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Beckley Sunday Register (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Beckley, West Virginia Volume 15, number 87. Beckley Kaleigh county a. A. Sunday. Ianthy 17, i Jug. Five cents Dek cod of will extend free express delivery no Iii Ber of new streets a Kuh list on whirl company will deliver packages to red Man in Church following the visit Here of in past week of a. La. Seldom Roulo agent of Hie american railway express company Hie people on a i Niu her of streets in lh1 City of Weekley will enjoy free delivery for the first time of express according to announcement of e. Smith Loen agent. Or. Selden is making recommendations to thai effect Ami in All probability the Reeo Binienda Lions will go through within a Sli Oil time. Or. Schlep visit to Hie Coimnun-1 its was flu result of work on lilt pail of . A. Janies Secretary of the Weekley chamber of Commerce. Besides timing a convenience to the Public the additional delivery service will probably result in increased business for the express company As the individuals affected will no now have to go to Hie sin for their packages. However the extra service was put on a few steel streets with the in Derst aiding that in very had and snowy Wencher ii might in or s Ary to hold lip on the delivery for a few Days because of the condition of the entire list of sheets on which delivery will be made As furnished yesterday by or. Smith including both old and new is As follows from Weekley Hospital Northeast on Oakwood Avenue to end of Bard Urf Aee Oil North Oakwood ave from Oakwood ave. East on fourth St. To it and of hard surface on Cen Ter Street from Oakwood Avenue to third Avenue on i hint ave. From Center Street to Nevi he Street from hid ave. On dark ave. To woo hawn from dark Avenue covering Meadows revival meeting to close tonight get pay Smith will preach three sermons at the first presbyterian Church today Jot their $1,000 Raleigh t la. Association goal set reaches visitors take close score american Indian red Fox is or a i finish is Quot Lin s Peen or a Deacon of the anglican Cill Church by right Rev. George i Mimer Bishop of i lint rid Fox is known its a n Indian life. Ile wits born id. In Phons and educated to it. In is months he Wilt he 4 convicted for misusing mails Madison Farmer and seven others were alleged victims of Duarte of swindlers Par Avenue court amt return to from Park Avenue on Grandville Avenue to residence of e. Smith from third Avenue East Oil second Street to first Street from Oakwood Avenue East on Nevi he Street to Lichi r sired from Neville sired Solidi on first Avenue to first Street from Neville sired on Woodlawn Avenue to no. 117 from >3 South Heber Street to to North Heber Street from Heber Street on main Street to no. I East main sired from Keyser Bouse on Prince Street to North Kanawha Street from 2 South Fayette Street to decree re Street from limit tied on South Kanawha Street to g. Amp o. Railroad tracks on nor to Kanawha tied from South Kanawha Street Easl on a a cd Street to no. 18 from Kau Anba Street on Leaver avens to from South Kanawha Street on it Butch Street to no. To from South conviction of four men. Two from Huntington and one from Albans returned ill i listed state District court at Charleston nov to 11 21, was ii of i malt Ltd p i i is the tin series of revival meetings a1 the first presbyterian lunch ton 1 dulled by Gypsy Simon Smith will come to a close with the Sermon ibis evening. After resting yester Day the famous Gypsy will conduct three big services today. This morning lie will deliver a Sermon entitled. A the heavenly i in tin afternoon lie will1 give his at i tires s., entitled a time the Gypsy Camp to the pulpit an and i dress which thousands of people it a paid to hear from the Chan Lamina platform. In Hie evening the Sermon subject will Hea a love before beginning the Sermon Friday night tile evangelist expressed ids thanks to the Many persons and the newspapers for the co of citation Given during the inc Ings. The Friday Aidif Sermon was an Appeal to the christians to bring souls to Jesus. Some of the High i Points of the Sermon were As Fol lows a you May not lie x on i in be a a you nun not be a you eau be a a no matter How Low a pm i has fallen there is always a spark of Good somewhere. That spark linty he fanned to Hume and consume the a a if you Waul to pick up Anvil Ling von have to stoop of von arc i Leat Good gleaner for god you my stoop a Elf god can i a a wild dbl iss Mill is gospel a there is a wonderful Chance for a Elf von want to get Teal satisfaction vim can get ii big god and you will lie of i lie salvation arms is great work lint it is not fair with the Helt it of the funds do Rived from Hie Benefit pageant put. Oil last monday evening the Kaleigh j county t tuberculosis association i went Over the top in its Effort to raise the sum of so imm in Hie Conn j in in Hie eat sate. I he total reached on Friday the last Day of the i Campaign was 1,075.7 i. A Little Money continues to conic in from the scat Sale letters sent out in december although returns now Are Small. A number of those Cut seals have made no response neither Point the Wini returning the seals nor the Money in favor of the local cagers lose to Montgomery i rum scandal figure ext Ding Cann by of it to 1ft�?extra period necessary 111111 it i i i to it to maintain a Lead gained in the first Glacier of Hie basketball game with Montgomery High school lure last night Cost the Woodrow Wilson Cavers a Victory and sen them Down in defeat by the slender margin of one measly count being i to 17 Montgomery Crew. These Are All expected to Send Bat the locals looked like a Cool one or the other. Million in the opening stanza when Itic Success of the Campaign is hic ran up a twelve Point Lead be largely due to get. By. Hair. Or. W Hof la Montgomery got Stal led. The beaded hic Money raising Campaign. Score at the end of the first Quarter was 12 to i in favor of the Home miss Marion i. Perry Public health nurse and miss Esther Gilbertson who put a it a the pageant monday. Through the pageant boil Quot add a realized and without this sum the necessary i Odd would not have Bein reached. Those interested in Hie association arc Well pleased with the Success of tin Campaign. A Singer hut preacher hut Rescue 21 from wrecked mine 19 bodies removed and Hope abandoned that others Are alive in Farmington mine is Twenty one a Hie a i it men v of til from death Friday night survivors of tin Joy and in serv i serving doing a to leave Good Iii id tuesday by Ain United states circuit court of appeals at Richmond. The men Are i. J. Dillingham of Huntington j. W. Iii ill. Of St. Al bans and Ralph in tin her and Otto All that Volt re to ii. Riegel both of Charleston. They a Ynve should he Able to St were indicted in november 1921 by a Hie rubbish of Federal grand inv at i i hairiest on for a Gold i found in Dill diamonds Framm Tif u to of Hie mails and so efe phyfe found in dark Day. We find senti nerd a month later it serve u in some of hit sweetest Flowers in the years in the Federal Penitentiary unit i a flue of 5 10 each. Their attorneys loll la. Kelly Albert m. Belcher and John Horan All of Charleston immediately took the Case Oil Appeal to circuit court j wrecked mint ,.k Nim Xvi min Ltd a a Quot a a a. J Quot a inn were i Lim Xii loan it i l&Quot-11/,v, a a lha Sion thursday night. Nineteen indies Hail been Romov cd from the mine during the Day Friday and Hope was practically abandoned Hud night that anyone was Stilt alive in the Workings. Barricaded behind a Wall of Bavin a stable almost ,0 i feet from the Bottom of the mine Shaft the 21 men together with 13 horses were virtual prisoners for 19 hours. Hope of Rescue had practically foul was it been abandoned by team and every thing looked As Safe As Money in tin Hank. Rile tossers from the other Side of Cotton Hill Mountain snapped out of it in the second round and licht the locals while they scored nine Points for themselves. At Hie half via station the count was to to 12 in favor of the Woodrow Wilson Hasker tears. Soon after the beginning of tin third Quarter Jackson got one from hic Charity zone and o Brien followed w till a double Decker from the Center of the court which tied hit score As even As Hie part in a Candy Ankles hair. From that him Ion folks with weak hearts had no business witnessing the contest. It j was a Rio coming stashing Melee walked Forth wih Quot 1m a Quot giving the Hest in had Iii a supreme Effort to turn the title for lib team Montgomery forged into hit Lead the count was 13 to 15 in Favori my of hit third round soon after the beginning of the final period Ragland who was substituting for George at Forward for the Beckley team looped one in from the court tying Hie score again. Jackson got one for Montgomery from the foul line and Montgomery went ahead again in the last seconds of play. Just As hit whistle blew to end hic game a lied on a Montgomery the imprisoned Blaver. Foster made the foul shot shadows of Riv no. 8 of the Jamison i Minifay Horton Pai l time instructor of English at Tail ii slate University vrho Lias been arrested on to charge of illegal manufacture of intoxicating clip ii. A search of hts Home revealed it is said. A los Innia irling his ens i milers that included members of the faculty As Well As Many prominent Elti zeus of Columbus where lie unix i 4tx an d. Elkhorn Piney co. Has a record year my re i fan a million tons of Coal mined it Weeksbury ivy., stall Aford and Powellton tinting tin year 1925 the Elkhorn Dilley Coni mining company expel j traced a record year by producing j 1,119,3331 ions of Coal Al their Weeksbury. Ivy., Dovic Litou amt stall Aford propel tics. Lew Roach milling r of the Coni Pally. Hates that they expect to surpass this achievement in the year 1920, As they Are now spending s my constructing a my steel tipple at Stanaford. This tipple will have a capacity of 2ikh tons daily and Wilt t Hihl Ien playing with fire two state fire loss shows reduction value of burned property in West Virginia is High Tor the month however tin downward trend Iii lire waste in West Virginia inn the beginning of tile fiscal year remains unbroken despite Hie heavy december hisses it is show ii by a report of tin state fire marshal department. There were 122 tires reported to hit1 department last month Ami the damage wrought was a i ,533, a reduction of 89,177 or eight per cent from tin same month last year. Tin december 1921 figures however in Cluck it several tires occurring in Hie proceeding month and not covered by that month s report because of incomplete data. The sound value of the properly attacked by the Haines in december a in Hie red during Hie Yule Moi Itu was a. 120.rsu and hic insurance vl-915.280. In All of the fires hic loss As Idri my in go Imp i d. Cabell county s entry accounted for nearly one half of the total loss 511.975. For the six Mouths if lilt fiscal veal ending december 31. Hit loss Iii the slate from fires was 2,205, 98�i. Or 31 per Celli less than for to same period the year before. For hic last Catmint year the loss from Lopo tires was 5.389.798. A decrease of 1.379.725 or 20 per cent from the year preceding. Fire took another i in toll of bum Iii life Iii december. There Ware nine fatalities and seven others in in red More or less seriously. I lie deaths w arc info act to Grant a nip Shire i in Eoln. Morgan. Summers. Wayne Aud Wetzel and Wyoming. The december lire list was made up of 78 dwellings in store. 5 Gal Ages Blats 3 manufactories 3 warehouses. 3 barns 2 churches hotel laundry and restaurant. Sixty of hit lil t s were of unknown live of suspicious and one of Xinren diary origin. Twelve caught from adjoining premises and i from Clee hic Wilt. Defective flues caused eight fires Horning rubbish two Aud loot restaurant on Friday night sup nov of canned goods and cakes taken from eat Well rest a rant by thieves where it Lins been pending for near in a year. Tilt four men Wert Fried for the alleged swindling of c. A. Croft a a Farmer of Madison although in Hie statement of the United states Case to tile Appeal court it is alleged that i hey also swindled seven others an eighth. I la a a games employed according to government attorneys Brief Iii vol it ii the s d a of worthless Oil land lense and was so cleverly executed a to Lead Hie victim to believe that he was participating in a slightly Shady Deal which could lit Benefit thereby protecting Ric Glt others from future danger. Is supposed to have been Elkins swindled out of s7000. Before lie was approached the governments Brief sets Forth Hie quartet had la Creed their seven previous Vic darkest Ami most obscure places. Some of the brightest jewels May tic found Down a dark Alley Iii the Quot attn to Ftp c >khfc4�?T to Sermon a Paul big and talking. To me a Sermon l to go to tin sick or sorrowing help them in any be their Farewell message to not Kanawha Street West on Mccrerry and Harwood streets to Woodlawn and allem Ted to swindle Avenue from North Kanawha Street was on crab Street to Wickham Avenue from Craft Street North Quot it Wickham Avenue to no. By from not i Kanawha Street cast on wit son Street to no. La from North Kanawha Street cast on Quesen Ben y j Street to North Kanawha Street. Our Sunberry Street North on Callo a was Street to Blkius Street from Calloway Street West on a Tri it to North Kanawha Street. Sued for dues of Licals of the Morgantown chamber of Commerce have entered suit against thirteen members of the organization to enforce the Colter lion of dues amounting to >5g5 and it is announced that similar action will he taken in the ase of 55 additional delinquents. I olm my iou Congi by Al Sophia child Dies Richards Little a Oil of i men when they Felt the current air which signalled i Quot them that Rescue workers had restored be Vitila Ion Iii the mine. Iii fact a roughly chalked message on a Hoard carried what the my undoubtedly thought was to be tin world. This message signed by Neil go year old compre lied follows a some at table Aud sol shanty. So Long. Mcneil Cinel g to from the Story of Hie explosion and Rescue As probably the outstanding hero. Ile with a a dad Etc Fulty. Aged Section Foreman. Took charge of the men Yah to sought Rescue in the Star to and led them to safety. T he explosion occur etl in what is 29 r. I i ,. A. Know n As seven right. 2.81lh feet a i,.si Imu. Moi kid aids. Of soph f a a Aud the cd ol1 lid Friday evening. The Little fellow was three years and four months of age. services will he held this evening and inter mint made Iii the Glen White com Corv. Tens of ail Ogo. A gig Gate amount of $20. T thieves entered the Kitchen of the a a Al wet rest Euran Friday night by tile Way of a window in Hie rear of the building and carried away about i Twenty five dollars Worth of canned goods Aud Ca Kef. The restaurant is closed now while repairs Are timing made to the damages done by the Tiro which originated in the basement of the huh store recently. A new window had been put in the rear of the Kitchen Aud had not been fastened except with a a a tier. Flip thieves evidently had Little trouble in opening the window by shaking the Sash Ami causing the tick to fall out of place. Chief of Dot ice g. V. Cottle made an investigation yesterday morning and indicated that lit is of the he Lief that la a a jobs was done by someone familiar with the building and its contents. Coal company brings suit tile Raleigh goal and Coke com tinny through a Charleston Law firm has entered suit in the United stales1 court of the Northern District of wed Virginia against A. Hays. As for Mer collector of internal Revenue for 90.000, according to a repo i from Charleston. This suit is Fin the i t turn of Federal taxes. Or. Haves Lei in Colic or expired in 1920. State endur takers v a Itie executive committee of the West Virginia funeral directors a so elation has selected Huntington As hit place for holding the next annual convention of the org Union Hon Oil j Lily 27, 28, and 29. a lot by. Ray Taylor of Darker has been appointed As a sistan Eon missioner of Hanking. Needless to Call attention to the fact that d a a a a Surg is not Iii hit Southern lion of the stale. Phi Sec property valuations in West vie Ginin according to the latest assess Merit total 2,133.191.110, of Whit to one tent ii is in Kanawha county the other nine tenths being distributed among tile remaining 51 counties. Tile Darker Shiing City Council has ordered an election Oil the question of authorizing a Bond is it of 500, too Street Aud sewer construction Rudolph Valentino a Ulm a Mon sit or re aucaries a booed off the screen at Bergamo Blay. Was where the took its toll lives 17 men being found dead hit Section. Seven thousand feet away Oil the main heading were 23 others. I hey had heard the concussion when hic t Olosien went Oil and had hurried to flu stable for safety. Two vets of heavy wooden doors separated the men from the Gas filled Chandlers. They thatched crevices in tin door with Hay. I Heil they hurriedly constructed a barricade of Hay 50 feet further on Anil prepared to wad for either death or their delivery. Two of the men however grew it continued on third Page of and hit score was tied again. It was necessary to play in minutes extra to untie the contest and during that time Jai Knoll got another one from the foul line and Montgomery was leading tile pal atle by one Lone Point As the game need. Every Man on the Woodrow i son team played a hangup game the old team work was much Iii evidence. They gave a Good account of themselves and went Down fighting of you think for one to meld that there is any Dishonour in Hie defeat suffered by the local just pause for a moment and consid cd the fact that Montgomery in i toiled the Chesty Glim lesion cagers Eri Day night. The defeat last night docs not mean that the Bomi boys did not play a Classy you can twin a Tan All Aud it not have been closer. For Montgomery Jackson the Monde haired Forward was jul i about the y Hob works. \ perusal of hic Box score shows hit flashy youngster registered no less than 12 of the 7 Points which Montgomery made. 101. L. F. It. Of c. I. G. It. Town game could of Ini handle hic production of no. 3 min i w hich is now timing developed rapid in and will increase the output for tins properly considerably within i hic next few months. In tins Cut i j a action the cond any is Coilty Suplat. Ing expending 100.ofg on a build i ing program which l not vet com-1 1 pm Clad. I his program will consist i of erecting miners new houses at j hit m w Levetown Ideiil. I rids arc also being received till building 50 new miners houses at tin Topci ilium which will to doubt relieve tin existing labor shortage to some it stent and will add considerably to tin production of coat by securing additional miners.1 i t his no ration has been handicapped a great Deal by not Bavin Quot sufficient i houses to take care of tin Millers co tired. La is anticipated that this comic and v ill i re Bice in 2.000. I Ooi ions during this y car. Fir starlit lakes 2 runs the fire department Matte a Nill to Mabscott about seven o clock last evening when an Oil Heater was Over turned in a poultry House belong ing to \. It. Hatcher. N eth Del let was done As hic Twat or was picked in and thrown from the building before the department arrived. Snot tier run was made saturday morning when a car caught fire at the Hume on in sex garage on Oak Wood Avenue. The tire was extinguished before tin lire depart meld reached hic scene Ami in damage was done. Tin my neg my re Carson Jackson air Iii. Smith w Alk ins Beperet Wood Row w. Holliday. I Corgi. Of. L Spangle Scott water Supoly Short of Jug to tile fat Flint All tin streams from which the City w Der cum la is drawn have been i Ozan solid Morgantown is threatened with a water famine the consumption timing Aland two million Gal ions a Dav. With of xxx Small no portion of that amount available from the usual Souter. May to to Richmond a. A. James Secretary of Beckley Chandu i of Commerce has Reft iced announcement of hit Lay ing of the Corner Stone or the my War memorial building a Richmond va., which will be held on Jan nary Tutti general Robert in. L yes birthday. I tie Cornel Stone wit la Laid by tile grand Lodge of you Gin in. A. Of a a. No and will in i memorial to the Confederate Sil s and the ii cause. Or. James who is grand marshal of Iii Quot Virgin a Brand i of pc. Is considering attend ing tin ceremony Frigley Purdue. A tin two near drowning Minto r Call and when Ned to on have lose car leaves Road inning solution of traffic problems a generation ahead he in \ a Iii has ing to elect vestry meeting of the m Steuben episcopal i been called for tuesday at 7 30 of clock at this c Ion of Torch even Burel. At which time a new vestry to serve through the year of 1920 will he elected. All a of the Church Are expected to he present die prizes the gilts as1h&Quot election of a vestry is a mat automobile Han Ihei tanning the solution of the tray problem a generation ahead is policy of the Highway education Board according to a statement Here announcing the fifth National safety Campaign open to All elemental y schools of the country. The Campaign includes an essay contest for pupils Aud a lesson contest in which teachers in elementary schools Are to compete. Iii these contests is Given for he Best essays amt the Best lessons. F the National of Commerce. To of much importance. The la Quot a Loch cooperates with Hie Board in Dies Guild will serve Light refresh its Highway safety enterprises. The melds. Contests close february 24, of lits year. In addition engraved certificates of Merit will in Given those schools in each state which comply with certain requirements of the Highway organization Iii the teaching of safety education. Lilt contest is being announced now to the schools of tin country. Pupils Are requested to write essays of 5 h words in length on the subject a my schools share Iii Highway four Hundred thirty eight medals and As Many Cash prizes will be Given for the Best essays in the several Slat-., while three National awards will to Given continued on third Page v. Is. Minter and l. A. Anderson j of Francis were in a serious Auto Mobile wreck near Corrinne a couple of Days ago when their car turned Over after skidding out of the Road and rolled Down tie haul. Into hic Creek along the mid Side. Rot i came near drowning and or. Minter suffered tin fracture of three rills. Or. Anderson sustained Pun flit bruises anti lacerations. Bolti Are recovering however at their hollies. La was a particularly close Call for lilt two men by reason of the fact that had Tho car tunic on it v or the last time both would have in Yeii pinned Limiter it in water Over their Heads. As it was tiny Wen Enier sed Iii the Stream Iii wafer around their necks and on one t<7 tile coldest Days of the Whit r. The Accident was caused by til Frozen and Slick condition of in. Road i was stated. Both men arc we a known Hgt re Aud their friends hone Aal no scions effects from tin Accident exposure will result. Or. Mint sol i Pion Iii Soh cd a it hmm Coal producers association. Embracing in its mein her-1 i a principal commercial Coal Maxim Cis Iti the Pittsburg District has i Cen dissolved. The dissolution of the association the statement said. A was caused directly by hic prostration of the Coal business in the Pittsburg District. Which has existed during the last 2 years and which May he traced to two principal causes wage Aud freight rates. Shoe dealer pails Max both doing busies As hic Neah Ai i shoe company of j at is iou has filed a petition in Lim tars bankruptcy. In liabilities boing slated at $10,073.12 and his assets at si3.005,85 of which >8.000 is repro Scott d by his Stock on hand. Ant iiigtic4m�?T rate i in City of Williamson which of crates its on municipal water Plant has applied to the Public service commission for permission to increase its rates on Hie grounds that the present income does not meet the expense of operation. President Coolidge continues hands off policy for strike with members of Congi i is con tinning to into lest themselves Iii hit Anthracite situation the a Lett House made ii Clear that inc Sidcot Coolidge proposes to maintain in hands off policy. While the presidents position was being restated officially. Senator Copeland Democrat new Nock of it red a Resolution requesting tin president to act Abd give notice lie would Call the measure up with a View to obtaining Quot Early Al the White House it Unis t x ing it to act Iii Industrial disputes. The Copeland Resolution conveys no Grant of Power it simply asks the president to take wha Tevi r Steps Are necessary amt proper to bring about ail immediate resumption of Anthracite Coal mining. At the outset the new Yolk a fit idol uttered a joint Resolution which a Voltl have authorized the chief sex endive to act Hilt when tie found that this would of necessity have to take tilt usual legislative course of school teachers hold Institute or. George w. Diehl of Concord state teachers College and. Tire cd is millage a till Pratti ally every teach r of the District in attendance the town District tem Lierse Institute was twid at Woodrow Wilson High school yesterday. The program xxx As Replete with teat ires of interest to All present. The High school orchestra furnished music for the morning program. Or. George w. Diehl of Concord state to Adlet s College of to Lions Xmas present and addressed hic assemblage. A tin principal speaker of the session. I Inlet xxx As served at noon by the foods department of the lugh school. Iii the afternoon there was a Gen i rut session id 1 15. To Texo o clock tile intermediate primary gramme a and Junior High school and senior High school sections met separately each one having a special program of its of Xvi. I reference to a committee be pro a l planned that the president consider a posed the substitute declaring that r is cd the Federal government i wet Lesi he wanted speedy action a in Quot pres. Suits cleaned Irso Plain Wool Plain top Coats cd for Only one Price offered flu pressing a. Ice. No i ill and pressed of Indol Serge suits or chained Aud pics Quot Dollar is the special a Public by the Cit opposite the Postof for or delivery and a i Tiro Ley. Lid of e. Minter of i a cd to help in the situation at least until i rut situation is a fraught xxx till in i Congress enacts legislation empower i mint danger to the Public the special Price obtains Only for mondays bring yours Iii Early

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