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Beckley Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 1

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Beckley Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Beckley, West Virginia House Calls on Dorsey to appear tuesday it ale i q i Register member of the associated press and audit Bureau of volume 58�?no. 197. Beckley. West v1hg1n1a, tuesday afternoon. February 7. In Price 5 cents 20c a we 90c a month Roosevelt wins defense measure county court asks special Levy Bill to pay overdrafts a a a the county court already attacked by one department for not appropriators enough Money has a Bill before the House of delegates now to extend time on a special maximum Levy ror next year. Through Delegate o. C. Flint a Bill was introduced yesterday that will give this county one More year to assess on All classes of property to the extent of about $30,000 to take care of overdrafts and Public assistance functions. County clerk Harry Anderson explained that the Bill does no to raise the Levy but leaves it As it has been for the past three years. The Levy As set Forth in the proposed measure a a a various classes of is on the property class i .1125 cents class 2, .225 cents and class 3 and 4 .45 cents. The proposed Levy can t exceed what is needed for the overdrafts and the Public assistance work. A Bill identical to the one before the House today was passed March 3, 1937, it had been introduced by t. E. Bibb then a Delegate for the same purpose. It explained that in 1933, 1934. 1935 the county suffered overdrafts because of a change in the method of assessing property and Money was needed to take care of obligations. Also Money was needed to pay the county share of the a Public welfare Law of 1936.�?� the measure extended through 1837, 1938 and 1939. Anderson said the county receives now approximately $160,000 for general county purposes and if $30,000 is sliced away a hardship will be suffered by All concerned. Already sheriff ii. G. Farmer has asked this year for $3,-000 above his $19,000 for operatic of his department claiming he does t have enough Money under the approved budget. The court told him it could t approve a higher budget without Over drafting. Other departments suffered similar cuts but not quite As High As the sheriff. Loyalists ready to quit fight a Pope stricken fascists warn great Britain to stay Lear opposition to Italy so natural aspirations will result in a violent situation . Team j Board of s makes too defense Bill in contest unwm0usly Camp and work safety promoted by Camp Competition Britain France May recognize Franco regime democracies plan move in attempt to Lessen influence of Hitler and Mussolini by the associated press Vatican City Pope Pius i suffered an attack of cardiac asthma which for the second time in less than three months forced him today to suspend his activities a Vatican news service said. Vatican circles said the Popes asthma was aggravated by a rms a attack of influenza. The illness apparently was considered less serious than that of november 25 when the pontiff suffered a heart attack. His staff did not summon cardinals who usually Call when the Pope s illness is critical. By tie associated press an end to the Spanish civil War appeared imminent today while France and Britain considered recognizing insurgent general Francois regime As the legitimate government of Spain in an Effort to Check italian and German influence there. Diplomatic circles reported Premier Juan Negrin and his scattered government were swinging to the belief further resistance was futile president Manuel Arma went into a French Retreat Aud promised not to attempt direction of the Spanish government from France. All fighting appeared finished in Catalonia and government representatives were said to be negotiating with Franco for surrender of the government held q a Art a of Spain. In return government leaders now asked Only a pledge that peace would bring no reprisals and leave Spain flee of my foreign domination. Paris diplomatic sources said Franco had Given France assurances of Friendly relations after a Semi official French envoy senator Leon Belard visited burgs. British officials expressed fear Franco would look entirely to Germany and Italy for Aid in rehabilitating Spain unless recognition came soon from Britain hid France a step Britain was said to be ready to take provided Franco agrees to end hostilities at one Quot Rome political sources said Italy had disclaimed to Britain any intention of keeping italian troops in Spain after an insurgent Victory. All of Catalonia having been abandoned to the insurgents sunday events moved swiftly yesterday. Last nights meeting concerning which All of the principals remained silent had been arranged earlier by Premier Juan Negrin who later returned to Spain. From diplomats it was Learned that Premier Negrino a stand which Only monday was that the government would fight to the bitter end in the Madrid Val Encia a a Island in Central Spain continued on Page 2 Winifred Ole Given hearing Shady youth charged with assaulting Constable Smith Beaver woman identifies Man Winifred Cole of Shady Spring will be Given a preliminary hearing today on charges of maiming Constable c. O. Smith sunday night. He will also be charged with resisting arrest said the officer. Cole and another Man were in a Shady Spring Road House officers said and were arrested for resisting after officers were assaulted by Cole when he Trieu to help his companion escape arrest on a drunkenness charge. Cole struck Smith with Handcuffs and got away Smith said and Wasny to apprehended until yesterday afternoon. Deputy sheriff Henry Brammer apprehended him. The other alleged offender is already in custody awaiting grand jury action on a resisting charge. He is also serving ten Days for drunkenness. Mrs. Pennington says Elzie new took Money from her Home visitors denied Betty Martin Betty Martin who is convalescing in the Raleigh general Hospital after a serious sledding Accident two weeks ago is still unable to have visitors other than members of her family it was announced this morning. Miss Martin sustained a Skull fracture and a broken Collar Bone in the Accident. Changes slight on Stock Market mrs. N. A. Pennington identified Elzie new As the Man who entered her Beaver Home and stole 75 cents last december 2 when she testified in criminal court today. The woman said As she entered the House a to get my Honey some dinner she saw a Shadow of the Man. She followed him through the House and asked him what he wats doing there she asserted. He told her. She continued a a Man in a dark suit showed me Here to get something to mrs. Pennington said he left and she sent Mickey Price to get her husband. They followed him up the Road and overtook new at the Raleigh Dairy near Shady Spring. Mrs. Pennington added. Her husband and Price told the jury they enlisted the Aid of game Warden o. B. Harris to arrest him. Enro Ute to Beckley he tried to escape from the car they stated Pennington said new gave him the privilege of searching him but the witness added that he did t find the 75 cents. He admitted hearing Harris Tell new a you have the worst criminal face in be Ever defense attorney George Ballard said he will put new on the witness stand this afternoon. The defendant has no other witnesses. Laguardia Koehs Amlie for i. C. C. By the associated press Rome Adolf hitlers storm troop chief was on a tour of italian libyans Frontier today with French controlled Tunisia while the fascist press warned retain that rejection of Italy so natural aspirations would result in a a violent a the British said la Gior Nale Attalia after prime minister Chamberlain had reaffirmed Anglo French Solidarity in the House of commons t Day. A i rows very Well that fastest Italy intends to pursue her natural aspirations to their just realization. A is it possible then to suppose toe government and Chamberlain a particular contemplate the Airn native of a violent situation and collapse of Ell British Home and foreign the press also displayed ill feeling toward Britain for the first time in weks Over London so Ca villing reaction to Premier Mussolini a reported determination to keep his soldiers in Spain until the insurgents had we on a a political Quot As Well As a a a military Victory. Chamberlains speech was not published Here today but diplomats regarding it As the strongest British support p yen franc0 since the world War Felt certain it would be badly received an i possibly end the Era of Good tabling towards Britain which followed chamberlains visit Here Jan 11-14 Vitor Lutze the nazi storm troop chief is to be the guest of governor Halo Balbo in Libya. The trip will take Lutze to radames on libyans Frontier Aith Tunisia and will keep in the foreground the Promise Chancellor Hitler made in his Jan. 30 Reich Stag address to Aid Italy in event of War. Following up press indications that italian troops would remain in Spain after an insurgent military Victory and until political Victory had been achieved. Fascists said this was in Accord with assurances to Britain that italian legionnaires would be withdrawn when the War was won. A the British italian Accord of last april 16 has nothing to do with this Quot declared the newspaper la Stempa. A let the strategists of Quai do orsay French foreign office get that in their Heads right a five Man team from no. 2 Barracks at c c. C. Camp Raleigh won a safety contest from a team from no. I Barracks last night too to 80. It was the first contest to be held there and concerned Camp and work project safety said Willis Gunnoe educational advisor. The questions were made up by Engineer Charles d. Riley and Foreman Okey Gillenwater who also scored the teams. Each team member was asked two True and false questions winners made a perfect score members vote Down proposal to limit manufacture of War planes to Looft a year by the associated press Washington chairman May Day said today Tho House military committee had unanimously approved legislation to authorize the major part of president Roosevelt s $552,000,000 special defense program including expansion of the army air corps to 5.500 planes. Action on Tho Bill came to said the after Republican members of the by the associated press new York a Small Price changes either Way ruled in today s Hock Market. Bethlehem steel. Chrysler Glenn Martin and consolidated Edison were up a Shade. Marriage stops old age pension i committee sought unsuccessfully to last night s meet was the first of i limit the War department to pro three that will be held. Barracks no. 3 and 4 will meet in two weeks and in the last the army and technical service overhead teams will vie for honors. Winning team members were Arnold Margraff Howard Richardson Edward Weakley William r. Sargent and Clarence Goodson the losers were Leonard Cochran Herbert Broyles Sherman Massey Clyde Phillips and Carlyle Blankenship. President asks for Money that Congress it duet on of no More than 1,000 air planes in any fiscal year. Representative Andrews in a senior minority member of the group said the limitation proposal was Defeated 15 to to on a a straight party May declined to say How the committee divided on his original proposal to give the air corps a total of 6,000 planes a the bridle is off a he asserted. A they can buy these planes As fast As they can be Senate group approves j. P. House measure submits proposal for $150,000,000 for emergency in spa during the next five months regarding his charge. A \ in members resent Huffman attack school superintendent letter accuses Delegate of trying to get Board that will favor his business in Lleti St ii if the associated Tress cd i Ahles i on speaker Lames Hay Thomas announced this afternoon Tho House rules committee had decided to a a request k. Van Dorsey superintendent of Raleigh county schools to appear before the committee at i p. I. Next tuesday. Thomas said tile committee took no other action. By Roei Vurr staff writer the legislature incensed at a charge that Delegate j. L. Huffman seeks appointment of a Board of education that a will again favor Bis company when and if a building program is undertaken a sent its rules committee into session today to consider action against the accuser. Tile accuser was Dorsey Raleigh county superintendent of schools who sent a mimeographed idler to All members of the House of delegates. The letter written on Hoard of education stationery expressed Dorsey a opposition to a Hill introduced by Huffman providing for gubernatorial appointment of members of the Hoard instead of election Quot. The letter included this paragraph a Delegate Huffman was under fire a Good portion of his time while a member of the Hoard of education of Raleigh county having been charged with falling thousands of dollars Worth of lumber and building material to the Hoard of education of which he was a member. This resulted in a group of citizens bringing impeachment charges against him and asking his removal from office. It is my opinion now that his Solo purpose in seeking such a change in the personnel of tile Hoard of education in this county is that lie might secure members of the Hoard who will again favor his company when and if a building program is Dorsey s letter failed to stale that Huffman went to trial before a jury on the charge he mentioned and that the result was Complete exoneration. Huffman remained on the Hoard and was its president until he resigned last december to take his seat in the legislature. The House of delegates went into executive session yesterday afternoon to consider the letter members declaring Hiller resentment of in committee recommends passage of Resolution letting people vote on amendment in 1910 both a Sori at apr so Dos Moines. old age assistance officials said today they received the following letter from a woman pensioner commenting on the uncertainties of modern marriage. A dear sir i am returning my old age pension Check As i am married now and wont need it any More Library to move into City Hall by the associated press Washington a mayor la Guardia of new York strongly endorsed today president Roost veltus recommendation of Thomas completed r. Amlie to be a member of the she estimated that the building interstate Commerce commission. I will be done by june. By Register staff writer Oak Hill mrs. Beulah Edds. County supervisor of spa recreation said today that the Fayetteville Library will be moved Imo the City Hall when the building is by the associated press Washington a president Roosevelt told Congress today an a emergency a exists in Relief and asked a immediate consideration Quot of an additional appropriation of $150,000,000 for spa for the next five months. This of a ure represents the Cut Congress made in his request for $875,000,000 to carry spa from february through june. The White House announced earlier today the president had signed the $725,000,000 Bill last saturday in asking immediate consideration on what he termed the a simple and alarming facts in the Relief Outlook Roosevelt said in a message to Congress that with Only $725,000,000 available spa either must reduce its Rolls abruptly on april i by 1.000.000 persons or begin on that Date a week by week reduction which by june 30 would drop employment from a present 3,000,000 to a a figure Well below 1,500,000 discussing the prohibition written into the Relief Bill against inducing spa Rolls by More than 5 per cent during february and March Roosevelt said a the need of these people is so apparent and so deserving that the Rolls in human decency ought not to be reduced during february and March by even 5 per cent. After conferences with spa it has been determined for the above reason to hold the Rolls at the present figure of 3.000,000 persons during these two months a yawns lands her in the Hospital injured youths go to Hospital Hurt in Tennessee Beckley boys Are brought Here by the associated pre Mckeesport a put 22-year-old Ann a Hospital. She stretched her Mouth we Ide she dislocated her jaw. A Yawn Hydok in no by tile a a Oci ated pre Chari Eston the Senate judiciary committee changing its mind overnight decided to go along with the House today on most of the Delegate s charges in the constitutional amendment for elixir nation of justices of the peace. The committee voted to recommend adoption of the Resolution of submission already approved by the House with Only two minor changes. Last night the committeemen had virtually decided among other things to reinstate a c Lause insisting that the summary courts we High would supplant justices of the peace tie a courts of chairman Pauli i Brooke said it was finally decided to leave that clause out of the amendment. Objection had been raised that persons with Small claims would have to hire attorneys when appearing before a a court of sponsors said this was not the Case but that they could Well be left out of the constitutional amendment. If necessary it could lie inserted in the enabling aet to the amendment if it is ratified by voters in 1940. As approved by the Senate committee two other major House changes were untouched. They would allow present magistrates to serve until 1942 and would stipulate that summary court judges need not be lawyers. Weather partly Cloudy slightly colder tonight. Wednesday increasing cloudiness followed by rain or Snow in afternoon or at night. Weather observer l. A. Mauck reported yesterdays High temperature in Beckley was 42 degrees Low 29 degrees. Franklin Hedrick and Earl Arnold two of the five Raleigh county youths who were injured in an automobile a treet car collision in Knoxville tcnn., were moved inst night to the Beckley Hospital. The others. Dale Lowery Miller Blevins and Buford Hartsog were brought to be Kiev last week. At the time of the Accident inc men we Ere on their Way Home from the National motorcycle Rales at Daytona Beach Fla. Hospital attendants reported that Hedrick and Arnold were a resting nicely after their trip from Knoxville. Officers to see police pictures Lieut. Edward f Burke of a camera Supply company Wilt deliver an illustrated address a i peace officers and the Public tonight at 7 30 p. In on a photography As applied to Law enforcement a said prosecuting attorney w. A Thornhill or. Burke whose duties Are to assist Law enforcement agencies in installation of identification equipment. Identification of firearms and burglar tools will show actual pictures taken at crime scenes. Thornhill asked that All officers attend the meeting and a Aid the Public is invited the picture Slider will be shown in the criminal courtroom of the courthouse. Special meet of court is called hic attack. Speaker Janies Hay Thomas told the Register by Telephone this morning that a the rules committee will meet at i i10 of clock today to consider it hut of course i Don it know vet what the committee will decide a Itil is opposed some members of the legislating explained that the Hill itself had nothing to do with their action. In fact some members of the administration disagree with Delegate Huffman about its advisable v and Are expected to defeat it. A Grill that is entirely beside tile question at Issue now a a the Register was told by one outstanding member of the House of delegates who asked that he not he quoted by name in the matter. A the House realizes the right of anyone to oppose any piece of legislation under consideration and to write to the delegates about it. Hut the House bitterly resents such a questionable personal attack upon a member s motives and integrity a what we can do about it i Don t know yet hut certainly we Are going to do whatever we Dorsey who gave the Register a copy of his letter made Only this comment a i have always been under the impression that the Public should know facts and purposes of any proposed noin11 legislation that might affect i a bar Eil ter staff writer Fayetteville a a fusion of the county court will Hein in schools. Held at their rooms Here feb. 8, one prominent Democrat in according to an announcement by Charleston told the Register he Quot key l. Patteson president to ii thought the rules committee might Low claims and hear All matters i order Dorsey to appear before the of business. 1 continued on Page 2 final passage of school Bill assures 9-month terms the Raleigh county school system s financial worries Are practically Over indicated county superintendent e. Van Dorsey today when he said a full term is assured in future years and probably this year. The same was claimed for Fayette county by superintendent e. R. Vawter. Governor Holt has the administration supported school finance Bill today changing the method the state will use in distr routing Between $13,000,000 and $14,000.-oog, that will give this county $168,161 More than it had last year. It is a foregone conclusion tact Holt will sign the measure be cause he has aready signing his App i % a1 in an address before the legislature. As to this year s Outlook for a full nine month term of school Dorsey a a Aid a i think Well have enough Money tor the a Hole year a he Felt certain the legislature will pass a deficiency App Opria Tion for the state of about "750,-000 the it will be distributed proportionally the Eby giving Raleigh county enough to Complete the term budgeted now for about eight and one half months. The school Aid Bill As first placed before the legislature by the interim committee would have allotted to this county $141, 083, but a conference committee from the legislature sliced Raleigh a state Aid to ,124,235. Dorsey explained that in the future the county will be Able to budget for about eight months with the amount of Money appropriated now leaving the rest for a ninth month and any other school needs. By the budget in use now less than $100,000 is needed Foi operation of schools during any average month. Dorsey pointed out that the rest of the Money can be used for building something that the vast county system has lost since the passing of the county unit Back in 1933. Only five counties in the state will receive less total Revenue than last year namely Boone Hardy Pocahontas Ritchie and webs to. Neighbouring Fayette county will get $1,090,577 whereas last year it received $939,820 Mercer will get $906,990 which last year was appropriated $801,840 Summers will get $311,763. While last year the amount was $275,429, and Wyoming will get $393,551 whereas to St year it got $360,787. The Bill will become Law when signed by the governor and will be effective after april 15. It does no to however apply to the current school year. The House vote on the Bill War 59 to 21, with 14 absent. The sen ate passed it 26 to 5. The peace and quiet which pervaded the House on passage of the school Bill did no to last Long and the delegates spent much of the afternoon in a squabble Well salted with charges of politics Over the administration Bill to carry on the additional one cent gasoline tax for secondary roads. Gas tax extended the delegates adopted an amendment that the tax we makes the total five cents a gallon be effective for Only two More years. They rejected j4 to 17, an attempt to remove the tax Alto Gether. Another of governor Holt a Bills was passed finally by the House and sent Down to him. It is the Bill allowing counties by consent of 60 per cent of the voters to assume old debts of magisterial and school districts. It is one of the companions to the school Bill and is designed to Quot unfreeze revenues in counties where some districts St ii1 have to pay off old Bonds and ethers do not. The political argument sprung up on the gasoline tax Bill after minority floor Leader Cummins a Ohio told the delegates that elimination of the one cent tax would help the average Man. Delegate Mcneer a Summers later said that it appeared that nearly All controversial issues so far this session had been made a political footballs by the minority. Cop denies charge this was roundly denied by several Republican speakers and the argument ran on for More than an hour. The vote for final passage of the schol finance Bill was made necessary because the Senate in passing it last Friday changed the House draft. Although amendments were made the general purpose of the Bill drafted by the legislate committee was not altered. The House had put in a Section to make transportation of pupils a part of the foundation program. The Senate carried that further and established maximum and minimum costs per Pupil for transportation and also inserted an amendment to the effect that counties would not be penalized in loss of state Aid if they consolidated schools. The conference committee agreed Friday to accept the Senate changes. Sets $14,000.00 budget persons familiar with the measure said that As finally approved the Bill Calls for expenditure of More than $14,000,000 in state Aid for the 1939-40 year. They added that As now figured counties would have a grand total of $25,899,135 in state Aid and continued from Page 5

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