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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 4

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Beckley, West Virginia She or Grater Herald opinion saturday May 24, 1986 a 4a <2% a Register Herald Charles k. Connorr. Publisher Walter c. Masseyjr. Editor r. Keith Walters executive editor Jim Wood sunday editor id pad problems officials of the crab or Chard Macarthur Public service District said wednesday they Are baffled by criticism from flush families living under sewer hardship. Flush came into being As a protest group. It has had some Well attended emotional meetings. Flush pressure has persuaded Jack Bazzarre general manager and other pad officials to talk to this newspaper. We Hope an article published Friday will persuade Bazzarre that communication can help. Flush members now May understand How pad officials feel about the situation. Pad officials May be frustrated that they Are being blamed for problems they have no Way of solving because of financial or jurisdictional limitations. Still homeowners argue that the project has resulted in property damage and construction designs which have caused hardships. They also consider rates to be too High. Additional parties contractors were also involved. Contractors have financial interests in getting work done quickly. Without adequate controls contractors do the work collect the Money and move on leaving homeowners dissatisfied and angry at pad officials. Contractors generally know More about dealing with pads than pad officials know about dealing with contractors. Pad officials usually learn bitter lessons too late. Paul Flanagan Raleigh county commissioner said the pad has a Public relations problem. The problem goes deeper in collision Here and per haps in other pads across the country Are Public needs and individual rights. The West Virginia Public service commission pics in other states and pads All of for the country have been Given Broad Powers to meet Public needs. These agencies do a Good Iob of meeting Public needs but they need to do a better Job of protecting individual rights. Pad officials should be intelligent sceptical and firm when dealing with private contractors. If they do not represent individual homeowners vigorously in dealing with contractors the homeowners will blame them the pad officials later. Pad officials could Foster communication by inviting homeowners to a series of hearings during the engineering phase. It s easier and cheaper to move lines on a blueprint than to relocate pipes in the ground. The More input pad officials invite Early from homeowners when problems can be solved the fewer problems will exist later when they can to be solved. If a countywide pad is established its officials could Benefit from listening to flush. Flush can help pad officials learn How to avoid future mistakes. A . Union Reform is vital it has been said that those who fail to learn the lessons of history Are condemned to relive them. It also could be said that innocent people get Hurt when leaders fail to heed history. In West Virginia As Well As in America generally management is putting pressure on unions. Unions have Many qualities that managers consider obnoxious. Managers express frequently their opinions on the shortcomings of unions. However if executives have tried to reason with unions to help them Reform themselves we re not aware of it. Instead Union members fear managers Are out to destroy their organizations. Without unions labor management Power will get out of balance. Managers will commit excesses. Unions will fight to reestablish themselves and we will have labor wars again. Union leaders Are struggling with problems that press in upon them but in the main they Are dealing with peripheral issues. Labor leaders should address Central issues a Why not ask management to compensate workers for increases in productivity incentives for workers would encourage them to work More productively. With incentives workers might even startle management with great ideas from the work station to improve productivity. A Why not concede that equal pay for All workers is an idea which will not succeed in the global Economy equal pay discourages vigorous workers from working hard and encourages Slothful workers to be even More Lazy. A Why should unions represent workers who Are drug and who fake Are in Dicks or alcoholics or frequently absent or Nesses problem workers drag Down the unions. A Why Union leaders concede to management the right to manage providing unions retain the right to bargain with management for policies which would increase productivity a Why not concede that Competition among workers for increased pay based on individual Merit is a Good thing for workers because it increases company profits the Best Job Security a worker can have is a profitable company. If unions were to allow companies to compensate workers on the principle of individual Merit unions could represent workers whose Merit the company has failed to Reward. Unions could also bargain with management on discipline and personnel policies group Benefit coverage and health and safety protections. Unions would be a Good thing if they would operate on principles which would Benefit the Industry As Well As workers interested in working. Union leaders should look for a win win situation. They should resolve to make Union companies More profitable than nonunion companies. If they would do this they would have nothing to fear from non Union companies. If non Union managers Ever Start losing business to Union companies non Union managers would come begging Union leaders for Union contracts. Union Reform is vital. Destroying unions is not an intelligent option for managers. History offers Many lessons managers can ignore Only at their peril and at the peril of everyone else. A . Of amp a of peace soup uric by Sienh Early input from the Public can help pad officials protect individual rights. Than that. Flush members argue there is substance to their complaints. Rethinking a View from the left let s leave Nicaragua alone is Nicaragua socialist the answer is generally yes. But As the new Walter Massey advised us on May 8, a there Are Many kinds of the Issue with which we must grapple is the effect of Nicaragua s partial socialism on the foreign policy of the United states. Socialism alone is no reason for the enmity president Reagan has shown to Nicaragua. In fact he manages much better with China Sweden Greece France Ana Many other communist socialist or partially socialist countries. China a marxist Leninist communist country supports most . Foreign policy Ana aids president Reagan in supporting guerilla movements in Angola and Afghanistan. Sweden with one of the highest standards of living in the world higher Gross Domestic product per capita than the United states in 1980has a very socialized Economy while maintaining a Multi party political system. Greece France and Italy have socialist parties which were elected into Power and the British labor party is a member of the socialist International As is the party formerly in Power in West Germany Early socialism is not a litmus test for the ability of the United states to have Friendly relationships with other countries. Because of the korean War and the Vietnam War there is a Strong current of anti communism and anti socialism in the United states. People Here forget that in Many of our Western european allies socialist and communist parties together although they often Are incapable of getting along regularly secure Robert s. Baker have in the United states. These allies Are living proof that a a socialist characteristics Are not a guarantee of atrophy. Over 40 percent and frequently Over 50 percent of the vote. These allies France Italy Spain Portugal West Germany Denmark the Netherlands Austria Norway and even occasionally great Britain do not have the same antipathy to policies and governments called socialist As do people in the United states. As a matter of fact several of these countries which have experimented with a a socialist solutions for several years have higher standards of living than we have in the United states. Although Walter Massey would have people believe otherwise see his May 8 Colum Only Japan and the asian dictatorships in Korea and Taiwan have shown great growth without a More significant welfare state than we have in the United states. I should Point out that some countries with More a a socialism than the United states such As great Britain have stagnated during the same period of time the asian countries have managed growth through cheap labor and innovative management but the successful european welfare states Sweden Ana West Germany for instance have shown great growth and a higher per capita Standard of living than we turning Back to Central America United states enmity cannot result just from the fact that Nicaragua seeks support and Trade from the soviet Union. We Trade with the soviet Union and anyway most of Nicaragua a Trade and support comes from our Western european allies who seem to be Able to look at Nicaragua without ideological blinders. In any Case we have Given Nicaragua Little option. We have openly supported the terrorist contras providing them with Over $100 million of our tax Money with perhaps another $100 million to follow this year if president Reagan has his Way. The United states has imposed a Trade embargo and attempted to mine toe ports of Nicaragua with explosives. We have created a situation conducive to repressive measures in Nicaragua and left the nicaraguan government no Choice but to turn to the soviet Union for military assistance. Now we use those results of our policies to justify further attacks on Nicaragua. One explanation for our conduct that Nicaragua is exporting revolution to Al Salvador and other Central american countries does not hold water. Nicaragua is too poor it has a per capita income less than $1,000 a year to finance revolution outside its Borders. The Reagan administration despite constant efforts has failed to provide any hard evidence to support its claims. President Reagan continues to fail to recognize that Pov erty and political repression As Well As a Feudal land distribution Are the real reasons for unrest in Central America. The apparent reason for United states enmity towards Nicaragua is that our government is unwilling to tolerate dissenting political views on the american continent. Certainly Nicaragua is not a military threat to the United states and we could easily prevent a buildup of soviet military forces just As we have in Cuba. The Only Likely successful approach to dealing with Nicaragua is to recognize that it has the right to determine for itself what its Structure and political positions will be. With Mutual respect and assistance the United states can make a Friend out of Nicaragua although it will take time because of the military attacks we have supported. A Chance to begin the peace process exists right now. The Contador group of latin american nations Mexico Venezuela Panama and Colombia All . Allies is proposing a june 6 signing of a peace agreement by Nicaragua Costa Rica Al Salvador Honduras and Guatemala. The United states can support this peaceful solution to Central America problems merely by agreeing to negotiate directly with Nicaragua on issues dividing the two countries and to Stop supporting the terrorist contras. More than one Hundred members of Congress have urged president Reagan to take these Steps towards peace. Robert s. Baker is a Beckley attorney a member of Casa of Beckley and is a member of the Board of directors of the West Virginia civil liberties Union incompetent purse snatcher in Chicago even the witless succeed editor s note Mike Royko is on vacation. The following is one of his favorite columns from the past. It originally appeared in print on aug. 28, 1970. Somewhere on the West Side of Chicago there is a Young Man who has to be one of the worlds least competent purse snatchers. A few Days ago he selected As his victim mrs. Irene Newsome who was walking on Damen Avenue near Madison Avenue in Broad Daylight. I will give him credit for picking a Likely victim. Little old ladies Are the Best people to snatch purses from and mrs. Newsome is a genuine Little old lady. She a almost 70, stands 4 feet la and weighs about too pounds. Mike Royko syndicated columnist a Leggo a he yelled. A you let go a mrs. Screamed hanging on hands. Newsome with both mrs. Newsome who had car trouble was walking toward a service station to get help when the purse snatcher jumped out of an Alley and snatched her purse. Then he started running Back Down the Alley. But he run fast because mrs. Newsome let go of the purse. Doones Bury by carry Trudeau me�stln6 Pata on Job mpg order i . \ Mim not. Suk Hou j re Abib. A rwadce.? Tou Waitt Rui ability % in Tho Nutt foh/$6c0nps> try ppm is Ooi no to walk through that poor. In his Sailor suit Ano say Quot i to laps Quot Huus Buis to running later Huus Bousum. Cut that out being a purse snatcher he very Well let go of a purse so he just kept going dragging the screaming mrs. Newsome along the ground. So they went on that Way for several Yards the thief dragging the screaming mrs. Newsome along by his leg. Then mrs. Newsome a grip slipped and she Only had him by the ankle. But he kept going. And suddenly she was sitting there holding one empty shoe in her hand while the purse snatcher limped around a Bend in the Alley and disappeared. Her screams Drew some people and they helped her to her feet and out of the Alley. A the got my purse a mrs. Newsome said a but i got his since there was Only $10 in her purse and the shoe was from a pair that Cost at least that much mrs. Newsome had the satisfaction of knowing the thief had not profited. As they waited for a police car a Young Man came walking up the Street in his stockinged feet carrying the other shoe. He went right up to mrs. Newsome and said a give me my she said a a in la give you your shoe if you give me my purse. A i did no to take your up Man said. A if you did no to take my purse How did i get your shoe a mrs. Newsome answered. The Young Man then proved that he was even a worse storyteller than a purse snatcher. He said he had loaned his shoes to a needy Friend for the Day and that the Friend returned Only one shoe saying that an old lady had stolen the other one. Police looked Down the Alley and found the purse with most of her cards and papers intact but the $10 gone. They started to Lead the Man to the squad car. A do you identify him As the person who stole your purse a they asked mrs. Newsome. Your purse a the she had to admit that she . A no i never really saw his face. All i saw were his feet and that Wasny to enough the policemen said. A Man can to be identified by his feet. A but i have his shoe a mrs. Newsome said. That Wasny to enough evidence the policemen said and they even made mrs. Newsome give Back the shoe. As i said he was a remarkably incompetent Puree snatcher. But he of away with it. In Chicago you not need much skill just so Lone As you try hard and Are crooked enough. A 1986, the Chicago Tribune

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