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Beckley Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Beckley Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Beckley, West Virginia Winter wonderland hit Beckley Early yesterday. A in Marion Street bringing in Orr Washington to life in Snow Daniel la. Kamey 541 Orchard Avenue and Sty ids of Beauty with it frosting on Homes ins Orchard Avenue Register photos report on atomic raid danger sent to president Marland to pass lip hearing on Severance Levy h Alc Tat since 1880�?bec ele is oldest institution vol. 73�?no. 203 Beckley a. Va., monday afternoon february 16, 1953 Charleston tonight a Public hearing on the Severance tax Bill backed gov. Marland again will find management and labor from the Coal Industry on opposite aides of the Public Issue. Gov. Marland last night said he had decided not to appear in person to state the Case for the tax he wants to Levy on Coal and other natural resources. Whether anyone else would speak for the Marland administration at the hearing was not known. Regardless. Arguments for enactment of the tax Are expected to be you Dunk Don t drive. If Over the signature of chief Hall.,three cases the records show presented leaders of the brute you Dye it Don let Dunk it a a effective As of this Date. Hall an a five cents police chief judge declare War on intoxicated Drivers Washington of the Federal civil defense administration so id today Russia could Send Khz planes against any spot in the f. S. And drop numbers of atom bombs capable of inflicting i la Ihm casualties with each blast. Such an initial attack the Agency said would come practically without warning probably during working j hours and would be aimed primarily at crowded Industrial areas. It would be hacked up psychological warfare to Apical panic and weaken the will to fight and biological warfare to add disease to bombed out devastation it a pee j the civil defense Agency san j j to Nual report was sent to president i hip to Eisenhower and Congress act Hui Iii Lui i j ing administrator James j. Wads Wadsworth said in his report court demurrer Harriet Allen in $200,000 suit r g Broaddus Beckley sur live on the police bulletin Board erty damage was involved in All three Drivers who made appeals chips fall where they will a Hall or a cud i defense i not de or it Quot to a higher court. They hire at emphasized. Ukr of Quot a a a su1 instituted mrs. A these initial civil defense attack assumptions Are neither a dramatic overstatement of the problem or a Retreat from the reality of growing soviet capabilities. A Wurl prs and other labor you Del vet 6on drink a effective As of this Date. Hall an. Of the officer does t have a tourneys who come Down Here to in the three cases last week. Threat tha new faces us mine i v a endorsed it 1 motorists who Are cursed with bounced to his department Mem Case it Yre should t bring a Man in police court and Tell us we can to More than $3,300 property damage the it quoted the a a Force filed a demurrer in Raleigh Cou groups when Nave e. An alcohol he Thim would do Well Bers you win prosecute persons Here. If he does Book him for prove a Case if we go ahead and was involved two counts were re 70 Cem of an end. F circuit court today answering the principal opponents Are the clip the above warning and As driving while drunk he should be convict their cent. Well from diced to a a reckless driving the a Ming Mission would get her declaration various associations representing paste it on their windshields. That a i m going to investigate each prepared to prove his Case a wit now a v a Tan is charged with third to just drunk All three Coal c Nfn a of a Quot and the West Vir St of they expect to operate an Case thoroughly a a judge Wilson son believes. Driving while drunk he s going to men were represented counseli.,be tried on that charge and the judge Wilson further stated that in his on a a eloping fast enough to veet the Ethel Hughes also of Beckley Ginia chamber of Commerce. J automobile in Beckley. An announcement that he in a Multi pronged War horses the tax Quot without qua Ifica drunk Drivers encompassed warned. A if a Man is guilty re s the going to be found guilty and he s the going to forfeit his operator s per Ron came today from state school City today As officials United in Mit As the Law demands. If he s supt. W. W. Trent. An All out Effort to rid the streets a second or third offender i m opinion arresting City officers had not obtained sufficient evidence prior to trial to result in a conviction As charged. Senate and House finance com of the motorized threat to human going to revoke his License for the mittens jointly will conduct the life and the destruction of proper full period the Law a declare a ensure fros a6 sides hearing at the Capitol tonight on to. Emphasized. Decried from ail sides to it would Anniv to Coal. Tonight a session of City police Wilson a statements and Halls is sometimes brought on the a the state s output of Coal would be court will Mark a new Era in Dis ultimatum followed two sessions resting off up in an Effort to Aid taxed at to cents a ton. Position of motorists arrested and of police court last week during be Ai e8pd Drunken Driver to keep Quot. Tomorrow charged with a driving while which three motorists each charge his operators License. Woeful Hintonjr a a. Vow. V. A. A �.,� a Tho Jim Knees drunk Quot. T. R Wilson police court cd with driving while drunk had tales ranging from starving Chil but red to death. A third was badly it was owned other Dodd. The of whom eventually would recover a a Jim the iud8e> and chief Evan Hall de escaped with Only fines and re or to actual loss of the family s burned and May die and the wards planned to operate the Dodd 2 boys Burn to death in Home near Hinton or. A wound 110,000 persons about half two Young boys into the House Only last saturday rpm or tvs or through the country a defense. J the woman contended in her the Agavney assumed 400 bomb declaration that the surgeon also ors w Ald strike with no More superintendent of Raleigh general than 15 minutes warning if any Hospital was negligent in per among the 67 areas it has design Mormance of an operation on her rated As most Likely targets. Phrenic nerve dec. 22, 1950. She the bombers it said. Would car contends the optic nerve of her conventional bombs As Well As left Eye and other nerves were in atomic bombs 2 4 times As Power Jared permanently. She also main Ful As the one dropped on Hiro trained that the surgeon miss Ere Shima. In a daytime attack it seated facts to her so that she said such a bomb would kill or waited beyond the statute of Limi tetons to file her suit. Or Broaddus maintains that the will hold another hearing. Home assail the of ice it ears at fat apr was seriously injured when farm a i in pal with dared to the Register today. Diced charges after the arresting econ to a in a which a a the new order was established officers had agreed to withdraw Tea tune. Hall pointed out. A f Ames destroyed a farmhouse Florida Oil Gas an out r r. The t today with the posting of a direct the a drunk driving Quot counts. Prop weaving incoherent Motorist who e get Miles from Hinton last also would be subject to the tax. F i a Only hours had been jailed sob identical attn this ration Jed Williams a plane hit while the owner was in embodying the tax proposal have been introduced in both houses of the legislature and referred to the respective finance committees. The Prospect of a Public hearing of the hotly argued Severance tax Issue overshadowed other business of the legislature As it reconvened today after a week end recess. Or. Trent a endorsement of tire measure was contained in a letter to chairman Jackson do Logan of the Senate finance committee and vice chairman Barron d a Randolph of the House group. Trent notified them in the letter that he would be out of the state and unable to attend the hearing but wanted to express his approval. Of the proposed tax. Empty life rafts at rash scene 11 migs hit As yanks clobber red supplies for Rosenbergs declaration fails to state in what Way he was negligent in performance of his duty and that when she became his patient and agreed to the operation she released him from any responsibility in the matter. In other action in circuit court a fourth today judge Norman Knapp sign ered the possibility of losing his the dead were identified As Ray Al a a f a License rushes out for a cold show Ward. 15, and his Little brother la pm i la of or Iri or an attorney and a Good a Harding Ward 7, sons of or. And1 Gurment. trial time he has a mrs. Clarence Ward. Story ready that would melt a Harold Eldridge Ward 12. And heart of Stone. The father who is 43. Were patients sentiment declares Hall will in a Hospital Here. Have no part in future prosecution mrs. Ward and seven other new York w a execution of 46 persons aboard was found empty cd mrw iof the Drunken Drivers in Beckley children ranging in Ages from one atomic spies Julius and Ethel to today a apparently ending All Hope doing business As Smarty aping i a live always made it a policy year to to. Escaped without serious Senberg today was set for the for general store against a. M. Har never to interfere with an arrest a i injury from the burning Wos Ory a of March 9 three other life rafts All empty 115 an j be Aiu amp it in a la declared. A i have full con Frame House. Federal judge Irving r Kalif-1�?were found Bobbing on the shop Tidence in every Man in de-1 Neihbors said the father Man scheduled the new execution new Orleans of life raft from the National airlines de orders granting judgment to the dc-6 plane that plunged into the plaintiffs in the following cases storm tossed Gulf of Mexico with or be amounts stated. L. R. Linkous end e m. Starr All girl Tutor ready to testify l. R. Linkous and e. M Starr. Scene Cilien me new execution yesterday he an Armada doing business As Shady Spring Seoul Obj a. S. Sabre jets to Marta sent Quot if an of Facer Quot Are rests a burned about the upper part of dare for the husband and wife.�? Olsnes and shins that combed general store against Clyde Lov Day shot Down three russian built Motorist for driving while drunk his body As he tried t0 re enter whose Appeal to the president for Tho jell $1,314.07 Raleigh general hoi migs probably destroyed another Tel ave he does so Quot i Good Fai on Clous and damaged seven while screen however. I realize that in some Ward w3s of a unconscious 1> g a massive air raid on a big instances. An officer May communist troop and Supply build brought up area. The Waters. 1 pita inc., against Carl a. Lowe the couple was convicted nearly be coast guard said the fourth �400 50. Near the House. Two years ago of conspiring to a was recovered accounting for a a axe Harold Ward was badly burned transmit atomic information to All of the rafts and apparently end any Hope for the had never been inflated brought a Case into court without Over most of the body. Attendants Russia they have been in singling a sufficient supporting Edwence. Ive 5aid he jumped from an upstairs sing prisons death House Ever raft ported the communist Jet fighter us . It a a Brm a window. He end the two Brothers since. Only a Remote possibility was a new York us a a blonde do f0,Safter an Nix earlier that a Urt unless he ran prove who perished in the flames were u s. Marshal William Carroll he he coast cd a Aro that any Forcee who allegedly tutored Pat 200 Allied fighter bombers had 3 against him. Sleeping in upstairs rooms said the Date of the electrocution survivors would be found aboard Ward in the Call girl Trade is turned the Supply area Southwest org session of court we Hadj Ward said the family had moved May March 12, and the hour vhf fourth raft. Macarthur Man arrested a Fri among witnesses reported ready of Pyongyang into a boiling mass a a a a0 a ,.y Jee Dike for Hunting fishing Songlim in Bill court at 7 . Tonight to answer a charge of driving while drunk. La p in. 1 est. Rosenberg 34. And his wife 36, originally had been scheduled to die in the electric chair there Jan. 14 but the judge postponed the execution to permit time for the pres milk Price drops enl in Beckley ,. Of u a a of Jet dog fights in far Northwest Tyk Divorcee Barbara Harmon Blevins was arrested City to 31, once a television bit Placer the Gabres outnumbered 45 to lice saturday then obtained his re was at the District attorney s 0 22, shot Down two migs sunday leased from jail sunday Post Floe for hour. Y�terd., probably destroyed a third and Charleston jul a Bill to Gin without first obtain a ii a a Ltd a hair clemency aping Bond. One 15 a Maier Iai witness. Damaged four. They were shield peal. Jelke 23, heir to a Margarine ing Allied fighter bombers which Ireci u a a int reduced j president Eisenhower last week Fortune and in the social Register knocked out two generators at the and. 1 or g _ Nelp Sapt today injunction if a anted under turned them Down world reporter Dies until this year is charged with big Sui he hydroelectric Plant on m the House 0f delegates today milk prices in the Beckley area dropped one cent this morning. Housewives who depends on Valley Bell Dairy Blossom Dairy Jor Greenbrier Dairy will be Able to Purchase a quart of pasteurized milk at 25 cents instead of 2612 cents. The wholesale Price on Charleston if a Julian f. Raw milk dropped to 23 cents. Michelle 69. Who completed 16 wholesale and retail prices Are Julian Bouchelle has fatal attack forcing miss Ward 19, and two the Yalu River Boundary of Man Pebble Beach Calif if a other Young women to become Churia. A Mario the measure also from conducting his business until the Case Clark Lee. 46, one of the nations prostitutes and with living off miss More than 500 air Force Marine would increase from to to 20 per the License tax was paid top reporters who covered world Ward s earnings. The state con and u. S. Carrier planes turned cent the slice of License income be tax commissioner also would d a u o ii terms a proposed Hill. Setting of the new execution Date years on the Kanawha county identical at Blossom and Green sponsored Del key h. Hall would i event the store operator came amid a growing clamor Over circuit court Bench last dec. 31. Brier which reported the retail died today of a heart ailment. Price on Guernsey now at 284 Bouchelle was stricken last Fri cents homogenized dropped to 26-Dav and admitted to a Hospital. Cents. War ii from the fall of Bataan tends he sent miss Ward to miss the giant Sueiho Plant the worlds which would be used to maintain be Authon Zed to seize goods equal /111 a it a of Iii of to the surrender of Japan died Harmon for training As a Prostic fourth largest into a pile of junk state forests and game and fish to the amount 0f the unpaid taxes. Will i Al Jill 1/lvj West urk turn Virginia of la a i i cd i where his death occurred. Similar reductions came earlier Bouchelle was elected to and in Huntington and Parkersburg eight year term in 1936, after while Charleston buyers teamed having served As an assistant saturday the reduction would state attorney general he was re come this morning elected in 1944, but lost out in the local Dairy concerns attributed the single License for Hunting and taming any fats or oils other than Charleston a a sixth May 1952, primary when he the reduction to Farmers Selling participating in the stepped up fishing on the Ohio River also milk fats. Also would increase death resulted today from a Colli sought renomination on the demo milk cheaper to the wholesaler. Yesterday of a heart attack tute a a last june 23, but the communists reserves. Until the debt was retired. He and his wife. i Tritt attorney an evidently had rebuilt it. Under the proposal the Price of a a h a hawaiian Princess he married today a target for the big Allied state wide Hunting and fishing ii-1 j Quot a a m a 1 in 1938. Had returned from Spain Thony j. La in air strike was Komi to about 20 census for West Virginia residents but Hilali a Marion it to pro Only a few weeks ago. La lust in 1 is it Miles Southwest of the korean would be raised from $2 to $3 Hibit the Sale of ice Cream con would be called to the stand. It capital of Pyongyang. Was reported last Findey after after collision miss Ward finished a week Long Ajr bios were Marine capt. Ted would be boosted from $2 to $3. Severity of penalty for second Sion Between an ambulance and a cratic ticket. Witness stand Windy Snow flurries and colder the state tonight and tuesday. Low est 15 to Beckley body of unidentified High yesterday a .32 Low yesterday Man found at Raleigh 7 a. In. Today i 9 to a in. Today i -.29 the body of an unidentified noon today .�?.37 Oak Hill High yesterday. 34 Low last night. 13 7 a in. Today. 17 Glade Creek High yesterday. 31 Low last night. To 8 a in. Today. 13 precipitation .16 in., Rivers at Bellepoint Greenbrier. Slightly above nor Mal Muddy Bluestone Reservoir and new 1 Normal stages Muddy. Appearance that. Williams famed former Boston non residents we Ould pay $30 in and third convictions on charges speeding Sedan miss Harmon would be called next red sox a Klagert and air Force Stead of $25�?~ for a of Selling milk containing such Junior Allen Barnhard maj James Jabara. Americans Hunting and fishing License and fats or Oil. I first Jet Ace who is flying his 2.50 instead of $10 for a state wide fishing License alone the owner or operator of a motor not died in a Charleston Hospital Llams fighter b n her de Elj the non resident 6-Day state wide vehicle from liability in Case of this morning target area a presumably fishing Lic use word i Cost $5 rather death or injuries to a passenger the head on mashup occurred ground fir he Ryan Atreco to the Quot death or injuries result a Quot 8 the plane Back to an Allied air Beaver trapping licenses for from misconduct on the part of to the strip and crash landed. He walked state residents would be increased the owner or operator. In Ril away from the wrecked and Blaz from $2 to $3 Bowles a Kanawha a to auth. F plane. I companion Bills introduced in Rolze the state tax commissioner. In the Allied warships meanwhile be the House and Senate would open to assess Carrier corporations for Gap the third year of their bom the Way for the state tax com pro Viege taxes when the taxpayer a it m to obtain pc Trammo 1____ Sissov Iii in in a a w a 18. Of Sissonville who suffered fractures Neal a Cabell a to exempt of he skul1 Pelvis on a let and a i fre slime bulletins male negro was found at Raleigh in the Creek near no. 4 mine sgt. W. E. Webb of the Beckley state police detachment reported at noon today. Webb described the Man As apparently Between 40-50 years of age. He ordered the body removed to the c. D. Trent funeral Home pending identification. Anyone with information concerning the Man s identity is asked to Contact state police at i Telephone 3101 Washington 4�?president Eisenhower today named c. D. Jackson. 50-year-old new York publisher As his special assistant in charge of cold War planning. Four of the dead restraining Taxe when a taxpayer Sisson Viii inor makes no return or submits an korean port of won san. The u. S. Injunction against a store which i Corr Pete return. Heavy Cruiser Toledo and two de do not pay ifs License tax within Berment and siege of the Eastern missioner mrs. Stroyer the Wedderburn and 90 after if As de. J Bowles a three companion Bills 18 her sister Lorraine Boggy a is Moore shelled Shore installations. Proposed sen. Amos a Kana which would make additions to about 16 a Cousin of the Sisters. The seige of won san is the Long wha and Del. Bowles a Kana the statute dealing with excise tax j 14-year-old Darrell Boggess and is in u. S naval history. It began what he Bill also would provide on Sale of cigarettes payment of Melva Jean Mathas 16 feb 16. 1951, after the u. S. 1st for the assessment of an additional gasoline tax and Consumers sales. The fifth body pulled from the Marine division and other u. N. I delinquency penalty of to per cent tax. The additions would clarify mangled wreckage was that of units were evacuated in the eighth of the License fee for persons who the taxpayer s right to Appeal Everett Dale Harrison 20, of Che army a Retreat from North Korea established a store in West Vir assessments. Jackson county town of Kenai. W Ashington pm a defense county department request for $1,200.-000,000 in new funds for the Helen c. Boggess skeens. I current year was rejected in full today the House appropriations committee. Washington m a the House ways and Means committee today approved a Bill to Cut income tax rates to per West effective june so starts tomorrow school memorial auditorium i 30 . Or 7 30 .Lsiumv of heavy no Licay and soft Ami slow

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