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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives Feb 27 1991, Page 3

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Beckley, West Virginia Fhe Register Herald wednesday february 27,1991 a 3 a a a weather local forecast it today mostly Cloudy with a Chance of flurries in the morning Clearing this afternoon High around 40. Tonight Clear Low near 30. Thursday mostly sunny and warmer High in the mid-50s. Com extended forecast it Friday through sunday rain Likely each Day. High 55 to 60. Lows in the 30s Friday around 40 saturday and sunday. Stream conditions reports Are from 8 . Yesterday. You May Call the numbers below after 8 . To find out current conditions. Bluestone Lake 466-0156 it Lake Elevation. 1,415 it. A 9 it. Above Winter Pool it Lake condition. Cloudy it Gates open on dam. 11 it Hinton gauge. 4.5 it. It Greenbrier River. 1 it. Above Normal and Cloudy it Pipestem gauge. 4.6 ft.�?622cf/s Summersville Lake 872-5809 it a Lake Elevation. 1,575 Pool it Lake and tailgaters. Slightly Cloudy it outflow water temp. 40� it Gauley River outflow. 9.78 it. A 1,796 of sgt Craigsville gauge. 10.82 it. A 1,276 of sgt Meadow River. 5.17 ft.�?822 of sgt fishing conditions. Fair . Bailey Lake 664-9587 it Lake Elevation. 1,020 it. A Winter Pool it Lake and tailgaters. Milky it a outflow. 5.84 it. �?1,480 of sgt fishing conditions Lake. Fair tailgaters. Fair National weather the acc weather forecast for noon wednesday feb. 27. Lines show High temperatures. 50 40 _ _ cold warm stationary �1991 acc weather inc pressure a a Kwh to ill in do High Low showers rain to storms flurries Snow ice sunny it. Cloudy Cloudy via associated press graphic Snel it the acc weather forecast for today shows a Low pressure cold front across the great lakes Region bringing flurries to Minnesota Michigan and new England. A Low pressure cold front coming off the Pacific brings rain to California and parts of Nevada. A High pressure area in the South brings sunny skies to that area. West Virginia weather wednesday feb. 27 acc weather forecast for daytime conditions and High temperatures Ohio Wheeling a Morgantown Martinsburg 42� i it \ \ \ a a showers storms rain flurries Snow ice sunny of. Cloudy Cloudy via associated press �1981 acc a Natty inc statistics it High temp. It Low temp. It High Yeargo. It a Low year ago. It record High. It record Low. It precipitation for last 24 hours. It precipitation for month. It precipitation for year. It wind. It barometer. It humidity. It a visibility. It a Sunrise. It Sunset. 27�at 3 30p.m. 21�at9a.m. 48� 28�63� in 19819� in 1965 .072.446.64 wat 15 Mph at 3p.m. 29.95 and steady. 78 percent. High 12�?Low, 1/46 59 . 6 16 . Trial. Continued from 1a him soap rather than crack co dismissal but did not say Why. Carne. Generally potential jurors Are when Burnside ruled that dismissed if they re familiar with a Keller would be allowed to Cross Case through Media reports or if examine Reynolds on the alleged they know the defendant or any of incident Kostol said she needed to the witnesses involved. Talk with Reynolds about his Deci when the jury had been Dis Sion to take the stand. Missed for the Day Kostol called Kostol returned after a Short Raleigh county circuit clerk Daybreak and announced that Reyce Davis to the stand to explain Pettus confirmed As site for War. Consolidated High school continued from 1a by Pierre Tristam Register Herald reporter nolds had changed his mind. While Kostol acknowledged in her opening that there was a drug Deal that went sour the jury did not hear any testimony about what if any role Reynolds allegedly played in maxwells death. During an afternoon break in the trial assistant Raleigh county Public defender Mike Griffith said it was Reynolds own decision to not testify. Burnside a ruling to allow the prosecution to question Reynolds about the alleged drug Deal was the deciding Factor in the reversal Griffith said. Early tuesday morning a defense question about one of the jurors delayed the trials Start. Kostol said she Learned a female juror apparently knows several of the witnesses who had testified for the prosecution. Burnside questioned the juror in private and the 12-member panel later returned with no alterations. When the prosecution rested its Case Kostol unsuccessfully moved for a mistrial on the basis of alleged inadequate jury selection procedures. Kostol last week asked for a mistrial on that basis As Well arguing the All White jury chosen to hear Reynolds trial denies him his constitutional rights because he is Black. Only two of the potential jurors were Black. Earlier Kostol acknowledged she moved for their a Winnin numb ers West Virginia Charleston a Here Are the winning numbers drawn last night in the West Virginia lottery games daily 3 1-7-8 daily4 5-9-0-0 Ohi Cleveland a Here Are the winning numbers drawn last night in the Ohio lottery games pick 3 2-6-1 pick4 2-9-6-2 Virginia Richmond a Here Are the winning numbers drawn last night in the Virginia lottery games pick3 4-9-1 Florida Miami a Here Are the winning numbers drawn monday night in the Florida lottery Cash 3 2-4-0 lotto America Des Moines a Here Are the winning numbers drawn saturday night in the lotto America game 2-22-29-38-45-51 estimated Jackpot $9 million no one won the Jackpot How potential jurors Are chosen. Davis said three methods Are included in state Law. Jurors Are selected by the division of motor vehicles lists voter registration or state income tax filings she said. Raleigh county primarily uses div lists but also relies on voter registration As a backup Davis said. On Cross examination Davis said no notation is made designating a potential jurors race. Kostol told Burnside she believes the use of div lists rules out minorities because Many of them Are economically disadvantaged and do not own cars. As to the voter registration method Kostol contended its use has historically not represented the Black population. Kostol said she prefers using state income tax returns to select jurors. Davis said that method requires electronic equipment the county does not have. Burnside asked Kostol if she had specific evidence that Raleigh county a jury selection process does not conform to state Law. Kostol said it appeared the county follows the Legal requirements and Burnside denied her motion for the mistrial. The judge continued by saying the Laws that govern the jury selection process is More of a legislative than judicial concern. The trial will resume this morning with jury instructions. Both sides will then present their closing arguments. Vote a continued from 1a Are relatively compact and their population varies by just 53. A there is really Only one plan that i think wont be struck Down by the courts a Damron said. One plan rejected 55-44, would have put staggers and rep. Nick Joe Rahall Iii the same District and would have had a population difference of 1,206. Supported by the Northern delegates the plan would have put the Northern Panhandle Parkersburg and Morgantown in the 1st District. The 2nd District would have stretched from the Eastern Panhandle to Welch. Charleston Huntington and Williamson would have been in the 3rd District. Opponents said the population variance was too High and the 2nd District was far too Large. The Raleigh county Board of education in its monthly meeting tuesday reasserted a decision it took earlier this month to choose a 10-acre parcel of land at Pettus As the site for a new consolidated school for the areas presently serviced by Clear Fork and Marsh Fork High schools. The motion by member Roscoe Plumley was accepted by the Board 4-1, with Board president Ned Ragland in the opposition. The matter took less than five minutes but it puts to rest months of debate Over where the new school should be built. A site in the Sycamore Colcord area was the heavy favorite for Clear Fork residents whereas the Pettus site was the favorite among Marsh Fork residents. Plumley said he hoped his to entirely self sufficient rather than be dependent for instance on sports facilities at other locations. Workman also severely criticized newspaper reports comparing Clear Fork students to Woodrow Wilson High school students As an unfair and Long standing practice. Workman added that the Board itself has on Many occasions been derisive toward visitors from Clear Fork during meetings either through off the cuff remarks or through grimaces something Workman termed in another matter the Board denied a grievance from Evelena follies whose Job application for a permanent custodial position at Pettus elementary was turned Down because it reached the Central office too late. West Virginia school service personnel association attorney John Roush who represents pol Tion would Settle the Issue a and hopefully some of the if Ries said the Board never wrote a the state department of education policy regarding the Way Applina turns Down the site he said a then we have to do something in a related vote the Board opted to keep Clear Fork High school open for the 1991-92 school year. The motion called by member Donnie Coleman was seconded by Sally Susman and passed with Ragland in the opposition. All four visitors addressing the Board had the Issue on their mind. Two of the visitors a Carolyn Workman and Helen Wright both of them Clear Fork residents a seemed resigned to a new school at Pettus but Only if the school was tons Are received and when they Are declared to be late. Polries a application he said was legally postmarked before the deadline. Her seniority would have made her the favored candidate for the Job had the Central office considered her application. Personnel director Emily Meadows stated that the Job in question had to be applied for by Friday dec. 14,1990 at 4 . Polries a application was received dec. 17. Raleigh county school service personnel association representative Ruth Hurt said polries will Appeal the decision. First outsiders to venture into their burned looted City. People ran up to hug and kiss triumphant american soldiers who punched 50 Miles North from saudi Arabia in a three Day ground Campaign associated press photographer Laurent Rebours reported from the City a outskirts. Men of the 1st Marine division later entered the City. There were no new reports tuesday on . And Allied dead and wounded on the front lines. Meanwhile an updated report on mondays scud missile attack on a rear area Barracks outside Dhahran said it killed 28 american servicemen and wounded too. After the iraqis invaded Kuwait last aug. 2, the .-led military coalition was assembled under . Authority to Force them out of the emirate. But in the recent weeks of War the alliances informal Aims have widened to include the reduction of iraqi military might and possibly even the ouster of Saddam. The soviet Union which tried to mediate a peaceful settlement of the 40-Day-old War urged the United nations to Call an immediate cease fire in View of the iraqi withdrawal announced tuesday by Baghdad radio and later by Saddam. But Bush declared the War would go on. A Saddam is not interested in peace but Only to regroup and fight another Day a Bush said in a Tough statement to the press in the White House Rose Garden. Bush also pointed out Saddam made no formal commitment to renounce iraqis historic claim to Kuwait or to accept responsibility for War reparations a both required under . Security Council resolutions. Iraqis who Lay Down their arms a from tanks to sidearms a will not be attacked As they Retreat Bush said. Otherwise they were fair game for the desert storm forces. The retreating soldiers apparently were abandoning some arms. Lbs reporter Bob Mckeown said their military vehicles littered Kuwait City streets and a Pentagon official said they were leaving behind supplies and heavy equipment and commandeering All kinds of civilian vehicles to flee. Pentagon officials called the iraqi Rollback a a full Retreat a and the . Command in saudi Arabia said 21 iraqi divisions in Kuwait roughly 200,000 men had been a destroyed or rendered it was unclear tuesday however just How Many of the 300,000 to 400,000 iraqi troops once in Kuwait remained there. Officials of the exiled kuwaiti government said the iraqi army actually had been withdrawing for three or four Days and Saddam a pullout order was synchronized with the near completion of the Retreat. From Kuwait City a Highway leads North to Basra just 75 Miles away. Bad weather and Clouds of smoke from hundreds of Oil Well fires set by the iraqis May have masked parts of the Retreat. In the final Days of their occupation of the City iraqi troops blew up or set fire to major buildings reportedly including the parliament and big hotels. More ominously reports came from the kuwaiti resistance that scores of kuwaitis had been summarily a a executed by the iraqis. Bond a continued from 1a approached Council asking when the deck will be built. Mayor Emmett s. Pugh Iii said the deck would be built within a year. Max Lewin owner of Harry a menus shop expressed displeasure at the City a delay in getting started on the deck. Lewin however noted a i done to see that Beckley has any financing problems we need will the mayor also said there was a delay because of problems in getting an accurate estimate of the project. Council also passed an Ordi Pugh responded a you have to Nance incurring liquor License fees make sure you have the Money on state licensed retail outlets he added that the Bond Ordi crating in the City of Beckley. The Nance has been passed and funds annual fee is $1,250 for outlets unwell be forthcoming. Der class a a state classification and $250 for a class b License. The fees Are in addition to state License fees. Currently rite Aid has been awarded a class a License and Ben Susman a class b License which Are valid anywhere in a Region surrounding Beckley. The License holders May choose to operate outside Beckley City limits. Also at the meeting Norman Bias announced a baseball a a rally at 2 ., saturday to solicit sup port from the Community in funding a baseball stadium. Eve Breck was awarded a plaque for being a dedicated City employee. She is now retiring and moving to Raleigh n.c., to be with her children. From 1973 to 1978, she served As assistant recorder from 1978 to 1982, she served As zoning officer and from 1983 to 1991, she served on the planning commission. Formula continued from 1a unit continued from 1a the Bill still has to be approved by the legislature and signed by the governor before it becomes Law. Ashcraft a Home county Harrison county would lose $425,500 if the new formula is implemented this year but he voted for immediate implementation. The committee rejected 15-9 an amendment to delay the new formula until 1992-93. Del. Tom Susman a Raleigh that was the plan endorsed 9-6 spoke against the amendment by the Senate redistricting com saying that no matter what Hap Mittee. Wooton said the 1,206-person variance is too High and be acceptable under the constitutional a one Man one vote principle that requires that congressional districts be roughly equal in population. A if we adopt a plan with this kind of variance the courts Are going to come in and throw it out a Wooton said. He said 18 other proposed redistricting plans have a smaller variance. Opened someone would be Back next year asking for another delay. A either we re going to do it or we re not going to do it a he said. The new formula would give each county a base amount of $150,000, regardless of enrolment. The remainder of the fund would be allocated on a net enrolment per Pupil basis. The existing step 7 formula is a complicated process of calculating a county so Basic resources per pupils and allocating Money proportionally to those with the lowest Ashcraft said. The new formula is based on net enrolment rather than the adjusted enrolment that has special education students count As three people he added. Ashcraft said the 1991-92 appropriation for step 7 would be $30.9 million $2.1 million More than 1990-91. The Bill also includes a provision to help counties hard hit by a legislative mandate to reduce the number of administrators Ashcraft said. The Bill will allow counties to use up to 25 percent of their step 7 allocation for personnel. A the whole kicker in this is that the counties wont be Able to spend one Dollar on personnel until they have submitted a Complete and comprehensive plan a Ashcraft said. The plan has to be approved by the state superintendent of schools and can to be used to increase the total number of Central office administrators beyond four. The Bill also would allow a principal to be assigned to up to four schools. Seen it so far and does no to believe she will. Meanwhile Geneva Hayth wants to see her son 22-year-old pc. Thomas Hayth of Lewisburg Home immediately. A i wish they Dall Clear out and come Home now. They can to get Home soon enough for me a she said and she believes Hussein could be using his Promise to leave Kuwait As a set up to destroy Allied troops. A a iraqis surrender would be wonderful but in a afraid its just a trick. I done to think he a a Man to be trusted. I put it past him a Hayth said. But Connie Jones of Shady Spring Mother of 18-year-old pvt. Matthew Jones is More optimistic about the situation. A it looks like it a she said of Matthews return. A a in a getting excited. I believe it la be Over soon a she said. She believes Hussein has no other alternatives left but to surrender. A i done to think he can hit us again. Too Little too late. There a nothing he can do a j ones said. A i think Saddam might think he is fooling Allied troops but i done to think it la work. In a not too fearful right now. In a just anxious for Matt to get Home a she said. And George Clarkson anticipates seeing his 21-year-old son pc. Steve Clarkson of Lewisburg Home within a month. A it sounds Good. It sounds like we re defeating the enemy. In a Well pleased with what a happened so far a he said. However when he heard the ground War started he was pessimistic about How Long Steve would be there and what the outcome of the land assault could be but Quot it s going a lot better than i thought a he said. Steve and about 150 other soldiers with the 304th military police company in Bluefield which has a Lewisburg detachment were called into Active duty in january in support of operation desert storm. Clarification Fred Pettry 20, of Eunice is not the Fred Pettry 35, of Colcord who was listed in tuesdays news of record

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