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Beckley Post Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Beckley, West Virginia Since the Telephone directory does not list the Post Herald. We want you i l i to know its number is j Beckley Post Herald volume la no. 20 member of audit Bureau of circulation Bailon eni of the Wes Vik Ixia smokeless Coal Heo Ion Beckley West Virginia Friday morning june 23, 1950 weather West Virginia humid and warmer with scattered showers Friday. Saturday quite warm followed by showers. Ateo cited pre leased wit Price 5 cents Enka a strike explodes into four wounded in affair or it Hope its Dubois High school to Himi is completely destroyed by fire right at Home at the governors conference terrific explosion sets off Blaze distinctly seen in Beckley 13 Miles away career Diplomat a asserts information was a old stuff to newsmen Washington june 22 a up a career Diplomat John s. Service today acknowledged that lie told a am Rasia ease two messages state Highway patrolmen make 65 arrests governor of Tennessee holds up order for National guard to take Over Morristown temp june 22 a i strike violence exploded into gunfire at the american Kaka corporation figure in the today. Four men were wounded one critically. What was in squads of slate Highway patrolmen moved in swiftly from president Roosevelt to and started making wholesale arrests. By Early afternoon Chian Kai Shek Thev had taken into custody and fingerprinted 65 men All service insisted he did nothing identified by the patrolmen As strikers. Irregular. He said the inform Tion was old stuff Given out by three non striking workers a Nurt military authorities to news Ier Cut Down this morning when guard until he a full report paper men months before. They attempted to enter the Ray-j0n the situation. Messages dealt with the on producing Plant. The injured in today a shooting presidents suggestion for appoint a fourth Man identified As a Victor Mcdaniel hit five time ment of general Joseph c. Stilwell to head All forces in China fighting Japan. Service appeared before a sentries once in the head in serious investigating committee to striker later was nicked in the by a Bullet near the City limits of Morristown seven Miles from the Plant. Highway patrol squads raced to the sprawling Plant after two out by bullets William in critical condition. Mcginnis shot three condition. James Mccamey Breaks of shooting. They quickly the body condition serious. Restored order. East Tennessee National guardsmen used once before to help put Down trouble at Enka. Were alerted and ordered to stand by but make a Point by Point denial of shot once in senator Mccarthy a charges that he collaborated with communists. The foreign officer also asserted e was a innocent of the charges the 1945 amerasian Case. He David Proffitt 26, who identified himself As a striker treated for an wound and dismissed m from another Hospital. Was one of six arrested and one Mcdaniel Mcginnis and my of those cleared a after Federal there was no immediate order for i Carney All non strikers were agents turned up hundreds of wounded As they sought to skirt government documents in Lams a picket line and enter the Plant on offices of the now defunct am at the 7 a. In. Shift change Fitt said he was wounded group of non striking them to move in. Gov. Gordon Browning in Washington for president Truman a reception for governors. Said he will withhold any action orders toward calling out the National # Joe q. Dougherty Industrial relations officer Plant was put under a 25-minute prof Eurasia Magazine which dealt with As he Asiatic affairs. More railroads will shut Down if strike comes Chicago june 22 up a service related the incident of the Roosevelt messages when he was confronted with a document for Enka. Said then a Rke do top secret and described As a copy of one of those seized in the amerasian raids. The committee is investigating charges that the prosecution of the Case Ference was lax. The witness said the document appeared to be notes of a conversation he had with Mark Gayn Magazine writer. He said Gayn sought background information mount Hopes Dubois lib school was totally destroyed by fire last night. Preceded by a terrific explosion the flames shot hundreds of feet into the air. The Square i to Story Brick building was gutted in less than 15 minutes. The Annex building a two room a a Structure hoi Sod the typing room Vance the theory that the fire and Home room for the seventh started in the basement and human eight n grades it was com de for sometime prior to the not Petely destroyed the entire rear Losion. Wall of the main building col West pm , i Able to reach a automobiles my the silo by lapsed along with a major portion of the front Wall. Two wooden Frame cottages fifty feet away from the conflagration were undamaged by the tire the Annex was thirty feet in the rear of the main building. It. Hope firemen were unable to reach the scene of the and people watch flames from the Blaze could be seen clearly in Beckley about is Miles away. Witnesses said that reflection of the flames on Low hanging Clouds turned the sky in eerie Pink color. Twaddle also hinted that an arsonist May have set the fire. A just before the explosion a he said a an unidentified automobile a siege during the 7 a. In. Shift change. Another flurry of shooting broke out two hours later and some windows in the Plant were reported shattered. The strike has been marked by numerous Stollings the overturn governors ing of cars and other disturbances. Two More railroads announced it the firs shooting was reported f0r a series he hed contracted to today they Whit shut Down All opt a Days aft a one was injured write for the saturday evening Eraf ions if Al switchman carry m gunfire. Post on the chinese situation out their threat to strike sunday the 700 members of local 1054, j service said he talked with on five Western and midwestern Cio textile workers went on Gayn because the facts were Public. I strike March 28 to enforce de u the National railway Modi viands or pay increases and other j his Job to see that accurate for action Board worked to head off benefits they said totalled 25 cents mation was supplied the Public the scheduled strike and a Possi an hour. He said he assumed that notes ble nationwide walkout by two the company said the average of what he said taken by Gayn president to order bigger rail unions july 15, but wage at the time of the strike was or mrs. Gayn were Given Philip Case of emergency there was no report or Progress $1.35 an hour and claimed the Jaffe editor of amerasian hence. It 100g s up a voice vote the Chicago great Western workers demands amounted to 70 their discovery in the raid. He shortly after both House and sen Railroad which operates Over 1,500 cents an the a top secret Quot notation ate had passed a Stopgap 15-Day Miles of tracks in Illinois Iowa efforts to reach g settlement Folus t have been placed there by Extension of the present co Nae rip Missouri and Minnesota began have been complicated by claims Mem s attending 42nd annual governors con boundaries of their states on map traced on Lawn a it t not Tel Quot White Sulphur Springs w. Va., pose in a of resort hotel. International sound photo Struc Neu be Senate approves j a. Can to pay for 70 draft Extension r. R c for three years a roup air Force Bays Truman sticking to 48 ked our trucks Quot iwas sch n driving Down the Hill fire chief to in twaddle said. Away from the school. A i was in the Bathtub when the a the car was going plenty fast tremendous explosion Shook the i according to witnesses a the chief House. My son Tom said that the said. Negro High school was on fire. The band building was too far a i hopped into my clothes away from the fire to be touched. Twaddle continued. 1 Ltd and headed the building acted As a huge Washington june 22 map knowledge and it was part of the Senate gave overwhelming approval today to a three year renewal of the peacetime draft act with limited authority for the inductions in prescient does no to want to unbalance nations armed forces nor further engage in deficit spending beyond budget Washington june 22 vib preside in Truman again Tot Lav. Is powerless to act until the a government papers. Grande carnal labor relations Board de service and Gayn w preparing Layoff notices for its 0f the american federation of la employees today. Bor textile Union that it has a High a spokesman said an embargo percentage of the workers pm will be placed on All shipments played in the local Plant that cannot reach their Destina the Federal conciliation Section before 6 . Local time Sun vice said in Washington today it Day the strike deadline. The Denver and Rio g Western also said it will not make term Mes which Union represents any attempt to operate any trains the employees. Should the switchman leave their a a. Jobs. The d a r g is accepting p o a t c i non perishable freight subject to a a u Ira Stets crack delay train to Detroit run previously the 8.000-mile Chi Baltimore june 22 up a Eago Rock Island and Pacific the Baltimore and Ohio today system and the 1,195-mile West got official approval for taking pm Pacific announced plans to its streamlined a a it incan Natian shut Down All operations if the off the Baltimore to Cincinnati strike is not averted. Run and announced quickly it will the Al switch men a Union of he put in service sunday be North America also has called for tween Detroit and Cincinnati. Sunday walkouts on the Denver the last trains will run be and Rio Grande Western and the tween Baltimore and Cincinnati great Northern. Some 4,000 saturday and by a fast Over switchman Are involved. Night shuffle of equipment the the Yard workers sought a 40 b amp o will he Able to Start the hour week at 48 hours pay. New service sunday. Headline tour of world shows Low cold War tops and Emmanuel Larsen state department employee who were fined for illegal removal of for the scene of the fire a the explosion had blasted All the fire was confined within its the windows out of the building wills a and had bulged the Walls. Flames _ air As if j huge Chimney. A we get close to the fire because of the sightseers and the traffic. When we did get there we could t get to the water i not a drop of water touched the conflagration twaddle said. A there was nothing we could do a he asserted. The chief did Advance the opinion that the fire had been in Prog ices sometime before the expo slaying a Coal company doctor at 81c�?~. A Star City ferry slip on april i Wien he explosion came he was so phrased As to make a life said the flames shot out the win sentence mandatory Dows and into the air. Smoke Roll not since 1827�?when West Vired out from Ginia still was part of Virginia Guy Pettit and his daughter j has a Perron been sentenced to j 4 Chimney a asserted and Miner faces life for killing mine doctor Morgantown. June 22�?up a 47-year-old Coal Miner was convicted of first degree murder today but Monon Galia s record of 123 years without a death sentence remained unbroken. The verdict resumed against Vincenzo Stefanizzi convicted of a no a a ass ii Ane 207 an Street were in die in the . In that year a the note writer. Tion Law which is due to expire1 Osie ton Hou no Gre top air i Oft today. My Pettit s study w Hen the explosion negro slave was hanged for Mur service Jaffa Gayn and three at Midnight Friday. Jaid Iii country can to pay for it. Ibis was a setback to came. Ider other. Were arrested on june 6. It a he emergency renewal was �?�6-#roiip advocates who were pleased yesterday when a there was a hellish said Stefanizzi listened with bowed 1915. On charges of wartime Espoo rushed through because adminis Senate Louse conference committee agreed on that figure Pettit. A my daughter and i rushed head As a circuit court jury that nage. A were cleared but Jaffe Lra Tjon leaders feared that the sex vie in Orre Realino Quot m the hous and so flames had deliberated for More than another ,nf5 acl might lapse and the limn Ici i to t i shooting nto the air and Olla of three our a it to urn a lt8 verdict selective service machinery lose j 0�?oytak�?o0ld Nebraska Truman program Calls Foi the windows of the negro school. A a a de Charles g Baker deferred its basis before the two houses inv Urpin no a is a about 48 first line groups. The a the sky was lighted up of Deffen 1 motion to set aside the agree on Long Range Exten Jere gives birth to a a roup 18 a variable unit made brightly it looked like Daybreak a thence pending hearing on a Ion r Imin n Xii sir a str lip of n0 fld number of planes. Pettit continued. A from where we juror finding _ but later in a final burst of 6-Pound, 8-ounce boy1 at present a group May be 30i a erf ?andl11 it looked luf Al n n p. ,. Speed the Senate brushed inside Walls of the building negro boy rinds White proposals to attach a Omaha jute 22 a Ltd it a a ten bombers or ,1 my a about 75�?z,d = s amendment to the measure and Yar old girl has Given birth to a fighters. A we were ,.wnan Boston then shouted its approval of the six Pound eight ounce boy in Ani the conference committee two minutes after the -2 As a 17 three year Extension requested by Omaha Hospital. Agreement must be accepted by the flames seemed to leap from ir10. /-�?T-f01 of 1 of a Ort a the administration. Both the Mother and the baby houses and signed by the the ground right up the Walls of this legislation now goes a president before it becomes building. Then the whole Struc to the House which previously yesterday were report cd in even then it is a Mere author had voted a two year renewal a excellent conditions this after nation and does not increase the Ere never indicted. During services testimony Mccarthy sat the committee table and took notes. He asked no questions since he is not a member of the committee. He told a reporter a service said he gave information to Jaffe but tie thought he was just giving background information to an authentic journalist. In in could be inducted in 5 gave specific author Zith the s he would have to be pretty naive the draftee to have fallen for Oss emigre service who has just completed nation a series of re Hearin before the a flu it a the Ornale me state department loyalty Board president could Issue testified that during this examination a a very considerable number of copies of reports and memoranda originally prepared by me i were shown to me As having been i found in or. Jaffess Possession. I have no knowledge of How these reports came into or. Jaffe s Hatton that none of be Ion. A said i add la i racing news service May be prosecuted As antitrust violator Washington june 22�?upi chairman Wayne Coy of the fed ment consider prosecuting a lion Dollar a year racing news Leader says Chalmen Welcome Competition at Home not imports Iao Ndon june 22�?ij�?T a nine years ago today hitlers nazis slashed into Russia now after tour years of the i titanic conflict and five years o old War a headline tour of world Buffalo n. june 22�? capitols shows tap a the executive vice president Moscow a pravda said Russia of the National Coal association we hipped Germany single handed today urged restrictions against and charged a imperialist War Mon foreign Oil and natural Gas As eral communications commission Gers Are hatching insane plans substitutes for Coal proposed today that the govern for a third world War. John d. Battle Washington Mil berlins East German co mourn d. spoke a the annual con Isis and soviet occupation forces i mention of the new York state hailed Stalin As a the Best Friend retail solid fuel merchants a of service under the anti Tiu to Laws. Of the German people and called elation which a attended by he told the Senate crime in the Western Powers a the new hit More than 250 Coal dealers from Vest gating committee there is a cars a this state and nearby Canada. A Strong probability that the con Bonn the West German gov Battle that if the import. Ain c to frument and press welcomed a tation of foreign Oil continues at Tine Tai press service or Lleve French proposal that France Bri the ame rate As during the first land holds a monopoly in furnish Tam and the United states de Quarter of 1950, the bituminous my racing information to Dis Tribu or re the state of War ended with Coal Industry might to 50,000,-tors Jjo in turn pass it along to Western Germany since a peace too ton annually sub distributors of their own be treaty is impossible now. J a substitution of foreign Oil for Lection. Paris six european nations in u. S. Coal under steam boilers Continental is the chief source eluding sex enemy Italy and West has far reaching consequences a of racing news for bookmakers pm Germany went ahead with the Aid Battle. A the immediate con Coy said. He said he based that Schuman plan to merge their Coal j sequences Are the closing of mines statement on studies made by the and steel production in a Way that unemployment of miners and i acc and by a Senate Commerce could cramp any future German finished Coal freight revenues subcommittee which looked into War aspirations. To the railroads As Well a de the ram cations of off the track London Britain s top trades Striction of betting on horse races. Union meeting Russia a wants to he said the Coal the acc chairman said that the make the whole world a prison a a stands ready to meet Canipe anti Trust attorneys of the Justice Tokyo Gen. Macarthur Contin tuition or take it Medicine in department Are better qualified used his Pacific defense talks with the fight for u. S. Markets than himself to advise the com Secretary of state Acheson a re against Oil produced under Anil re Mittee concerning possible Viola publican adviser John Foster do can living Tion of the anti Trust Laws. He Les a japanese peace trendy with asure. The the draft Calls Only when Congress is not in session and after finding that a a National necessity when the lawmakers Are on duty they would have the Power to decide whether such a step was essential to National Security. Just before final passage the Senate beat Down 45 to 27 a proposal by sen a to r Russell a Galo slap on an amendment which would Nave allowed a draftee or enlisted to request service with a persons of his own race provid a a majority of them in 36 states expressed such a preference after six months operation of the Law. A Home what similar segregation idea of Russell s was rejected yesterday by a vote of 42 to 29. The final wording of the draft extender now will have to be worked out by a Senate House bearing conference committee. Part of spokesman for he name of the girl and her is would be withheld. He no special me j number of planes until Money is the Hospital i appropriated. Furthermore the conference committee did not flatly Call for 70 groups but it did put the air Force at a not to exceed ires w redo a or. Truman got into the subject at a news conference. He said it made no difference How Many groups were authorized the question was How Many the budget would allow. He asked whether the country can pay for such a Force and stay within its budget. He replied that needed to effect the delivery. The girl White was described As a Small for her doctors who had been observing her closely throughout her stay of several weeks at the Hospital said she had received blood transfusions in recent weeks to build up her strength. The Hospital spokesman said the the country child probably would be placed groups for adoption a very i Congress last year in a Propri the Omaha world Herald said rating $15,586,000,000 for the armed people Arentt bad folks on Carolina presbyterian minister has graduated from Bostons eng Josh High school a voted by 507 lure was enveloped by flames. Clas Amales a a the student of i f 1 of. Holt at the highest esteem among faculty Bottom of the Hill on which the d Fel of student a. School is located. Theophilus Mckinney who also constructed in 1927, the bund won scholarships totalling $1,000, ing was valued at $.5,000, it told a newsman today a for the housed both the senior and Junior first time i found out what it High schools. Approximately 500 As like to have no segregation. Students were enrolled there Dur one of my biggest surprises in ing the last school term. Boston was to find out that White it was the second negro school people Are really just like anyone to Burn in less than a year. Else. 1-ast summer the negro ele headed for Bowdoin College and Centary school at it. Hope we As he holies the u. S. Diplomatic ser by fire. Vice he said he is a no Follower a Siroj Chie Vest is can to pay for 70 would i twaddle said that an Ion of the conf Agra e conducted today. Head n of Paul Robeson a on i among both races wants friends and a an open it Learned from other sources that the father is believed to be a a College aged physicians calculated that Conception took place in the month in which the mothers tenth birthday fell. An obstetrician said that child at ten is a rare for this1 the Truman would vote a for democrats Only a if he a lived in state of Ohio Washington june 22�?�?------ to nobody Surprise president homeward bound from White Sulphur. La ache was among them. Services included $615,000,000 to build the air Force to 58 groups or. Truman who had recommended 48, signed the Bill but impounded the $615,000,000 saying that this in tease a could have a serious effect on our ability to $ maintain balanced military forces t in subsequent other developments today in the t task of strengthening the nation j. State news briefs 22�? Pic Pence said to m to a Ket tsp ought Truman said today that i if be lived in Ohio he straight democratic 2 that a real Demour to be elected to Congress. Ii was t the things he Sud. But when and where he said them that Flavoured the head Democrat s Industry words with mild reproach for Ohio s governor Frank j. Lausche an accredited member of Hie same political party. Defense 1 the Senate armed services committee recommended that the Fairmont Senate pass a Bill for a $350,000, addressing a too Start on modernizing the Navy the n the House a already passed it. 2 a Senate appropriation subcommittee approved funds for the Navy to make Over ten submarines and six destroyers into the most modern types. The submarines would be Eon june if having a breathing device that enables longer submersion at a on id vote the i i. ,. A ii. And i seated five places to the right of Vertex into the snorkel Type the president. Reporter. V Ere excluded but democratic William b affairs for All its explosive potentialities was a a real Nice Friendly gathering with everybody it was Boyle too who relayed the information that the president Lausche told reporters at the told his guests that a to further White Sulphur Spring governors the program in the interest of the conference that he Hadnot made people we will have to elect real up i mind whether to vote this democrats to the House of repro Jereau of fall for senator Taft or for tafts Senta Tives and the the dog Lausche conf Imp a a j meeting of a them West Virginia Coal Institute tomorrow night will be e f. Moore vice president in charge of Public relations for Carnegie Illinois steel company of Pittsburgh. His topic will be a safety a major commodity in Industrial june 22 up from second to fire class effective the Chesapeake july i postmaster Warren h. Today were no Miller said. Total annual receipt lops would be of at least $40,000 Are required the Miner a a for a first Des rating. By Mav Charleston. June Tion with j state trooper w. L t of suicide i entered in the death of Leslie Mullins 18-year-old farm youth of the Den Lenin Section who died in a Char Eston Hospital of a Bullet wound in his forehead. The officer said the youth was despondent Over failure to find a Job. Huntington shop workers for 3rid Ohio railway tidied that the s suspended during the cation june 26-Julj the 970 shop men their annual it that time. Or go pay less and Verdic n later. A i of Ranson. June 22 it pm the Powhatan brass and Iron works remained in operation today despite a walkout of about one third of its too employees. The workers members of the Al National chairman cot of $2,200,000 each. Or or uni Ted that the Man a to race dog to get hit newspaper Pekin us june 22 a <�9 a Robert Schumm can read his newspaper every Day if he beat a stray dog to it. He complained to the Pekin Blithe Peoria journal that took his paper from fumed that Fie had porch i St thursday Friday Aud Truman. It a saturday. Ile added Spencer june 22 Only $1,300 remains to be Piid United Cement Lune and Gypsum Iii retiring a $25,000 Bond Issue worker Union Are seeking a five approved by Spencer voters in cents an hour wage increase and 1921 for installation of a new other concessions. Age system mayor Eddie Farmer said. Washington june 22�? up it a a a president Tumart nominated Wil Spencer june 22�? bpm a re Bam Holroyd Mcginnis of Beck can be pts of $40,691 in the 1949 Calen Ley w. Va., today for reap Post Dar year has Brough a re Assifi ment As u. S. Marshal for South Ion of the Spencer Post office pm West Virginia. Added out Rusia is under discussion. Lena Horne negro Star Quot however i suggest the Possi Belgrade Yugoslavia a official a. I m a a in that there Are criminal Vio press condemned soviet a mud Finger wed White Xvi an Democrat rival state auditor to lations of the anti Trust Laws in slinging against marshal Tito is Paris june 22�? apr the Sec soph t. Jumping Joe Ferguson a Chat with i solved country and accused soviet Satel ret a carnage of Lena Horne. Negro each has ins Good , the gov i pleasant one he said hut lie a a a raced him for it monday but Coy testified at the first open Lites of a a opportunism in relations j Singer and Lennie Hayton Mem error opined. Would t discus the subject mat the beat me Ile scored again tearing held by the new special with Russia. Musical director was announced this Here Gay naturally was ter. Ida Hdldn t by sunday morn investigating group headed by Rome exiled lithuanians Here today by miss Horne manager reported instantly to or. Truman. I a Truman new conference eng. I guess he sleep late that senator Kefauver a Tenn. It is sadly observed the ninth Annivera Ralph Harris. Reporters of course brought it the first in three wee also pro conducting a nationwide study of sary of mass deportations of their Harris said the couple had kept up at the earliest moment which Riu ced another presidential spank Schumm Dies no to know who owns crime and gambling including of compatriots to Siberia by soviet the wedding quiet for professional was today a weekly White House my for governors a Strom shut the Dor a Coss Between a gop Leader meet Here tonight feet on local Law enforcement. Aronina and Cocker Spaniel and a sheep dog. Motorized divisions that swallowed j reasons. It took place in Paris news conference. Mood of South up the Baltic states. The Vatican two Vears ago he said. The president did no to want to yielding Wright of minis step . Beckley temperatures Osse Vatore Romano said 40,000 miss Horne a been singing talk about it . But if he they headed the anti Turnan fortifications Bult requested to attend. Beckley highest temperatures lithuanians were taken to is at a Paris night be b. She is also himself were a citizen of Ohio he states right presidential ticket Frankfurt. Germany. June top a to ail for the 24-hour-period ending at Beria in june. 1941. Under Mem contract occasionally said he would pick up the demo in 1948 and captured 39 electoral 22 a a a it a French occupation a throughout the , he added. 4 p. In. Yesterday was a humid 76 Lake Success the United states singing in a musical critic ticket and vote her Taraigh votes. officially disclosed to Rie Gree. The Low for the Day we As made a new proposal to the United Hayton who is White won an a couple of hour after the the president made it cry a night that defense 5fl and at 4 p. In. The Reading a nations arms commission to con Academy award last year for his news conference or. Truman a Clear that they Weisent invited to presumably against 69 precipitation measured 04 of Trot Nen atomic weapons. Russia direction of a Inch. It boycotting the u. N. The musical Berkeley Springs june 22 Ai a Berkeley Springs nought other police Force to Rubert j. Ashworth chairman i Day after Geotge t. Phillips sub of Hie Raleigh Republican twisted his resignation As tile Illy a executive committee announced Bine officer. He is going into by yesterday that a meeting of re ines8 Phillips whose resignation publican leaders has been tailed 18 effective july i was the second for tonight at 7 30 p in at his of policeman since the City first deface on main Street. Ashworth Slid All prospective candidates and party leaders Are the meeting Republican cited it needed such an officer a year ago. After the v the president made it Crystal / weren to invited to the film version of Host at a hotel luncheon for a his luncheon. I Only invited dem a on the group of democratic governor Socrat he Aid. The chairman said an fortifications Effort will be made to fill the russian at Republican ticket with outstand tack Are being built in Western my candidates for the August i Europe primer. Today s baseball 7 15 . Cincinnati at new York a o n o 101.3 mrs

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