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Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Beckley, West Virginia Gov defends budget Bill passed by House welfare Boss a in it m in m Valr it 9 Beckley Post Herald shortening the news vol. 82 no. In i Pic gov. W. W. Barron expressed a Complete confidences saturday in slate welfare commissioner. Bernard Smith on tile heels of a demand by the Ohio county medical society that Smith be ousted As a i feel that commissioner Smith Lias been doing his Hest to do the Job As it should he done. I have Complete Confidence in him a Marron said. A i realize there Are Many problems in connection with this program hut i feel certain they can he worked out on a cooperative basis a he added. Barron referred to Smith s handling of the medical assistance for the aged maa program which came under the heaviest fire of the Wheeling doctors. A this actions in effect have resulted in the virtual Salvage of the maa program in this state Quot i from wire dispatches the Ohio county society a Telegram atty. Gen. Rollert f Kennedy 10 Barron Friday night said toured Honolulu saturday and then the Telegram said Smith a by prepared to leave by commercial his actions in the past two months j Airliner for Tokyo and Continua demonstrated his Complete an Tion of his world trip. Tho presi up incompetence to perform the dents brother will spend More do his time in Southeast Asia than origin Quot his arbitrary total in needs i Oliy planned because of the a com Sar it and unjustifiable cutback of pies situation the state maa program combined with department said in Washington. His unenthusiastic apathetic a labor Secretary Arthur j. Gold preach to the program has result Berg has directed the Bureau of 1<i in Hie blackening of the Good employment Security Ami the j. Namts Hie state of West Virs employment services a to give its citizens and its current All possible assistance Quot to 6.000 political administration As Well As Cigar workers in the Tampa fla.,its suppliers of health care area who May he affected by the Quot his own statements reflect his embargo ordered on cuban in Complete Lack of knowledge of afr its. The indonesian parliament hours directly within his Jurisie met in secret session saturday it said. Amid persistent reports that pres Smith ordered a Outback in ident Sukarno May end a third Par maa payments last dec. I on saturday ordered All imports from Cuba choked off to . Contacts with the Neth grounds funds were running Short to Stop Hie Fidel Castro regime from getting dollars duty Fri see Quot gov defends Quot Page 2 to Pinwu oct communist subversion in this hours user believed la Alc t a i a Register 4 sections a combined sunday edition a 52 pages Beckley. West vim Ixia is Noav morning Fem Mahy i 1%2 a Ingle copy Loc Wjk slaps embargo on Cuba by Stewart Hensley Washington i Pic president Kenny do spilt cd West irian dutch new Guinea. President Arturo Frondizi saturday took full responsibility for Argentina s soft stand against Cuba that has aroused tile anger of his nations military leaders and led them to Alert their troops for any eventuality. No action has in Iii _ m i let Een taken yet on the general a i 010 to a i k in la demand that diplomatic relations him with Cuba be broken. Central readying major congolese Premier Cyril adoula1 n Foll u<1 10 he for it it in ministers conferred with acting ,.-_y _ a Turfley i conference general Thant saturday on Possi Phore the ban effective at 12 01 . Est wednesday will Cost the cuban Economy about $33 million a year obtained mostly from i. S. Imports of tobacco. Milt the president left unchanged the v. S. Policy of allowing limited exports of food Medicine and medical supplies from this country to Cuba for humanitarian purposes. This has amounted to .$13 million in tin1 past year. A Quot Ari thieves gel conferred with Active Secretary a a to Quot a a. A a a a a a a a a a a i conference at Punta Del Esto to rotary to readying a major policy Uruguay where members of the plan to Settle cold War issues and was expected to present it during plans to see soviet Deputy foreign cd a Artt late it Confer regime and expel Cuba from the minister Valerian a. Zorin sunday a 0pen in Eneva inter american system. Gross to. Italy up a Art it at Zorini a invitation and will go communist diplomats hinted the reduce subversion thieves saturday broke into an to Washington monday to discuss russian Pian urn Eov it r a a White House Dement made tuscan. Museum. And escaped i vice Iii inane a irony on posse Usu Guam we in no input is it int. A amp a a a a by a me increased United nations Milli i in Ariss was a organization of american states i in Quot tory Aid to the Congo. Adoulia 1255 0as voted to isolate the Castro 111 Iod i 8 Atlas goes for Earth ride an Allas rocket similar to the astronaut John Glenn or. Will ride into space was transported from California to Cape canaveral in an air Force Mats c-133 cargo master. Here the Booster Section of the Atlas is being loaded into the aircraft for its Trio from the Miramar naval air station California. Increased american Aid with pres contractors rap Parade article Glenn anxious to try again gop backed amendments voted Down by Carlo j. Salzano Charleston Upp a the democratic controlled House of delegates moving with unusual Speed voted Down More than dozen Republic in sponsored amendments saturday and passed 82-4 its version of the $141 million Phis general Revenue operating budget for 1982-63. Before the end of the the rec hour session House majority Leader. T. Brotherton jr., a Kanawha accused minority la ador George la. Seibert a Ohio of attempting to make a Campaign amendments that would have thrown the houses budget proposal out of balance by $500,000. Seibert denied the charge saying that if the House had adopted All of his amendments the budget would have remained in balance. Seibert would have reallocated $8 million set aside for the emergency employment program to other departments mainly to the mental hospitals. The budget As approved by till House and sent to the Senate for an expenditure of about $141.26 million for the next fiscal year slightly lower than the budget proposed by the state Board of Public works. The House budget brought to the floor Only Friday was passed with still five Days to go in the 30-Day budget session. The legislature is scheduled to adjourn finally at Midnight thursday. The four delegates voting against the fwd get Bill were dels. Spencer Creel Wood a. Foster Lineweaver Morgan Jack Miller Wood and b. Noel Poling Jack see Quot legislature Quot Page 2 later school Board filing Date outlawed a _ _ _ Charleston git til wide Field of fast West nimbler l Plain that the Trade Cut off was with a Cit nit jewels whose value e0 a my a a a a a #1 a of f a i is West Virginia legislature took r jul tries of aimed at preventing Castro from was estimated at More than a Mil a Arlington a. Upp As speedy action saturday on a pro ment officials. Meanwhile a unit a a j zones of Immen carry in u. A Good a Amene Lon dollars. R a a. Tro naut John h. Glenn jr., to postal to Cut the filing time for de nations Airlift saturday hew a j. A if Jimon other latin american countries Quot police said the loot included a n a a a a e key while. A Ilung right of Way. Day s away from a new attempt candidates to non partisan hoards 248 ethiopian soldiers into hindu a High Moscow current in is a fair. It said Gold necklace about 2,500 years. My 1 up of t a 1 a t edit a j to orbit the world said saturday of education by near., two months. To spearhead the buildup of Mili currently is stall Wil old which was a Rheological t Andorn of ask cd Gene i re cd 8nd 10 after is the Chambers adopted sri Lori a Nikita Khrushchev reduce the capacity of Tho Castro flagrant and obvious Quot untruthful contractors of West Virginia re 5galn he needs say a Elution marauding probably will give an Advance in regime intimately linked with the a pets of x rnrner6ia�?~ references or Quot it a Quot a us sneaking in nubile for the first permission to introduce a Bill a a a Quot dial soft of the Kremlin Quot new sino soviet bloc. To engage info let Quot Klace was 1, h province and mave at the March 5 meeting of acts of aggression subversion or the communist party scentral other activities endangering the committee in Moscow the dip Security of the United states and r 1 n Quot s Komats said. Northern Katanga. Other stolen objects _ earrings and i Ilc association challenged refer Flash floods undermined its abut Nihon of inns of Tho and 15 roman Bronze state Encis t0 West Virginia which a1 ments requiring $35,000 in re Jai. Other Nati of the hemisphere. Euey leg Cal that pairs. It said a picture of the he was _ understood to slate i apartment officials said the film a i Haw a a new Bridge on u. S. 501 Bridge in Parade showed the it eos suited with satellite leaders re the action Shonto put to Neil nits necklace was gently at a secret meeting close crimp in Castro a capacity to about 12 inches Long and was a Vest i president Giovanni Groschl started consultations in Rome saturday night on Italy a government crisis which is expected to end next week with the appointment of to the polish Border. Outgoing Premier Amintore fan Russia has agreed Ith the they said that while the $35 Mil 41 is. Us Quot Quot or it. Fani As head of a socialist sup United states to begin a new lion Dollar loss did not appear in in Ltd it a. A Nerp ported Cabinet. A new sunday round of global disarmament talks Large compared to the time Quot a a by Grosse to Magazine sunday supplement of i Anderson of associated general again a flagrant and obvious Quot untruthful contractors of West Virginia re. Net s to West Virginia in an plied that i speaking in Public for the first permission to introduce a titled a the great Highway i _ the la s 50 Bridge in Quen time since his Cape canaveral not irks aided nah j Roth nov Quot i space fight was postponed last Calls the House quickly suspended included i ill t or it a. Lion was 32 years old at the time tur Lay Quot the year old Marine rules and passed it 87-0. The sen lieutenant colonel appeared Conli new Bridge on it. S. 50 Bridge in i Union was washed out be had been r surfaced and the St Rue Kate followed suit with a 20-5 vote Dent that the new attempt would i anti sent it to the governor for succeed. It now is set for tues signature. The Gill enforces the present filing deadline set for All other offices to candidates for boards of newspaper the National observer will make its first appearance sunday with 400,000 copies being distributed throughout the United states and Canada. It is sponsored by Dow Jones amp company publisher of the Wall Street journal. An Allied spokesman saturday warned the soviets that the drafting of East Berlin men under communist East Germany Snow military conscription Law t22y a a a Quot Tho auf inc Kerned with pendants. Museum cause of a faulty standards Quot in lure could not have let Een a new but. Glenn told reporters in a carry out subversive officials said it was made in Tho construction. . Crowded front porch news Confer. To Quot a the state paid a Quot generous a Road commission and local once at his Home in this Wash education. For a Bawdy House at rip officials at Ripley denied the sex Jungton suburb the flight will be according to a recent opinion Stence of a House of ill Fame and made a Only after we Are Good state atty. Gen. C. Donald see Quot user Quot Page 2 by a private collector in 1885. See Quot embargo Quot Page 2 three beatnik kidnappers sought Chicago up Essed a search s Roe beatnik a inapt woman and her i two escape upshur jail Buckhannon up a two i let them have she said they Ere held Dupont Relief measure signed a Tho construction Industry of West tempted he until Alj systems Fales a _ pres Virginia the state Road commis Are checked out and Al facilities Vej 12-year-old girl kidnapped tortured Concord mass. Up a 12-i year old girl was Kidnap xxx tortured and left tied to a tree half Dent Kennedy signed into Law sat Sion and the state itself Quot Andert a Quot in set right Washington up it is a inconceivable Quot that such an and he said technicians i Robertson such Board candidates establishment could exist in a j right now were Quot checking every Werr no required to file until 30 Rural town of Only 2,750 without thing very carefully Quot in the Merda it s eff re ti10 primary election their knowledge. Cury Atlas combination on pad 14 House majority Leader. T. Quot Itose untruthful references Are at Cape canaveral. Brotherton jr., a Kanawha said an unwarranted reflection upon the launching will not be at jh5, a Fedj dates had different filing dead ens an oversight. Del. Jack the attempt s Ruzum a Randolph said the old dressed in sub freezing tempera urday�?Ta�?Tbm�?~des7gn�l"ioease the a in said. Quot the distortions of the opined after trouble developed ,.ne ddn to allow enough time a police hostage during a night of terror state police said saturday tax and Market Impact of a us truth Are so flagrant and so of in the Atlas rocket that is to boost or Absentee voters to mail bul would in a Quot of no of pressed a search saturday for until Here husband produced $5, t troopers arrested a suspect preme court anti Trust order that Vious on their face that we cannot three beatnik hid Napers who held too Ransom Money. Early today. The Man identified the Dupont company dispose of them go unchallenged. See a astronaut Page 2 a woman and her two children mrs Irving Chanenson 42. As Frederick is. Rodgers jr., 28, $3 5 billion in general motors a a and her children Eileen. I and �mist0ck 2 congressional contests Lawrence. 14. Were Given their be on Oono on charges of com it was the first Biu passed by a Freedom Friday. For More than Nettl la two similar offences Prem he new session of Congress to lie five hours they had been held at i via. I Signet into Law. The Senate a gunflint in a Dingy Flat. I t Syrl. Who was not identified Provod it Jan 23 after More than mrs. Chanenson said she Over out of a wooded area a Weck of wrangling. The House j heard gunman say 1 dressed and hysterical while passo it Jast session 1 a if we done to get the Money Well troopers were questioning Quot supreme court a bist May hog eix whose car was parked supreme court Nisi May along the Highway. In lilt Al Thal Dapont must the girl object of a new eng of its 63 Milhon shares of . % it finlon i i i 1 Ilar Ulii i to Clio Revfi Cin a Din a Jap. Istock wet join to 11 v from he upshur county jail Walls and no hot water. Here saturday. J sometimes they Kidnap put div in a it said she the a Lastice department to break la to it ont it sheriff Willard Wimer said Wil i ers it walked walked up and Ner Mother Friday Mem said she has called a potential shaped up was forced into an automobile in or Taueu to Jhu a Hui a Ormard Dupont monopoly. Congress postwar Fostir Hovver agreements. President Kennedy and his family Are so ending the weekend at their rented Glen Ora estate at Middleburg a. The world health organization has declared the Monschau District along the belgian Border near Aachen Germany an area of possible Small >7hpfmrnth a lj.onvr1 i wl110? i prisoners awaiting Transfer to a Sam they were new in a Tunco Mill ,.? i res in Ltd it of Moundsville Penitentiary escaped two room Flat with broken plaster. Stock within to years Climax s is ss0to Quot fam Tho Upshir jail Walls and no hot water. Landside search since she Dis a a a a Unn pcs Comax nation Judy Drake 14, of de Iraq a Quot sometimes Thuv the Kidnap appeared while on an errand for Alir,.�t t it cars �1/1s t trod lakes minn., dislocated a mrs. First. Lot Sieve saturday night was the deadline for filing primary election candidacies the Bill provided that for this year Only candidate i for boards of education would have until next saturday to file. Knee while doing Quot the twist Quot at tis Elmer Wyatt 26, of Cleveland Hack. of them just fingered Webster county a and Billy genes revolver turning it Charleston Upp a Only two contests of consequence in West Virginia a May ional primary election Hee faces Yves men by opposition passage urged town and will be wearing a cast for four weeks. But she a not Dis Cobb 27. Of Cowen broke a bar my a d and playing with it she said she was from a first floor window in the a Chicago Federal District court the deadline for filing passed a i still must Rule on the exact method amp Durday at Midnight. Courage. A the do the twist again or like their Way Quot to an a until Tate Arklay first he g ave an<1 subjected to other indignities. When the cast is she said. A but. This time it will he a see Quot shortening Quot Page 2 heavy fog plagues . Chanenson did not Call Neoliee turned repeatedly with cigarettes a Nisi Rule on me cx.it1 n a non son a not cab Ponce subjected to other indignities if Stock divestiture which must be both will in the 4th District ass 7ad police so Ifolaw de. Where incumbent rep. Ken Hee lev next to the court House. The bandits More than $5,000 in Wyatt had been sentenced on a mail Bills and was reunited with Arlt Ibn on link Dupont stockholders from paying the democratic Side and four oth forgery conviction while Cobb was his family at their far South Side a in ,�,.6iii Oki full income tax rates on the mar or candidates will fight it out for police said Rogers was won1 the Bill was designed to relieve Lor will have three opponents on see Quot kidnapping Quot Page 2 Jar charge in Haverhill and Bowie i mass. United press International cars trains and even ships # _ groped and crashed in dense fog j la v a flu flail charged with parole violation. He i had also been questioned in connection with a recent Post office 4 re of it a i us d. Burglary at Rock Cave Tait mall Awolt calamity Blit Wimer said the escape occurred a Between Midnight and Daybreak and that the men were believed i to have headed Smith toward Webster county. Which swathed wide areas from the Pacific to the Atlantic saturday. Improved tiros a doomsday weekend9 uneventful so far by b. K. Tiwari Isayas Long ago was swallowed by new Delhi up a millions j a Serpent. In Oregon 40 cars oiled in in Washington up the o frightened indians bathed in beside the planetary lineup a Marrh 30 a pickups on a fog fated states soon will launch an sacral Rivers and prayed to the which last occurred in 1524, the d f Quot ten july Quot improved tiros satellite in its goddess of destruction and fire world also was in store for a to a string of cd bound Highway near Woodburn improved tiros satellite in its \ ferry la it at with seven re a a cont nut no program to develop a saturday but the first Day of Tai eclipse of the Sun. Both events sons Abo Art was Mission Quot for 14 worldwide weather forecast sys a doomsday weekend passed with will Only tx1 visible in the South sons Anoa in was missing lot a no re spectacular than Pacific Over such sparsely porn hours in dense fog near Vancou Basolt a on Otis Elvation stations lathing ver Island. It was finally located in a a0 re 1 a space administration Nasa will however to hordes of terrified Dufa Phenomena will occur feb Ket value of Squires Dis Tribu the Republican nomination. I them. Hie Only Surprise in last minute instead the legislation permits filings was the entry of Rooert j. I Dupont shareholders to pay a less Slaker Williamson attorney on or capital gains tax at a Maxi the democratic Side in the 5th mum rate of 25 per cent. The District a represented by mrs. Vast majority of Dupont Stock Elizabeth Hee of Bluefield since holders would owe no tax at the 1951 and by her late husband for i time of distribution but Ould 18 years before that pay a capital gains tax later if it was the first time since 1954 that mrs Kee. The Only woman Ever elected to Congress from West Virginia has had primary opposition. In 1958 she was unopposed in both the primary and general elections. Stoker is a for Mer Mingo county prosecutor but hid not been received before sought elective of saturday but there was no quit Survey aimed at finding and Tion at nit his running. Certify marking Community fallout shelter Hechler was the on Vincemt it ent Cates Are accepted As Long a they sold their shares. Sheller Survey to be Robert j. Staker Charleston had Charleston up a a Bill to permit investment of state funds in private securities was recommended for passage saturday by the House judiciary committee. Sent to the floor was a committee substitute for the original administration Hill. Chairman h. Laban White said the changes were designed to Quot tighten up Quot procedures for handling investment of a state monies totalling about $240 million in the workmen s compensation teachers retirement and other funds. On thursday the Senate judiciary committee amended and approval the Bill which has been attacked by the state chamber of Commerce As Quot Tho Mast dangerous piece of legislation to appear in Many state funds May now to invested Only in la. S. Treasury to nets and certain other government securities. The chamber said the proposed change would provide Quot an Over present temptation to invest had tied up for safety the Bright red Sun setting behind lated areas As Borneo new Cirii w1j be completed by March 30 ski Rex r die National aeronautics and Indian Ocean. Lea and the Solomon islands i he nov Barron disclosed sat in a i 4 i a v i if a i. 1 _ _ t a a f Turin lion Nunn o till in 4 her hah. La in Indiana a freight train Craw a to put the new tiros in orbit Star believers saturdays peace Ling through heavy fog slammed with a 90-f a get three stage Delta As Only a heavenly sign of then to peaceful passim of the first la into a freight. Of top a a new <0 canaveral. Fin. Horrors to Corno sunday. I a Day wore derailed and four person Lnch attempt a not expect uni jul a Rouchou. India and is laths were injured. Al before tuesday. A a a Quot Lioe noted authority. Yam Obadar Hie fog covered Large parts of my huddled in their Homes and j Psi his a Simi Stio the West shrouded the Midwest lied around sacrificial fires or from Minnesota into Michigan and flip for Tho a nerf journeyed to sacred Rivers to get Illinois and enveloped the South a re a we in an icy last minute swim to Pur 1 land from the Carolinas into Vir i a Speed record of sorts was Ify them for the end. In the projects of friends and or .,.w re Al. Apo a for 500,000 West virginian a Jtb primary opposition. They Are postmarked by Midnight political cronies. ,. I. Will tie completed by March 30, Ira ii Ghent Cleveland Bailey saturday. The House finance committee Nea and the. Demon flan e for a Vav. Barron disclosed sat Clarksburg Dean of the Congreve Moore was unopposed for re meanwhile approved a judiciary signal delegation Ith eight terms nomination to his fourth term As on it a it tee originated Bill to Levy i 4-5 urday. Barron cent tax on the net income pipeline firms. The Senate a similar Bill Friday. Predictions somewhat. He said Moon had suddenly changed course which was Good for India p., a a Pic i and Asia but he added that the Mia and the Gulf states. Broken saturday. Hie streets of this Indian Cape Western nations were a still in the weathermen blamed tile fog on according to Hospital and police Tai a normally overflowing on danger the Snow in the Middle West. They reports a Charleston Man did saturday night a were virtually in London member s of the Adolid the combination of warm air some rapid mane vering before he deserted except for scattered therms society who claim to re and Snow on the ground thickened nabbed on a drunk driving hawkers trying to make an Lith Cejic spiritual guidance from the Murk. Chr la jul 2 i 7l b u Sale it of a protective tabs Mars and Venus took the forecast re i i Man for prices ranging up to $15 t0 heart Ami gathered on two his West Ftp m hindu astrologers had predicted rips to Pray for catastrophe to be Virginia weather t a a a a calamity a Kend stretching averted. W tre a a n yet Erpf no from saturday morning to Mon similar precautions appeared to fair and mild sunday High in tr7nt orm apr a t Day night under influence of a have i it Een taken in the United he 50s and 60s. Mostly Cloudy and Chest suffered in a Turnpike nire alignment 0f heavenly Bod states by 22 me Max is of a Ca i mild sunday night. m ies. They Are the Sun. The Moon forma religious cult who moved to River conditions j9. 11 b a these a Venus Mars Mercury Jupiter cd Ca tor ariz., last August but a Greenbrier Normal Clear. J1 Jcj and Saturn a Ami an eighth to spokesman. Mrs Isaphene m i Ake Bluestone nor Xii Clear a do cd dry by Turnpike stat. To Gates open. Irene. New gauge 3 9 it. Hinton. A said information from Froni the old 3rd District was the Ere democratic incur tents har-i3 s. Office of Ivil defense Democrat to file for the Yllka u indicates West Virginia a is Well democratic nomination in the 1st mrs Kee pa9 2 ahead of other regional states in District where his Lime county preparations for warehousing she of Harrison was moved in the c<>5�5000cccooococcocoscccccooooocooccooc<>s<x ter supplies and equipment 19fil redistricting. X a o More than third of the rep \ Moore s Cert die. Lie o state s 55 counties have reserved for renomination in the 1st insufficient storage space for Shel j a a a a airborne Hunt fatal by the end of this month. R. A a to sex Greenbrier Man Little Lix i Lewisburg rns a the sport of Fox Hunting in an air plane deadline beaters St candidates who beat the Midnight deadline for filing for political office at the Raleigh county circuit clerk s office saturday included for House of delegates proved fatal saturday morning for a. P. Tony Leeber Beckley Democrat a former Greenbrier county Man h. Dale Covey Glen Daniel Democrat William Quenton Boggs 55. For county commissioner Fred Burgess Daniels Democrat c. H. Burgess Artie Democrat i j which the astrologers astronomy j Curie would say Only Quot naturally Cal colleagues Don t subscribe the we Are interested in what happens invisible planet Ketu which legend sunday. Isnit a \ i when a girl finds she can t mend a Man s ways she usually concludes that he in t Worth a Dorr Boggs was killed immediately in the Craft s crash near his Grove City Ohio Home and his son Eddie who was a passenger suffered a broken leg and other injuries. A Veteran flyer Boggs had owned and flown planes for 30 years and was a licensed instructor. For Justice of the peace Jack Kyle Naoma Democrat seeking unexpired term of John Gyovai who resigned. Office presently being filled by appoint James Vaughn

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