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Beckley Post Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 4

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Beckley Post Herald (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Beckley, West Virginia Lorn he Tilstr Ami a Alci Fth a Caien Beckley Post Herald \ my up a tar for St of sri combined week and edition by Beckley newspapers corporation address 33�-h3 Prince St Beckley w a. Of tired t tvs port offset it Beckley w v., Minto w a a second class mall matter i j Hodel editor National representative Story Brooks a Finley inc or York Hirago Detroit Atlanta Philadelphia Bolton Cleveland to Anele san Francis Telephone All departmental Beck see cd. S-332 of mfr of try associate the press the Assee Ltd pre is entitled to the Nae for rec ? ration Quot i Allce cd a news printed in that be Draper we As Ai a news dispatches twee Aliza Tion by Way of assessment Reform adhering to Law is the Only fray to Brin West Virginia up to Date a to schools roads. Public improvements federally at a eos to to residents of not More than 2,1 per cent of the is Hole Jet theirs to enjoy. Tax dread of West virginians operates against us be ii a vue that West virginians pay very hit e a f local taxes probably not More Yan one Uhas much on tangible property. Do owners of similar property in Many or Tate. Maybe we Are thereby Fortun and you a think that would Appeal to the p c of these other states. Here one rid expect them to reason is a state e a person can own a comfortable be at a very Low n a in of Public expense 1 that they would or love to West Virginia. But do they Well. Not so you can no \ the population of the country at Large. E the last census in 1950. Has zoomed in 150. My food to an estimated 172.000.000. West Virginia has had no part in that ease the greatest of any similar period a he nation s history. While the total figure mounted at a Raie id 3.143.ooo every in West Virginia s population has a Fly receded from us 2.000.000 total of top o the morning a .-i-�?---r.ui.nnr-11,-,1. St honoured Yule Trees getting a bumps Rush by Peggy he stinger this is the Day when Many families will take a Long look at their Christmas tree and deckle that it has served its purpose a cml it g yes some of course thought ahead and i it a Reb a cd a a a a Ives Christmas tree a one which the nurseryman will Plant when the signs and the weather Are right but. Have you Given any serious thought As to where the idea of a trimmed tree inside the House originated it could be stamped a made in Germany so far As origin is concerned. But there experts Are stumped. Some believe that it could have stemmed from old Heathen tree worship others think that perhaps a me Devial custom of welcoming guests with Trees studded with candles was the origin while others maintain that Martin Luther claims the Honor a the Story being told of How he derived his inspiration for a tree from thousands of glittering stars one Christmas eve. The Christmas tree was introduced to England about 125 years ago. Just after the marriage of Queen Victoria and German Prince Albert. The English also have a superstition about the Christmas tree a it is unlucky for it to remain in the House after the stroke of the new year. This superstition was part of my grandmother s heritage she a. Alive in a rugged King with her conscience w Holiday season for it that particular tree was the had Ever had. She agreed Post-11 or Ald by cd key. By. ., sat Day morning. December 28. 1957 Small Craft warning Ray Tucker russians not being Given timetable to Start War by Ray Tucker every saturday Ray Tucker answers readers questions of general interest on National and International policies and personalities. Questions May be sent to him at 7008 Hillcrest place Chevey Chase. My f it a it. A a a a ssi if a Quot a to Tysra w Jagt. A in a what a a a a Fri. A. Of Al a it by Ito i axing shedding on the Day aim and it w seemed that in prettiest we d that it was so Yon a it Needles the round outside pin Ere seem to so attractive. Be. Niks timetable yester Day and today 1950. One wonders How that could have happened we set such great store by Low taxes. It must be that other people As Well j As some of our own prefer the benefits i that higher taxes bring to a Community. J Raleigh county for instance could have better sanitation better Public health servers better schools better recreational facilities a county civic Center. Beckley uld take Steps to develop its 28-acre Park lie which was acquired about six years ago and still lies Idle. Adequate quarters for the cite county Library could be provided. Ail of Are Public improvements that progressive people like in their Home communities. West Virginia derided in a i recent series in the Charleston Gazette As backward and bedraggled just does t it died enough Money to have Public in the a Sec but As crept c 31 she could no Ever observed r of the House b realizing her mediately fell t the decoration re Kos on the family clock he Midnight hour of dec. Break the Long taught and o having the tree out Mccormick publishes Mercer history Midnight torment the family Inland began packing away the deadline was met and wishes for the new year were exchanged by All those present. The Folly of the superstition then struck her and mrs. Jane Anderson inquired if we Felt j like returning the tree to its original j stand in the House. We persuaded her that the magic of the j tree had been broken by removing it from its place of Honor and that to re i turn it would be foolish. The Little lady of English descent agreed a but she was mighty sorry that she had succumbed to the superstition. A a anything As Nice As Christmas deserves to be anticipated a Long time in advanced . Anc relished a Long time afterwards As Anco that despite the fact that the our i True of Many pleasures. Of pocket Cost to the average citizen would t j shopping sprees now it provided there amount of but one fourth of the total Cost of 1 Are a a a in for cult a cd h.rig them a 5tart toward decorations and next How much longer will we continue to land in our own Light while the rest of the world passes us by to be True to ourselves we must soon Bend More to its own account the Rich a land overlooked by All except the exploiters of its wealth pc h. Charity groups wasting funds for gifts c. Limas is past but the memories Ger on. And so Doe one glaring question. The question is not intended to mar the Civ of the Holiday Eason but rather if then con rid Happi a who Rte Verv mid increase Leas of the yuletide. The he Joy ques e it air for Cha table ions to give Christmas and directors a this Ilai salaried employees ies honorary of flee is y capacities. Be no justifiable e. Certainly it i it of Christmas to tautly the officers it units serve in o be. The apr App the to Reg Ore or id visor Cal r s 10 a t ii 6 year s gifts with wonderful prices offered. These can be purchased and stored on a closet shelf a Dresser drawer or a Corner of the attic and the Joy of having been so prepared can add much to your next Christmas. It is to note the differences in merchandising in the various stores of the area. Some were determined not to have a a toy or gift item left to inventory and offered wonderful savings in the final week of shop. Ing. Others were determined to keep the prices stationary until after the a Rush was Over and t in attract those who had Money Given them for gifts to Bay at reduced prices during the Post Holiday Lull. Either Way the customer stands to Benefit and a trip through tile stores now will prove profitable. Top of the morning. Ca in Jive and and my answer b. By Shirley Donnelly pm. Old Friend Kyle Mccormick. State historian and archivist has written a in it a. I s called Quot tile Story of Mercer county a a Mercer county of our state of course. It is a Nice Little Book of 132 pages and bound in handsome Board cover of a Ker atol kind. It is the first attempt at a history of Mercer county that has come to my attention. However. It is not a definitive work on the subject but is what Kyle Calls a the Gist of tile important events and colourful incidents in the Luster of Mercer Mccormick an old hand at journalism and knows the lick by which interesting writing is done. I it had Long been in his heart to publish this work but he did t buckle Down to getting the manuscript ready for the Printer until he became the state historian and archivist. There in his Sanctum Sanatorium in the state House at Charleston he has had unhurried time for research and Leisure for writing. Little books like the Story of Mercer county Quot Are very readable. There Are no Long chapters in this Small volume. In a few years copies of this Book will be hard to get hold of As there was Only a limited edition issued. West Virginia county histories Are in great demand today and commonly sell for a pretty Penny. Mccormick s Book Sells at six dollars a copy when purchased singly. It is patterned after the a history of Oak which i wrote but my Book was sold for Only half the sum asked for the Mccormick tory Mercer county is a historic Shire of this state because a lot o things happened Down there. Of particular interest in this work is the Story of Bramwell one of die towns in Mercer county. The Story of Bramwell and is Many millionaires is Well Worth the Price for which this new Book Sells. As everybody and his brother in this area knows there was at Bramwell what Kyle Mccormick Calls a a a fabulous 11 s Irie Span extended from 1889 until 1933. According to the author. T was merged with the first National Bank of Bluefield after the banking a a Holiday Back there in the Early period of the great depression of the Early 1930 s. That Bank Laid out the Money for financing the burning tree country club where president Eisenhower goes to play a cow Dasdore Pool when he is in Washington and is Able to go golfing. There Are other social and cultural organizations in the National capital that were financed out of Bramwell big Bank. When the Bank of Bramwell w As in its Halcyon Days it was reputed to be the wealthiest Small town Bank in the entire United states. Although there was Only a population of 1,500 souls in Bramwell the Bank had to a million dollars in assets for every too of the towns population. At one time Stock in the Bramwell Bank was valued at a thousand dollars a share. There were times when its directors declared dividends of a Hundred dollars a share. Any Bank at any time is always on the lot Kout for Good Loans and better investments. Exp Delly is this True if the Bank has great sums of Money on Deposit. When the Bramwell Bank was bulging with Money the management took a flyer in real estate investments. They went far afield to do Chicago new York and slated in Washington d. C by 1923 the Bank had ready assets of Well Over 13 million dollars in current Coin of the realm. When the old state Capitol at Charleston burned to the ground on january 8. 1921, there was left to the state of West Virginia what w As the most valuable Small parcel of real estate in its whole Boundary. This the Bramwell Bank directors saw with a covetous Eye. They did no to do a thing but Light out and buy that valuable Block of High priced real . Story is that tile state realized $1,551,000 for the site which faced on Capitol Street. It was bounded on the North by Washington Street on the South by Lee. And ran Back a bit East of Hale Street. That was right much Money to Lay out for less than two acres of land but the Bramwell big wheels of finance knew what they were doing. It was t Long until outfits like the Kanawha Valley Bank and the Diamond department store saw the business potential of the location and began to buy it. In be heard that those lots which faced Capitol Street so d at three thousand dollars pts front foot which is to say that a hut dred food frontage was sold for 300 thousand dollars. But wildly plunging Banks like the Bramwell Bank sooner or later get taken for a ride. In his Book. Mccormick relates How this institution at one meeting of its directors wrote off a million dollars in bad Loans. Isaac t. Mann Itmann you know was the Ferris wheel in the Bank. Finally the folks who had a made Quot the Bank got old and full of years and sold out to the first National Bank at Bluefield it was a Good example of where a1�?T the Bank Force got old at the same time and paid dearly for not putting new and Able Young blood into the business while it was yet Day. That Bramwell Bank that once was a Rich As Croesus is now but a memory. In the building where fortunes were made and millions held on Deposit care now operates a theatre that struggles along the Best it can. But. Referring to Mccormick s a Story of Mercer county get you a copy while one is available and you never be sorry. Or at least that a one fools opinion. Washington d. explodes h l., of Troy. N. Y., a do our military experts keep emphasizing the fact that it will be at least two years before the United states and the Western allies can catch up with Russia in missiles rockets and sput Are Rit we Given them a War against the West what is to prevent them from attacking in the interim in View of the information we have Given them on our two year vulnerability a Russia Uncertain of satellite support answer h. A. May be assured that this extremely natural and understandable query was put to Pentagon spokesmen As soon As they left the Johnson committee stand after giving this estimate. I know that Many of the newspaper correspondents were shocked at t h e Blunt statement especially in View of the secrecy which we have encountered on these subjects. In the first place the witnesses do not believe that the soviet will really have intermediate or intercontinental missiles operational or in great volume for almost t w o years. Meanwhile the administration plans to put 200-mile-Range projectiles into mass production and to ship them to Europe in about 18 months according to the present schedule. We Hope that they will accept them if a real agreement has not been negotiated before that Date. Our military also count on another Factor. The Kremlin will not it to War until Victory is a sure thing. A defeat of horrible retaliation might easily topple the com Munh it regime. Nor Are they too certain of satellite support in View of the polish and hungarian rebellions. Even under the czars Russia rarely began or waged a wholly offensive War without first counting ultimate costs. F a actor s restraining russians a Thor Are reasons other than military for these comfortable estimates. According to intelligence diplomatic and newspaper reports Russia is in no shape for warlike excursions from an economic standpoint. She i lacking in raw materials transportation an integrated Industrial system and especially in food supplies for a Long and hard conflict. Finally in View of her successes in North Korea. Vietnam Syria and Egypt where Moscow relied upon political and propaganda penetration there is no need for moving her armies and air fleets at the present moment. Khrushchev and Bulgarin will be in an even stronger position for offensive action if they can Swallow a few More states along the perimeter of their Empire. But. To recall the retrain when the United states was caught wholly unprepared in 1917 and 1941. A it getting later than you i think that Senate majority Leader Lyndon b Johnson defined our plight and prospects most aptly when be said a we must work As if there would to no that had a Churchil Lian ring. Partisan blasts due soon a a in your inquires g ni., of Houston. Tex. A is the John. On preparedness committee doing a Good Job it is keeping partisan politics out of its investigation a a answer it is the general fee Luig at Washington that the committee i doing a most excellent Job and performing a great Public service. It has eschewed selfish and narrow politics. It is bringing out facts about Money cutbacks cancellation of contracts interservice jealousy which every newspaper correspondent at Washington knew about but could not prove to his own satisfaction. It has revealed a deplorable situation and state of mind. I do not guarantee however that the democrats will not u a e these revelations As the basis of a terrific bombardment of the administration when Congress reconvenes in the first week of january. They Quot Aill and they should. The investor s forum on establishing financial foundations during 1958 Drew Pearson ministrative posts because of the Mission they accomplish not for the remuneration they May receive most of the office s and member of the wealthy individual and civic stature Aru scents of the comm to such persons is 1 oxen for their social influence on other res a. To give a present say the Lea a super p it should it a is the gift of s than one principle of t Able. But the n terns from it Civ sex ii urn the pub Purchase gift if further the cuu it Zatkin surely it would in be to e in Christmas and incr a the Charity groups to now Are using for Yui it directors and Apt the r a Nee of the it i Estrin Why is it hat so Many prayers Are unanswered in fact i wonder if there is anything to prayer at ail. A. J. Answer there Are Many Rea it it is Why prayer is not answered. God is by no Meas obliged to answer every prayer Fox every person the Bible tells us that some Hies prayers Are not answered we nourish and cherish sin in our Harlem globetrotters capture Casablanca a out t hat in most if or is. Again it tells us that t is be Emu ally Cost Caus e we Desie things to con ume on Howe i which a it is the is objection but dives in of must of god promo Ler words selfish i you should re is to answer pea reasons member yers for action to the i act ice Cert in thing. Not just anything he will at the it my animation a or tile a it Rayer of any sin or who contributions j my 4 pea s for Pard in in the name it is ii nails to 13 he will give i a self in i ii of in it pm Lunas to his fullness to Ani believer who sincerely pc ii and directors is his f illness Luke 14 Ile j it 11 i j the Public pm Lait to cd tans All the sin of any Lardy of Gamin Ore sense. Who com i John is to him Confer i 9 he will give might to those sing his w a a Dom wow by Casablanca when i suggested to the air Force that it might be a Gix i idea to have the Hariel Globetrotter play before american servicemen overseas during tile Christmas season i was reasonably sure the i crowd would be big they were but when i looked at the huge bar like Casablanca convention Hall i n which the globetrotters were to play before a civilian crowd i wondered whether enough moroccans would be Aud who sine James 15 j he the i Hee hum h psalm 37 4. 5� this rely you Tian Aud commit in is is to of your a simple a o r eau a. Kington tax collects Tell Mitizi More expense than they a Washington tax spender rho . I Rake is Bene off thar once a Yard is raked it lilies o neighbor ome. groups always get it Abc iut ail general Public it to o i pc Pooch is bettor As a Gua . But it wiling to his o feel that Truge you to Paay t keep int Ihen you will not ignores your request of course there Are Many other prayers i god an vers that Are not mentioned the Bible a if we Pray according to i Wui m Christ s name with a motive a Mot Ive heir it one who is a t Weir to another b it Clavus become old by the birth of a nearer cars. Of an elephant becomes separated in ins own Herd he rarely joins another. To Ner ran men average about 8 3 year i it Wiio Luig while woo Ieti get 8.a years. I r p. In tile game at 6 10 police t doors and pan demo a Louse. Several thou a rant moroccans of Arm if grandstands swamped even snap xxi up die benches of Franklin and Winston Churchill staging another Casa Klerence i doubt if More to Ople would have jammed the i Arena i sneaked around to a place where we had cached tune extra j chair and carried some out for the j substitute players to sit on. I i did no to have a Chance. They were i snatched out Orn hands. Two chairs were finally found for Crown Prince Moulay a san and ins brother. Moulay Abdullah. Oth or dignitaries had to set where they could. According to Dave Zinkoff Philadelphia Jagt its announcer who a a gtd a tour Secretary it a Lite no t enthusiastic crowd Ever to cheer the globetrotters they i laughed at the Broo Lynese of referee John Fox applauded the Long not of Wayne University George Brown Chort Dover the antics of Harlem Chico Burrell and went i wild Over Benny Schirtzinger i for Iii Champion Batonis w to twirled flaming Batons Between halves. After the game the Rush to get Globetrotter autographs almost swamped the players bus and Catt de Consul general Henry Ford Ami me to get slightly roughed up in the Melee. In an area where Little Hock did More damage than sputnik i Hope that North africans now know there can be Good clean american sport Competition. African merry go round a you May think of Africa As hot but this time of year it can seem colder than Greenland. You also think of Africa As dry but this time of the year As you look Down from your plane the country looks like a sponge a swollen Rivers Sodden Fields brimming Ponds. Iii Greenland last Winter we dressed for the cold. Also gymnasiums mess Halls Aud Barracks Are Well heated a almost overheated. But Iii Africa it mild during tile Day freezing at night once the Sun drops below the desert horizon Africa is like an icebox and the big air plane hangars where our entertainers and the Loti Trotters played to i crowds Are like a deep freeze. As a result Clara Vedrene o the Olar comedy team Vedrene and Mitchell had to be hospitalized. Four others got a mild flu. In contrast there was t one casualty during two trips to Greenland reason its so cold in the Arctic that the germs Are Frozen. The entertainers who have Given their time Are pending King hours in Ai Panea and putting on two shows daily for american servicemen without remuneration include mistress of ceremonies Joy Hodges Dorothy Dennis it wife it industrialist Alfred Strelsin Barney Ras. Onetime world s lightweight and welterweight Champion Burt Bachrach composer of a sad sack Damian Mitchell partner in Cedrone and m Tchell the third Christmas trip for them and Biri the 6-/oot, 3-i Inch Gamazon who plays the part of a miss misguided tile Hartford models Louise Manning Mae Conley Joanne Smith Hope Hyden Ginny Gaylor wore Tina Lester creations and Pelzer furs jumping Jack Frank Dwinnell dido Pozzobon Steve Johnson and Bill Walbridge made this their third Christmas trip with s sob Michael scan o Shea another Arctic Veteran acted As producer director. tile Man who made it possible to play the Harlem globetrotters before i crowds on this Christmas tour is Abe Saperstein their owner. He rearrange schedules during his busiest season dug into hi.& own pocket to pay All sorts of expense., took time to come along on this hectic up Early to hed late trip. The globetrotters have covered almost every part of the w orld. Played in foreign countries last year. But this was probably their most rugged trip�?>10,000 mile in to Day a covering All but one american base from the azores to Tripoli. Average height of the globetrotters is 6 feet 3 inches. Some of them can almost drop the Ball into the net. A coring to Globetrotter capt. Cluck Holton of Milwaukee the shortest foreign team he has played a in Argentina. Players made up for diminutive stature by peed. Saperstein has two basketball farm teams in Kansas City and Chicago keeps four scouts on the Road looking for Talent. Benny Schirtzinger estimates there Are 200 too Baton twirlers in the u. S. A including High school drum majors. There is even a directory a a who a who in Baton twirling. A it sri of s that about 5,000 twirlers Are Active professionally. Benny himself won the worlds championship at Johnstown Ain 1952 and 1954, and the National championship in Chicago in 1954. Tile Art of Baton by Harry. France whether an investor is 20 or 80 years of ago. He needs a solid foundation under himself in 1958. The world is getting More Complex every year and the economic military social and political forces in it Are steadily operating everywhere. Without a foundation anybody can make bad decisions fur Thermo r a foundation must be built by the Rich and the poor. By minor employees and by High executives. By those who Are Thrifty and those w h o Are squandered. It should be a Joy for any person seeking self reliant financial Security to set up a Long or Short Range program. Ever individual differ from every other individual in this respect. To readers of these lines who presently have no foundation let ire suggest that very soon this be done 1�?write Down what assets will be available during 1958 to build a foundation. 2�?formulate plan for the proper employment of these assets 3�?then, if during the year ahead these plans must be changed think them through carefully and strengthen them if they car. Be strengthened. I shall apply these rules to persons of different Ages. Young Bachelor a Here s a Young unmarried Man of 28. His assets Are a Fine personality Good health earning Power. His present salary after tax deductions is $500 a month. Fifty dollars of that going into a savings Bank account which he will build up to $1 too. Oik Hundred a month will go into a $60,000 Ute insurance policy. What no stocks or Bond ? not yet. Perhaps in 1959 or in 1960 such a foundation can be put Down. Family Vian a a second Case an Able sales executive was promoted this month and beginning Jan. I. 1958, his duties and responsibilities will by greatly enlarged Ami his earnings doubled. The question is what will he do with his increased 1958 salary. Will he spend it to save it or split it Down the Middle he i 40 and foundation building right now is most important. He has decided to save of the increase and with t in nest to enlarge i. Church and Charity giving and improve his family a living standards. He will buy a $50,000, 25-Vear endowment policy with part of his savings and with the rest Purchase stocks for income and appreciation. Elderly widow a a the e Case a widow age 66, has just received $20,000 from maturing 2 1-2 per cent Bonds. She has been $500 a year income from. Them. Growth values and capital appreciation mean Little to her. Her requirements Are higher and relatively sure income. The foundation for her $20 too mu.1 be built on assets tit at hold # a Ady and pay 5 per cent. Is that possible yes. She will buy $10,-ooo Worth of Bonds and $10,000 of sound preferred and common stocks. When investor put Down foundations with care and thoughtfulness each pillar logically performs it True function. And then regardless o what happens in the military economic social or political world the foundation built securely does net waver. Ninety per cent of the letters that come to me from readers of this column Are from persons who have never established foundations. Today in the United states there Are billions of dollars needing foundations and millions of people who Are buffeted by every wind that blows. Little wonder then the Stock Market behaves so carelessly from time to time. The forum i a in september i bought some government 3 per cent Bonds mentioned in your column at 87 1-4 today they Are 95 1-2. Should i sell them a is o. A a of you Don t need the Money i would hold them. Money May get cheaper in 1958, in which Cave these Bonds will go higher. Harry c France will answer one loner each week through this column. If you have any investment question write in care of this newspaper i a you re telling me by William Ritt astronomers in banking China report they have discovered a i hitherto unknown planet revolving around the Sun. Now done to Tell us i old sol too. Is putting up new satellites twirling originated in Siam with sword brandishing. The shores of Tripoli a Tripoli is beset known to Many americans because of the Marine corps famous song a from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of in Tripoli i saw the ancient Citadel where tile Marine were imprisoned when they stormed the beaches during the War against tile Barbary pirates. But what most americans done to know is that Hie marines and the Navy in those Early Days of the Republic suffered from exactly the same trouble that has Hurt t h e air med forces to it a Lay budget cutting. Just As the defense budget has been Cut to the Point of jeopardizing the missile program so the Navy in 1801 was starved by an economizing Congress. Therefore when Thomas Jefferson declared War on the Pasha of alter he Cut the Flag from the american consulate in protest against the bigger tribute paid to to Tunis the Navy found itself undermanned. To make up for this a lieutenant Somers of the Marine corps sailed the Ketch intrepid loaded with bombs and powder into the midst of the Barbary Fleet. The plan was to set a fuse and get away before the ship exploded. But a snafu developed the Ketch blew up too soon Somers and i men were lost or captured. Tripoli since then has been under various foreign rulers now is the chief City of Independent Libya. But the Graves of Hie mantles Are still to be seen on t ii e shores of Tripoli and Flowers deck their Graves every memorial Day

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