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Beckley Register Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 3

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Beckley Register Herald (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Beckley, West Virginia Weather local forecast today much colder with mixed precipitation changing to wet Snow accumulations of up to an Inch on Grassy areas temperatures remaining in the 30s to around 40, the Chance of precipitation 90 percent. Tonight cold with Snow showers Likely storm totals of one to three inches possible. He extended forecast a a sunday through tuesday partly Cloudy sunday and monday a Chance of showers tuesday highs 50 to 55 sunday moderating to the 60s tuesday lows in the 20s sunday 30s monday and in the 40s tuesday. Stream conditions reports Are from 8 . Yesterday. You May Call the numbers below after 8 . To find out current conditions. Bluestone Lake 466-0156 a a Lake Elevation. ,. 1,405.9 it. A a Lake condition. Cloudy a a Gates open on Damn ,. 6 a a Hinton gauge. 3.3 it. A a Greenbrier River. 1 it. Above Normal and Cloudy a a Pipestem gauge. Out of order Summersville Lake 872-5809 a a Lake Elevation. 1,604 it. A 48 feet above Winter Pool a a Lake and tailgaters. Clear a a outflow water temp 4i46� a a Gauley River outflow. 6.22 it. A 254 of so a Craigsville gauge. 11.25 it. A 1820 of so a Meadow River. ,. 4.99 it. A 714 of so a fishing conditions. Good . Bailey Lake 664-9587 a a Lake Elevation 1,030 it. A 5 it. Below summer Pool a a Lake and tailgaters. Clear and Cloudy a a outflow water temp. 46� a a outflow. 4.99 feet a 877 of so a fishing conditions Lake. It. Good tailgaters. Good National weather the acc weather forecast for noon Friday april 6. Lines show High temperatures. Fronts ii by cold warm stationary �1990 acc weather inc pressure a a High Low own j it i a a Saax yr-7 x x x x it amp showers rain to storms flurries Snow ice sunny it. Cloudy Cloudy via associated press graphics net a a the acc weather forecast for Friday predicts a band of thunderstorms and rain extending from Eastern Texas into new Jersey with Snow predicted for parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Snow is also predicted for Northern Wisconsin and Michigan As Well As for Western new York. West Virginia weather Friday april 6 acc weather forecast for daytime conditions and High temperatures Ohio Huntington Charleston Beckley 40 i j Bluefield 38� i a. Joh showers tetors rain flurries Snow ice sunny it. Cloudy Cloudy vim associated press graphics net �,>1990 acc weather me statistics High temp. 58� at 6 . Low temp. 35� at 8 . High year ago. 44� Low year ago. 30� record High. 80� in 1967 record a a. 19� in 1982 precipitation for last 24 hours. .04 precipitation for month. .30 precipitation for year. J. 10.19 wind. ,. W at 20 mph at 5 . Barometer. 29.88 and rising humidity. 31 percent visibility. High 20 a Low 5 Sunrise. 7 03 . Sunset. 7 62 . Plans continued from 1a from Williamsburg elementary Middle will attend the East Junior High. After it is built. Superintendent of schools Steve Baldwin said they Are considering three Sites in a two mile radius of the Lewisburg Ronce Verte area. The school expected to have an attendance of 1000 students is hoped to be completed by either september 1991 or 1992 with site preparation beginning in july. Baldwin announced March 29 the Board Hopes to float a Bond in the next year to pay for a new Western Junior High and finance improvements on county element Aries. A new Junior High to consolidate Crichton Smoot Rainelle and Rupert Junior highs will Cost $4 million. School officials estimate the Eastern consolidation will allow the Board to Cut approximately 25 teaching positions while a Western Junior High will allow approximately to positions to be Cut. Some teachers were not concerned with upcoming personnel cutbacks while others expressed concern. Cris Sienkiewicz a teacher at Greenbrier Junior High said Many people Are concerned Over the schools size and Job Security was a big Issue. Also with cutbacks slated at the administrative level some teachers anticipate principals who have More seniority will be Able to fill positions that previously went to teachers. Hazel Baker treasurer of Al Derong a Junior highs Parent teacher organization summarized the views of Many affected educators and parents when she said she was not in favor of consolidation but she accepted it. A most parents were like me a Baker said. A i did no to really sup port it but it is already passed and i can to do anything about it a she said. Parents and educators were concerned Over the size of such a facility. Some Felt the communities were losing touch with children by busing them out of town. Baldwin said much is still unknown about the two consolidated Junior highs. The Greenbrier county Board of education will meet noon Friday in executive session to discuss property Purchase for the future East Junior High. After a preferred site is agreed upon the site will be Core drilled for soil samples and Purchase is expected to be underway by april 31, Baldwin said. Gandee amp partners inc. Of Charleston will be the architects for the project which is estimated to encompass 30 acres. A a we la have a building designed by june a Baldwin said. A we can to make a building design until we know which site is to be built on a he said. The superintendent said he will get feedback from the Community before forming final building plans. An auditorium is hoped for the East Junior High he said. Ail county schools have Only gymnasiums for Assembly he said. More advanced and remedial courses Are hoped to be available he said. A we Hope to expand each discipline a Baldwin added. An emphasis will be on computer literacy he said. A a there a no question Well have a computer room and computers in the Media Center and classroom a the superintendent said. Estimated commute times for students to the new East Junior High is 12 Miles from White Sulphur Springs 18 Miles from Renick 14-15 Miles from Alderson four to five Miles from Lewisburg three Miles from Greenbrier Junior High and 20 Miles from Williamsburg. Parents from Western county schools expressed doubts that a Bond would pass to upgrade county element Aries and to use toward building a Western Junior High that will have an attendance of a Little less than 400 students. Preston Zopp Smoot Junior High principal said he wondered if county As whole will support a Bond Issue. A i feel a new school to consolidate the four is a necessity a Zopp said. A people in this Community Are not very favourable to Bond. They feel the new school funding should come from the school building authority a he said Diana Hollingshead a Parent and teacher at Smoot said she Felt the Eastern county students received better educational opportunities than the Western end. A i know we re a minority but we deserve equal education a Hollingshead said. A i think the sea should realize Only half the county was taken care with the a kids on the other end will get Many things in terms of curriculum and Well get the basics no extras a she said. Wayne Brown a Parent at Williamsburg Junior High said he strongly favored a Western end Junior High but other alternatives for size and funding had not been evaluated. Baldwin said he could not estimate the amount the Bond Issue will Cost until Greenbrier Sio element Aries Are evaluated and feedback is received from each Community. The Bond will pay for renovation in the elementary schools and possibly constructing new element Aries. The superintendent said the Bonds for Greenbrier East High school will be paid off next year. If the Bond passes then there will be no additional debt for the county to take on he said Baldwin denied parents accusations that the new East Junior High will offer better educational benefits than the Western Junior High will be Able to. A we Haven to planned curriculum from a East West viewpoint a he said. A i done to think in terms of East West a Baldwin said. Snow a continued from 1a defined geographical area and to a defined length of time. For example the 60 percent Chance of Snow tonight applies to Raleigh Fayette Summers and Mercer counties and the Western half of Greenbrier county a Geo Chical area assigned to the Dey a news station. Tonight a 60 percent Chance can be put in the following More exact terms at any Given Point in the defined area there is a 60 percent Chance that a measurable amount of Snow will tall Over a period beginning at Sunset and ending at Sunrise. A measurable amount is considered to be any amount greater than of inches said funder Burke. Although there is a 60 percent Chance of measurable precipitation tonight there is a much less Chance of a three Inch accumulation funder Burke pointed out. Summit a continued from 1a ter with the crisis in Lithuania a Central topic. Bush and Gorbachev last met Early in december in a storm tossed shipboard Summit at the Mediterranean Island of Malta. Since then pushes for Independence in Lithuania and other regions of the soviet Union a and the soviet response to them a have strained superpower relations. The timing of the Summit ear Wise continued from 1a Lier than the late june schedule originally envisioned raised new doubts on whether All details of an arms pact could be nailed Down in time. A senior . Official speaking on the condition of anonymity said a it depends in some part on what we re Able to do Here in Washington talks Between Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii and soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze. Face off a continued from 1a revenues at every level of government. The Cost estimates also done to include intangible factors such As psychological damages to Coalfield families or the effects on the image of the regions business climate. And the Price is still rising. The ump still could be ordered to pay millions of Dol Lars in fines for illegal strike activities. The company still could lose millions As its mines Are restarted. But Michael Odom president of the Pittston Coal group inc., says he does no to think about that. A when feb. 20 hit i put a lot of things behind me. Whatever it the Cost was it was a he said in a recent interview. Teen continued from 1a face a contempt charge which was pending against her. According to a motion filed by his lawyer last month Thomas believed at the time of his plea a that he was keeping my Mother out of jail by entering a plea a but thursday Canterbury ruled there was no credible evidence that Thomas entered his plea because he believed his Mother was going to jail according to Raleigh county assistant prosecutor Kristen Keller. Ziegler faced contempt charges on feb. 16 for allegedly violating Bond conditions by allowing Thomas to visit with his 2-year-old brother. But the contempt hearing was never held and Trio Mas pleaded guilty that Day to the sexual assault of a 5-year-old boy. Additionally the judge found that the plea was made voluntarily that Thomas was fully informed of the nature and consequences of the plea and that his attorney Donald Pitts had shown no fair and just reason Why the plea should be withdrawn Keller said. A a we re very pleased with the decision in terms of the 5-year-old,�?� Keller said. A at least we can spare him from having to testify in Pitts who did not return phone Calls thursday has the option of appealing Canterbury a ruling to the state supreme court Keller said. A sentencing Date has not been set. Thomas faces a prison term of 15-to-25 years when he turns 18. Until such time he would be confined to a juvenile facility following sentencing. Peabody continued from 1a a we done to have any Concrete plans right now a he said. A a it a pretty Well Market driven. Quot say an acid rain Bill would pass and it would make the Type of Coal we have Here in Southern West Virginia a make the Market for them increase significantly i think we would be right there among the big players to produce the Coal and you would see a pretty significant increase at that should clean air legislation by the mid to late-90s, when time runs out for companies to comply with the new rules for the moment though Hull said Peabody in West Virginia will go from producing 16.5 million tons of Coal last year to a projected 20 million tons this year the acquisition of the company by Britain a Hanson corporation will not have a managerial effect on Peabody a local operations Hull said. In effect the acquisition a does no to mean anything for workers the president explained. A it just Means that the Stock of Peabody will be held by someone other than its held by right now. I think the company that s buying us is a very financially sound organization. They re a very Large conglomerate and they own a lot of companies. If anything its going to enhance the Coal company will be added to Hanson a other american holdings such As Ames tools Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath and spa products Grove Crane and Endicott Johnson. Although Peabody is Hanson a first Coal related acquisition historically a if the company Hanson buys out is Well managed let that company continue to manage and continue to operate As they have and do a Good Job for Hanson a Hull said. Presently the nations largest Coal company with sales of $1.74 billion in 1989 and pre tax profits of $136.5 million Peabody was sold to Hanson March 29 for $1.24 billion. The transaction is pending regulatory and shareholder approval Ana would not be completed until june. Peabody produced about 87 million tons of Coal in 1989, or 9 percent of All the Coal produced in the United states with 3,600 miners in West Virginia alone. In sum Hull said of Peabody a near future a we see us growing and producing More Tion does no to target one Type of worker for special benefits. Critics of Byrds legislation argued last week that it was wrong to single out Coal miners for special treatment when workers in other industries May be victims of legislation mandating Industry to clean up the nation s air. Byrds measure failed last thursday by one vote in the Senate. Under current Law Laid off workers can receive unemployment compensation for six months after they Are Laid off. Wise a legislation would extend those benefits for another six months. The legislation would also allow for additional Job retraining that goes beyond a year. A my Bill would be different from sen. Byrds because it will cover Coal miners and other workers that Are affected by the legislation equally a Wise said. Wise who represents Many chemical Industry workers in West Virginia a Kanawha Valley is concerned that provisions in the air toxics Section of the clean air act might Lead to some layoffs in the chemical Industry across the nation. Nepotism continued from 1a worked previously in the office. A it is the commissions opinion that for the county assessor to hire his son on a part time basis during the summer months would give the appearance of the Public official using his office for the private gain of a family member a the commission said. It said he could not do so unless he was exempted by the commission. Nogay said similar applications were pending from officials in several courthouses and the ruling will apply to them All. A they can to do any More hiring a Nogay said. A fifteen people had applied for the Job and without advertising it the assessor decided to give it to his son a Feinberg said. As a result he said the decision is limited Only to the Case of the assessor. Southern baptists meet for evangelism conference by Jim herring Register Herald reporter a i done to Deal with Many christians who have strayed from god who done to intend to come Back a a noted Texas minister told 222 West virginians of the Southern Baptist convention in Beckley thursday evening. But the important thing according to or. Joel c. Gregory of it. Worth Texas is to come Back with a Quot changed heart with an intense love and a desire to fit into his plan for our the meeting a statewide evangelism conference took place at the memorial Baptist Church in Beckley. The conference recon Venes today at 9 . And will continue through this evening until 9 35. West Virginia Southern baptists Church units include 147 churches and chapels. The Southern Baptist Conven clarification the owner of Akers lumber company in Midway . Akers said that a firefighter quoted in a Story in thursdays paper exaggerated the height of his pile of scrap Wood that caught on fire wednesday. Akers estimated the True height to be about 20 feet. Akers also said the firefighter incorrectly quoted him on the value of the scrap Wood. However Akers would not say what he estimated the True value of the scraps to be. Tion largest religious denomination in the United states entered West Virginia 20 years ago. Southern Baptist convention churches Are now found in 113 countries. They support about 4,000 missionaries. The Keynoter speaker or. Gregory is pastor of Travis Avenue Baptist Church in it. Worth. He is a National Leader in Southern Baptist convention. Also speaking in the thursday evening program was Bobby Sunderland of Atlanta. 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