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Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 2

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Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Beckley, West Virginia 2-Post-Herald and Register b Eckley w. Va., sunday morning May 12,1974 news in Brief of today s world Chicago up the Chicago transit authority said saturday a panel of three nationally known transit experts will investigate the Rush hour collision of two elevated trains that injured 228 persons Friday. The crash was the third cat Accident within a month that involved injury to passengers but there were no deaths from any of the accidents. Hong Kong a a severe earthquake hit a mountainous Region in Southwest China before Dawn saturday and based on quake magnitude reports and chinese maps May have heavily damaged two big cities and several smaller Toj Vns. 4t was the second major quake to hit Asia in three Days. More than 30 persons were killed and hundreds of Homes damaged or destroyed when a powerful quake hit the Southern Izu Peninsula of Japan thurs-1 Day. San Francisco up the Fri said saturday that the Trail of the sym ionese army has never been completely Charles Bates Fri agent in charge of investigating the Patricia Hearst kidnapping and other Sla activities said most similar cases take just As Long to solve. Ipoh Malaysia a the malaysian army says it has found a communist guerrilla Camp in the Jungles Only 10 Miles outside this City whose surroundings produce More than 35 per cent of the world s tin. Officers described it As one of the largest rebel encampments uncovered since the end of the 12-year communist uprising in 1960, when it took 70,000 British australian a new zealand and Malayan soldiers to defeat 10,000 guerrillas. Compaq rallies for candidates the Coal miners political action committee cqm1�acand endorsement organization of the United mine workers held aurally saturday night at the Rosleigh county courthouse in support of their endorsed candidates. Candidates they have endorsed Are state Senate Alan us Man Raleigh county House of delegates James l. Moore Ddnald Pitts Ted Stacy and Jackie w. W. Withrow Wyoming county House of delegates Dan Burleson Charles r. Randy Cline and Thomas g. Blue Goodwin. Racial slurs heard on tapes we continued from Page 1 conversations. In a speech thursday in Charleston 111., vice president Ford criticized the White House editing of the released transcripts saying that while it May be easy to delete characterizations from Peoples minds with a wave of the hand Mitchell smeared the matter is so vital that it language must be discussed in Public by Dean talked to the president about Vesco one lawyer said in the fear that the president s comments about the . Would become part of the Public court record. We did t need it and besides it could have Boom ranged the attorney said. We could have gotten by that Public officials and it must be discussed one of the president s most sharply critical remarks about jews came in the Mitchell stans tapes during the meeting March 20 with Dean All sources agreed. That meeting dealt in part with the then pending securities and Exchange commission investigation of a secret $200,000 Cash contribution by the financier Robert l. Vesco. According to the sources the president complained to Dean that those jew boys in the . Are All Over everybody. You can t Stop one source no said he had read the remarks in the unedited transcript suggested that Nixon was referring in part to Irving m. Pollack a member of the , and Stanley Sporkin director of the . S division of enforcement. Both men played key roles in the Vesco inquiry. The source also quoted Nixon As complaining about the investigations in Early 1973 of those jews in the United states attorney s office in Washington. He talked about the three prosecutors Earl j. Silbert Seymour Glanzer and Donald e. Campbell As those jews Down there the source said. The source further said that Nixon talked about stopping those jews Over in the u. S. Attorney s office. The source said he specifically recalled a complaint about the difficulty of sitting Down there with a Bunch of Silbert and Glanzer Are jewish Campbell is presbyterian. Pollack who was appointed to the . By president Nixon in february refused to comment. But Sporkin said that the president owes a lot of people what More can i really say Sporkin added in a Telephone interview How Doi you express what you whatever the president said Speaks for attorneys connected with the defense in the Mitchell stans trial subsequently acknowledged to the times that the Fresl Dent s alleged language about jews had forced the defense to alter its tactics during Cross examination of Dean who was considered by Many to be the key government witness against Mitchell. We refused to ask whether a Lei club West Neville St. Last night Post Raisin band sunday All unescorted ladies admitted free starting tuesday Phil Kelly Yards Yards 09 St. Beckley furniture co. Below Moose Iodice in a Telephone interview this week however Peter Fleming jr., the new York attorney who headed the Mitchell defense team denied that there had been any change of tactics the president s comment about judge Sirica who recently retired As chief judge of the United states District court Here came during a discussion with Dean about the then pending sentencing of the seven convicted Origi Nal watergate defendants the sources said. It was very matter of fact one source with first hand knowledge of the White House tape said of Nixon s comment. He said that Wop what Are we going to do this characterization of Sirica was not in the transcripts supplied to defense attorneys in the Case the source said. The times sources said that some of Nixon s comments on the tape of feb. 28 Given to judge Gagliardi were deleted from the 1,254 pages of edited transcripts of White House conversations supplied to the House judiciary committee which is considering the impeachment of the president. Those omissions As were Many others in the released transcripts were marked by parentheses enclosing the words expletive deleted the sources said. Reliable sources said that the specific profanity used by the president most of which were deleted by the White House-2343 not As bad As what some readers of the transcripts May have concluded. He should have left it All in the transcript one source said. He would have been better off than with All of these during a televised debate in the 1970 presidential Campaign Nixon said in reference to the Public searing of former president Harry s Truman i am very proud that president Eisenhower restored dignity and decency and frankly Good language to the conduct of the president of the United states. And i Only Hope that should i win this election that i could approach president Eisenhower in maintaining the dignity of the office in seeing to it that whenever any Mother or father talks to his child he can look at the Man in the White House and whatever he May think of his policies he will say Well there is a Man who maintains the kind of standards personally that i would want my child to the times sources said that last week Leonard garment one of Nixon s advisers who is jewish confronted other High aides among them Gen. Alexander m. Haig jr., the White House chief of staff about some of the alleged remarks As relayed to him by newsmen. He was reassured a source said that the unedited tape recordings did not include anti semitic remarks by Nixon. But non White House officials who have listened to some of the tape recordings made available to investigators thus far have concluded that As one source said there was some private comments. The Only question the source added is Over the precise language he the sources also said that the 19 unedited tapes thus far turned Over by the White House to the watergate special prosecutor s office contained few derogatory ethnic comments although the times was told that one White House deletion contained a derogatory comment by Nixon about jews in government and the Media. Highly reliable sources have told the times that in an Oval office meeting with Dean on feb. 28, 1973, the president warned about a network of jews in the government and press who kept one another informed. The matter arose Over Nixon s concern about leaks in the Federal Bureau of investigation. At one Point in the transcript As released by the White House Dean told Nixon that the other person who knows and is aware of it is Mark Felt and we have talked about Mark Felt w. Mark Felt was then an assistant director of the . Who left the Agency last year after 31 years of service. Either at that Point or earlier in the unedited feb. 28 transcript the sources said the White House deleted a Section in which the president had asked whether Felt was jewish. Dean replied that he did t know the sources said. Felt is jewish. The sources said that Nixon then began talking about jews in the Media and said in effect jewish liberals can t keep a secret. They re always talking to each the president also said in effect the source said that jewish Guys in the government were leaking to jewish Guys in the a High White House official has acknowledged to newsmen that the feb. 28 transcript contained a reference to jews but characterized it As not being anti semitic. A spokesman for the special prosecutors office acknowledged saturday that the feb. 28 White House tape had been turned Over intact to that office but refused to discuss its Content. The March 20 tape was among 64 tapes subpoenaed last month by Leon Jaworski the watergate special prosecutor but the White House said it would not comply with any More subpoenas for tapes and other materials. In his statement saturday Buzhardt said the tapes of recorded conversations do not contain racial slurs by the president. I have listened to them a number of times and i know this to be the fact. The allegation in the new York times that the president used the reference jew boys is just not True. It is a fabrication. Such fabrications and attempts to portray comments in recorded conversations As racial slurs Are unfounded and malicious. The past few Days experience indicates that there is a concerted Campaign afoot to cause to be publicized such unfounded allegations. This activity is vicious and grossly police beat count Ian charged with rape state police officers with the ,1966 Model car $50. Beckley detachment charged a _ 32-year-old Glen White Man with statutory rape saturday. Jerry Darrell Butler booked at the Raleigh county jail at 2 35 ., is accused of the rape of his 12-year-old stepdaughter trooper a. B. Lambert said. According to Lambert the child s grandparents reported the matter to magistrate Randall Meadows who informed police. Lambert obtaining a warrant for Butler s arrest apprehended him at his residence Early saturday morning after a preliminary investigation of the Case. Butler was also charged on a peace warrant. Assisting officers in the investigation were r. Bailey and c. R. Smithers. A 43-year-old Piney View Man was booked at the jail saturday by state troopers in connection with the cashing of a $75 bad Check at a local Bank. Alvie Adkins was jailed at 4 Beckley police officers filed no charges against motorists involved in a saturday morning two car collision on Valley drive North at the  South Entrance to town and country shopping Plaza. A truck driven by Jessie w. Barnett 68, of Midway collided with a vehicle operated by Mary Allison 43, of 105 Klaus St., As is. Allison s Auto was entering Valley drive from the Plaza parking lot according to police. The truck was coming into the parking lot at the time of the collision. Estimated damage to the 1972 anti semitism in the president s Model truck was $150 to the human nature it s the first thing a funeral director should consider. No matter How much professional knowledge a funeral director May have he can t really help people if he does t understand and respect their feelings. Rose a Quesenberry funeral Chapel Telephone 253.4461 Beckley Amos t. firemen from the Beckley fire department were called to 117 Grant St., where Lois Carwell 4, suffered from an injured shoulder. She was taken to Beckley appalachian regional Hospital for treatment. The first Aid squad assisted Bernard Tolley 52, at 2 18 Saturday when he fainted at the Columbia Grill on Heber Street. Tolley was taken to a local Hospital. The Rev. Dewey Wilson 66, was assisted by the first Aid unit at .9 Friday when he suffered a possible heart attack at 216 East Prince St. Or Wilson was taken to a local Hospital. A Cool Ridge Mother and her 3-year-old daughter were admitted to the Beckley appalachian. Regional Hospital saturday evening for injuries they received when their vehicle ran off the Road at Cherry Creek dip and overturned around 5 The Mother Juanita Morgan apparently the Driver of the car police said was listed in satisfactory condition while Hospital personnel reported 3-year-old Valorie to be in Good condition. Two other children Elisa Gail 4, and Kimberly 8, were treated and released. The state police officer who had not yet completed his investigation of the Accident at press time reported that the 1968 Model car had been destroyed. A Raleigh county Constable booked Theodore Belcher address unlisted at 8 05 saturday on a peace warrant and a warrant charging assault and Battery. Prime minister designate Rabin ? Israel has new majority coalition deaths and funerals f Ted Russell it. The funeral of Fred Russell jr., 52, Spanishburg will be held at 2 Monday at the Bailey funeral Home Chapel Princeton with the Rev. Paul Hall in charge. Burial will be in Reed cemetery Spanishburg. He died Early saturday morning in a Princeton Hospital after an apparent heart attack. Born aug. 3, 1921 at Blue Jay he was a son of Henry Fred Russell Princeton and the late Georgia Duncan Russell a other survivors include his Stepmother Beulah Russell Princeton his wife Janice Stovall Russell two daughters mrs. Larry Brenda Davis Logan and mrs. Marshall Chryl Foley Annapolis my. And a sister mrs. Jack Harvey Flat top. Friends May Call at the funeral Home from 3 Until 9 Today rns Tel Aviv up prime minister designate Yitzhak Rabin has formed a new majority coalition government and replaced defense minister Moshe Dayan in the new Cabinet israeli television said saturday. Rabin who will become Israel s first native born chief of government excluded the orthodox jewish National religious party from the ruling majority for the first time since the Early 1950 a the broadcast said. Instead he defied the advice of outgoing prime minister Golda Meir and agreed to join forces with the tiny citizens rights movement giving his labor party Alliance a 61-vote majority in the 120-member Knesset parliament. The broadcast said Rabin appointed information minister Shimon Peres As his defense Roy Wood of Rhodell. Was also booked at the jail saturday on a peace warrant. A Raleigh county Constable lodged Wood at the jail at 8 10 City police charged a 16-year-old Beckley youth saturday evening with shoplifting from a Mart at the Beckley shopping Plaza. The youth accused of the theft of an $0.87 item was released into the custody of his parents pending a hearing before intermediate court judge Kermit Locke. Gerald Ford continued from Page 1 $100-a-plate gop fund raising dinner. Saying again that the presi Dent resign Ford said it would be worst of All if Nixon should step aside Tern Pora Rily under provisions of the 25th amendment which provides for such a possibility. Speaking saturday afternoon to a District Republican rally Here Ford said i am convinced that president Nixon knew nothing of the plan to break in to the watergate and had nothing to do with it. And in my opinion he had nothing to do with the Ford told his Republican audience he fears a legislative dictatorship it democrats obtain overwhelming congressional strength in this fall s elections. He said that would happen if democrats score major gains As Many predict they will in the aftermath of watergate and produce a veto proof Congress. Ford told the group which half filled a 5,000-seat coliseum that the Issue in 1974 should not be watergate but International peace and Prosperity at Home. Other issues he said include controlling Federal spending increasing Oil supplies Revenue sharing revision of the Aid to education program and continuation of Nixon s Middle East policy. Ford said candidates should be asked if they favor a Strong armed forces and if they Don t you ought to go out and beat earlier saturday Ford spoke about his meeting with Nixon which prompted new speculation in Washington about a possible presidential resignation and about what he alleged was unfair news coverage of a speech he had Given thursday. Minister replacing Dayan Israel s outspoken War hero who came under fire for his handling of the october 1973, Middle East War Rabin 52, will present his Cabinet sunday for approval tuesday by the labor party s Central committee the broadcast said then he must go to president Ephraim Katzir to declare the government As successor to outgoing mrs. Meir s caretaker Cabinet. The three party coalition would thus be composed of labor s 54 Knesset deputies three citizens rights members and four Independent liberals it would be Israel s first government since the Early 1950s without representatives of the nation s religious jewish minority. Rabin formed the coalition after the religious party announced it would not participate in the new government because of a quarrel with the labor party Over the constitutional definition of who is a jew. Law by name Law by nature let s Send Law to the legislature vote for Clyde Law democratic candidate for House of delegates for More efficient state government pm univ okie Nixon continued from Page 1 the president entered the stadium to address the graduating class of about 2,500. It was Nixon s first venture to College Campus in six months. Addressing the graduates in what was repeatedly stressed was a nonpolitical occasion Nixon spoke of his Hopes for lasting peace Prosperity and Independence for the nation in coming years. He made Only one reference to his watergate problems saying in the introduction to his speech that he was aware americans have been concerned As i have been deeply concerned by the political problems that we have had in his voice trembling As he was briefly interrupted by catcalls Nixon declared i can Only say on this nonpolitical occasion this that having presented All of the evidence to the Congress of the United states that i Trust that the House of representatives will act promptly so that we can reach a decision so that the president the Congress can get on which the people s business As we his comment was loudly cheered. The Nixon trip closed out a week that saw some key gop members of Congress Call for his departure from office and the initial presentation of evidence to the House judiciary committee in its impeachment inquiry. A helicopter awaited Nixon at Vance fab in Enid okla., for the trip to Stillwater. On hand to Greet him on arrival at the airbase jetliner was sen. Henry Bellmon r-okla., and a crowd of perhaps several thousand Well wishers. Oklahoma s other Republican senator Dewey f. Bartlett and two Oklahoma congressmen flew from Washington also. Weather details i Airport conditions 24-hour period ending 10 High 78 at 2 30 Low 47 at 1 30 . High a year ago 64. Low a year ago 43. Record High for the Date 72 in 1964. Record Low for this Date 40 in 1972. Precipitation .07. Maximum wind seat 8 . At 9 . Wind at 10 Seat 15 . Barometric pressure 29.86 and steady. Temperature at 10 ., 66. Humidity 80 per cent. Highest visibility 20 Miles. Lowest visibility 7 Miles. Sunrise 6 18 . Sunset 8 24 River conditions Greenbrier 2vi it. Above Normal. Muddy and falling. Lake Normal and Clear.  Gates open 5.0. New gauge at Hinton 4.2 it. Extended Outlook tuesday through thursday warming t re n d throughout the period. Fair tuesday with occasional showers developing wednesday and thursday. Daytime highs in the 60s rising into the 70s by thursday. Overnight lows in the 40s rising into the 50s by thursday. Kissinger continued from Page 1 of Kissinger s next round of talks with the israelis and syrian president Hafez Assad on sunday. Its Banner headline quoted by Israel radio read decisive 24 hours. Disengagement or total Kissinger spent part of saturday resting in his hotel room. The rest was so unusual for Kissinger that rumours began circulating that the Secretary secretly left to return to Washington because of reports president Nixon might resign. Many news Media in America had asked their correspondents to Check on rumours in Washington that president Nix on would resign soon and that Kissinger who by Law must receive such a resignation letter was about to return to the United states perhaps secretly. Finally . Spokesman Robert Mccloskey quashed the rumours saying i just went up to talk with the Secretary. The Secretary of state is Here in his suite with his wife after a work session on Friday israeli negotiators sounded More optimistic about reaching an agreement than they have since Kissinger s Mission began two weeks ago. Beckley oct Herud combined sunday edition published by Beckley newspapers corp. 341 Prince St. Beckley w. A. 25801 Telephone All departments 293.3321 second class postage paid at Beckley and Hinton w. A. The Raleigh Register subscription Price by mall As of october 1, 1973 is As follows Day and sunday one year $44.00, plus w. A. Sales tax of $1.32 for a total of $45.32. Daily and sunday six months $22.50. Plus w. A. Sales tax of $0.68, for a total of $23.18. Daily and sunday three months $11.50, plus w. A. Sales tax of $0.35, Tor a total of $11.88. Mau service is available Only where there is no established Carrier service. Sales tax must be paid on All papers mailed to West Virginia addresses but should not be included on papers Maud to other states. Tri county 1 i i burial association i a l. I. Ftp. I h-1__i ft__�___________111_____i i afum j a _ office it new located behind Montgomery Ward pm. 252-0626 chapter no. 6 is now accepting applications up to the age of 65 cup Coupon for More information and mail Tai . Box 1678, Beckley w. A. 25801 name age a i i address. Zip code City state i

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