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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives May 14 1990, Page 5

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - May 14, 1990, Beckley, West VirginiaThe Register Herald Samuel e. Hindman publisher general manager Bill Byrd editor Neale r. Clark editorial Page editor editorial monday May 14, 1990 i 6a Clear Fork Jane Stover the state Board of education a 7-1 vote last week delaying the closing of Clear Fork High school for 120 Days was unquestionably a Victory for Many opponents of consolidation in the Clear Fork Community and elsewhere. Whatever the Fate of Clear Fork High school in the year ahead a and whatever one thinks should be its Fate a the persevering efforts of one person who did much to keep the Issue of Clear Fork brimming for the last three months should not go unnoticed. Jane Stover the Mother of two children currently attending Clear Fork has been relentless in her Battle to keep Clear Fork open proving More than a Thorn in the boards Side As Well As an inspiration to other anti consolidation activists in the Clear Fork area. It is easy to be cynical about Stover a strategy a at one Point or another leading the picketing of Board offices and Board members businesses organizing demonstrations making speeches to the Board at almost every Opportunity or campaigning for new Board Stover did nothing More than utilize every tool of democratic expression at hand. Members through the Telephone or going door to door. But Stover did nothing More than utilize every tool of democratic expression at hand. Reasonable throughout she never attempted questionable tactics such As intimidation or unruly protest or behaviour at the Board office. By sacrificing her time to represent her Community by spending so much time poring Over records at the Board offices that some thought she was a staff member there and by making herself heard no matter what she proved that one individuals voice still matters even outside the political establishment. Stover has won Over Many friends and perhaps some enemies because of her fight for Clear Fork. She a also Given Raleigh county residents an education in the meaning of democracy. Sandbagging the taxpayers Summers Basic services Summers county voters rejected four excess levies and a proposed fire service fee in last weeks primary but it would be wrong to read the returns As rejection of the services which would have been funded by the levies. The levies would have funded Library health and farm Extension services and provided new cruisers for the sheriffs department. Had they passed they would have Cost the average Homeowner an extra $24 a year officials said. County officials including those at the beleaguered health department Are trying to stay optimistic but they warn deeper cuts Are in store. A every time we put a Levy on the ballot it gets Defeated a said Helen mock Hedrick president of the county commission. The uproar Over the county fire service fee a a tax which officials readily acknowledged that 40 percent of county residents either would not or could not pay a probably led to the defeat of the there a Little question about the red Ink facing the affected agencies. So Why the rejection one answer is factional strife. The Powers that be in and out of Public office in Summers ought to quit fussing feuding and fighting and Start working together to drag the county into the 20th Century. Congressional mailing addresses . Sen. Robert c. Byrd 311 Hart building Washington . 20510 . Sen. Jay Rockefeller 724 Hart building Washington . 20510 Kanawha circuit judge Andrew Macqueen upheld its Validity in a specific Case but said the Dostert ruling which produced a Short lived but wondrous judicial pension plan probably was the state supreme courts worst decision. Macqueen echoed the opinion of Many West virginians and came close to endorsing that of state supreme court Justice Thomas Miller who said much the same thing in 1988. Miller left out the word moved by howls of indignation lawmakers took the judges Gravy train off the track and created new pension rules. But the deed was done. Macqueen held that the discredited decision entitles Sam Harshbarger with Only nine years of judicial service to a pension of $54,000 a year. If Macqueen is upheld by the present supreme court it is Likely that Darrell Mcgraw a judge for Only 12 years also will be assured of $54,000 a year a Only $1,000 less than what he and Harshbarger were paid in salary. It was Mcgraw who alerted the world to the generosity of the Dostert ruling. He announced gleefully that he would count toward judicial retirement his part time janitor work while a student at West Virginia University. Harshbarger counts a Par time Job a if that is the word for it a As City attorney in Milton. L. T Anderson without shame or embarrassment Harshbarger and Mcgraw rest their claims on their own ruling. They with Justice Thomas Mchugh produced the Dostert decision. These three might not have foreseen or cared that it would Rouse usually docile West Virginia taxpayers to fury. In fairness it must be said that the ruling had some supporters. The Charleston Gazette whose Devotion to Mcgraw could inspire a sonnet said it provided Access to a a decent retirement assorted judges also thought Well of the decision As we May assume from the haste with which nostrils quivering they made themselves eligible for the Boodle. But apart from one newspaper and a few judges distaste was general and shrilly expressed. It accounts for the Legislatures less irrational set of rules by which if Macqueen is right Harshbarger. And probably Mcgraw cannot be bound retroactively. I submit sadly that Mac Queens finding although indifferent to common sense and the Public interest is far from shaky. It seems to me it can be overturned Only if the High court holds that the justices who manufactured their own Golden parachutes did violence to the Constitution. The third party to the Dostert decision Mchugh has no need to take advantage of it and his role in the disgraceful affair defies understanding. He stands mute. There is Little else he can do until the spirit moves him to confess a grave disservice to the people whose interests he was elected to protect. In the main these Are people who can expect to work 30 or More years for a single employer before becoming eligible for perhaps one third of a judicial pension. These men and women doubtless would testify that pervasive contempt for state government Isnit based solely on criminal conduct such As that recently exposed. Much of it is based on incessant and perfectly Legal efforts to squeeze personal Benefit from government service no matter now Brief or undistinguished. I prefer criminal activity finding it far less repugnant and somewhat less expensive. Dropping Back into the rat race today a history from the files of Beckley newspapers May 14 a one year ago an estimated crowd of 50,000 attended air fair �?T89 at Raleigh county memorial Airport. A 25 years ago Ashby Allen is the new principal at mount Hope High school. A 50 years ago advertised at Nobilis menus sports shoes $2.98. Compiled by Dorothy Lucas librarian one of the interesting social developments of our time has been the Large number of people who have changed lifestyles and careers when they reach their Middle years. Not Long ago i met Waldon Pond 46, and his wife murky 42, who with their two children have thrown aside their former lifestyle and taken another. Until recently the Pond family lived High in the mountains of Utah. Their Home was the wilderness log Cabin in which Waldon was born. It was More than 50 Miles from their nearest neighbor and 150 Miles from the closest town. Waldon had made a modest living digging rare roots out of the Earth for shipment to natural health stores. This had been his career since graduating from Rutabaga architectural College also in a Remote Section of Utah where he met his wife. In their wilderness Home his wife contributed to the family income by crafting tree bark belts for shipment to natural clothing stores. She also grew her own vegetables while Waldon trapped and fished and the children gathered edible berries and leaves. For recreation the family gathered in the log Cabin in the evening and react the classics aloud or As a string quartet played music by Bach and Mozart As Well As authentic Folk songs handed Down by their ancestors. The children had few friends of their own age but they enjoyed frolicking with their pet Deer Squirrel Fox Raccoon Otter Mountain Goat Elk and Moose which the family had tamed and which lived with them. Then their lives abruptly changed. A one Day i was digging up a rare Root Waldon recalled. A in a tree above me a Beautiful Bird began singing a Sweet song. I Lay Down on the grass and looked at the puffy White Clouds Drifting across the Blue sky and i listened to the Bird sing As i often do. A and i asked myself a is this Mike Royko what i want to do with the rest of my life a a at that moment a Bird dropping landed in my Eye. I took that to be a sign. A that night i sat Down with my wife and asked if she was Content with our simple natural life away from the hurly Burly and close to nature. She said frankly she could take it or leave it. She was getting a Little tired of having All those animals around the Cabin especially the tame Moose. A so we packed our few simple possessions and in a week were living in Chicago. And this is where we have been for the last Waldon who now Calls himself Wally has become the sales manager of the used car division of a Large Auto Agency. A i love it a he said. A i love the rat race. To me seeing some unsuspecting soul walk into my lot Anco pouncing on him and talking him into buying a Clunker that might explode when it hits the first pothole is infinitely More challenging than finding a silly edible Root. A done to you miss the quiet simplicity of your Cabin a not a bit. I live in a Large con do apartment and since i bought it it has increased in value to Gay $80,000. Hell my doorknobs Are Worth More than my whole log Cabin was. In fact my wife now has a real estate License and she a Selling condos what about communing with nature done to you miss being close to creatures of the wild a miss watching a lot of Damn what a so exciting about eating Worms a i can sit on my Condo Balcony and see a lot More wildlife than i Ever saw in the Woods. Last night i saw an old lady get mugged by a Street gang that sprayed a insane idiots on her coat with a paint can. A and last week i watched two Guys strip a car of everything but the ashtray in less than five minutes. The owner showed up while they were doing it and they stripped him of everything but his Hairpiece. This is far More exciting than life in the do you still spend evenings Reading and sharing music with your children a was a matter of fact no. My son has moved in with a Young woman. If they still like each other after three months they re going to Tell each other their names. And my daughter has joined a religious cult and is making a very Good living. She poses As a paralysed deaf mute and Sells religious tracts in the Loop or at the Airport. She gets 20 percent of the take and just bought her own but done to you miss Hunting and fishing a i still do it in a different Way. You see my wife is studying gourmet cooking at night so i hit the discos and do a Little Hunting. And in a buying my own 40-foot Cabin Cruiser just As soon As i can pay somebody off and get me a mooring. Then whatever i Hunt Down in the discos i can take with me on my fishing trips. So in a still a sportsman at but you re no longer a Mountain Man. A no in a a High Rise Man now. The closest i get to my old life Boring Birds and squirrels and chipmunks from my front porch listen All they Ever did was dig holes or eat nuts and Worms. Style is when i put on my Eddie Bauer boots Ana Bush jacket on saturdays and ride my High Rise do you think you la Ever change lifestyles again a maybe return to your wilderness Cabin a a it a too late. I just sold it to a Middle aged stockbroker who quit his Job to seek the simple letters the Story behind the Bugatti the associated press column a briefly around the world a in your paper of april 30 perpetuated one of the two most common myths in automobile history when it stated that the Bugatti Royale was built in Italy. The other is that Duesenberg were built in Germany. Bugatti autos were built in the town of Mosheim in France by Ettore Bugatti. Dusenberg were built in Indianapolis ind. Your readers might be interested in knowing a Little More about this Auto that brought $14 million at auction. The cars were built from 1927 to 1933, about one per year. There was one prototype built and six regular cars each having individual custom bodies. The engine was an in line eight Cylinder design of 779 cubic Inch displacement and produced 300 horsepower the cars weighed about 7,000 pounds each and each one sold for about $30,000 to $40,000 new. The prototype was wrecked by the builder in 1931 and totally demolished. The six regular production cars still exist. As late As 1964, five of the six were in the United states. At the present time two of the cars Are in an automobile museum in France. This museum was confiscated by the French government from French industrialists Hans and Fritz Schlumpf. This is another whole Story by itself. Three Are still in the states one is in the Ford museum in Dearborn mich., one is in the Domino pizza collection also in Michigan and the present ownership of the third i am not sure of at this time. The car mentioned in the per is one purchased by Briggs Cunningham a former race car owner and Driver direct from the family of Ettore Bugatti. The cars were so expensive that he never sold three of the six. Cunningham sold his collection to Miles Collier a few years ago and he sold the Royale through a British auction to the swedish buyer. Some other prices that royales have brought in later years include $8,000 in 1956, $45,000 and $50,000 in 1964, $6.5 million in june 1986 and the same car $8.1 million later that same year. What the cars will bring in the future is anyone a guess one expert has predicted that they will soon bring $100 Mil lion. John a. Dameron Sweet Springs Granny can smoke drink and Chew i saw an article in the Charleston Gazette that a citizen of Beckley a or. . Kemper of Overlook drive attacked a Granny for smoking a cigarette. I imagine anyone thinking we still lived in the horse and buggy Days. This is Nineteen and ninety and Granny done to knit and work in the Fields anymore. They smoke cigarettes color their hair Ana carry a .45 for Protection. The Granny he saw was on a tour boat out in the Middle of the River minding her own business. Next time maybe or. Kemper can write articles on drugs crime on the streets do environment striking school teachers and corruption in government a especially the cases that involve grand daddy. Virgie Jarrell Belle letters policy letters Are Welcome. Letters must be signed and must include address and Telephone number. The Telephone number will not be published. Names will not be withheld. Address to our readers speak the Keester Herald Post office drawer a Beckley by 25802-2813,

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