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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1990, Page 2

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - April 28, 1990, Beckley, West Virginia 2a m the Register Herald saturday april 28, 1990weather local forecast a a today warm with a 40 percent Chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon the High around 80, winds southerly 10 to 15 mph. Tonight a 70 percent Chance of showers and thunderstorms Low in the 50s. Sunday a 70 percent Chance of showers and thunderstorms. �18 extended forecast a a monday through wednesday fair monday partly Cloudy tuesday scattered showers and thunderstorms on wednesday highs in the 70s on monday near 80 tuesday and wednesday lows in the 50s. Stream conditions reports Are from 8 . Yesterday. You May Call the numbers below after 8 . To find out current conditions. Bluestone Lake 466-0156 a a Lake Elevation. A a Lake condition a a Gates open on dam a a Hinton gauge. A a Greenbrier River. A a Pipestem gauge. 1,409.9 it. Clear. 3.6 .2.9 ft.-6,272 of a 1 /3 it. Above Normal and Clear 3.91 393 of a Summersville Lake 872-5809 a a Lake Elevation. 1,652 it a summer Pool a a Lake and Tail Waters. Clear a a outflow water temp. 45� a a Gauley River outflow. 9.62 it. A 1,684 of so a Craigsville gauge. 10.86 it. A 1,322 of so a Meadow River. 4.91 it. A 666 of so a fishing conditions. Good . Bailey Lake 664-9587 a a Lake Elevation. A a Lake and tailgaters. A a outflow. A a fishing conditions Lake. Tailgaters. 1,035 it. A summer Pool. Clear 5.03 feet a 901 of a. Good Good stocked april 16 National weather the acc weather forecast for noon saturday april 28. Lines show High temperatures. Fronts cold warm stationary �1990 acc weather inc. Pressure a a High Low in showers rain in to storms flurries by x a i x x by x m Snow ice sunny it. Cloudy Cloudy via associated press graphics net a a acc weather forecast for saturday includes a wide band of thunderstorms stretching South from parts of Michigan and Wisconsin to parts of Mississippi and Georgia and showers in parts of California Nevada Utah Idaho Colorado and Montana. Also forecast is now Over parts of Idaho and Montana. West Virginia weather saturday april 28 acc weather a forecast for daytime conditions and High temperatures Huntington Beckley 83� i Bluefield o co _ _ _ showers t-siorm6 rain flurries Snow tee sunny it. Cloudy Cloudy via associated Prats graph Osnat cl990 acc weather inc. Statistics High temp Low temp High year ago. Low year ago. Record High. Record Low precipitation for last 24 hours precipitation for month precipitation for year wind. Barometer. Humidity. Visibility. Sunrise. Sunset. .84� at 4 . 62� at 6 30 . 76�49� 85� in 1986 .26� in 1976 03.17 13.08 s at 15 mph at 5 . 29.99 rising .34 percent High 15 a Low 7 6 33 . 8 11 ,Kizer a continued from 1a other $2.3 million refund from the Black lung fund. He has said that gov. Moore demanded and received one Quarter of any refund. Kizer ultimately paid the a governor $573,000, Federal prosecutors have said. Moore has agreed to plead guilty to five felony counts including extortion and obstruction of Justice. According to the indictment Kizer also paid Moore $150,000 to qualify for a so called super tax credit. Fahrenz said the Moore administration gave his client conditional approval on dec. 8,1988. Tax officials required Kizer to file certain papers before final approval. The Coal operator complied the lawyer said. When Kizer went to sell some of his Coal holdings a and a portion of the tax credits As Well a tax officials said they had not received the documents that would have qualified the company for the credit. Fahrenz said the tax officials had lost the tax documents earlier. Kizer then hired a firm run by Austin Caperton the governors Cousin to Cut through the bureaucracy. Austin Caperton was paid $10,000 a month and a $35,000 Bonus upon the final approval. The tax division gave final approval in november 1989. Tax and Revenue Secretary Charles Lorensen said he never talked with Austin Caperton about the super tax credit. Fahrenz said Kizer was under the impression that Caperton had discussed the matter with Lorensen the application was not approved or signed by Lorensen. Two state tax division employees who handled the application however say they weren to influenced by the fact that the governors Cousin represented Kizer in his super tax credit application. A until i read it in the paper i did no to even know who he was a said Mark Morton an attorney with the tax a the name did no to mean a thing to Dale Steager general counsel said a i have never met the Man or talked to the Morton handled some of the initial papers and Steager gave final approval to the application. Both said they could remember Austin Caperton a involvement in Only one transaction a the one involving Kizeri a companies. Morton said it Wasny to unusual for a Coal company to hire a lawyer or accountant when it applies for a project that included several parties. As Many As 90 percent of such companies used some Legal assistance he a continued from 1a dered last month by . District judge Elizabeth Hallanan who while ruling on a class action suit said families were waiting too Long to get child support checks. A i think we have taken some giant Steps in the last few months a said Phyllis Carter commissioner of the Bureau of income assistance. A we still have our problems but i can see the Light at the end of the the reorganization also involves a new state Law which complies with Federal Laws that require automatic wage withholding from the non custodial Parent whose children receive certain kinds of government Aid. The wage withholding also occurs if the custodial Parent requests the departments help in Ohio Jackpot $21 million Cleveland a the Jackpot in the Ohio lottery a super lotto game was increased Friday by a million dollars to $21 million As interest in the biggest prize offering so far this year was reflected in sales. The prize had been boosted to $20 million Early thursday after the lottery Learned that no tickets were sole wednesday night bearing All six numbers chosen for the $15 million prize that was at stake. Those numbers were 2, 17, 20, 26, 27 and 29. The kicker number was 303252. Sales in the drawing totalled $7,582,461. Each Wager costs $1. Wednesdays drawing was the fourth in a Row without a Jackpot Winner. Getting the absent Parent to provide child support. Caperton said Maximus a computer consulting firm has been hired to help automate the bureaus system and keep track of collection of support payments. The offices Slegal and administrative responsibilities will be divided. Gilmore said this will create a team concept in the office and allow attorneys to place greater concentration on Legal matters. Caperton also said Friday he will announce in two months a new computer system for Public schools that children will begin using in the first Grade. The program will be part of the state governments efforts against illiteracy he said. A Winn tit it Tyfo a of a t j numb Erwest Virginia Charleston apr Here Are the winning numbers drawn last night Al the West Virginia lottery games daily 3 4-9-5 daily 4 6-4-5-6 Cash 25 6-7-8-10-21-32ohio Cleveland a Here Are the winning numbers drawn last night Al the Ohio lottery games pick 3 9-1-4 pick 4 9-4-0-2virginia Richmond a Here Are the winning numbers drawn last night in the Irmia lottery games pick 3 1-2-5octane a continued from 1a a i have not heard of any problem Here a said Roger Boyd director of Public affairs for the aaa Auto club in Charleston. A i Haven to heard any motorists a we get Calls from time to time but there a really nothing we can do a said Stephen Casto director of the weights and measures division of the state department of labor. A we just done to have the the division ensures that service stations pumps compute the Correct Price and amount per gallon. Casto said that West Virginia is among several states that done to have motor fuel Quality Laws. A Federal regulations require that pumps be labelled with octane ratings but to my knowledge no state Agency double checks them he said. According to the study motorists who think they Are buying Premium grades May be losing $150 million a year. Samples taken last year in Detroit and St. Louis were found to have octane ratings an average of 2.2 or More Points below what was posted on the pump. An octane rating determines the ability of the gasoline to resist burning. Some higher powered vehicles recommend various Levels of octane to avoid unhealthy a a pings or knocking sounds in engines. A state lawmaker who believes West Virginia motorists Are being deceived has twice unsuccessfully introduced legislation that would regulate the posting of octane ratings. Del. James Pitrolo jr., a Taylor owns an automobile Dealership in Mannington and says he gets a lot of complaints from motorists about engine knocking. He believes the deception of gasoline Quality originates with the distributors rather than individual service stations. A i done to think the stations deliberately sell gasoline below the standards a Pitrolo said. A we suspect that there May be times when the Gaso line delivered to the stations is already below the posted octane Pitrolo said when his customers complain about engine knocking he recommends they switch brands or octane Levels. Regular unleaded Gas is rated at 87, mid Grade unleaded at 89 and Premium grades from 91 to 94. Of four local service stations contacted Friday Only one knew whether its gasoline is checked for Quality before it goes to the pumps. Go marts gasoline is tested by the manufacturer after its purchased from the Oil supplier said Jim Heater transportation manager for go marts Charleston office a i Haven to had any complaints about my Gas a said George Daniel owner of Georges Pennzoil in Fairdale. Daniel said he does no to know if his gasoline Quality is monitored before it goes to the pumps. A a it a just whatever the distributor brings a he said. Heater said that most Oil suppliers do Check their fuel Quality before distribution or gather samples at the pump. A some of it depends on the company and what their procedures Are but most companies Are very Picky about the Quality of their fuel a he said. But Heater said that motorists who blame engine knocking on Low octane Levels May need to look for the source of the problem elsewhere. In Pic if your car engine is properly tuned it will run Okay on regular unleaded gasoline a he said. A a it a performance wont improve with High octane Gas if its not tuned Heater recommends that motorists concerned about engine performance should read their automobile manufacturers manual for suggested octane Levels. A most people that buy a new car wont even read the manual a he said. A but the manuals will Tell you what octane level is the Best for your enumerators ready to Brave states Hills and hollows by John Curran associated press writer Charleston More than 1,300 . Census counters will take to Hills hollows and Homes next week in a bid to get personal with every West virginian As part of the Federal governments nationwide head count officials said. Clipboard toting a a enumerators will fan out from Beckley Charleston Morgantown and Parkersburg wednesday hoping to conduct face to face interviews and record the age sex race and marital status of 40 percent of the states approximately 1.8 million people. Brave unfriendly dogs suspicious people Windy Mountain roads and porches with holes in them to track the states popu lation. Census officials say its the toughest part of the $2.5 billion being used for others done to understand it or see it As an invasion of privacy a said Henry Ruppenthal Iii District manager of the Charleston census office. Last month the . Census sent Short and Long forms to addresses it had previously compiled. But an unexpectedly Low 63 percent of the country a estimated 250 million residents either did not receive or did not return the forms. That a 12 percent lower than returned them in 1980, the census Bureau said. State native sorry before execution in South Carolina by trip Dubard associated press writer Columbia . A murderer responsible for four deaths in a bloody 1979 rampage expressed remorse before he was executed Early Friday. Outside a cheer erupted from a waiting crowd As his body was borne from the death House. West Virginia native Ronald a a Rusty Woomer 35, was electrocuted at 1 05 . And pronounced dead seven minutes later said William d. Catoe the corrections departments Deputy commissioner for operations. Woomer was put to death for the murder of Della Louise Sellers a Hawleys Island convenience store clerk. A a in a sorry a Woomer said in a Low shaky voice from the electric chair immediately before his death. A i claim Jesus Christ As my Savior. I Only wish everyone could feel the love i feel for a crowd of about 80 death penalty proponents cheered As the Hearse bearing Woomera a body left the death House. But his execution gave Little immediate Solace to mrs. Sellers widower. A it was too easy. It was too easy a said Don Sellers who was among the witnesses at Woomera a execution. Woomera a death sentence was carried out after the . Supreme court denied requests for a stay. Gov. Carroll Campbell also turned Down a plea for clemency thursday. A a in a glad to know Woomer wont Ever be on the streets again to harm anybody else a said 50-year-old Marion Wright the brother of Earldean Wright another of Woomera a victims. Woomera a path to death Row began on feb. 21, 1979, when he and Eugene Skaar left West Vir Rusty Woomer Ginia to steal rare coins from retired Engineer John Turner 67, in Cottageville . Upon reaching Turners Home on feb. 22, they took the coins and fatally shot him in the head police said. Woomer and Skaar then drove to a neighbouring Community and forced their Way into the Home of Amie Richardson looking for Money and guns. Woomer killed Richardson 27, and his 35-year-old mentally handicapped sister in Law Earldean Wright authorities said. Later that Day Woomer and Skaar kidnapped mrs. Sellers 34, and Wanna Summers then 24, from the store where the women worked. Both were raped and shot. Mrs. Sellers died but mrs. Summers survived losing half her face to a Shotgun blast. Mrs. Summers has taken a Public stand to press for Woomera a execution. Skaar killed himself to avoid capture and Woomer surrendered when police surrounded their Myrtle Beach hotel. Local Man charged with breaking and entering National Effort. The count is aimed at drawing a statistical picture of America to determine congressional representation and Federal funding for education housing medical and other local needs they said. A some May Nave forgotten to fill it out others May be suspicious of what the information a a 24-year-old local Man was arrested thursday and charged with seven counts of breaking and entering. Thomas e. White or. Of Coal City is being held in lieu of $15,000 Bond in the Raleigh county jail. According to a criminal complaint Filea in magistrate court by Beckley City police det. . Cook White allegedly broke into the convenient food Mart 406 second St., Beckley and into pearls lounge next door to the convenience store. White allegedly first broke into both businesses on Jan. 17 and on feb 15. On March 5 and on april 6, he allegedly broke into pearls and on april 7, he allegedly broke into the convenience store the records said. Large qua ties of coins were stolen from the amusement games in pearls lounge and the convenience store each time. The seven complaints filed by Cook allege that a total of $2,230 in coins was taken and $940 in Mer Randise was taken from the convenience store. On a single occasion $990 in coins were allegedly taken from pearls lounge. Cook said in the records that an informant led police to suspect White and that their own investigation verified the informants information. Beginning quilting learn techniques for a Basic machine i Patchwork hand applique and hand Start april 30 i i quilt fabric and Craft i Corner i main St., Sophia i 083-9429 i 9 to 5 i a to 4 Sal. Of. J f fashion 6 fitness inc. 20% off All new Spring and summer fashions Sale ends april 30th 252-7190 Opan daily 8 am Al pm turn left Between Boily Eon a a lower a located on the left beet cab Telephone

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