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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 4

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Beckley, West Virginia May 25,2015 editor Rick Kelley phone 304-255-4459 or toll free at 800-950-0250 Fez 304-255-4427e-mail readenwpeak@regi8ter-herakl.com opinion the Register Herald ally Bible verse How have you helped him who is without Power How have you saved the Arm that has no strength a Job a the Register Herald publisher Mck it silly editor Dawn a. Dayton managing editor Quot Congreve shall make no Law respecting an Etta basement of religion or prohibiting the free Nereus thereof car abridging the Freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievance Quot a the pint amendment a state voices common Core education initiative paying off in Kentucky it could help West Virginia too guest editorials do not necessarily reflect the views of the Register Herald. Kentucky a partly a troubled Coal state like West Virginia a is producing better trained High school graduates thanks to Tough new common Core requirements. The Wall Street journal reports a the College and career readiness rate increased to 63 percent from 54 percent in 2013, and fewer schools were dubbed As needing improvement. Kentucky now boasts a High school graduation rate of 87 percent Topping the National average up from about 75 percent when common Core was adopted a Bravo. We Hope West Virginia teens likewise show better learning and knowledge under the strategy to improve . Education. We can to understand Why certain Mountain state legislators Are trying to kill it. For decades Industry leaders and other experts complained that american High school graduates were unfit for Modem careers. Youths lacked Basic learning skills. Those who entered College required intensive remedial courses. In response the nations governors and education experts drafted common Core setting standards that All students in All grades should master. It was designed to upgrade . Learning Levels and make them equal in All states. The Obama administration was so impressed that it awarded extra Federal funding to states that adopted the Tough new standards. But some West Virginia lawmakers tried to destroy the plan this year. A Bill to repeal common Core passed the House a but it fizzled when the state education department said it would Cost More than $100 million to write and implement different standards. Now the opponents Are regrouping for another attack. Charleston lawyer Charles Mcelwee who has spent years studying West Virginia education wrote a sunday Gazette Mai i commentary saying opponents were driven by politics. He said the onslaught tried to make students a the pawns of legislative members to Advance their own volatile and mercurial political oddly Mcelwee said the attackers name a single common Core item they thought was wrong. Perhaps they oppose the upgrade simply because president Obama supports it. Politics drive education. Only the improvement of learning should be considered. Producing Keener Young people a As Kentucky is doing a should be the Only goal. Many smart people a including some in West Virginia a have Laboured for years to put these new standards in place. We Hope common Core helps West Virginia As much As its helping Kentucky. A the Charleston Gazette member the fatten. school Board member keeps ant tax stance when i ran for and was elected to the Fayette county Board of education my main Campaign position was in favor of Community schools and anti consolidation. I have not reversed my position on this matter and As such i am asking All voters that elected me to vote no on this contrived school Bond Levy. When Collins Middle school was dosed by Serena Starcher i requested a second opinion from an Independent Engineer but was opposed by Leon Ivey and Starcher refused to obtain one. It does no to make Sens. To clime a school that had been determined to be fit for occupancy just six months prior to is. Starcher closing same. This buildings problems surely did no to develop just in six months. I believe the building was closed in order to gain votes and support for this Bond Issue that closes Fayetteville and Meadow Bridge High schools. It is a Well known fact that mount Hope should have been Given a new elementary school Many years ago and Dwight dials attempted to do just that but the state school building authority refused to fire me the new building. It seems the state lottery Money that finances new schools and is controlled by the sea cannot be had by the residents of Fayette county unless we pay More taxes. It also seems that Valley High school cannot get the football Field that they have been promised for Many years unless everyone in the county has to now pay More taxes. And Why has the closing of Collins created the write us the Register Efaw welcomes letters on topics of Public interest. Republicans response to Justice hilarious any exceptions will be made at the discretion of the editors. We Reserve the right to edit Al letters submitted for Brevity Content and clarity. A Uhm Witters Are limited to one letter in a 30-Day period regard less of subject. A essential information sign your letter and include your Street address and daytime and evening Telephone numbers. Phone Nurry hers Are used for verification Only i to our readers speak. The Register Herald. To. Box 2396, Beckley. We 25802 a by tax 304256-5625 a by erne reedersspeak9registerhermd.com need to upend millions More at other schools could it be that the state department of education and their agent Serena Starcher is in fact intent upon consolidation of our schools rather than effecting Good management of our existing facilities and properly spending our tax dollars for the education of our children Many questions have been asked and All we seem to get Are half truths or no answer at All. Alternatives have been Given but Serena Starcher refuses to consider them. And it appears As though our Board is now having trouble paying its Bills on a timely basis. Which brings us Back to the question As to How our tax dollars Are being spent and should we give them More to spend Patty Holliday Fayetteville of those hilarious republicans since Jim Justice is now running for governor As a Democrat Wink win the Republican party has created a website criticizing his past business policies. They list All the safety violations he has been charged with also the millions in fines that he has failed to pay. They claim he has litigated several Small businesses out of business because he has failed to pay them. What they done to Tell you he was a former registered Republican. Is it reasonable to assume that some if not All of these transgressions occurred when he was a Republican their most laughable criticisms Are the pollution charges against him. Unbelievably they quote their old foes. The Sierra club and the Federal mine reclamation and enforcement Agency while at the same time they have a lawsuit against the environmental Protection Agency for Over regulation. The republicans also Point out his Many mine safety violations while at the same time the current Republican legislature weakened Many mine safety Laws. What a Bunch of hypocrites. Done to get me wrong in a not a fan of Jim Justice and i Hope the democrats will find a Strong True Democrat opponent to oppose him. Democrats in this racist state have a Good Chance to take some offices now that they done to have to spend half their Campaign trying to disassociate themselves from a Black president. Tom Kapp Beckley our readers speak and columns do not necessarily reflect the Register Herald s views who a the stud Liest of them All contestants on Parade Washington a because so Many republicans want to be president a or at least pretend they do a debate organizers have tended to eliminate the least popular from the stage based on How they rank in the latest National polls. Fox news which is hosting the first televised debate aug. 6, and can Host of the second on sept. 16, have come up with a Way to limit the Field. Basically its the popularity contest presidential elections have always been Only this time there a no attempt to masquerade it As something loftier. Fox will limit the number of contestants to the top to. Everybody else May As Well head to their favorite resort work on their backstroke and embrace the not unpleasant reality that someone else is sing to look 20 years older in it More yearn. At least can will allow the a a losers a those polling outside the top to a to debate separately in a second part. The Bench warmers get to play one another in other words this May sound Dull but when you re not winning you May As Well be honest. Who knows what nuggets might Tumble from the tongues of the rejected and but seriously. Imagine running for president of the United states which requires a full tank of narcissistic propulsion and near pathological ambition a and knowing at the starting Gate that not Only Are you not going to be president but you re not even going to be allowed to play with the big dogs. What becomes of the indignant rage bom of such insult How does one Channel such humiliation and injury Good morning is Rotter Allen in please understandably the Field has to he winnowed somehow. It would be challenging to fit 18 people on a stage the effect of which would be to make everyone look ridiculous. Not All candidates Are equal we be reminded and giving them equal space to insult and denigrate the Likely nominee is so much blood for a Mere moment of glory. Leaving the party a candidate wounded and financially bruised As Republican also rans did to Mitt Romney in 2012, helped no one so much As Barack Obama by providing him All the opposition research he needed still the approach to eliminating weaker candidates feels a bit in american does no to it anyone can grow up to become president we say , you just can to debate your opponents. Everyone has a voice in the Public debate we Call politics we aver. That is except for a few of you who Arentt yet on Peoples radar. But you can talk to one another this sidelining of certain candidates even if practical seems bad for business and especially for leadership which sometimes reveals itself during debates. Many candidates soar or perish under the hot lights a a oops Quot and the stigma of being designated an a also rank before the race even begins Likely would crush anyone a chances of being recognized later As a hidden jewel. Relegating the unpopular to the margins is also Tricky for republicans when one of them is Likely to be the Only Republican woman running a Early Fiorina. Hut based on the average of polls found today on a the Bible Belt for the religiously political a it looks As though you May not hear from South Carolina sen. Lindsey Graham Louisiana gov. Bobby Jindal Ohio gov. John Kasich or former Pennsylvania sen. Rick Santo rum during the first debate. But be Brave Donald Trump a and his hair a will surely make it in. Which is to say we May As Well Call it a Day. Rather than waste time and Money polling iowans and talking grits a no Gravy with South carolinians Why not just select our senior superlatives the Way we did in High school who is something est a the tallest handsomest smartest wittiest friendliest cutest nicest toughest most Likely to succeed and not least most Likely to attract about 40 percent of the hispanic vote of and who can beat Hillary Clinton a St i be a spoiler 111 let you fill in the Blanks. Id be willing to bet that the superlatives selected will be the to contestants a i mean candidates a appearing on the big stage come August. Hints Jeb Bush is 6-feet-3 Marco Rubio and Bush speak Spanish fluently Ted Cruz Speaks spanglish and Mike Huckabee is pretty Hinny. Politics Isnit really science after All but is a schoolyard Brawl a or a survivor reality game depending on ones preference a where human nature Calls the shots. A email . Gnu wmnr8m Smi whim amp of

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