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Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 4

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Beckley Post Herald Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Beckley, West Virginia 4-po5t-Lteram and Register w. Vs., sunday morning april 21,1974 America needs 300 new crimes by 2,000 a. D., banker says concert music c Newhouse news service Washington America will have to build a City with housing for 140,000 people every month of every year from now until 2000 a. To meet both an increasing population s needs and its desire for Urban services a National mortgage banker predicts. Robert w. Gaber president and chief executive officer of Conco mortgage co. In san Francisco projects that by the year 2000, there will be 60 million More americans and that More than two thirds of them will opt for City living. As a result a possible profile of America 25 years hence could feature 300 new cities with a population of 140,000 each he added. That 140,000 figure Gaber buying . Silver coins paying 140% Over face paying $3.75 up for Silver dollars apply Famas shoe store or Cau 3s2.4265 after 5 pm explained appears to be a viable number for a self sufficient Community one Large enough to offer employment opportunities to its residents yet Small enough to retain an individual s sense of identity and he noted that cities with about 140,000 residents today include fort Lauderdale fla., Youngs town Ohio Riverside Calif. And Newport news a. Gaber said the shape of the new towns of 2000 a. Will i be vertical Multi family structures of varying Heights due to the Ever soaring Cost of land. This emerging pattern need Inot be unattractive nor monolithic he added. In fact one of the great challenges to the construction sector is bringing variety to the High Rise through innovative design and novel use of building in a report entering on future mortgage Money needs Gaber also predicted that Light Industry commercial centers and shopping malls in new cities also will follow the High Ilse trend. He acknowledged that High interest rates Are creating a tight mortgage situation now making it difficult to stimulate this kind of growth. New Copland records Merit attention by Wilbur g. Landrey new York up i Aaron Copland s music needs no introduction. With justification there has been plenty of it both in the concert Hall and on records for some time. But two new records Merit mention. Both Are in the Columbia modern music series and Are of Copland directing and performing Copland. On one he conducts the music for the Complete Ballet of appalachian Spring m 32736. It is the first recording of his original version scored for 13 instruments rather than the version usually recorded with a larger orchestra. Copland says on the jacket that he scored the work for 13 instruments because of the limited size of the Hall in the Library of Congress. It was commissioned for Martha Graham and her company to be performed there. Fascinating Bonus Only later did he make it into a suite and restore it for full orchestra. He says that he had some hesitation in reviving the 13-instrument version because he thought it might sound too thin. I but he was persuaded and came to the conclusion that he was right to do so. I can Only agree. It has a Quality and a sound of its own that is personal and moving. A fascinating Bonus with the record is a smaller 8-Inch disc i of Copland rehearsing the players for the recording along with his comments and instructions. Dvorak s enduring work the second Copland record m32737 has him at the piano playing his sonatas for violin and piano with Isaac Stern on one Side and playing the duo for flute and piano with flautist Elaine Shaffer on the other. Side two also has. The Short nonet for strings. They come for widely Sepa rated periods the sonata for violin and piano composed in 1942-43-in what Copland Calls his Plain period of the Early 40 a the Little performed nonet composed in 1960 and the duo composed in 1970-711 Anton Dvorak 1841-1904 was persuaded by the wife of a grocery tycoon to come to the United states in 1891 As director of the National conservatory of music in new York. Perhaps the most enduring result of his three years in America is the new world symphony his last and most the Medicine Chest famous using materials front both Indian and negro music. Stokowski explains through the War dances and the spirituals however is heard Dvorak s tremendous longing in a far away land for his native Bohemia and that is How the music has always sounded to me. Leopold Stokowski first recorded the new world with the Philadelphia orchestra grouped around an acoustical recording Horn in 1917. Ria has not gone that far Back but it has taken his first electrical recording of the work 10 years later in the first musical Masterwork series m-1 and re issued it in an excellent tandem with Stokowski conducting the same work in 1973 with the new Philhart Monia orchestra crl2-0334. A fascinating footnote on the earlier record is Stokowski at the piano explaining the themes of the symphony. The sound on the earlier record is not All that bad. A contrast is Rafael Kubelik directing the Berlin philharmonic in the same work Deutsche Gramm Phon 2530 415a slower More sumption version of aus Der Neuen Welt with less artistic tension and perhaps excitement. By Arthur j. Snider c 1974, Chicago daily news nothing is As compelling As the cry of an infant. It stimulates Strong feelings and distinct reactions from almost everyone within earshot. Nature has made it so to guarantee that the infant receives attention. A Mother quickly becomes aware of differences in the cry of her infant although she May not always know its meaning. Two psychiatrists at the Langley Porter Neur psychiatric Institute in i san Francisco have worked out More precise methods of identifying not Only distress cries of Normal infants but even to detect certain abnormalities and diseases by a characteristic cry working in a Hospital Nursery Iso they can study infants As soon As possible after birth drs. Peter f. Ostwald and Philip Peltzman recorded numerous distress cries resulting from routine medical procedures such As taking of blood samples and minor surgery such As circumcision. The distress cry is louder longer and noisier than the hungry cry. It also tends to be irregular with More interruptions and gagging. Duration and pitch also can Ibe the first indication that i something is wrong clinically i 1 Penneys big Spring sales big savings on sheets draperies panel curtains suggesting the possibility of developing an Early screening test for illness. By combining the spectrographic analysis of cries with measuring brain wave changes the psychiatrists were Able to determine whether siamese twins born joined at the head had independently functioning nervous systems. The first recording made at three months of age showed the cries of infant a to be louder and More sustained than those of infant a. They were typical of a Normal infant. The tone Rose in pitch remained relatively steady and then fell off smoothly All within one exhalation that lasted about one second. Infant b s cries had less acoustic Energy. There were frequent interruptions in the Middle of the exhalation. Brain wave responses to flashes of Light confirmed that the nervous systems were unmistakably Independent. When the twins were tested again at six months an unexpected change was found. The cries were exactly alike. How could infants with distinctive vocal personalities develop almost identical cries in three months the authors suggest in scientific american that infant b Learned to imitate a to the Point of joining in whenever a cried. Other studies have shown that twins can influence each other so strongly As to develop a kind of secret language that Only Uliey can understand. Electronic Shrinker Missouri mental hospitals turned to the ism computer to handle Bulky medical records some three to four inches per patient. Now the Ward physician can get a instant readout of a Complete record instead of having to wait for it to be brought from a Central location some distance away. He no longer has to read illegible Handwritten notes. There Are other unexpected dividends. Because of its capability of retaining the experiences of Large numbers of patients and allocating importance to Many intricate factors the computer has become a diagnostician As Well. The computer can help identify suicidal or danger oils patients predict How Long patients will be in the Hospital identify those who will go awol Flag patients who have been literally lost in the Hospital and not receiving treatment for months predict a patient s behaviour and his response to a particular treatment. Eleven state mental health facilities tied into the ism unit at the University of Missouri s Institute of psychiatry have now been Able to determine that the Shorter the length of stay the higher the readmission Rato and that alcoholism and depression Are the most common reasons for admission to mental hospitals. 329 Prince St Beckley w. A. Open daily 9 . To 9 . Sunday 1 . To 6 . 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