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Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Beckley, West Virginia A Mew news in Brief of today world from wire dispatches Ohio police lifted an evacuation order for the Sharonville area late Satur Day afternoon after firemen blanketed a burning munitions truck with the All Clear signal came at Edt about an hour after the tractor trailer Rig burst into flames at the intersection of inter state 275 and Ohio 42 in heavily populated a dispatcher said the truck was reported loaded with napalm Dubcek to be unyielding czech Leader vows firm stand Prague up communist party Leader Alexander Dubcek told the nation saturday night that he will permit no one and nothing to drag him from the reformist and democratic path he has the first Secretary pledged anew his loyalty to a Ivy and leaning on the International the communist we Wel come the Aid of those who understand and advise and patiently explain our stand those who have not yet we Are going firmly on our kias economic military alliances with soviet but he said that within the the czech John Kennedy is 39 years old it is not in chivalrous to say unlike Many women who never admit progressing beyond the magic 39th the former first lady will never be Able to hide Bur age from the Charleston the selic lion of Paul Dean of the West Virginia University col lege of As chairman of the state Republican platform committee Peoples to decide their own Fate in a Sovereign about an hour before televised Dubcek repudiated an army general who had criticized russian domination ourselves to be is this path by Neyer dragged from anything and especially not by those who would like to see us in conflict and disagreement with our Warsaw pact military the nearest whatever their and alleged the Prague govern ment did not know How Many program Success while admitting some Antis Beckley Post Herald 4 sections combined sunday edition 56 pages 30 West 25801 sunday july 1968 single copy 15c was announced rapid Teresa 19yearold daughter of George d was arrested Friday night and charged with illegal posses Sion of narcotics after a raid at local Motel by state miss Mcgovern was reported taking part in a City canvass for her father during her stay Mcgovern is seeking reelection to a second term Senate this in the russian troops were in the Calist and in acc moods in the Dubcek said the important fact was that his lives and the czech news Agency ctr country lid it was entitled to state said that Vaclav Prchlik was not authorized by anybody to make such and that his statements do not express the official May meet soon Dubcek television appearance and the cresting of a wave of Public expressions support unprecedented in of Reform program is winning More people to the communist party than Ever he continued i am convinced that our friends will even though this will not necessarily be at that the regenerative socialist process does not threaten the common interests years indicated the Start of the of the socialist but czech soviet Summit meeting that on the it is the Only possible Way to make our Republic into a really firm part of the socialist to make our frontiers the most reliable Washington the Senate after a week of backtracking on its Economy voted saturday to create an Independent commission to explore ways of keeping government spending from growing out of the passed by voice vote and sent to the would give the panels eight four appointed by the president and four by one year to find out which of the 150 Separ ate Federal agencies can be Cut Back to aban Bulgaria More than Young people Assem bled saturday for a comma Otist youth festival dominated by the soviet Union and its hard line delegations from Czechoslovakia and Romania posed disruptive problems for any great show of Washington rus sell saturday said the democratic platform in All probability will propose tax reforms that give Breaks to the moderate income chairman of the Senate Nance has by favored plugging some Loop holes for the wealthy taxpayer and lowering the tax rates for those with smaller Parkersburg a 336 Federal Grant has been approved to help the West Central West Virginia Community action association develop a new concept of funding Antipoverty the Federal office of economic Opportunity described the association As a federation of Community action agencies in 11 counties linked through the association to provide technical assistance and to learn from each others the was thousands of persons signed an open letter to Dubcek and the party calling on them to defend the path we have entered and which we do not intend to leave Dubcek promised that he would be Reading from a prepared glancing up at the camera Only sticking to his usual Une cited tone of Dubcek said frontiers of we Are duty to depart by a single step from the Road on which we have Deputy Premier Ota economic Prophet of the new earlier warned the see Page 2 enemy prison Camp 28 Are freed Saigon vietnamese troops overran a communist base Camp in the Mekong Delta and freed 28 military spokesmen said Sun in police captured two female Viet Cong terrorists they said tried to assassinate a political the incidents followed a Day on scattered fighting in South Vietnam that ranged from the Delta in the South to the a Naog area on the North coast in heaviest fight chg near counties involved Are Wirt and new York David my former steelworkers Union president and a longtime democratic saturday endorsed Richard Nixon for the Gray haired for Mer labor who sup ported John Kennedy Over Nixon in the 1960 presidential said he considered Nix on a Gutty candidate and would actively Campaign for him this a North vietnamese a Marine tank suffered 33 wounded and lost a tank before fighting Back and killing at least 40 of the government spokesmen said the prisoners freed saturday included five government popu Lar forces soldiers and 23 vietnamese they were held in a prison Camp 12 Miles Northwest of rach Gia and about 110 Miles Southwest of there were no imme Diate details on the condition on the prisoners or the circumstances under which they were government troops took the Camp after fighting in the area that left seven communists dead and one spokes men terrorists failed in an attempt o assassinate a Saigon Ward who was not spokesmen said the terrorists ired shots at the leaders in the Phu Lam District saturday night and were caught later at a they said one of he women was armed with a chinese communist in a House House search that followed the National police arrested 41 persons who failed to produce proper identity War communiques reported several other Battles in South Vietnam in three no steel settlement is reached negotiators fight strike talks continue Pittsburgh up the chief negotiators for 11 major steel companies and the United steelworkers of America us saturday said they had been unable to reach a basis for settlement of their wage contract dispute covering steelworkers in the United states and it was Learned from other Industry and Union sources both sides were hopeful hey could come up with a settlement proposal during the although their failure to Date increased the threat of a strike y the steelworkers at Midnight when a current Breeyear contract Here was no immediate threat to the Economy of the two steel notably the automobile had huge stockpiles which they had been milling up since february and were Able to ride out a strike or several weeks at the automakers had enough steel on hand to last until late Novena actions in government the Saigon spokesmen South vietnamese forces killed 55 enemy soldiers at a Cost of 11 South vietnamese killed and 13 two Battles were reported in South Vietnam a regional Force company killed 28 communists in coastal Binh Dinh and a South vietnamese reconnaissance company killed 17 communists while suffering four killed and 18 wounded in fighting in Dar Lac spokesmen said up correspondent Ray Wilk Inson reporting on the Friday Battle from Marine head Quad by joint statement us and Conrad vice president of the steel and chief negotiator for the 11 said in a joint statement they had been unable to reach a common ground for they u would continue their talks through the they said neither Side has been inf Lexi they branded completely false a report the companies had made an offer for a wage fringe benefits package totalling 90 cents an hour Over a three year the statement did not deny specifically some sort of an offer was made by the other Industry sources indicated later the companies had made a tentative but its nature was not the unions two policymaking 33man executive Board and the 600member Basic steel Industry conference will meet in Pittsburgh a Marc time beat for the Beni Kedem shrine Parade in downtown Beckley saturday came from the of this mystically attired this is what a Parade should be one of several in the gala pro Oriental patrols cession of shrine members Here for an initiation Cere the flowing Robes of an per forming stylized a Gold band and the Bluefield patrol marched while dignitaries followed in modern automobiles and Vintage be one Veteran Parade watcher was heard to say this what a Parade should be additional pictures Page Mcgovern wont endorse Humphrey United press International George Dakota Mcgovern of has become something of a National favorite son candidate for delegates of Wheeling provisions of All economic a new United steelworkers Union contract be ing worked out in Pittsburgh will be included in a new pact signed at Wheeling steel the Wheeling agreement covers workers at Wheeling plants in three Ohio cities Steuben Yorkville and Martins ferry and the West Virginia plants in Benwood and Beech Washington the con Gressional atomic Energy com Mittee accused the defense department saturday of underestimating the soviet submarine threat and reported the rus sians have More than twice As Many underwater Craft in their Fleet than the United aftermath of ugly of Why not asked a Young negro if youre youre and it Doest make any difference what color the mayor our people Are rief1 who Are stationed at the Sites of Outing incidents earlier in the Many people were angry al Carl the first Neon o be elected mayor of a Downto disturb editors note up reporter William who covered this weeks civil disorders in Cleveland East reports on the reaction among the cites Blacks and Whites in a Algeria frees 10 of israeli kids Geneva a ten israeli women and children arrived Here saturday in excellent health and Good spirits after being held in Algiers since tues Days hijacking of an israeli al al they algerian officials gave them assurances that the 12 male passengers and Crew still in Algiers will be released within seven al al Geneva manager Freddy Weiss the seven women and three children will return to Tel stewardess Nira Anieli said we were wonderfully we have asked for bet were promised by the algerians that the men will be freed very they said with the late Robert Kennedy who like neither vice president Lubert Humphrey nor Eugene on Mcgovern declared hat he must decline to endorse the candidacy of an old and dear vice considered a dark Lorse possibility for the demo cratic presidential nomination should Mccarthy and Humphrey made his statement in los he was there to in seven Twenty three no israelis and israelis who managed to conceal their a Burton Ces and finds Many angry and took office As mayor of by William Ecenbarger Cleveland up Why Cleveland weather Clearing Beckley and Vicinity showers ending today followed by gradual High fair Low near mostly sunny and less humid Mon probability of precipitation 30 per near Zero to night and Airport conditions highest temperatures 75 at 12 lowest temperature 66 at highest relative humidity 100 per cent at 6 lowest relative humidity 82 per cent at 7 precipitation maximum wind swat 15 Mph at 1 wind swat 8 Mph at barometer and steady at temperature at Sunrise Sunset River conditions Greenbrier Normal and Lake Normal and 2 Gates new gauge at Hinton three persons die on state highways from wire dispatches three deaths were reported on West Virginias roads this week end sending the Highway fatality toll to 34 More deaths than dad been reported on saturday of last Richard was killed in a car truck Colli Sion on 60 near the Huntington state police authorities said the victims Mother was driving the car which crossed the median and struck the tractor Harley South was killed Friday night in a one car Accident on 4 near Queen Shoals in Kanawha Reger was in charge of Case and Field serv ices for the division on vocational rehabilitation and served As an assistant to state director therold Suzanne 22 of Ann was killed Satur Day when her car sideswipe another on 5 and Ca Romed off an embankment near the county Community state police police said Paul Eugene perk of Webster an of the other was transferred to the West Virginia University medical Center with serious head injuries after he nations eighth largest City ast there were those who with optimism born of that Cleveland had gotten itself an insurance policy against further racial Stokes himself had no such the Bubble burst last tuesday night in a Hail of gunfire that Eft 10 persons including Siree disturbingly quiet downtown Cleveland was disturbingly quiet saturday testify before delegation to the the California National delegation won by Kennedy by virtue of his Victory in the California primary on the night he was june a Dove on govern said he could not support Humphrey because it is imperative that we nominate a Standar bearer who can run with a Clear mind and conscience on our party possible candidate Mcgovern has been talked about by Antiwar democrats As a fourth party candidate should Humphrey but he made it Clear he would support Humphrey Over any foreseeable Republican nominee should the democrats nominate h u m he said Humphrey would encounter great difficulty year old was arrested Friday night and charged with illegal Possession of narcotics after a raid at a rapid City Motel by state they said they found marijuana in her Mcgovern is seeking reelection this fall for a second in other developments Richard re publican front runner was endorsed in new York by David who was Defeated by Abel As president of the United steelworkers of America in we need a Man of his leadership and his in the White House Mcdonald said said he voted of for John he Kennedy Over Nixon in 1960 but lad been a Republican for the 15 years prior Mcdonald said he to absolutely not had been promised a it appointment by Nixon but said he would be available for an including Tho Post of Secretary of discusses peace vice pres ident was in Salt Lake City to address the democratic state convention which was to select delegates to the National in an apparent attempt to counter the consider Able support for Humphrey devoted half of his discussing Southeast the next president must take charge of see politics Page 2 speech to peace in Asia and the being treated hospitals Webster Springs and in like an empty Sta most of the people who work in its drab office buildings monday through Friday were tucked away in their suburban possibly planning a Quick trip into the City to watch the indians play the driving East on Superior the change was Subtle imperceptible unless you were looking for the houses became the bars More the White people less this was Glenville in the cites East you drive occasionally asking Why were so Many children involved in the looting what do you want them to comes the take car and go to the Pool there Are few often there is no Denim Clad Young negro men watch you As they Street and enter an Black nationalists written in script on the backs o their snug fitting hate it written on their a group of negro women bring Coffee and sandwiches to police and National guardsmen Cross the Apar Mehi who Are stationed at the Sites were released on a platform calling looting incidents earlier in after the no More Vietnam in out by three members of of the no wider War Many people were angry terrorist of president Johnson in Arl the first sources in 1964 o be elected mayor of a the of fide of formal statement bristled american the police Boum Dienne had Antiwar angry about what they the fares of the 10 said the War must be lured an in feeling order released not another restrained them after three had not done five or 10 years of heir comrades were slain for the passengers will leave us no better off he the White not after months of ints in Glenville Felt officials of the useless bombing which ailed to do All he could pilots Only to perpetuate the protect their threatened to have its of absolute Power and a pretty Secretary in the mayors office spent most of the week Fielding Telephone refuse flights to Algeria if the rest the al al Crew were not were unable to arrange a meeting with destruction that have bedevilled us since Tonkin in South Mcgovern was bedevilled himself with see Cleveland Page officials close to his 19 communist conspiracy involved in death of rays lawyer his statement about arrived Here Friday for attorney for accused was based conference with Ray that James Earl Ray he received nearly three he saturday that the slaying of i believe to be a critical of Security Mea Martin Luther King was part and this will All imposed by Shelby county a communist out in William Morris which he piracy that now threatens visibly had violated rays right to own there is a giant conspiracy Lere and my client is being used by the we Are playing in he major leagues with this my son and i Are the Only two Leople who talked to Ray is housed in a third floor a Fourcell Complex that normally houses several prison declared attorney Arthur my neck is out on the windows have been he characterized it As with steel and left Wing conspiracy which he said he believes said the conditioning has been along with a closed responsible for civil first revealed when he television monitoring Ces throughout the for rays Ray also has an the purpose of the conspiracy is to create have become More serious and Are mostly in human my client nor i like and confusion and to of Telephone Calls to idea of cameras being noting in the on him 24 hours a says life wife answers the Hanes said he believes a voice captured in London june close association with Ray or you will after a search by world police placed his life and the lives he declared nobody that lasted for two his family and employees to Chase me out of and four Days following if anybody comes on death on april was former Birmingham interviewed at the Airport Tagore returning to trying to harm me they Are trespassing and arc fair to the Shelby county jail in the predawn hours o july re nth Register is m Cerioni service designed to guard your right know an to be helpful to ring Register at Day or night except from 10 to 11 or write the Register when you information or know of situation that need looking q How did Grandview get its name a by being just a grand q pertaining to mail does this mean that postal wages will be drastically Cut or is this just another one of those wild things that you hear so much of any More a information available now would be Public announcement by the Post office department would to made before any action would become according to postmaster fray q How Many children did Alfred Beckley have and How Many Are still living a Beckley had seven children by his first wife and children by his second according to Page 398 the Beckley family tree of ii Beckley Usa by Harlow none of the children Are q id like for someone to Tell me Why the Coke at the Raleigh general Hospital All the time cheating you oat of your Money you put a dime in and nothing happens and w you ask about it they say you Are the maybe you dont have but Money enough to get one bottle for a 1 dont think this is a report the problem to the coca cola bottling mechanism will be Many times slugs and Guta put into the the location will usually refund your Money if you will report your loss arid the coca cola will make it up with the according to Eugene president of the sound off i think it is absolutely ridiculous that whoever it was that had the piece put in your sound off in ring Register Tho Community my husband worked in the Coal wines for 39 years and paid taxes every he now it working and he has at Home two children and i thank the Unity action very highly for considering taking my Gumren on cultural and i will pay taxes because i work Aid t think the Community action is to be commended for what they Are trying to do to help our not their noses in the ground and step of

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