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Beckley Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Beckley Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Beckley, West Virginia Use the registers classified advertising columns for results la Aldol Raleigh Ltd registers the Mark of Good printing volume 41 no. 13 Beckley Raleigh county w. Va., thursday september 23, 1020 5c per copy $2.00 per year. Labor Secretary Speaks for Cox Millard Hurt Dies Warden Man succumbs to ravages of typhoid fever. William b. Wilson delivered convincing address in Beckley on monday. Millard Hurt of Warden died at the Beckley Hospital last wednesday afternoon about seven o clock with typhoid fever from which he had suffered about two weeks. Ile was removed from his Home to the Secretary of labor William b. Hospital the Day previous to his Wilson and former president of the death and it was hoped that medi United mine workers of America Cal skill and careful nursing would was a visitor in Beckley. Monday Soor ungate the onslaught of the Dis problem of water Supply considered business men rally to support cd company to Rush sinking of new Well provides Canvas of women voters postpone kiwanis. Committe named to keep alive the idea i until december i. Legislature agrees on House to ii ouse visitation for lasting new v Oters. Legit state and delivered an address in the court House in the afternoon in behalf of the democratic National ticket. He was greeted by a crowd that taxed the capacity of the court room and his address was one of the strongest that has yet been heard Here on the issues of the present Campaign. He Drew particular attention to the position of senator Harding on the league of nations questions trying to please All elements of the american people and yet satisfactory to none. He detailed How after a conference with the senator senator Lodge and his followers who Are for the league with reservations had announced their support of Harding and How after a similar conference with sex presi Dent Taft and others who Are for the league without reservations their support of him was announced and How finally after a conference with Johnson and Borah who Are bitterly opposed to any league their support of senator Harding was also announced. If Harding has promised each of these factions that he will be in agreement with them on the league question what can the people to expect in the event of his election with senator Harding a vacillation on the question or. Wilson contrasted the Manly stand of governor Cox for the league without nullifying reservations his fairness labor and the business and financial interests of the nation. The speech was a simple and Plain and eminently fair presentation of the issues and no Man who heard it could fail to be impressed with its logic. From Beckley or. Wilson was hurried to it. Hope sneaking there at 4 30. Rn., and at Oak Hill at 7 00 p. In. On tuesday he also spoke at Page and Montgomery. Ease. Or. Hurt was probably fifty years of age and is survived by his wife and eight children three of whom Are married. His Mother mrs. Ira Hurt of Stonewall and several Brothers and Sisters also survive among whom Are mrs. Jesse Teel of Skelton and mrs. Henry Smith of Grandview. Funeral services were conducted at the Home saturday morning at 10 30 and the remains were interred in the cemetery on the old Home place near Stonewall. No solution of Beckley a water Supply problem is in sight As yet but the business men of the City to Hirough the chamber of Commerce have become thoroughly aroused to the danger of the present situation and while demanding that the Beckley electric Light amp Bower company exert greater efforts to bring Relief Are at the same time willing District in Williamson and a Law appropriating Money for the session. Neither the Senate nor the House sought to pass the Hills introduced to provide for changes in the Laws Hie special session of the kure to provide for the registration of the new women voters was the shortest in the history of the state. It lasted just three and one half Days but Cost the people of state $14,030.05. Its accomplish to were the enactment of a Law the me for the registration of women voters a Law creating an Independent school Wilkes probably Senate nominee is confident contests in Mercer and Monroe counties will bring Victory. To go to any Knight to help along. A thorough airing was Given the problem at the regular Semi month i meeting of the chamber of Commerce last thursday night. This was followed in a meeting of the chamber and All interested citizens with the directors of the water Supply company in the chamber of 1 Commerce rooms Friday night. From what was Learned at the two meetings it problem is not shortage at the source As it is a problem of meeting a greatly increased demand with a Plant that simply lacks capacity to keep Pace with the growth of the City. It is j now asserted that the two Wells at Mabscott Are producing practically As much water As they Ever did but that within the past five years the to the contested election Case of . W. Wilkes is. C. C. Coalter Over the Republican nomination for state consumption of water has More than senator from the seventh District doubled. It is Learned for instance that 127 new connections for water Supply had been made this year up to september 1st. Then again owing to faulty construction there Are Many leaks in the Plant resulting in a constant waste of water. The problem with which members of the chamber of Commerce were mainly concerned was that of pushing the sinking of the third Well at Mabscott to the earliest possible completion. Though the work began a week ago monday it was said that drilling had reached a depth of less than 30 feet at the time of the chamber a meeting thursday night. The consensus of opinion was that the drilling should pro relating to the trial of criminal cases. Flip Only sensation of the session was a threat of violence and a general strike of mine workers of the state which was transmitted to governor Cornwell and the legislature by a mine workers local at developed that the j Ward. Kanawha county should the so much one of legislating act on the governors suggestion to change the Law so As to insure trial of All those indicted in connection with the Matewan shooting last May. The outstanding provisions of the registration Bill Are As follows the registration of All qualified be permanent organization of the Beckley Al wards club has been postponed for the present. A meeting of its members was held at the Beck Ley hotel monday noon and it b. Hawkins j. In Mcginnis and r. D. Watts were appointed a committee to keep alive the nucleus of the dub that has been formed until december 1st. Meantime the chamber of Commerce will adopt some of its features such As the monthly noon Day luncheon when the progressive men of the City will gather a round the Festal Hoard enjoy the Good Fellowship of such affairs and talk about the Good of Beckley. After december 1st another Effort will be made to Complete the organization of a kiwanis club and it is to be hoped that tile required number of members to assure its Success can be secured. Contracts sacred says High court Pocahontas operators granted injunction against United mine workers. Annual report of s. S. Secretary or. Eldredge shows great record of accomplishment during Bast year. The surely work been Perry Spangler Dies Well known Woolen and grist operator passes. Mill Perry Spangler 7.n years of age one of Raleigh county a Best known citizens died last Friday afternoon about four of clock at Fitzpatrick with asthma and pneumonia. Or. Spangler owned and operated a Woolen and grist Mill on Piney just above Fitzpatrick for Many years where Many of the older citizens of Beckley were wont to go for their turns of meal and flour and to buy warm durable Woolen blankets. He was a Well known and highly respected Man and was of a kindly and genial disposition honest and energetic. His two sons William and Isaac with his wife and one daughter survive him. Funeral services were conducted at la of clock sunday morning by Rev. J. Crouss and Rev. Ziegler of Fayetteville and burial was made in the Fitzpatrick cemetery. Senator Colter gained i go votes in Raleigh county by a decision handed Down by judge Miller at the recent term of circuit court. Though the decision in this Case was against Wilkes it strengthens his position in other parts of the District and he is confident of being certified As tile nominee by a final majority in excess of too votes. The order entered by judge Miller provides a that in All cases where affirmation books were not kept and used in the primary that the entire vote in such precincts East and counted for the candidates for senator he rejected and not counted that in such precincts where ballots were signed by Only one poll clerk and where both poll clerks names were signed by one of the clerks and where unofficial ballots were used that such ballots be rejected and not counted for the office of state senator and in such precincts in said primary election where the names of voters were placed on the affirmation Hook by the officers of election without the direction or authority of the voter that All of such precincts be rejected and not counted for the office of state arguments Iii the Mercer and Monroe county features of the contest have been heard by judge Herndon at Princeton and his decision which is expected to be in line with that of judge Miller will result in a Victory for Wilkes. Of the association has blessed of god during male voters beginning not later than the year since last we met in con october i by a House to House can invention assembled. Vass. Last year we reported 129 sunday the sitting together of All Regis schools with an enrolment of 7000. To radars on the third monday next j our statistical report now shows prior to the general election for additions to their lists. The registering of both men and women in counties where new election precincts have been established. The appointment of two additional poll clerks on the general election Day at every precinct where the registration of voters shows 200 voters or More one or both of whom May be female voters of the precinct lard one from each political party. The number of Booths in precincts where there Are 200 or More voters shall not he less than five or More than ten. Increasing the pay of All election three stills raided two taken across Summers county line and one at Amigo. Foods 12 per cent lower August Price decides average 4j/2 per cent fuel continues upward trend. The con-11th. The la and to no question about it now the woman s Suff rage amendment to the Federal Constitution was ratified by both branches of next Cut legislature on the vote Iii the House was tio in the Senate 33 to 0. This renders the various Legal questions growing out of the ratification by the legislature of Tennessee of no importance As the vote of Only one state was needed to secure Hie adoption of the amendment. The states Are now amending their registration and election Laws to secure to the women their right to vote in the november elections. Walliin drop in i prices ill the depart changes in Bureau of crease was showed tie the Dacron a per cont. Nearly six clothing it ton s o Gene lug a no tit of the Bidi a Hor St 4% per Grea t farm Lier per it. pronounced a1 lend of wholesale gust was reported by Thor. Measured by x numbers of the t fist is the decent. Foodstuffs get Price recessions. Ore cent cent big materials continued trend with an increase in 12 lot declined d cloths and id and Light their upward of More than coed 24 hours a Day. Of i Cia is of officials to five dollars a Day. The Light so Power company had de dared themselves helpless to do this because they could not secure competent Laber. Therefore at the meeting with the company a directors Friday night a committee composed of Geo. If. Moss t. E. Bibb and j. G. Foster was appointed to immediately secure for the company the necessary labor to keep the Drill going Day and night. This has been done and the Hole has now reached a depth of nearly too feet. It is stated that a depth of upwards of 300 feet will he necessary before water is struck and that then it May he merely a Rase of robbing the other two Wells though it is hoped that better Luck will prevail. During the discussion at the meeting with the company a directors it developed that the greatest need of the company is additional capital. It developed also that capital will he available whenever the company makes to the business men of the City a proposition that they consider fair to themselves in the present situation. Much was said at both meetings about the dangerous predicament the City occupies during the water shortage. There is danger not merely of the City being swept by fire but also of much higher insurance rates. The directors of the Light company were assured that every Effort would he put Forth by the business men to relieve the situation and the directors appeared also to understand the necessity for Quick action. 145 sunday schools with an enrol ment of Over 9,000. District charts Are shown for the first time in bal High county at this convention j All around the Walls of the Church you will see the charts by districts. I the name of each school in the county can be found and after it you will find a Seal for every Point you have made on the a school Stan a look at the standing of your school. Try Aud gain More Points during tile coming year. Ii is possible to make All of them. If you do not have a a school standards with seals to attach write West Virginia sunday school Clarksburg. I they Are free. A Fine spirit of co operation has been shown by superintendents and members of schools All Over tin county. I Ain especially delighted the state supreme court last i Lune Day granted the injunction sought by forty seven Mercer and Wyoming county Coal operators to restrain the i United mine workers of America from interfering in any manner with contracts Between the petitioning companies and their employees 73 per cent of whom have signed contracts declaring they have no wish to he affiliated with the organization and will not do so while in the employ of the petitioning companies. Tile injunction order was signed by judges Miller Bitz and Lynch and becomes effective As soon As a Bond in the penalty of $5,000 is filed with the clerk of the circuit court of Mercer county to pay All costs or damages which May he incurred by reason of the injunction. Tile forty seven companies who signed the application operate on about 109,000 acres of land containing the no. 3 Pocahontas Coal. The annual producing capacity of the companies is about 11,000,000 tons. Over 12,000 men Are employed by them. The Legal principle on which the Case is worked out is the simple one of the relations existing Between two parties to a contract being held sacred in the eyes of the Law to the extent that the interference of a third party must he enjoined from causing either party to violate the rights of the other under the contract. The supreme court of the United states has upheld this principle in Many cases. Hie penalty for violation of an injunction is a drastic one leaving it to tilt discretion of the court As to the extent of a Fine or prison sentence which May be deemed necessary to enforce respect of the court and the Law. John Wilsons death came As Shock to Host of Raleigh and Fayette friends. The death of John a the Federal prohibition agent stationed in Beckley has been Active during the past week resulting in the destruction of three Moonshine stills a two in Summers county and one in this Conli to. Near Amigo. Hie Lii it two were located Friday night one on a Small Branch tributary to Mountain Creek and the other on a Branch of Slick Creek. In the raiding party besides the prohibition agent were state policemen Luther Wheatley and Garland an a Derson and officer in l. Stewart of Beckley. One of the stills was made from a gasoline drum the other a Copper Box. A total of 3,345 Gallons of Mash was destroyed. Along with about 25 Gallons of singling. The is ill near Amigo was engaged Iii a Rill Hundred Des Rove finished agent i i iceman i Licker. Wilson who with the advancement in Clear Fork had been prominent in the Coal dish jct Jai gel y through the Ell Orts j mining business of Raleigh county for the past ten years brought Sud of peach Brandy. One Gallons of peach Mash was i and also to Gallons of the product. The prohibition As accompanied by state to Milhe and Harrison of. A. In and Deputy sheriff Smith. If 64 per cent while metals and House furnishing goods also showed an increase Over july. Whooping cough fatal it Zel Marie Farley 22 months of age. Daughter of or. And mrs. J. C. Farley died with whooping cough followed by pneumonia monday morning in their Home at Boley. Four children with the parents survive. Burial was made at by Ley tuesday afternoon. Fatality at Riley John Blake was accidentally killed by a motor in mines at Riley last wednesday. Deceased was eighteen years of age. Burial was made at Riley Friday with h. T. Calfee in charge. Americans fight immodesty delegates at world Council of women at Christiania against improper dancing. Four persons slain. Halifax Nova men one of them his father and a woman were shot and killed at Hemford Lunenburg county by Havelock Veinott of that town who then ended his life. attacked the four when in a at of insane rage resulting from an old dispute Over tile location of a Mill dam on his father s property where the shooting took place. Explosion kills three. persons have been killed and six injured As a result of an explosion in the Iofolo powder company a factory at Mantua says a Rome dispatch. The explosion which damaged several houses is believed to have been caused deliberately. I Christiania. Norway sept. 20 a i american delegates to the Internatton-a1 Council of women in session Here have started a movement against sex i Angerate styles in dress and Ira mod est dancing. Resolutions urging that i prohibition of the Sale of liquors be i decided by referendum was adopted i by tile Council. Another Resolution adopted declared that an illegitimate i child should have the right to the fathers name and should receive financial support from him. To show health film the government film entitled a your children which is being exhibited in Raleigh county by the u. S. Child a draining rents Bureau will be shown at the Miles on Lyric theatre before the school children of Beckley on Friday september 24 at i p. In. This exhibition of the film is made possible through an agreement Between a. J. Peters superintendent of schools and d. C. Meadows manager of the Lyric. Or. Meadows is generously permitting the use of his theatre before the regular afternoon performance. The show will be entirely free of charge. Court awards contract. Contract for the grading and of four and one Quarter the Jarrolds Valley col Cord Road in Marsh Fork District has been awarded by the county j court to the Sutton construction company of Pikesville kv., the contract Price being $115,379.40. Of Rev. Ii. In Gebhart who came to j a Rob is Valley last january from Iowa where he was president of one of tin county associations. He has six appointments covering about an eight mile radius and in this territory he Lias with help of workers trained by him organized eight Cradle bolls with a membership of 322 and eight Home departments with a membership of Over 300. Ile attended All our District conventions As specialist and As a result of his work at these conventions we expect to be aide to report next year that we have a Cradle Boll and a Home department in every school. District conventions last year we reported conventions held in town Clear Fork and slab Fork districts. Since our last county conventions we have held two District conventions in Marsh Fork Shady Spring slab Fork and trap Hill districts and one convention in town Clear Fork and Rich districts eleven conventions in besides special trip to Richan District for conference with All or Intendente. The results Folk these conventions have been Gratifying and arc illustrated convention by having More represented than we have Ever had in a convention in Raligh Cooty. By Blocky. In ill week i have prepared an article of at least one column in length for each of the county papers and these articles have been in the editors hands before noon each about every two weeks of these articles have been a1 superintendents. This Ness to a Large number of friends in this and Fayette counties. It took place at his former Home in Harrisonburg va., on saturday september Lith. From a complication of diseases with which he had been suffering for some time. Or. Wilson was 12 years of age and is survived by his widow and two children. He was associated in the Coal business with major w. P. Tams and occupied the position of general manager of the Tams properties on the winding Gulf. He owned a Beautiful Home at Wyco the scene of the operations of Wyoming Coal company. The funeral was held at Harrisonburg. Va., his boyhood Home and was largely attended by friends and associates in the Coal business. Winding Gulf operators Ai a Tam hmm cd All loud sup lowing i very in this schools the Penners Assoria which he was one of the Lens at a meeting in Charleston inst week adopted resolutions of condolence All the members present standing with bowed Heads in Token of the personal grief and the loss to tin nation. Revival services revival service the first Baptist next sunday am get. To. Rev. In at Baptist Church s will be held at Church beginning i continuing until Lacy i loge will do monday re print sent to infant Dies at the infant child of or. And mrs. Harry Cox died at their Home at a Milbrook thursday september to. Burial was made the following Day at fire co. Continued on eighth Page throws tire Motorist Dies. Blackfoot ida., sept. 20.�?il g. Bills automobile dealer of this City was killed when a racing automobile he was testing out on the county fair grounds dirt track threw a Tiro when he machine was speeding at the at of of Miles an hour. Make yourself at Home ladies of Raleigh county shopping in Beckley Are invited to come to the ladies rest room opposite deem s store upstairs. A Welcome and comfortable place to rest until train time. See the big sign a ladies rest persian missionary Here Rev. Joseph Benjamin a returned missionary from Persia will speak at the presbyterian Church wednesday night sept. 22, at 7 30. He has a thrilling Story of Mohammedan persecution and War conditions in that ancient country. Here is your Opportunity to get first hand information. The Public generally is invite cd. The preaching and the singing will be in charge of prof. Dias. O. Miller of Sherman Texas. The song service will he held at 7 p. Rn., and preaching at 7 30 p. In., daily. A special meeting for boys and girls will be held at 4 p. In., led by prof. Miller. All Christian people Are invited to help in this meeting. The singers of All the churches Are specially invited to help with the singing. In Beane joins brokerage firm w. E. Beane whose connection with the e. Or Payne company 15th, has business brokerage firm this till the e. Mrs. Wie Khani bereaved mrs. Thomas h. Wickham was shocked last week by news of the sudden death of her father Joseph Bates at his Home in Santa Barbara Calif. His death took place on thursday and burial was made there without waiting for the arrival of Eastern relatives. Ceased bought of the compar week. M. I non Ley. Sept in an interest grass harsh v. And joint1 he is suceei1 Ayne company who recently r her in the Road d the led v by w. Turned famine famine is Rife a China. Because Gether with a Lac in Shan too chinese face to Beck food according i american Mission in China in the Interior of of a civil War to it of rainfall 5,000,-a Winter without to a report from

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