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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1990, Page 4

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - April 28, 1990, Beckley, West Virginia The Register Herald Samuel e. Hindman publisher general manager editorial saturday april 28, 1990 a 4a Bill Byrd editor Neale r. Clark editorial Page editor Moha proposals dangerous ideas several congressmen Are jumping with both feet on proposals by the mine safety and health administration. According to the congressmen a most from Coal states Omsha does no to seem concerned with either mine safety or health. Moha proposals would allow a higher rate of methane Gas in a mine before withdrawing workers. Methane monitoring requirements would be looser and mine conveyor belts could be used for purposes of ventilation. Kentucky congressmen charge that Mshar a thrust a is a weakening of Protection to the it also opened the door for questioning of Mshar a role in preventing accidents and in investigating possible criminal violations. Some congressmen Are now calling for the creation of an Independent Agency to investigate mine accidents particularly those in which Moha officials had made prior decisions which May have led to the Aci to relax the stringent standards now in existence a standards which have not prevented methane explosions from reoccurring underground a seems to be courting disaster. Dents. Mshar a chief William Tattersall said a separate Agency is not necessary and defended Mshar a track record. Overall this business makes us extremely uncomfortable. West Virginia a Coal history is full of incidents where methane ignitions touched off Coal dust making blast furnaces out of mines and killing scores of miners in one blow. To relax the stringent standards now in existence a standards which have not prevented methane explosions from reoccurring underground a seems to be courting disaster. We urge West Virginia a congressional delegation to dig into the Moha proposals. They seem ill conceived and potentially dangerous. Dials leaves who a next g Eorge dials has resigned As Energy commissioner for West Virginia. That May relieve Many particularly those who criticized dials handling of Coal mining permits. But no one should breathe easily until its Clear who gov. Ca Perton will pick As a replacement. Dials was for the most part just another bureaucrat in state government. Environmentalists loathed his apparent lax attitude toward the environment and equally lax reign Over the mining Industry. Moreover he put in place rigid restrictions on Access to information coming out of his office. Either dials did no to know or More Likely did no to care about the struggle in West Virginia to Nail Down legislation protecting miners and the environment from practices used in the earlier Days of mining. It May be True that Caperton himself Isnit concerned with such Laws either. But Federal authorities were Adamant that West Virginia get its act together or they would oversee surface mining operations. Public officials like dials Are something West Virginia does no to need. In an Era noted for exposure of corruption in state government closed Mouths out of any bureaucracy should Send up a red Flag to the Public which in turn should clamor for openness. At the same time while the state desperately needs More jobs in the Coal Industry that desperation should never be such to abandon practices that assure West Virginia a Bountiful Beauty never be destroyed. Gov. Caperton must Bear those factors in mind in choosing a replacement. Workable litter pickup Here a a tip of the hat to Raleigh county a solid waste authority for devising a litter control program using jail inmates for manpower. Inmates have been used in the past for this purpose but Only two or three times a week. That was because no officers were free to accompany them. The new program will allow Sor Leone to de hired six Days a week to watch the inmates. Chief corrections officer . Lilly says three or four inmates can pick up 80 to too bags of trash a Day. That could make a substantial Dent in the eyesore created by a careless Public. It gives inmates a Chance to do something constructive in the fresh air and it affords the county a Means to do something about litter. All in All a pretty Good . Other voices a Many a ethical behaviour should be based effectually on sympathy education and social ties no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor Way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and Hope of Reward after death. Albert Einstein toasts. A to the Beckley West Virginia Kennel club and the greater Clarksburg Kennel club holding their sixth acc approved All Breed dog show and obedience trial today and sunday at the Raleigh county armory. A to the Beckley Raleigh county Myca holding its Lith annual International dinner today at 6 . At the Woodrow Wilson High school cafeteria. A to the regions National Merit scholarship winners David Smith Woodrow Wilson High school Lucienne Lester Midland Trail High school Krista r Honaker Princeton senior High school Laura Doyle Bluefield High school. A to Bradley elementary school students who have set up a Barrier to protect a nesting Bird who came to rest on the Campus Lawn during Spring break. Today s history from Tho Filos of Beckley newspapers april 28 a one year ago a the Dinosaur show is on exhibit at the youth museum of Southern West Virginia. A 25 years ago Terry Worley and Mavis Bailey named Best English students at trap Hill High school. A 50 years ago advertised at the baby shop diapers $1.89 Doz. Shirly Temple dresses $2. Compiled by Dorothy Lucas librarian Viz to it a <00 hear _ Somic thing Harold in to Capitol letter done to corrupt statehouse janitors Huntington Herald dispatch columnist Dave Peyton proposed soon after former gov. Arch Moore was indicted that he be Given an alternative form of sentencing. Peyton suggested that instead of the former governor going to Federal prison for crimes to which he has confessed that he be made a janitor at the state House so he could clean up the a a dirty he left behind Over the years. Peyton also said it was Only fitting that someone with Moore a ego be placed in a position with janitors. However Peytona a suggestion did no to sit too Well with custodians at the state Capitol. A Why us a asked one Veteran custodian. A a we re not Crooks. Ifs True we done to get much Money for what we do. But we be got Pride in our work. It makes it sound like we re a Bunch of stray dogs. A is hanging around with the janitors Here comparable with going to jail i certainly Hope not a he said answering his own question. A woman who has worked there As a janitor for nearly to years says most of the custodians she has known Are a lot More trustworthy than the politicians after whom they must clean up. I think she a right. Janitors while among the lowest paid employees in state government and the first to be Laid off have the keys to almost everybody a office. They have Access to what people have on their desks. Yet there has been no major theft problem at the Capitol. The custodians Are honest. Unfortunately its the people at the top who Are causing the problem. Maybe they re the ones whose master keys should be confiscated. Its the ones who collect the High salaries who apparently Arentt satisfied. They re the ones who will do anything to get More Money. In the past 20 years we be had one state treasurer go to Federal prison for taking bribes and another treasurer forced to retire because of major losses in the state investment fund. We be had one former governor go to Federal prison for trying to bribe a juror and another former governor Likely to go for extorting Money and obstructing Justice. We be had one attorney general serve time in Federal prison and another resigned last year at the request of the local prosecutor. We have two former Senate presidents currently serving time in prison for taking bribes and several other legislators have resigned after admitting to Job related crimes. And there May be More indictments to come. And How Many custodians have been convicted of Job related crimes none. Peytona a while it probably was Well intended might not be such a Good after All. We done to want to risk people at the top corrupting those under them. This Fox sly but not dangerous not Long before Earth Day a conservative think tank issued a warning about Radical ecologists who break Laws while protesting assaults on the environment. Although the think tank tried to portray the protesters As being As dangerous As John Dillinger most of the examples they gave amounted to not much More than the kind of vandalism that occurs on halloween. But in Reading the report i got to the part where the think tank traced the origins of this kind of ecological warfare. And i almost fell out of my chair from laughing. This dangerous behaviour was started More than 20 years ago the think tankers said by a menacing character from the Chicago area known Only As a the they said that a the Fox a in his misguided attempts to protect the environment committed furtive acts of sabotage against corporations that not Only broke Laws but endangered innocent life and limb. And it was his irresponsible and dangerous behaviour that encouraged others to take the Law into their own hands. If a the Fox read that he probably laughed louder than i did. On second thought he probably laugh. He might have giggled nervously. As it happens i knew a the Over the years we be lost Contact. But when he was Active i was his journalistic pipeline to the Public. We met when he came in to see me one Day. A mild mannered professional Man he lived in the of River Valley and was alarmed by the spread of pollution. He told me about his attempts to talk sense to big and Small corporations that were dumping wastes into streams and Lake Michigan and his failure to get past a receptionist or receive something More than a soothing corporate form letter about his concerns. So he said he was through talking he would become an ecological Warrior and take direct action to dramatize the problem. Mike Royko i have to admit that i was a Little sceptical. And you would have been too if you had known him. Try to imagine a slightly larger Woody Allen playing the part of rambo. But he said he was going to do it and would phone me when he planned to do something dramatic and come see me after the deed was done. I told him that i did t want to know what his intentions were in Advance because that would make me some sort of accomplice. I Wasny to sure Why that was but my lawyer told me that what i did no to know would keep me out of court. And to my amazement he went ahead and did it. He stopped up drainage outlets of big polluters he draped derogatory signs on Highway overpasses near their plants and he plugged a few factory chimneys. Once he crawled under the Fence of an Asphalt Plant figured out a Way to turn a few knobs and shut Down the Plant for about two Days. Whenever he did something he would leave behind a note of warning to the polluter with his signature a a drawing of a Fox. He called himself a the Fox because he was from the Fox River Valley and because foxes Are sly hard to catch creatures. After each of his Capers head Call or come and see me and give me the details. Then id write about it. And angry executives of the polluting corporations would phone me or my editor and sputter and threaten lawsuits and demand to know who this dangerous character was. Despite what the conservative think tank now says he never did anything that endangered anyone Well. Maybe once. It was on his last raid i believe. He phoned me that morning and nervously said he was going to do something More dramatic and daring than anything in the past. And in its own goofy Way it was. He went to an outlet of a steel company that was dumping Slop into Lake Michigan. He managed to get a of the discharged waste. Then As a flourish he added some scallops oysters shrimps and minnows to the of glop to symbolize what the steel company was doing to wildlife. He then went to the Loop corporate Headquarters of the steel company and asked to see the vice president for Public relations. Although a the Fox was dressed in a business suit the Secretary became suspicious. Probably because of the beads of sweat on his forehead and his trembling hands. When she reached for the phone he suspected that she was about to Call Security. So he took the out of his briefcase and dumped the contents on the Plush office carpet. The Secretary screeched. He dashed out and escaped before the cops got there. The vice president for Public relations was on the phone to me even before i wrote about it. He bellowed that i was just encouraging the villain. I said something like a ooh what a a Little carpet to a Fortune 500 company a then he made my Day with one of the better quotes in be Ever printed. He said a do you know what that Man did you say he Isnit dangerous Well he made my Secretary hyperventilate a after that a the Fox said he was going to work within the system and try to educate people about environmental concerns. The last i heard that a what he was doing. And in a sure that approach has been effective. But making somebody hyperventilate was More fun. 1 i iwo the Chicago Tribune letters editorial hypocritical we Are writing in reference to your april 17 editorial titled a name your inconsistent reasoning strikes again. You state that a pro choices is the Correct name for those who favor abortion. How can this be Correct when the fetus has no Choice if the Label of a pro abortion is a demean ing a then your papers Labelling of pro life people with the term anti abortion is de meaning also. You consistently use the wording a anti abortion in referring to those who favor abortion restrictions. Are you not also engaging in the same tactics that you condemn i.e., name calling packaging and rhetoric does no to the prefix a a anti a conjure up feelings that often indicate something bad you could at least be consistent and use the names a pro life and a pro Choice a or a anti choices and yes the issues have become a obscured a As you end the editorial. You have the right to print your views. But done to be hypocritical just be fair and consistent. Incidentally pro life people believe they Are upholding an important principle in the Constitution too Freedom of life. Scott and Karen Berlin jumping Branch defends Rahall i would like to respond to the unfavourable editorials and letters about congressman Nick Rahall i have been Reading in your newspaper. Congressman Rahall has been a Friend to me and my late husband Raymond for Many years. Raymond had his first heart attack in september 1980. He received his Black lung and disability payments in March 1981, due to the assistance of congressman Rahall. I am very proud to have known the congressman As a Riend and representative. I t believe the previous personal attacks Are originating from is opposition and it is time for his supporters to speak out. Eunice Clark crab Orchard Macdonald for commissioner if you will be voting on the Democrat ticket May 8," and Are seeking a candidate known for High moral standards courage and competency i strongly recommend Jack Macdonald for county commissioner. The people of West Virginia especially our children need leaders in government who will be positive examples. A vote for Jack Macdonald is a vote for purposeful leadership in Raleigh county. Lynn Conner Ghent

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