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Beckley Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 1

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Beckley Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Beckley, West Virginia Schwellenbac to new labor a a Bossy seek Tranquility for production by the associated press Washington a Lewis b. Schwellenbac took. Over today As the governments labor a a Bossy. He held a presidential Grant of Broad new authority although few new Powers to Deal with Industrial disputes. President Truman shifted the War labor Board the . Employment service and the War manpower commission to the labor department. But that action he conferred All the authority inherent in those agencies on Secretary Schwellenbac. Schwellenbac had presented his reorganization plan to or. Truman Augustio. Yesterdays White House action was attributed to the labor storms which appeared to be gathering last weekend Over Detroit a automobile Industry and elsewhere. The Cabinet officer immediately appointed Edgar l. Warren chairman of the Chicago regional War labor Board to head the . Con cfim1c�s filiation service. Schwellenbac a Hale Tat leased wire report a the associated press a pictures and features. Volume 69�? no. 80 Beckley by. A. Wednesday afternoon sept embed 19, 1945 Price 5 cents Lewis b. Schwellenbac Black dragon society still lord Haw Haw convicted sentenced to hang a a a a a a a a a a a a new Lap War criminal list prepared reds rapped on italian claims japs predicting purge of Cabinet i plans to strengthen and enlarge this adjunct of his department. Warren arrived in Washington Aby plane last night and turned a jigs first attention to the Detroit strikes and threatened work stoppages to see whether government intervention is required Warren at the same time considered the possibility of calling a labor manage rent conference among principals in the Detroit situation. Along with his news conference announcement of the labor department revamping or. Truman also disclosed that he is folding up the office of economic stabilization and turning Over director William h. Davis a duties to reconversion director John w. Snyder. Davis himself had proposed this step but was taken by Surprise at the timing. Or. Truman and Schwellenbac both indicated to newsmen that a statement recently attributed to Davis had embarrassed the admin see Story no. 3, on Page 4 Justice rules he owed allegiance to great Britain disputed arca by the associated press i London a William Joyce. Lord Haw Haw of the German radio was convicted of treason Oil workers Idle As strikes spread by the associated press a crippling strike against the nations Oil Industry appeared gaining headway today adding new thousands of workers to the More than 200,000 already away from their jobs Over labor disputes across the country. New groups of workers joined the strike today As the . Oil workers International Union pressed its demands for a 30 per cent wage increase. O. A. Knight Union president predicted the walkouts would extend to the entire Industry. Continuance of the strike threatened to Cut steel production in the big Mills in the Chicago and Gary ind., area. No new developments were reported in the labor situation in the Detroit area where some 80,000 workers remained Idle by strikes and layoffs. The . United automobile workers declared the Union plans to go ahead with its Shrike vote in some automobile Pipits if wage increases of 30 per by Al Doering associated press correspondent Tokyo the supposedly disbanded Black dragon society Long a sinister and powerful japanese in did Baney today and sen political organization still main fenced to hang gains its Headquarters Here where a jury of to men and two former members come to talk to women required less than 25 min their chief a was Jutes to arrive at a verdict after this was Learned today from Justice Tucker had ruled that Yoshiya Kuzucu the society a White Haw Haw had left this country bearded Hief Secretary who talks in 1939 a wrapped up in the Union with seeming frankness but Evad Jack in order to carry on German is questions which might i Crimi propaganda. Nate the society or disclose acres the Justice informed the of its members to american of jurors after listening to three curation forces. Days of Legal argument that a Salzburg the 71-year-old. Straight faced Kuzucu told me that All records and documents of his society were destroyed in the May 25, 1945, super fort firebomb raid. While he admitted maintaining what had been the Black dragon Headquarters and meeting a a individually with former members Joyce was not a British subject but nevertheless he owed allegiance to the British Crown when he left the country because of the Protection afforded him by a British passport. This was despite of his american birth and the fact that Joyce later took out German citizenship. Joyce will make an immediate slow Progress is seen for big 5 bulletin by tilt associated press London the governments of Britain the United states and France issued a joint statement today expressing the a firm opinion that elections for a provisional Assembly in Greece should be held As soon As possible. Early Senate approval seen for appointees by the associated press London a the Council of Allied foreign ministers weighed the italian yugoslav Frontier claims today and it appeared that the current meeting would get no by Jack Bell associated press correspondent Wshington Swift Senate confirmation seemed assured today for three major appointments by president Truman. They arc i. Senator Harold r. Burton Ohio Republican As associate Justice of the supreme court. He succeeds Republican Owen j. Roberts resigned. 2. Robert p. Patterson present undersecretary As Secretary of War. He succeeds Henry l. Stimson resigned. 3. W. Stuart Symington As stir course of storm further than the italian peace plus property administrator. Complicated has that he contended that this a has Noth ing to do with political i Appeal his lawyers announced his disclosure that the one j Joyce stood quietly while the time Black dragon Headquarters trial was thus ending with dra still is used by the fonder Mem Matic suddenness in his sentence hers came one Day after Premier to death. Prince Higashi Kuni told Ameir when he walked away toward can correspondents at a press con his cell he gave what appeared to Ference that he hoped secret groups j be the nazi Salute to friends in would disband of their own a i the courtroom Cord but if they did no to the gov i when the result of the trial eminent would enforce their Dis was heard outside old Bailey a shading locates italian province of Venezia Giulia the port of Trieste and the italian islands off Dalmatian coast involved in the controversial italian yugoslav Frontier problem now under discussion by the big 5 foreign ministers in London. Broken line is the military line now dividing the British american and yugoslav zones of occupation. A map. Solution. Kuzucu repeatedly evaded ques ions Abou he names of prominent Black dragon members and discounted american and european views that the society has been a powerful militaristic Force in Japan. Kuzucu asserted it had declined in Power since the sino japanese War began and that it was actually frowned upon by tile japanese government. Kuzucu said the Black dragon society was dissolved aug. 18, 1945, three Days after Japan a surrender. He said the organization waiting crowd of londoners raised a cheer. The convicted Many a brother see Story no. 7, on Page 4 Kilgore battling to save Truman s jobless pay Bill Federal court hears opa charge i two office of Price administration Legal investigators attached to the Charleston District office this morning took the stand in Federal court Here to testify that i sait an investigation made on March Home next thursday or Friday f the Var a in a Fri the yugoslav italian Border is treaty so become. Such topics As the Balkans the Dardanelles and the Western German Border probably will be relegated to the next meeting in late november or Early december of the foreign ministers of the United states Russia great Britain France and China. Russians expressed interest the italian african colonies of Tripoli Tania and Eritrea Drew comments from two London morning newspapers. The conservative daily Telegraph asked a does the soviet government seriously stake a claim to trusteeship for Italy a african possessions a the Liberal news chronicle said a if Russia asks for Equality of status everywhere she must concede the same Equality to her allies in the areas which at present she mainly persons close to the conferees they were expected to go Over from a three Man which he formerly head takes boarded. Congressional republicans and democrats alike got a lift out of or. Truman a unexpected Choice of Burton for the supreme court but. For slightly different reasons republicans liked tile selection of their 57-year-old Senate Colin league because they regard him As a highly qualified lawyer and because he is one of them. Democrats chuckled at the political strategy of the president. Some said lie was influenced in his Choice by Robert e. Hannegan democratic National chairman. Burton a exit from the Senate will give gov. Frank j. Lausche of Ohio a Democrat a Chance to appoint one of his party Mera Sec Story no. To on Page 4 alleged Price overcharges against _ the Bailey jewelry company and i b>wt\slhn0gton a president individuals Wade Hampton had nearly 1,000 members at the True and a supporters in the sen lets Quot men and Ance ate fought today to save two links he opa in its declaration Alin his program Leges that any Price in excess of they a 2 _ Une Manlov $2.50 constitutes an overcharge Quot a the base period it ,942. A turn of the us. Employment ser a Quot allot i 15? vice to the states. 1 a gop ticket to be selected tonight of this year in Beckley was the the Yuan slav italian Republican nominees for the City basis of a suit for $1,494.20.1 til is knotty. The United to be held in Berkley brought for triple the amount of 3ates and Britain were under 011 october 2, will be selected at see Story no. I on Page 4 see Story no. 2, on Page 4 web will probe fuel Gas strike cent were not Given. There was no change in the by the associated press situation in another of the coun Charleston Cabin Creek pure Oil workers out up for decision As the Senate a de Bate Over unemployment pay a step toward moved toward a Climax try Stop ranking labor Controvert possible settlement of the two there seemed a Strong Chance sies at the Westinghouse electric week old strike of United fuel that the Truman forces would be by the associated press cd to my steins. Ira i a Charleston employees those were the major Points j has been a add ? the the pure Oil company a operations. Of Tho Pnat pm a de the suit had been sold during theia Rak a Rry to r see Story no. 9, on Page 4 corporation plants in six states. Gas company employees was seen the 10-Day old stoppage has idled today with the Call for an a Linves More than 37,000 workers after a tight Ives hearing by the regional strike by the company a salaried War Labov Board workers Over a wage dispute. The dispute in the Oil Industry however was fast spreading and thousands of workers were ready to leave their jobs in refineries with additional thousands to follow. The strikes hit the Texas area with 5.000 employees of the Texas co. Refinery at port Arthur prepared to go off their jobs while the pure Oil company refinery at Nederland tex., employing 800, was shutting Down. Before the weeks end a Union tonal official predicted All major re-1 United wineries in areas around Houston Corpus Christi and Beaumont tex., would be closed. In the Chicago area the situation More serious As the Sinclair refining co., Plant in East Chicago ind., one of the country so largest was slated to close. More than 1,000 workers in plants at Chicago have gone on strike since Defeated in Senate voting on both questions. The House Hasni to debated the unemployment pay Bill yet. The Board which set the hearing aside from unemployment con for 1 30 . Tomorrow at Cleve Gress busied itself with these sub land asked that both labor and jets management appear to explain i. Demobilization. The uproar theft of liquor truck is charged at Cabin Creek and Dawes joined unstated today in a strike which appeared to be a part of a nation wide Oil Field walkout of members of the . Oil workers International a convention called for 7 30 of clock tonight in the circuit court room by City gof chairman Oppie l. I Hedrick. Beckley democrats met monday night to choose their ticket headed by w. A. A a Gene a Burke for mayor. H. U. Sloan has been mentioned As a possible Republican nominee of for mayor with mayor Robert Wriston a aspirations still millions of dollars of damages were counted after the tropical Hurricane which hit the Southeastern United states blew itself out on this course. After hitting Southern Florida i where the Miami area suffered the heaviest damages it moved on North Back Over the Ocean and finally struck again near Charleston s. 2. Effects of the storm have been Felt in continual Rains and storms in the East causing some floods though the Force of the wind died in South Carolina. By the associated press Tokyo general Macar hurts Headquarters announced today it would Issue soon a new and lengthy list of suspected japanese War criminals while reliable japanese sources predicted an imminent purge of reactionary elements in the Cabinet of Premier Higashi Kuni. Premier Prince Higashi Kami himself in a press conference yesterday told Allied correspondents that his government intended to determine responsibility for starting the War and try its own accused provided general Macarthur approved. There were answers to this from Macarthur car quarters. Headquarters suspended for one Day a second Tokyo newspaper the English language Nippon times. The pacer was ordered 30 minutes before press time to withhold publication of its thursday morning edition not because of objectionable material but because its editors had failed to submit for american censorship a printers proof of an editorial on the recent change of foreign ministers. On tuesday the big japanese language paper Asahi was ordered to skip publication for two Days for printing inflammatory articles. The sources who spoke of impending Cabinet resignations said vice Premier Prince Fumi Maro see Story no. 5, on Page 4 gov. Meadows proclaims newspaper week for state october 1-8 by the associated press Ginia was the first Union. Company officials who said that the strike did not involve local issues reported 180 Union employees Idle at the Cabin Creek Jesse e. Smith 23 of Mabscott refinery since sunday night while. Union to follow Congress in asking this morning was held to the ans another too workers at Dawes for guarantees of worldwide free. ,. ,. Army Navy wer of Raleigh county grand j went on strike yesterday. Der of the press has proclaimed re. Hon pm be us pm some continued. Cuties of jury by magistrate g. O. Mills on a company spokesman said the october 1-8 o be observed Asna 1,000 . Union workers has not efforts to bring the boys cack a charge of stealing a loaded liquor i of nit Annar Ontl involved Oniu a. A a. I been settled. I Homo said gleefully that general Ruck on Prince Street monday the unions National demands of i a a a he web. Disputes director Mer Macarthur has put the army on night state police stated. Retention of the ton d. Barrisch in telegrams to the spot. The general said in Smith according to trooper r. Company and Union officials said Tokyo that the occupation army a Tabscott was identified by a a the regional . Is advised might be Cut to 200,000 in six j Driver for the Riss company of that members of locals 418 and 372 months. Charleston which does trucking of the .-oilworkers internal 2. Pearl Harbor. The committee j f0r the state liquor commission on Union employed at the to investigate the 1941 disaster contract. Fuel Gas company have j was looking far a lawyer today. J the Mabscott Man according to continued their strike preventing the group held its first meeting the state trooper was seen by restoration of Normal operations yesterday and elected senator. William Horton another Riss com opa will tighten building controls by the associated press Washington a Tom Over ment set up Home peacetime barriers against inflation today after knocking Down some wartime barriers to a free Economy. . Prepared to limit rigidly the costs entering into new Home building which opens up october 15�?although it cannot put a ceiling on the final Price of the House. These developments marked the further March of reconversion in business and government i i. . Told retailers what three additional divorce de wartime increases in manufacture crees have been granted by judge i ing costs Are not to be passed on Ben h. Ashworth during the cur to the Public in the form of higher rent term of circuit court Accord prices for new washers Refrigeri ing to orders entered this morning actors and similar Long awaited products. 2. To Speed the Sale of vast War surpluses president Truman signed a Bill creating a single administrator of the surplus property decrees granted in 3 divorce suits in the office of the circuit clerk. Marriages were dissolved Between Paul f. Dickens plaintiff and Macy Jane Dickens custody of a wartime a take the Home pay. I i ate the Cabin Creek operation last a with Charleston a governor six year old child being awarded Board. Meadows noting that West Vir to Gilbert Aliff father of the de 3 and Thor War state of the fondant. Dorothea Griffith Johnson and Thomas Woodrow Johnson the plaintiffs Maiden name restored. Nina Mac blizzard from George Daniel blizzard her Maiden name of Nina Mac Nuchols restored. Two cases it. Hope motors is. Lee was 4. Held Agency the of of economic stabilization killed off. The Brookings institution that a a powerful movement governor asked for approx Observance of the week full realization that their. Cooper is l. S. Cooper were week announced that workers had guarantee of a genuinely free continued until the next term of been loitered a 15 per cent hourly press every he o is a first is j court wage increase with the return of scribal to world understanding a 40-hour week. And univ it i for higher wage rates is the greatest potential inflation Force. 5. Builders estimated that 500, 000 new Homes would be started a t i next year with building climbing Issac Lemarr an Appeal and John to he d Ponce. At the company a Plant. Barkley div As chairman. A pursuant to the unanimous 3. Hirohito. A proposal by sen motion of the regional . You Ator Russell a a that the Jap anese emperor be arrested and tried As a War criminal was received with some Reserve in the Senate. 4. Appointments. Speedy Senate Union officials have issued a strike mobilization order to Midwest refining plants involving an Are requested to appear before this Board for an investigative hearing for determination of the nature of the dispute that resulted in the strike and for explanation As to monday about 500 were out in Why the strike has not been term approval was expected for three Detroit and 400 in Toledo o. J major appointments by president the telegrams added that Man-1 Truman a Robert Patterson As gement had been asked to at-1 Secretary of War senator Harold tend the hearing to Aid the Board Burton a Ohio for the supreme estimated 30,000 workers. A strike j in determining procedure by which court and w. Stuart Symington vote they said would cripple j the matter May be resolved. As the one Man surplus property refining operations in Indiana. No immediate comment was Boss. Symington will replace is Bond Illinois Michigan Wisconsin and forthcoming from either Union or the one Man surplus property Kentucky. Company spokesmen. See Story no. 6, on Page 4 Pany employee driving the truck on Prince Street. Horton immediately recognized that Smith was not the regular operator of the vehicle Tabscott said. The truck reported stolen from near the Prince Street liquor store where it had been parked with the keys remaining in the ignition switch was recovered shortly afterwards slightly damaged near Mabscott. Smith according to the state trooper was remanded to the county jail in default of $1,000 Shirley Jack to wed today weather three b-29s near Washington in non Stop trip from Tokyo today by tile associated press army officials said Here that i at another Point he reported that Edmonton a three b-29 the flight should have no diff airmen in the three Crews had a bombers on a non Stop flight Ltd ult in arriving in the capital at counted for the destruction of 30 today 6,500 Miles from Japan to Wash 6 p. En., e w t., As Giles previous enemy aircraft probably destruct Rivers in ton d. C., passed Over fort sly messaged he expected to do. I Hon of 24 and damage of 19 Dur Greenbrier and new at Belle West Virginia fair tonight and thursday warmer thursday temperatures yesterdays High 60 last nights Low 53 8 . Today 57 rainfall in 24 hours ending 8 . .07 Inch. St. John b. C., at la a. Rn., e. W. There was in fact a possibility Today officials of the alas of an earlier arrival since a lighten division United states air ened gasoline Load would step up transport comp and reported Here the super fortresses Speed As they j went along. By resister staff writer j As the planes roared Over Cana Washington flying non Ida general Giles kept in radio Stop from Japan to Washington communication with air Force three b-29 super fortresses set a Headquarters Here relaying weath Halfway Mark of the or information and see Story no. 8, on Page 4 Point both High and Muddy. Wavu enrolment jumps 34 per cent school faces big housing problem uses annually by 1948. Price administrator Chester Bowles reportedly was ready to announce stricter Price control son lumber hardware plumbing ton september 18, an order was and other building materials. Case of Andrew j his plan is to impose dollars Eastern Gas and and cents ceilings which would and was filed in e uniform in every City just As re a is ceilings on grocery the regular term of the supreme court of appeals at Charles King 116 Law 34 Medicine 56 Oast the Halfway Mark of theft Jer information and comments by the associated press Vamp to mile flight today exactly on about members of the Crews. I Morgantown a some 1,773 and mines 7 schedule. Among these he told How James students began their Classwork at h. E. Stone director at 9 a. Rn., e. W. T., la. Gen. Seaver jr., of Bronxville n. Y.,= Barney m. Giles commander of and first its. Beverly k. Martin ir6inia in Nesity today As the flight radioed that the three of Milwaukee ore., and Glenn e. School officials reported a 34 per big bombers were 120 Miles South Whatley of Canton tex., were cent increase in enrolment Over that the University is being con Watson Lake Yukon territory. A pulling baby shoes and of last year. Fronted with a new housing pro Canada which is almost 400 Miles shots from their pockets and won registration which ended yes Blem because of added facilities past the Midway Point at White Dering what their children who Ter Day showed enrolment of up needed to service horse Canada. _ they had never seen will be clansmen to include Engineer men and their families. Of Loans and placement said that both the women a and menus dormitories Are filled to capacity. He added Mem while her Fiance sgt. John g. Agar jr., looks on Shirley Temple 17-year-old screen actress signs the application for the marriage License issued to them in Glendale Calif. Shirley today becomes the grown up Bride of tall Blond and handsome Jack Agar 24, of the u. S. Air forces. The ceremony in the Wilshire methodist Church tonight will be the culmination of a Friendship which began two years ago at a House party Given by miss temples neighbor Zasu Pitts. When the 17-year-old actress first announced her engagement last april her Mother added that there would be no wedding for several years. Then sgt. Agar received word he was to be shipped overseas soon and plans were changed the one time wonder child who was an actress at four a Star at five and the number one Box office attraction from 1935 through 1938 was the first child actress to receive an Academy award. She retired from her 20th-Century Fox contract at 12 with an estimated wealth of one million dollars. A wire photo entered in the Rufus Cook is. Fuel associates the circuit clerks office tuesday. The associates on september 4, presented their petition Tor a writ of error and supersedes to a judgment of the Raleigh county circuit court on july 26. The supreme court granted this writ effective when the Petitioner or another gives $3,5.0 Bond before the Raleigh county circuit clerk yesterday judge Benil Ashworth entered an order As of september 15, in the chancery Case of Jabe Lilly is. Ellen Lilly decreeing that he pay her $50 a month for the support of herself and her children. Custody of the children is awarded to the defendant. The plaintiff must pay the defendant s counsel $75. Another order was entered As of september la in the Case of Emma p Goodson is. Gorge f. Good son. On i motion by the plaintiff for suit Money and for her support during the Pendency of tins cause the court decreed that the defendant pay her $31.50 suit Money by november i and pay her counsel $75. He must immediately pay her $25, and pay further sums of $25 on the 15th Day of each month. Store items. For people who want to buy new houses this leaves two notable gaps in Price controls the Price of the lot and the Price of the completed dwelling. However construction of a an unprecedented number of Low Cost dwellings for Low come families a. Predicted by to it a Seph e. Men National As builders. Mendon acclaim action by recover nation of of the Home yesterdays it a director John w. Snyder in Ord eng All i Conin Sis off construction october 115. It will mean �?orecord-1 creaking new Tome construction t he build ers c Vocative said in a s statement. He a tided a fully 500,0 of new i n should be starts i dining 1946. Seven Hundred fit to thou Sand can be built in 1947 and the see Story no. 4. Tin Page i pneumonia fatal to Beckley Man Frank Anderson 54, of Hill Street died at his Home today at 8 a. Rn., following an of pneumonia. Kik Catton to he interred is Muy funeral services will be held sunday at 2 p. In. For Joe c. Patton. 82-year-old de Wight negro at the Edv Vight Baptist Church with the Rev. H. Rawling official ing. Patton died in a local Hospital attack monday and ii i following three survived by the ans Herbert Paine is survived by his wife the ton. Of Pittsburgh Jesse Patton former Ida Boggs a sister mrs. Of Columbus Ohio and Hughie Anna Milstead of Wheelersburg Atton of Dwight five daughters. Ohio. Mrs. Annie Hill mrs. Flora Green since coming to Beckley some mrs. Bertha Miller mrs. Maggie 14 years ago Anderson had been Barker and mrs. Nora Smith employed at Leslie a diner. Burial will be made in the de i arrangements for his funeral j Wight cemetery

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