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Beckley Post Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Beckley Post Herald (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Beckley, West Virginia Beckley Post Herald combined week end edition advocate of the land of Hilts people volume 57�?no. 169 rms regional Newt service Beckley w. Va., saturday morning december 28, 1957 apr associated Presa reports Price five cents blast traps 21 Amonate va., miners two slain pair abducted by Drunken men survivors sought thugs flee South after tavern killings by Rescue teams Washington. Doc. 27j a # win two gunmen of Jocier another Little Rock from a ninth Street night spot in an argument Over their Cheek shot up the place today killing the owner and a guitar player and seriously wounding a Blind pianist. The killers then kidnapped a 19-year-old girl student and her army private Friend and fled South in the latter s automobile near Rich Pond. Va., they released the couple unharmed and continued their flight southward in a second commandeered Auto Mobile. I Dallas tex., dec. 27 the big question had been a will dal the Trail then led southward i 5th . District court of appeals Las be another Little r Ock a through Cheraw. S. A. Near the t new Orleans handed Dallas a Dallas is an of South City and North Carolina line. Police a j breathing spell today by ruling Many of its residents follow old Hamlet . Said a 55-year-old i that it need not integrate its pub South a ays n negro White re Richmond. A. Negro woman re lie schools Jan. 27 this overruled Tiore ships a wave of northerners lated that two men stopped her a . District court order in swept into he City after world car on . I Between South Hill Dallas setting that Date. A a Petersburg a. She said they Gnu w. Integration delay ordered in Dallas by Federal court took her car and drove to a Wood. The b Ity f he Juif inde area near Cheraw where they y tera he put her out and hound her with an j n Jas pieces of her clothing. The Fri issued warrants name Street Comers in res ing the fugitives As Henry Clay air not in neighbourhood Athur Overton 4. And Wayne Caroon in and Nae Fence chats the Ter about 22. Washington police said Overton has a Long record of assault housebreaking and Lar Ceny. The Fri warrants charge unlawful flight to avoid pros ecu a Tion for murder. At the to Dei Row Over Cash for arms seen shot and killed restaurant were George p Kaldes 33, native of Washington dec 27 t Scranton who bought the sen. C Alavez a no Atun Rig up place Only recently and Kenneth. In a he congressional Battle Over Fisher. 35. Guit r player. Defense spending suggested today Bernard j. Mainer 28. A pianistic Eisenhower administration use in the restaurants Small band who has been Blind since birth was shot in the Back and near the heart. His condition was listed As critical. Police reconstructed the events is suggested this Way Overton end Carpenter came last night and spent several hours drinking two fifths of whisky the younger Man amused himself for the Mong it has before for a big increase a new funds alone is n get the answer to today a needs a he said in a statement a and no budget by unnamed White House persons in the press Larj will get an if provident Eisenhower asks or a record peacetime budget of War ii but he r tie remains j strongly Southern in the City of 625.000 population. Its citizens have shown signs o tolerance. No one could safely predict whether violence would have erupted had the schools been in a Teg rated at midterm As ordered conversations indicated Many j feared it w Ould. The n in september or Dering integration came from dist. Judge William h Atwell. 88. Who said he ruled Reluct Nutly. Twice before that he issued decisions saying Dallas need not integrate. And was overruled a Meh i time. The appeals court decision said Dallas school authorities should be accorded a Rea Nanle further Oto bulletin Amonate va., Dee. 28 v ported Early today 14 of the 21 miners trapped in a Coal mine under the Virginia West Virginia Border had been found alive. A Rescue worker re Here show u. S. Tracks missiles Here san Overall View of the Cape canaveral fa., guided missile operation. The missiles Are launched from the Cape and a pension Island is the farthest away target area. There is a radar tracking setup on each Inland named in the West indies. And on Fernando de Noronha off South America. Six radar ships symbols Are Strung along Atlantic sea lanes. Economic offensive aimed at West Russia offers financial Aid to All Asia Africa nations a va., due. 27 to a rumbling explosion i apparently produced by Gas trapped 21 men some 5 h feet underground today in a Coal mine which rambles i Limiter the Virginia West Virginia Border. William full Aram special assistant to the president it Pocahontas fuel co., operators of the Amonate Colliery said tile trapped included two work Crews two Motorman two foremen and one fire Boss. He Eaid the explosion apparently was Gas produced and occurred about 14 Miles from the mine entry Shaft. The mine Shaft on the Virginia Side of the Border is about 500 feet deep. At 11 30 ., Federal state and company inspectors and two res Aap mine is .580 feet deep. The Cue Crews were working their was men believed trapped were working the blast area. Fullerton said j my at about 583 feet. T there w As no estimate possible of Marling j. Ankeny director of when the re Liers would reach the Federal Bureau of mines said i the trapped men. Lip Washington mine safety teams All Contact with the men was of the Bureau were on the Way i Cut off. And company officials said to the scene from mount Hope i they had no of telling whether w. A. Ankeny was preparing to there were any fatalities. Leave on the 375-mile trip from West Virginia state police ear it a to Amonate a com Lier reported 20 to 25 persons were pm i or it a James Westfield As killed a in the explosion. Su5jant Rector in charge of health. And safety for the Bureau of Arnut 2,->0 men were working n the mine t the time of the explosion. About 6 30 Including f i supervisory personnel. The mine employs about 800 persons. James Crawford a Joy loader operator working about four Miles from the blast site said the explosion occurred in the Section farthest away from the mine Shaft. He said he heard a no be like a slate la and then All electricity in the mine went off. There we As some dust where he was working Crawford said but j Here and there the news in Brief of their Prim re integration. Plea of the school needs More time. Assn for the of coloured people. 40 billion dollars for the defense a while by playing the Drums on. Kanh Tanh air i to department the senator a id cd. The handstand. About i 30 a m they got into an argument with Kades Over their $20 Check and. According to Thomas a Sherwood the regular drummer a George kicked the two of them out Quot about 15 minutes la or the two going returned with there will be some rough in. The Congress Chavez a chairman o the Senate appropriations subcommittee which handles the annual defense Money Bill. He proposed that the Adt Ninis sawed off shot ration consider redistribution gun and a .45 Caliper pistol and began shooting. A the Blind Man took off toward the left a Sherwood said. A the did t know where to run because he was Blind. He was lurching around a1 Over the place a Kenny a Fisher a took off the other Way trying to hide in the a k. A i a snot sitting still either. I ran behind the bar and hid. A a in a still scared. I done to know How he missed the gunmen then drove off in overtones car they abandoned this machine when they encountered pvt. Larrv Monte the 21. And miss Doris Mattingly daughter of a retired government worker seated in Monteith a car outside the girls Home. Flourishing the Shotgun and boasting the t. A a we be just shot three men a the fugitives forced the couple to ride with them toward Richmond. Just outside that City the older gunman fell asleep and miss Mattingly persuaded the younger Man to let her out. She then telephoned her parents and Washington police. Continuing South toward North Carolina the gunmen Stop a d near Alberta and left Mon Keith to ked in the trunk of his own car. Unspent by Congress on already voted by Ashing j port Unity to j responsibility against the Board that i the nation advancement has replied that the Board has had two years in which to begin integration since the original suit filed feb 5. 1955. On the t Date 23 negro children sought admission to a High school. A Junior High and six elementary schools. The school said that had tile Jan. 27 Date Ben confirmed. As Many a 20 to 25 schools would have been involved immediately. Or. Edwin l. Rippy Board prescient said e that eventually j for a Man about half of Dallas 141 schools i their probe Cairo. Leg pm. Dee 27 the the Kremlin coupled the offer done with the sue canal s Ziet Union offered All and with a hint that african and asian the soviet offer was unfolded african Nat on dec nomic Aid to Elt unifies should nationalize West in the nongovernmental afrikaner y in a new offensive calculated j pm operated businesses and to asian Peoples conference that to drive out Western Enterprise. I Pipit their profits As Egypt has opened yesterday with comm most Type slogans and attacks on i on at 4 What it called Western Imperial aside from police Hunt two in Florida killing he was Able to get from the mine safely we la Presley w on a 60-Day state and fed ral mine official draft delay Friday giving him rate the mine As gaseous j time to Complete a new film for the shift working in the mine i Paramount studio. He had been at the time of the explosion went scheduled to be inducted into the i army Jan. Us it ,. The Little sex the Federal state pored Interior of Antarctica took i Tom. And mine teams Rescue Crews on some aspects of a traffic Jam posing As big brother to Allun i from Berwind and Mcconas in Friday. Moscow said a soviet con Den Rieve oped countries a soviet i West Virginia were attempting to Coy is headed for a couple of the i spokesman Promisee Money with reach the trapped miners. J Frozen continents poles. Also conform i it was Only about three or i out strings attached in the of ducting South u. Will have tear it lion fort Lauderdale. Fie. W dec. 27 Broward county Ditt a Tives said t Day they Are looking s Well As a woman in of the a Al shooting mixed classes when in of Robert Winston Lee comes. Chief criminal investigator Ben pole explorations Loans or outright Aid plus tech away at Bishop va., where 37 Are the u a. New zealand and and economists to help the men died feb 4 when an under by Tam. Road commissioner african and asian nations. Ground explosion occur red in an Patrick c. Graney announced Fri Idt he qualified the offer thus. Other mine. Both the Bishop mine Day the appointment of Neil Grigs by said. We Are certain we Are ready to help you As a and the mine where today s sex Boggs former Charleston to i woman we As at the scene but i brother helps a brother Tell us Losion occurred a the Amonate newsman As Public relations of Ink the actual killing was done what you need and we will help Colliers a Are owned by Poca Fleer. Gay a Man you and Send according to our Hontas fuel co. 1grigsby said be vet a1 clues sup economic possibilities Money the arrangements at both mines Yokohama District court Fri ported a theory that a Man used it of ded in the form of Loans or Are similar. The Sha Lee s own 22 Caliper Rifle to kill the 24-year-old Miami an the body 1� of the former Asheville. . N an Wasi found Christmas Day in blocs or change governments Lee s car parked on a lonely Ever or change internal or foreign pol Glades stretch of . 27 i ivies one breath the nip Kesman we do not ask you to join Are on the Virginia Der while the tipples and i the mines themselves Are Virginia. The Shaft Entrance of til of Frame Day sentenced a i. S. Navy end the Bor listed airman and a Marine Pri a it looks As thou go someone grab Ted Lee by he shirt w Ith enough Force to rip two Button off a Grigsby said a Lee was a pretty big boat too big for a woman to handle a Grigsby said a i so that the print to a Many a shoe was found at the scene in addition h High Heel shoe prints that were among first Indi by he followed that statement with the suggestion that one of the Best methods for Underd countries to build their economies was to nationalize their industries and use the profits for Industrial . A of Ion. He cited Egypt a nationalization of the Suez canal co in Juh 1956 and indonesians current takeover new York eloped n i 3-cent of dutch enterprises As a Sample cations of a woman presence at i of what he truant the death scene. A Uch a course had worked in the investigator said the Man s a lie soviet Union and other com footprint was directly Over one of countries he said a pair of earrings found outside Quot this was a most rapid and of the car j festive policy and a he Lea new stamp on Sale dec. 27 in new pious Freedom Stam went on ale today in quten.-. The Issue of too Milli commemorates the fun Mons trance of 1657�?a d religious Freedom for All. Three Hundred Sears ago Toda a group of Flushing resident Drew up the remonstrance in d Fiance of gov. Peter Stuyvesan nest of Vale both from Chicago to 3 4 n West years imprisonment each for assaulting a japanese taxi Driver Amo the court said they also took his cab. National Assembly deputies Friday voted to return to the Treasury the 50.00 1 francs $119 a monthly increase in their salaries to help out in France s financial crisis. Tin vote was 260-217some flights were made or red China during the past year to drop leaflets and Rice. Time nationalist chinese defense ministry said Friday. Flu my id for Stassen pays visit to Pax Home Harold e. Biases right president Eisenhower a Dis Rma ment advisor was a visitor this week in the Pax Home of Fri. Delia Lively Center. Mrs Lively is the grandmother of Stas sen s daughter in Law mrs. Glen Stassen. Also shown Here is Carl Lively of Glenville. Va., the daughter in Laws father. The St asserts stopped in Pax in route to Louisville ky., where Glen Stassen is a student at the Southern Baptist theological Seminary. Stassen a former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination expects to return to Washington on mond y. 15 state groups receive awards Beckley area guard units cited Charleston. Dec 27 to na-1 adj Gen William e Blake said All of the other units in the Tion a1 guard units in 15 we St Vir i six of the 22 units receiving pro lived ratings of excellent Mia cities have received Cia awards from the National guard awards for efficiency in training Bureau department of the army on the basis of performances Dur were rated As Superior and were ing their 1%7 summer encamp j Given Gold medal certificates of orients. A achievement. And Silver medal certificates. Officers tried to locate a girl in us to the population Quot he said a red party dress reported As seen trudging along the Road after con d strike at Western o Lee s body was found Philip Ruppenthal Miami plastics Salesman told sheriffs deputies he saw a girl so Clad walking along the Road about five Miles from where Lee s body was found sprawled half in and half out of his Auto yesterday. A i passed the scene of the murder a he said a and saw the police cars there but i thought there had been an he so id he did not know there had been a slaying until last night when he got in touch with police he said he saw the girl in the red dress about 9 a in. Leeds body had been discovered shortly after 6 am near Jemo City a gasoline Stop in the Everglades about 30 Miles Northwest of Miami a report that a red haired Nom new York dec 27 it a con an was seen sitting apparently n teamsters ask raises Chicago lice. 27 Jam r Hoffa president elect of the the suggested nationalization teamsters Limon said tonight the pro i Union is seeking a 42-cent Houri eels and vast Oil potentialities in wage increase package Over the the african continent and South next three years for members 1 can . 22 states. U. S. Wins Praise of Norway envoy Deputy Premier Otto Nus cake of communist East Germany died after suffering a heart at a tack during the Christmas holidays. Evangelical Church authorities in West Berlin said Friday. The american Aid program in Korea Thi year completed 31 major plants in 24 kinds of Industry. More than us other plants Are being built a top u. S. Aid official reported Friday. Tokyo police searched the Homes and offices of four government officials Early Friday and seized documents which a spokesman said May Lead to their arrest on charges of passing government secrets to the communists. Pc Ihm 9 Market fizzles Magazine told to reveal Call girl linked to Flynn a. _ _ _ _ i. A j ,.Quot a i sunday mostly Cloudy and colder Nglai a it raied or Superior. Lunation of yesterday s Stock mar alone in tile car earlier also has few Snow flurries Likely. Were medical detachment. I it rally fizzled today and prices interested investigators. Extended forecast it. Vern Clark of the Belle the weather Bure Glade police department said he old and in we Washington. Dec. 27 i ambassador Wilhelm Munthe in Morgens Tierne of Norway 11 year old Dean of Washington s 3 somatic corps paid a Farewell \ Cloudy with rain possibly beginning to White House today and As freezing rain 4n valleys in East 7 a today High in 40s except around 50 a 8di.�, to re extreme West. Rain changing to Snow everywhere flurries and turning colder tonight j the weather 76 1ip it in 50th armoured cavalry regiment Charleston service Battery 468th artillery battalion Williamson batteries b and c and medics detachment 488th Field artillery. All of Huntington and Battery a 201st armoured Field artillery battalion Keyser. Ended a bit Lowi the decline was not enough however to Rob the Market of its first weekly Advance in four weeks. New York dec. 27 a judge Saypol in a two Page court has ordered confidential opinion ordering the Magazine to Magazine to name the alleged spell out the whereabouts the time a Call girls with whom it claimed and persons involved said actor Errol Flynn spent one of his a w takers Charleston dec. 27 up eve awards for excellent perform-1 Tryone knows the Market for Anre went to service co. Of the Christmas Trees is Al washed a dim a. A.150th in Charleston an additional on dec 36, but Bud Flowers had no Thrawn is a in in Huntington for la a front of the says it will he Virginia Over i next five Days. The extended noticed such a woman in he car j forecast called for rain today Mon because i thought it was unusual Day and wednesday with tempera for a woman to be sitting alone tires the. Ave Day period aver i. I j aging from four to eight degrees pm i kit i tar. Lie a. Driving above Normal total precipitation for Home from the North South col the Span should be Between one Ege All Star football game in Mih of and nne Lnch temperatures in Ami West Virginia at this time of year is normally average 31 in the North and pair of red and Green Christ 34 in the Sou a wedding nights a and also give other particulars. State supreme court Justice Irving Saypol made the ruling in connection with Flynn a million Dollar libel suit against the Magazine. Flynn a attorneys had asked that the Magazine be ordered to give unit in Huntington four units into prove it Fairmont and one each in Beck the dec Ley Ronceverte Bluefield. Hinton. Plaintiff was said by the defendant1 Martinsburg. Kingwood parkers to have spent his wedding night i Burg Point pleasant Buckhannon and the witnesses to the lewd and and Moundsville. Obscene performances which the j j Only 12 awards were made of a plaintiff assert edly staged and for the 1956 encampments and Only Throe units were rated As Superior the medical detachments the judge also said a the Prostic in Huntington and Charleston re also the Call girl with whom the participated in should be named now it Aper Adver 26 new tis ement for i super markets Here Over to it. Your Choice 15 cents a Resumil to Date be freight hearing set Washington dec. 27 m the interstate Commerce com in is.? lot cards headlight deputies found Marks of a worn-1 enclin7� pm. An s High Heel shoes leading to the a ution hrs a Row Hajj i Atlanta / i i him of a Bullet fired into i ,?,1/ j Hist right Templ a apparently from Dallas la 22 Caliper Rifle found in his i Denver car. I tesiar"1. I Miami Lee a student Engineer with the new York Florida Power amp Light co. At min a Francisco Ami and formerly of Asheville. Wash Miton n a. Had spent Christmas Day in Shin on weather Bureau report of temper a never lose Faith in t states As a Leader of for those worried about r Sia s High flying sputnik and n silos he expressed firm col Tidence that american Scenti would overcome any setback the race with the soviets. A i done to think the United states is going to fail the free world wait and see a he said Morgens Tierne is winding up a 46 year diplomatic career within a three officials of the bulgarian state owned cooperative stores at Stara were reported Friday to have been sentenced to death for stealing surplus goods from the stores and Selling them on the Black Market. The National foal Assn. Friday estimated bituminous Coal up 1 production for the week ending Dee. 21 at 9,385,600 tons. This com United pares with 11.334,006 tons mined during the same week last year. Red China a ruling state. Council Friday approved a treaty with Indonesia giving up the Pel ii Ping regimes claim that intones to ians of chinese origin must be in chinese citizens. Lure and rainfall for the 24 Houri j few Days amid a Shower of fare fonday High Low Pep 54 31 51 17 44 an ,08 59 49 .07 40 25 47 24 7� �4 it 44 53 38 40 .03 47 38 As 47 39 details names dates place and tubes and narcotics addicts about Civ a the same Superior rating today o led for Oral argument Belle Glade visiting his Fiancee other specific items pertaining to whom the Magazine wrote in for the second consecutive year a i Jan 29 on the proposal a the miss Suzanne Forsee he left allegations about Flynn in the connection with Flynn also should a result of their 1957 work Blake. Major railroads to increase freight Here about la pm Christmas magazines March 1955 Issue. I be named. Said. Rates feb. I. I night to return to Miami. River it ondi Tiova i at hello Pant new and Greenbrier Rivers a Ria my and Muddy Bluestone Reservoir a tag but Muddy. Well receptions dinners and goo washes from friends and admirer on new years Day he i leave the Granite faced Norwegia embassy on Massachusetts Avlo make room for his Sucre Sor Young Many of 44. Paul Koh unlike most retired Diplomat who immediately head for Horn Morgens Tierne will remain Washington moving with his a into a Small apartment half Ahmed Mort Adael marathi a former egyptian Interior minister who now lives in Lebanon denied Friday charges by president Nasser of Egypt that he plotted to depose Nae be r. He challenged Nasser to produce proof. Take la ii it the no cerebral of i Home for n kno Tion with states to e. Standard i germans in two u a f104 Sta Nazakio 71, the diets t House d Orr age at Iby out of the former it Parlia a of a is Tokyo Fain has Corn pet i once and the United la West Germany a iter interceptor the ill Are considering a lanes the Lockheed iter and the Grunt Normal 07 blocks a by from the pm Man Fidel Tiger and the French i Bassy i assault Mirage 3

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