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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 4

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Beckley, West Virginia The Register Herald extra wednesday february 27,1991 4ab Point counterpoint Bush Saddam engage in War of words As fighting winds Down by Harry f. Rosenthal associated press writer Washington a the War of words that marched Side by Side with the War of weapons in the persian Gulf reflected Battlefield realities tuesday. With his army in disarray Saddam Hussein fought with a deluge of rhetoric while president Bush could afford to be direct. A ooh great people a Saddam began his speech in Iraq. A ooh Nobles in the forces of jihad Faith of glorious men of the Mother of Battles of truthful zealous believers in our glorious nation All muslims Good people in the world of glorious iraqi Bush wasted no such sentiments. A i have a Brief statement to make today a he said. A a Saddam a most recent speech is an that out of the Way their juxtaposed words provide a telling counterpoint. Saddam a in such circumstances moments it is difficult to say All that should be said. Nevertheless it is necessary to mention the essential this Day our armed forces will Complete their withdrawal from Kuwait. Today our fight against aggression atheism in a 30-country coalition that has officially waged a War on us will have lasted from the night of january 16-17 until this moment a two months of the legendary 475th among units hit in scud attack by Colin Mcnickle associated press writer Farrell a. A relatives of soldiers from the 475th quartermaster group streamed into the armory tuesday to learn the names of victims of a scud missile attack in saudi Arabia. But although a sign outside the Barracks hit monday proclaimed it the Home of the 475th�?a unit that Calls Farrell its Home a its members largely were spared relatives said. At least two Pennsylvania army reservists attached to the 14th quartermaster detachment based in Greensburg another Western Pennsylvania town died in the attack near Dhahran a congressman a spokesman said. A reservist from Missouri also was among the 28 americans who died his family said. A Washington is having problems tracking Down the next of Kin of some of those killed. So they re holding up the report a said it. Col. David Russell Public affairs officer at fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. . Officials said too people were injured at least la of them attached to the 14th the 475th called Home. Monday night was especially Long for 10-year-old Dante Raines whose Mother is in the Gulf. When Dante his aunt Debbie Raines heard about the missile attack they watched television waited for the phone to ring. Sgt. Queen e. Raines of new Brighton finally called at 4 . To say she had suffered scrapes bruises but was All right. A it was scary a the aunt said. A there it was after Midnight they were now saying that 29 were now dead Many still master sgt. Jimmy Smith 48, a military instructor from Farrell was Cut by flying Glass his Girlfriend Sarah Hopson said As she stood in 20-degree temperatures a Light Snow outside the army Reserve Center the town of 6,000 people North of Pittsburgh. A the was right at the door of the Barracks getting ready to give a briefing when it exploded a she said. A the told me he was All right but just had some Glass in his the army kept the centers doors locked to the Media permitted Only family support groups inside. A group of eight women from a National guard unit in nearby new Castle arrived at mid my to offer help. Richard Wolverton 22, of Latrobe was killed said Brad Clem Enson a spokesman for . Rep. John Murtha a a. Also killed was John Bolivar jr., of Monongahela his brother in Law Steven Anders said. Spec. Steven Paul Farnen 22, of Salisbury mo., was killed in the missile attack his father Hugh Farnen of Columbia said. George Bush Bush a the is not Saddam a this showdown is Clear evidence of what god meant it to be a lesson that would Lead the believers to Faith immunity capability the unfaithful criminals traitors evil depraved to abyss weakness Bush a the is trying to claim Victory in the midst of a rout. And he is not voluntarily giving up Kuwait. He is trying to save the remnants of Power control in the Middle East by every Means possible. And Here too Saddam will Saddam Hussein Saddam a the showdown has been staged for years a with other Means. It was an epic conflict Between right Bush a Saddam is not interested in peace but Only to regroup fight another Day. Nor is there any evidence of remorse for iraqis aggression or any indication that Saddam is prepared to accept the responsibility for the awful consequences of that Saddam a today special circumstances led the iraqi army to withdraw because of different reasons including the aggression abominable embargo carried out by 30 rallied countries led by the criminal machine entity in America its chief Bush a this Defeated forces Are Saddam a this evil violence found its efficiency not Only in its preconceived aggressive intentions against Iraq the Arab nation islam but also in the position of those who were fooled by the Call of the International legality. A Bush a the still does not accept . Security Council resolutions or the coalition terms of feb. 22, including the release of our pos All pos third country detainees an end to the pathological destruction of Kuwait. Saddam a you Defeated wrong with right gods help. You were victorious the Day you declined in the name of Faith evils will. You chose your Way. A Bush a the Best Way to avoid further casualties on both sides is for the iraqi soldiers to Lay Down their arms As nearly 30,000 iraqis already have. It is time for All iraqi forces in the theater of operation a those occupying Kuwait those supporting the occupation of Kuwait a to Lay Down their arms. And that will Stop the Saddam a the iraqis will remember will never forget that on 8-8-90 . It Kuwait became a part of Iraq legally constitutionally actually it continued to be so until last night when the withdrawal began today we will Complete withdrawal of our forces god Bush a the liberation of Kuwait is close at lawmakers Saddam must pay the Price by Janine Tony Register Herald reporter members of West Virginia a congressional delegation agree iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein should pull out of Kuwait unconditionally that he pay monetarily for damage done to Kuwait adjoining countries their inhabitants. A i am most definitely in favor of Saddam surrendering making reparations for the criminal acts he has conducted a . Rep. Nick Rahall said. A a there is no Way he should be allowed to claim any Type of Victory Over the aggressive immoral acts his troops have been committing a Rahall continued. . Rep. Harley o. Staggers or. Agrees with an unconditional surrender. A i done to think Hussein has any other Choice a he said. Also staggers believes Hussein should be Given no leeway in fulfilling any of the United nations resolutions. To do so would be a a slap in the face of All families who have lost loved ones there a he said. . Sen. Jay Rockefeller echoed staggers views on the . Resolutions. A a Hussein must comply with All of the United nations resolutions remove his troops from Kuwait. His army must surrender leave its weapons behind a Rockefeller said in a prepared statement. As for what happens when iraqi troops leave Kuwait staggers believes Hussein should pay for the cleanup called reparations a the legitimate Cost of staggers said Hussein Iraq should pick up the Tab for repairing Kuwait saudi Arabia Israel because he battered those countries. Also the United states should Honor its veterans of this War by furnishing Money to help make financial ends meet in paying for education by helping veterans Deal with any psychological problems that May arise staggers said. But before the soldiers return Home which lawmakers Hope will be soon Rahall said the troops must remain vigilant should the pullout be a hoax in an Effort to catch Allied troops off guard. A we cannot allow for any pause to be used by him for regrouping re supplying his troops a Rahall said. Thanksgiving Kremlin welcomes withdrawal ., Britain remain sceptical by Deborah Seward associated press writer kuwaiti officials in Dhahran Pray tuesday after hearing of iraqis announced withdrawal from their country. The pullout began three Days after the Start of the Allied ground offensive. The Kremlin on tuesday welcomed Saddam Hussein a ordered pullout from Kuwait while the United states Britain a the allies with the biggest commitment of troops in the persian Gulf a scorned it As inadequate. La War weary Baghdad soldiers celebrated by firing guns into the air after Saddam announced the withdrawal. Citizens in Kuwait a capital were jubilant following the pullout of most iraqi forces there some in predominantly palestinian Jordan expressed a sense of betrayal. A applaud your Victory my dear citizens a Saddam said in a Baghdad radio address. A we have faced 30 countries the evil they have brought Here. And we have faced the whole the soviet Union which offered a peace proposal As recently As monday hailed the move As a Chance to restore peace. It urged the . Security Council to Call an immediate cease fire. The Council took up the Issue tuesday. A it is in everyone a interest that the War end today a said Vitaly Ignatenko spokesman for president Mikhail s. Gorbachev. A Saddam Hussein has practically thrown out the White Flag. He has president Bush however accused Saddam of retreating in order to regroup for further Battle said the War would go on with a undiminished Britain France Egypt Germany Italy Japan backed the president in saying withdrawal alone was not enough that Iraq must comply with All . Resolutions imposed after iraqis aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait. The resolutions among other things Call for the Quick release of foreigners raise the possibility of War reparations urge nations to collect evidence of human rights abuses. British prime minister John major said retreating iraqis must Lay Down their arms or a be treated As a we simply cannot do not Trust him a he declared to cheers of approval in the House of commons. The foreign ministers of China Spain said the . Security Council must play a key role in formulating a peace agreement. A we agree that this War should be ended As soon As possible that it should be resolved peacefully within the framework of the . Security Council resolutions a chinese foreign minister Qian Lichen said in Madrid. Kuwait a exiled government reported in a jubilant radio Broad cast a your Joy is overflowing thanks be to god. The enemy is turning in the Only official comment from Jordan information minister Ibrahim Izzedin said a Jordan has always advocated an iraqi withdrawal from however Jordan a predominantly palestinian population appeared deeply dismayed. Many saw Saddam As their Champion for demanding in the past that an iraqi withdrawal be linked to a Homeland for palestinians. A this is a tragedy. I have been deceived by this Man a said newspaper columnist mounts Qazzaz who had supported Saddam. Libyans foreign minister summoned the ambassadors of France Italy Spain on tuesday told them continued Allied attacks against Iraq Are unacceptable the official libyan news Agency Jana reported. Confusion Over Saddam a intentions was reflected in financial markets. Share prices in Tokyo fell then Rose at the end of morning trading on Hopes of imminent Allied Victory. They closed lower on profit taking. In european markets Oil prices the Dollar Stock prices fell. Gulf related protests continued with thousands marching in the sudanese capital of Khartoum condemning Allied a massacres of iraqi children West virginians Safe after missile attack on Dhahran associated press West Virginia combat units apparently were spared of casualties after an iraqi missile hit a military base in Dhahran saudi Arabia officials said. The missile monday Shook the building housing members of the Moundsville based 152nd military police detachment said it. Col. Robert l. Patton the units commander officer. He called the National guard Headquarters in Charleston within an hour after the missile landed to inform officials the units 55 members were Safe. Relatives of other West Virginia soldiers also Learned their loved ones were Safe. Ted Gould ii of Philippi a member of the army reserves 328th quartermaster detachment out of Kingwood had just left his army Barracks for duty when the missile hit said his wife Ellen. A thank god for having to go to work a mrs. Gould said. Kay Mcclung of Huntington also said her daughter sgt. Trudy Mcclung who is stationed at the base also was uninjured. Sgt. Mcclung is a member of the army a 7th transportation group. In other West Virginia War news a a the Sizemore family of Matewan grew by one while air Force sgt. David Sizemore was in the persian Gulf. Sizemore 23, arrived Home feb. 8, a Day after Joshua David Sizemore was born. A civil Engineer Sizemore was sent Home after More than five months of helping set up air Force runways aircraft facilities. He Learned on his Way Home that his wife Tammy had Given birth to their first child. The size mores will return in a few weeks to the Missouri base at which Sizemore was stationed. He said he will not be sent Back to the Middle East because his Job there is finished. A a it a weird to sit Here watch on television what a going on Over there a he said monday at his Mother s Home in Matewan. It the West Virginia army National guards cavalry division will receive my Abrams tanks this week maj. Gen. Joseph Skaff said monday. The tanks will be sent to units of the 1st Squadron of the 150th armoured cavalry at Bluefield Beckley Dunbar Monaville Williamson Skaff said. The 150th trained on them a last summer in Boise Idaho he said. Celebration a Motorist in Dubai holds a special afternoon edition of the Gulf news published tuesday in a laser photo response to Saddam Hussein a radio address from Baghdad ordering his troops out of Kuwait

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