Leona Wheeler the gubernatorial aspirants wife also was named in an indictment returned by the special grand jury yesterday. She is accused said investigator Lloyd Webb of fraudulently obtaining names to the petition. Five second offences five of the Aew indictments against Wheeler Are second offence felonies. The other four Are misdemeanours. All charge him with fraud. The indictment against mrs. Wheeler also is a felony. The new indictments were a Surprise to Houston Fleischer and the wheelers when they went into court yesterday to ask for a change of venue on the old indictments. The petition named Only the old indictments but judge Kilgore allowed them to erase the old indictments and write in the new nes for both defendants. Webb explained that Wheeler was a court Martiale during the world War and sentenced to 15 years in Leavenworth prison for not obeying orders. He served 13 months of the term Webb added the reason Why the prosecuting attorneys office was Able to ask for a second offence felony indictment. Houston who did most of the talking at yesterdays hearing asked for the change of venue on these grounds 1. The american legion and Loyal order of Moose have held secret meetings and circulated literature against Wheeler and the petition.2. Newspaper stories have influenced the people Here. 3. Wheeler has been unable to get Bond. 4. No Raleigh county lawyer will represent him. Houston said a it is a Case that not Only arouses a lot of state wide interest but has been treated in a number of metropolitan newspapers. A great Many things have been published that Are detrimental to the defendant Wheeler. Cites american principle Quot one of the primary principals of a Republican form of government is to give a Man a fair trial and it is impossible for or. Wheeler to get a fair and impartial trial in Raleigh pointing out that it has been impossible for Wheeler and his new York lawyer to get an attorney Here to represent the communist petition solicitor Houston declared Quot it shows the sentiment that has been stirred up against or. he went on to say the Bond is excessive at least double w hat would be asked in Kanawha county. Because of the political significance of the Case Quot and Oscar Wheeler a bonding companies have refused to handle his bord Houston said. Speaking of the first Bond Fleischer tried to offer for Wheeler Houston said Quot i anything is Good in this state u. S. Government Bonds should judge Kilgore reminded him that West Virginia statute prohibits acceptance of such Bond. Houston said the action against Wheeler Quot was primarily instituted by the american legion a adding that Money was furnished by the Kilgore to say monday where the trial will be legion and Moose to help with the Case. Pamphlets he continued were printed freely by the Jarrett printing company of Charleston and circulated Over the state. Shun three counties any counties but Raleigh Logan and Mcdowell would be All right for trial of the Case Houston said. He admitted that some sentiment had been stirred up against Wheeler in Kanawha county. Thornhill in answer to Houston a remarks said a it strikes me that the american legion has a right to meet and spend any Money they have when they Are inside the he asked that if the legion cannot spend its Money Why should the communist party be allowed to do so to help Wheeler. As to the Bond Thornhill said emphatically a the statute does not permit this court to accept u. S. Government Bonds from a Man whose sole purpose is to overthrow the government that those

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