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Beckley Post Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 4

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Beckley Post Herald (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Beckley, West Virginia Fou Beckley Post Herald Beckley w. tuesday morning Augustio 1937 Beckley Post Herald a Republican newspaper for 37 years published every business Day by Beckley newspapers corporation ted Mcdowell managing editor Telephone a editorial dept 680 business dept 681 address 73-76 Prince St Beckley West a. National advertising representatives Howland and Howland inc. 247 Park Avenue Keystone Bank building 360 n. Michigan ave new York Pittsburgh a. Chicago member of the associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for Public ton of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited to this paper and also the local news published therein. All rights for re publication of special dispatches herein ars also reserved. Entered a second class matter october 24, 1924, at the Post office at Beckley West Virginia under act of March 3, 1879. Subscription rates by the Mont. 65 by mail outside of Beckley Only one year in Advance. $6.00 six months in Advance. $3.26 three months in Advance. $1.76 one month in Advance. 60 tuesday morning Augustio 1937 frying pan and the fire with All the ramifications of the income tax Laws extant the average american corporation would seem to have trouble enough. Of late however Many of them have been in the line of fire in the Battle betwee the american federation of labor and the c. I. The National labor relations Board has added to the difficulties too. But according to a writer of the Scripps Howard newspaper Alliance the National electric products company of Ambridge penn., has to contend not Only with the rival unions and the n. L. R. But with court orders As Well. The Case is an interesting one in View of the labor troubles that have been assailing other american companies. The company has 18,000 employees and an annual payroll of five million dollars. The a. F. Of l. Possesses a court order procured in the District Federal court requiring the company to abide by a closed shop agreement with the International brotherhood of electrical workers affiliated with the a. F. Of l. But the c. I. Has brought before the n. L. R. B., regarded sympathy to its cause a charge that a majority of the company a employees belong to the c. I. Unit and not to the a. F. Of l. Now if the labor Board upholds the contentions of the c. I. Then the company will have either to defy the court or the labor Board. The company has been harassed by strikes growing out of the rivalry Between the two unions and their claims for dominance and then following riots the a. F. Of l. Brought suit in court to compel Observance of the closed shop contract its organization had with the company. The c. I. 0. Countered with charges before the labor Hoard that the company in failing to recognize its Union was violating the Wagner act. It is expected an election will be ordered among the men. The Scripps Howard service sums up the situation thus a meanwhile the company can a i. Observe its a. F. Of l. Contract and obey the Federal court in which Case c. I. 0. Leaders have announced they will Call a new strike. �?o2. Wait for a Wagner act election and thus defy the courts order. �?o3. Recognize the c. I. 0. If the latter wins the election in which Case it will not Only be violating a contract and a court order but will be in danger of a Boycott by a. F. Of l. Electricians working on building projects and May also face a strike of the a. F. Of l. Workers. 4. Close Down and deprive the Little Community of Ambridge of one of its biggest pay Rolls until the government and organized labor can find some solution to the it is pointed out that there is no disagreement Between the company and its workers As to hours or wages. It seems to be solely a contest Between rival labor leaders and their organizations brought about by infiltration of the c. I. O., and the company is filling the role of Goat. We have been repeatedly told that despite lavish expenditure by the Federal government it is up to private business to pull us out of the depression and end unemployment. If this is True it be a Good idea to give business a Chance the present labor situation seems to be bordering on anarchy and the Wagner act and the n. L a. Do not seem to have detracted any from the confusion. Now do something Congress according to reports is at least showing signs of a Economy it is no secret that the towering National debt which recently reached an All time High of $36,600,000,-000, is worrying legislators. They certainly should be worried for the principal Adverse effects of a Gigantic debt with its necessary accompaniment of rising taxes Falls on the poor and the moderately Well to do. Every labourer every professional Man every White Collar worker every storekeeper today can buy less than he could otherwise because a great part of the Cost of everything he buys or uses is tax Levy included in the Price of every artice. Concern Over the debt now exhibited by Congress should be followed by a doing something about the a policy of budget balancing and regular debt reduction would do More for real recovery than All the expensive political panaceas Ever devised. His daily a a constitutional sunday papers recorded another tragedy on the Greenbrier the drowning of another Beckley Man in that Stream. A 0 a while it might not have been possible to save this victim by use of the Rescue apparatus sought by the Hinton Volunteer fire department the incident at least gives an additional argument to the dangers of the River and the necessity of an organized Rescue Crew fully equipped in that Section. A 0 a the Hinton firemen who Are nearly All volunteers want an ambulance equipped with inhale actors ropes drags a boat grappling Hooks and All the other things needed in River Rescue work and they will effect the rescues them Sells without Cost to anybody. A 0 a so Long As the Greenbrier is crowded with summer Camps and campers and especially with picnickers on the week ends such equipment is vitally necessary to reduce the loss of life on the River and everybody that likes to swim and fish in the Greenbrier new River Bluestone or Indian Creek ought to subscribe to the fund. A 0 a several years ago i had considerable experience with the Rescue squad of the Louisville police department and some of the most thrilling experiences of my career As a police reporter came from wild rides on the a emergency Wagon Enro Ute to a drowning suicide or other fatality. A 0 a during that time i watched the police Rescue children from drowning men and women from overturned Speed boats and sail boats cats from High Telephone poles Gas victims from their kitchens and scores of other things that go into the work of a real Rescue Crew. A 0 a i have seen those policemen dive for an hour into icy water to brine up the body of a girl who drowned because she could not swim and then sped two hours trying to revive her. A 0 a they revived one Man by the use of an in Alator who had been in the water for forty five minutes and others who had been apparently drowned for As much As half an hour. A 0 a All of these things can be done by the Hinton Rescue squad if they have the proper equipment and training and the Only Way they have to get it is by Public subscriptions to this fund. A 0 a it would make parents feel a whole lot safer about letting their children swim in the River if they knew that a trained Crew was ready to Rescue them at a moments notice and the peace of mind should be Worth a five Dollar donation. A 0 a i am not concerned personally for i go swimming Only about three times a year and for the past three years have done All my water sports at Camp Glen Daniel but i do like to help my friends and neighbors. A a 0 a of the $1,500 needed by the Hinton boys w ill save one life in ten years it will More than pay for itself and there is a Good Chance of jts saving lives every summer. A 0 a you can contribute any amount you desire to this fund by just sending it to the Hinton fire department at Hinton or if that is too much trouble Send it to me and ill donate the necessary stamp to take it on Over. A 0 a Back to less vital but still interesting items i notice that our free trading new Deal has removed the tax on Coal from Russia which amounted to $2 a ton and will now allow russian Coal to compete freely with the products of american mines. A 0 it took Congress quite a while in the Hoover administration to Lay a tax on Coal that would give the american miners a Chance and now that has been taken off by the administration to carry out their a Good neighbors policy. A o a with that restriction removed the russians can Lay Down Anthracite Coal in new York and Boston cheaper than we can mine bituminous Coal in Raleigh county and it be hard to imagine what will happen to our Eastern Domestic markets. A 0 a of course the russians have promised not to ship More than a certain amount each year but they also promised to pay their War debts one time. Remember a o a under the soviet system the government gets the Coal mined for almost nothing and they ship it Over Here As ballast so without the tax you can depend on our losing some very Good markets to the reds from other editors regaining local control the one fact w hich the average citizen does no to seem Able to get through his head when he talks about the plight to Public schools and municipal governments in West Virginia or Monon Galia county under constitutional tax limitation is that he and his fellow citizens Are paying in the total just about As much taxes today As they Ever did. Because his property tax As shown on the statement he gets from the sheriff is considerably less than it was before the tax amendments ratification he clings to the delusion that he is not taxed As heavily today. He forgets the Consumers sales tax the higher gasoline tax the greatly increased privilege tax the personal income tax the Beer and liquor taxes and All the other labyrinth of taxation to which West Virginia has resorted. But if he will gather the facts for himself or take our word for it the total tax Bill in West Virginia today is As High As it was before constitutional tax limitation and in Many instances it is higher. We Ith the fact accepted the question of having better schools and better municipal government is not a question of increasing the total of taxes nearly so much As it is a question of redistributing tax moneys or rather of permitting local communities to raise a larger percentage of their taxes directly and visibly and use them for local functions and services of government. That cannot be done in a moment of course As Long As the tax amendment stands. But it can be done gradually and on the whole effectively if the average citizen will look tax facts squarely in the face. In the course of time we think the supreme court will gradually modify the grotesque interpellation which it gave to the tax amendment in 1933. But whether that happens or not some of the worst evils of the tax system forced upon this state by the tax amendment in the manner which the supreme court interpreted it can be overcome by a decent reassessment of property. By that we mean simply that when property valuations Are brought More nearly into line with actual value the local communities will be Able to raise a larger percentage of their needed Revenue in local direct visible taxes and will therefore need to seek smaller Grants in a id from the state. All Grants in Aid from the state Are nothing More than indirect and often invisible taxes which Are run through a Leaky pipe line from the local communities to Charleston and then Back through another Leaky pipe line from Char Seston to the local communities with All the losses and wastage that arc. Inevitable when Long distance pipe lines Are used. What we we not is not More taxes but More of our taxes raised and expended locally without any pipe line transportation whatever. A Morgantown Post. The matter of taxes because of a serious reduction in property valuation in Marion county we find not Only our City and county governments crippled but our Board of education forced to ask permission to increase the Levy in order to provide a full school term free textbooks and to maintain and improve school property. It is to provide these things that the Levy election has been called for August 19 in this county. It is because we believe Marion county must keep up its schools and its education program and provide free textbooks that we Call upon the voters to do All in their Power to Aid passage of the increased Levy at the polls. Marion county is not an isolated Case in this respect. Every county in the state is feeling the effect of lowered property valuations and the inequalities of distribution of the funds raised by taxation. The valuations in Marion Are much lower than they Are in most counties most of us believe that they Are lower than they should be. But we cannot bring about improvement in assessed values in time to save the schools in the next term. We must act at once and this we propose to do. The proposed increase in the Levy for schools would be limited to three years and we should approve it and then Bend our efforts to correcting conditions so that it will not be necessary to continue the increase for the full three years. The Wheeling intelligencer expresses the need for a reassessment in an editorial As follows a it is Well known of course that we have been in need of assessment Reform for Many years. When levies were unlimited and growing annually there May have been some excuse for this condition. At least there was a general Public conspiracy to do nothing about it. When however levies were drastically limited by the land tax amendment of 1932, excuse for under assessment disappeared. It always was contemplated by those who sponsored Levy limitation that it would be accompanied by reassessment and provision for regular reassessments under state control every four years that will be the solution to our tax problem and it is the solution we must seek. The cause of the present school crisis cannot be named in a word. It has a number of causes. We could try to Drift along permitting our children to be cheated out of a full school term forcing the parents to buy scores of school books permitting our school properties to deteriorate for Lack or Ordinary repair. We could Drift thus and Hope for improvement of assessed values next year but this newspaper believes such Lack of action would be Well nigh disastrous to our education system. We choose the course of action which will insure a full school term same the parents Money by providing free school books and preserve and improve the school property. We can insure such Progress by voting for the increase in the school Levy an increase that is not nearly As severe As it might seem at first examination. We believe in spending in Little More right now to prevent a loss that May never be made up without expenditure of Many time the amount asked today. Vote for the school Levy at the election August 19. A Fairmont tires West virginian. Pendent Factor in american labor history by its suspension from the american federation of labor Over the Issue of Industrial unionism which the c. I. Favors versus Craft unionism. Within that year the c. I. Has grown from eight National and International unions to include 28 such organizations. The membership has risen from about a million to slightly More than three million and is still growing. Apparently then it May be based As a going concern and As such it might Well follow the custom of taking the 12-month inventory to see just where it stands and just what its program for the second year should be in the Light of the Public temper. The record shows that the c. I. Has won Over or interested workers not Only in the mass production and Basic industries but also in Federal City state and county offices a White Collar workers in retail stores and offices and employees in lumber transportation packing Cannery and maritime industries. But Many of these enlistments were made Only at the Cost of much misunderstanding and bitterness involving fighting shooting and sometimes bloodshed. Production was shut Down for weeks in Many instances while workers went without pay and the general Public suffered inconvenience and abuse which grew up incidental to the main issues. Then there was the flood of unauthorized sit Downs sit ins and walkouts which the c. I. Disavowed but which nevertheless it was powerless to Stop. In new York City and possibly in other places sundry picket lines still hold Forth in front of shops where the original issues have Long been forgotten. In some cases the pickets themselves do not know Why they Are there and instances Are reported in which even Union officials have to thumb through files to find out Why the line is being National whirligig win news behind the news copyright Mcclure newspaper Syndicate Washington by Ira Bennett assist a i Shau expect considerable discussion a said a democratic senator when asked How the Senate would Deal with the Bill which gives president Roosevelt six Anonymous assistants at $10,-000 each. A the already has Mem a added the senator. A the has a Man in e. F. C., another in w. P. A., and others posted where they can do the most Good. Tommy Corcoran and Charlie West Are already getting $10,000 each. Benny Cohen gets Only $8,500, but i understand he has a Cushion left from his whirl in Wall special Agency insiders say the White House a Contact men get on the nerves of r. F. Chairman Jesse Jones Secretary lakes Reserve Board governor Eccles and members of the communications interstate Commerce Federal Trade and Power commissions. General opinion is that presidential assistants w ill prove to be troublesome go Between w to will promote misunderstanding Between the president and his official advisers. Against this opinion stands the fact that or. Roosevelt could use too assistants if they could really assist. Maintained although membership dues have been fixed the c. I. Still has temporary officers and there Are no written by Laws and no Constitution. The rank and file of the citizenry is highly tolerant and Many abuses enacted in the heat of the initial tilt both by employers an dem ploys will be forgiven and forgotten. But the Public also has a marvelous facility for cutting through issues and trimming them Down to size. And it is Safe to say that whatever birthday Resolution. The c. I. Decides to make will be most wisely made within that prescribed Circle which the Public is drawing. If the movement is to serve any worthwhile purposes for any great length of time its second year will have to prove that it is growing up As Well As daily news. Wheeling citizen Dies in station inventory time Here for year old c. I. Just about a year ago the committee for Industrial organization was ordained As an mde Pitts Birgh aug. 9.�? apr j. W. Whitman 53, of Wheeling w. Va., left Home today for a vacation in the East. He dropped dead in a Pittsburgh Railroad station while changing trains. He was manager of a tailoring store. His widow and a daughter survive. A grandma Joe Leblue 97 years old smokes cigarettes now but Learned the habit on Cor Husk and twist tobacco As a girl and she used to Roll her own. Confusion a few weeks ago whirligig pointed out that some doubt surrounded the Case of Justice Van Devanter who sent a letter to the president announcing his a a retirement but who is still subject to service As a supreme court Justice when called upon. Thus he is a member of the supreme court and not a member just As you look at it. Senator Borah insists that the Van Devanter retirement did not create a vacancy. This curious situation might Lead to interesting consequences if Justice Van Devanter should perform official duties. The Law granting full pay to retired justices can not change the Constitution of course and if a retired Justice continues to serve if Only temporarily he is still on the Bench subject to impeachment and is still one of the nine old men. The administration View is that there a a vacancy and that there should be More. No one doubts that a nomination or appointment will be made of somebody to succeed Van Devanter. Probably the retirement pay Law will be amended to prohibit a retired Justice from acting further. Controls it becomes More probable than Ever that a showdown must occur on this question shall the u. S. Government be Given Power to regulate Industry labor and agriculture regardless of state lines gradually the opinion grow s that Congress eventually will draw up and pass a proposed constitutional amendment extending the Power of the government As indicated. Highly competent and impartial Legal opinion obtained by whirligig runs thus the supreme court no matter what its personnel May be will not set aside the Constitution. Pressure for More effective National regulation of the nations business will increase. The new wages and hours Law May bring the question to a Sharp Issue. Therefore it is reasoned the people sooner or later must decide whether the Power of the Federal government shall be enlarged. President Roosevelt seems to agree with this conclusion when he insists that the government must have Power to control farm production. That some of the visitors Are Bent on mischief. Among the organizers of the March Are communists who Are working International schemes. Some men in Congress believe that the March is encouraged by officials in the Relief administration. Competitions Secretary Hull and his Trade agreement staff Tore their hair when the House committee on labor inserted in the wages and hours Bill a provision excluding from interstate Commerce any foreign goods produced below the a fair labor standards to be fixed by the proposed labor standards Board. This provision to be enforced would require a Small army of inspectors in foreign countries to pass upon factory and wages and hours conditions. State department officials said the proposed arrangement would sound the Knell of Trade agreements. Japanese goods would be hardest hit by such a regulation but w Ages generally Are lower and hours longer abroad than in the it country. Supporters of the provision reasoned that american producers complying with the Law were entitled to be freed from destructive Competition by foreigner who Are not bound by Law to provide decent wages and hours. New York by James Mcmullin standards a very private meeting of about fifty leading industrialists was held recently to discuss the wages and hours Bill and what should be done about it. Practically every outstanding american corporation was represented covering a wide variety of industries. A poll was taken to determine How Many of the companies present would have to raise minimum wages or reduce working hours in order to conform to the 40 hour Standard proposed. It turned out that Only one out of the fifty would be affected at All. Some of the others Are working their employees 48 hours a week or even More but without exception the Basic work week is 40 hours or less with overtime pay for any longer period. It should be stressed that this was a a big business meeting. A comparable gathering of medium sized or Small corporations would probably have shown quite different results. Tie fifty big timers agreed that the measure was bad and should be opposed but not because of the wages and hour provisions themselves. Their objection was to further centralization of Power in Washington. This can be taken As the Clear and definite reaction of outstanding Industrial leaders in general. Reform if the president should demand enactment of reorganization Bills before adjournment As Many expect there would be fireworks in the Senate. Joe Robinson was chairman of the select committee on reorganization. He was deftly sliding through part of f. D. program when he died and deftly Sid tracking other parts. Senator Byrnes is now chairman and Byrnes is off the reservation. The House Branch of this committee intends to press the Bill abolishing the general accounting office and the comptroller general setting up an auditing system that would go Over the books after Federal Money has been spent. The congressional majority seems to be dead set against this proposed change and f. D. R. Is dead set for it. This like All other matters was blanketed by the court fight. Who a going to Rule whether the spending of billions is technically lawful or not an official answerable to Congress or the president the billions Are there ready to be spent. But Congress Bas put strings around some of the fat packages in the bundle. Marchers the three police services in Washington metropolitan Capitol and Parks Are cooperating in plans for handling the jobless army that is expected to descend on the capital on aug. 23. The organizers of this March have done thorough Spade work. They expect to rally several thousand men women and children who will proceed to squat in Washington and ask a Well How about it a precautions Are taken by Congress against disturbances by passing an anti picketing Bill that will keep the Cross at least 500 feet away from dipl Maue quarters. Foreign envoys who have excellent information services in this country have told Secretary Hull retired one of the outstanding targets of Roosevelt Ian Wrath arising out of the supreme court fight has berm senator Frederick Van Guys of Indiana. Because his term expires next year he a been a logical butt for threats of political annihilation. Jim Farley uttered such threats so did governor m. Townsend of Vannuyse Home state after a visit to the White House. There has been no indication of a change of heart since the court fight was settled. Now informed new yorkers learn that Van Guys will probably steal a March on his new Deal opponents by withdrawing from the 1938 senatorial race before it starts. That is what he plans to do at present though his decision is not necessarily irrevocable. Word is that the senior Indiana senator wants to go Back to his private Law practice in order to improve his financial status. This consideration plus the probability that he would have to face a Nasty squabble in the primaries is reported to be the motive behind Vannuyse intention to retire. If he Sticks to it proponents of a conservative democratic Republican coalition will have to seek some other Laboratory besides Indiana for 1938 experiments. Urged meanwhile an Earnest Effort is being made by leading Indiana democrats to draft sex gov Kronor Paul v. Mcnutt from his present Post As High commissioner to the Philippines. They want him to return next year and run for the Senate. The 1938 election will be a critical one for the democratic party and Indiana will be a crucial state. Mcnutt has a record As a campaigner and vote getter unmatched by any other Indiana Democrat. He ran far ahead of Roosevelt in 1932 and was mainly responsible for his successor Townsend select Tion last year. It is figured that he has a better Chance of holding the fort than anyone else in sight. The Roosevelt Wing wants him for this reason although he has never identified himself with the new Deal. He is in fact one of the few leading democratic politicos who never expressed even an opinion on the supreme court Issue. Or. Mcnutt Hasni to yet decided whether to heed these urgings but his friends Are sounding out important people. His decision will be based on whether the move is More Likely to help or Hurt his presidential aspirations and he wants the Best advice on this Point he can get. Strike breaking grave diggers dug Graves at night to the Light of lanterns recently in South Bend ind

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