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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 3 2015, Page 4

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - July 3, 2015, Beckley, West Virginia Frida july 3, 20 5 4a to Contact us phone #>4-255-4469 or toll free at 800-950-0250 fax 304-255 4427 email opinion the Register Herald daily Bible verse a i was also blameless before him and i kept myself from my 2 Samuel 22 24 the Register Herald Frank Wood publisher Dawn a. Dayton managing editor a pc origin a shall make no Law no a a tank an Tab Lehment of religion or prohibiting the fire exe Reimi then of or abridging Tho Freedom of speech or of the fun he or the right of Tho pm Opl Peart Lily to a a male and to petition Tho of Over Ink it for a a it dry a of in Evanciw Quot a the first amendment a other voices break in tradition training key for Laid off miners a nears Pou numbers ape Tamkins Dowell ave a Pum by editor Naa. 7 he1 Rufis ter Herald s / Ain t ii a in fury Community no ssi Jer uniting Ina has f Alf jets nil amt i Fin i hut it i states Bush i m Lay thin Faur will to Dei i i till to ii hot Onu of Thun i of mrs thinks a nit Tim is a us flu inn their Mann mums it 8 a Story Many fax Ink a Tohm West Virginia have probably heard Hwy might a it vont or it . A i work in tint mines. My dad work a in Tho mines. Him dig worked in Tho mines too a xxii mining has xxx a a tradition for Many families in Tho Mountain state. In orations of in mors have Sijoon proud of their Job in tile min my Industry often working Long shifts underground just to provide for their family. Sadly that might nut lie Tho Case fur the next generation of West Virginia workers dust last month nearly 1,500 miners in West Virginia Wen Laid off chm flames cite a struggling Industry and a recent a Fiort from research ers at Wist Virginia i Juver sity shows that a Confluence of economic Ervinm Montaj and a Gul Atory victors have cruised a 39 Jeroen reduction in Tai production in Wist Virginia since 2fx 8. I Hose no Maljers Are certainly difficult for tile men and women who five led a led years of their working Fivi a to tin mining Industry to hear. Hut consider that club Iron today Many whom grand far ones and Goa grand a merits Nuguit live worked in Tho mines Arentt it Ven intense a in what has Long been win sick red a Good Job in West Virginia. Earlier this week i is. Rep. David Mckinley k w va., Niu rated that fact say my Young people Are Mon Inte Ehud in science tech Mol orgy engine Ting and math Stem Fields than the Kin Lafor involve wit ii working in tile mines. While we wont weigh in on what can in done to convince pople to pursue Jofus in an Industry that de spit its recent struggles has such deep ties to West Virginia that s a topic fur another Day we do think its important to it give those workers who have been Laid off from the Industry the pro a in formation and renounces to help them got us k on their feet. That s Why events like a recent training and resource fair at pie amt chm in Unity amp technical College an so tuesday tile work fora West Virginia rapid response program sponsored the fair As a Way to reach out to Axil miners and Timeir families who have been affected Lyth recent layoffs in North Antral Wist Virginia. The event univ irked the liar Jiff miners an Opportunity to it melt with rep sen Tati it s from elected officials govern Merit agencies the United mine workers of America and various training and resource providers. No events like tins wont put miners Hock in mines. But the events will Arm them with nos nary information Nga Nimg resources and future training that might be available to them. For example Many of tin miners at tuesday s fair were eligible fill workforce West Virginia a mining Grant Whu h pays for up to $5,000 in training lists Lur i Ach Ell Gillie Miner As Well As eligible family Meliers. Vial Lins Long Lien a vital part of West vib Giniat a Economy and we re hopeful that it continue to play an integral Nile. And while tile next generation of West Virginia workers has us potential to have a big Impact on this Stati whether to Iati a in Axil to or Stem related Caners a tin current generation id workers including those Laid off from area mines can have just As much of an Impact if they have Access to tin training and tools Tivey need to succeed. Times West virginian Fairmont our speak letter to or. Gupta demands intervention to or Gupta in Fayette county leukaemia and other cancers Are among the highest in the nation Fayette county also has Long been used As an Industrial waste dump. On july 9, Danny Webb construction inc. Dec will ask the environmental Quality Board to allow the disposal of highly toxic radioactive horizontal by Dro fracturing track waste to continue with no permit arguing that dec h facility has financially benefited the county. This letter is to demand that you As commissioner for the West Virginia Bureau of Public health file a motion to intervene in evidentiary hearing 15-09-Eqb to prevent any further dumping by dec undeniable evidence in do cd a most recent permit application reveals extremely High radionuclide in the waste plus dangerously flawed injection Wells. In addition frock contaminants were discovered in Wolf Creek just downstream from these Wells and upstream from the main county Public water intake by write us the Register Herald welcomes letters on Topes of Public interest a no More than 300-360 words. Any exceptions will be made at the discretion of the editors. We Reserve the right to edit All letters submitted for Brevity Content and clarity. A latter writers Are limited to one letter in a 30-Day period regard less of subject a essential information sign your letter and include your Street address and daytime and evening Telephone numbers. Phone Nurry hers Are used for verification Only a twi to our readers speak Tow Register Herald. Pobo 2398, Beckley. We 25802 a by fax 30256-5625 a by a mar Reader speak Register Duke University scientists find uses researchers. There Art Documental indicating criminal negligence on the part of the went Virginia dept of environmental Protection Dep. Far from restraining this rogue polluter the Dep appears to have colluded with the environmental Quality Board and blocked the scientific verification of High radioactivity in do cd son site sludge pits. Moreover when removing those pits the Dep fraudulently listed the sludge As a not radioactive Quot in order to dump it into Raleigh county a Landfill As a regulating Agency the Dep certainly knew that the High radioactivity in the sludge would be concentrated up to to times higher than in the waste. Meanwhile dec has been allowed to ignore important protective regulations since it began dumping in Fayette county in 2002. This includes the last 18 months when Dep rescinded the old dec permit but then immediately issued a waiver which allowed the company to proceed As before. At its recent zoning Board meeting Fayette county commissioners clearly agreed that dec does not financially Benefit the county. Therefore allowing this scofflaws facility to continue endangering Public health is a dereliction of your Agency a duty. The above described motion to intervene is a preventative intervention As a West Virginia taxpayer. I demand that your office take it. Tom re tile Charleston our readers speak and columns do not necessarily reflect the Register heralds View Little Johnny reminisces about the baseball Days of yesteryear the Hoys of summer americans pastime. Field of dreams. If you re old enough to think about retirement you probably remember stick Ball straight base round town and Indian Hall you May even have hatted away a million marbles with your Little brother a wooden hat your first baseball Glove came from the local hard Ware store if you were like me you Only got one baseball that had to last for an entire summer after the cover disappeared you wrapped it with electrician tape of you lost it you continued to look for it until Well after dark. You trained yourself to find the spot where it landed and stare in that direction until someone said a i found if you re Over 50, you probably played baseball without a uniform spikes a catchers mask or Chest protector. You could throw straight to any base without having to look at the Glove Chance Are the fielder did no to have one anyway. You did no to care if the Ball stung your hand. You always coveted another kids Glove no matter what name it carried in the Palm the Hest Rock in the Field was used As first base. You Only had two outfielders. The ninth Man had to Hoe Corn Hale Hay or Cut weeds. Your Best hat had tape on the handle to hide the crack that ran up to the trademark you never left your Glove out in the rain. You could t w Ait to get up in the morning to Check the scores of the night games on the sports Page there were Only eight teams in each league. Mickey Mantle and Duke Snyder were superheroes. Yogi Berra was perhaps the Best loved sports figure alive and Little wonder. John Blankenship Yogi s quotes Are legendary always go to other Peoples funerals otherwise they wont come to yours. Baseball is 90 percent mental the other half is physical. Because it gets late Early on Why its Tough to play left Field in Yankee stadium i. Of the people done to want to come out to the Park nobody a Gonna Stop them. It ainu to Over till its Over its Dejavu All Over again. No wonder nobody comes Here its too crowded we have very deep depth we made too Many wrong mistakes. You can observe a lot just by watching a a other baseball sayings a its a Beautiful Day for a night game Quot announcer Frankie Frisch a the most important things in life Are Good friends and a Strong Bull Pitcher Bob Lemon 981 Well that kind of puts a be 19? Damper on another Yankee win. Announcer Phil Rizzuto after a news bulletin reporting the death of Pope Paul i 1978 a they brought me up with the Brooklyn dodgers which at the time was in Casey Stengel 1962 a i wont play for a Penny less than $1,500.&Quot Hon us Wagner turning Down an offer of $2,000 a being with a woman never Hurt no professional baseball player. Its staying up All night hiking for a woman that does him in a Casey Stengel a my favorite Umpire is a dead John Joseph a Johnny Evers a i watch a lot of baseball on the Gerald Ford 1978.� a a Bob seeker quotes a anybody with ability can play in the big leagues. But to he Able to trick people year in and year out the Way i did i think that was a much greater a in 1962 i was named minor league player of the year. It was my second season in the a people done to know this but i helped the cardinals win the Pennant. I came Down with hepatitis. The Trainer injected me with a i had slumps that lasted into the a when i looked at the third base coach he turned his Back on a sporting goods companies pay me not to endorse their products Quot a i remember one time in a Hatting against the dodgers in Milwaukee. They Lead 2-1, its the Bottom of the ninth bases loaded two out and the Pitcher has a full count on me i look Over to the dodger dugout and they re All in Street a career highlights i had two. I got an intentional walk from Sandy Koufax and i got out of a rundown against the top of the morning a John Blankenship is a free lame columnist far the Register Herald. E mail

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