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Beckley Post Herald And Raleigh Register Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Beckley Post Herald and Raleigh Register (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Beckley, West Virginia Beckley Southern West greatest shopping Center volume 122 Halet flt Beckley posters cd combined weekend edition a and Dpi Bep oru saturday May 2 cents Oas is taking control dominican Force the other Side of a revolt bulletin Washington organization of american states Friday night postponed a vote on a Resolution to activate its inter american police Force charged with ending the fighting in the dominican re Washington up the organization of american Stales Oas moved Friday to activate its inter american police third try in 8 months a woman carries her two children past a line of soldiers Manning a checkpoint in strife torn Santo Domingo As other refugees from the rebel held sector of Force charged with ending the dominican Republic it n Tal Are passed through the wants truce Extension rebel collapse reported in North Santo Domingo Santo apparently As Republic a the civil Mili against possible tary Junta claimed Friday night a measure rebel pockets were still holding spreading of out in the North of the Junta forces using tanks the fighting in the Domin ican the United states said it would Start withdrawing about South Viet Nam revolt smashed troops from Santo i Domingo As quickly As they can Ieuv South Viet Nam government and the military a assassination of key High command was 11 vietnamese civilian and but Loyal forces got Tasy leaders was officially Dewind of it in the afternoon and scribed Friday As one aim of launched Swift plot crushed through a series of one rebel Huynh Tan was shot dead cum and 33 suspects were arrested in be replaced by latin american vet elements As the the spokesman con Gens is vietnamese Dis said Hung Early saturday Sidels were the Oas met in Nicht Sossin Viet mimes spokesman said hunted As the Leader of this took part in the con Llie Ines in nigh session Iohp 7prn Hnnry for Init Miinch a Dirac a Naff w the r Nln Nowc Pham Ngoc a former press officer at the vietnamese embassy in also wanted is Lam Van both Are under death sentences imposed in absent a for past antigovernment they Are believed to be hiding in the Saigon Quat charged that Viet Cong to Acet an eight hour attempted uprising in the piracy along with ringleaders Tatto to Gronouski panel reports the inter american peacekeeping the final and repeat edly delayed step in activating the Oas paratroopers and marines now guarding a safety that All rebel resistance in Santo a High official source claimed and machine guns m Santo Domingo would Domingos Northern suburbs casualties in the five Day North pressed their offensive right up be incorporated in the had been red Cross Ern sector Popup Campaign to the 12 Oclock teams hauled dead and wounded waged by the Junta had Cost no Imbert has said his next tar irom the battered area under a less than 400 dead and about get would be the rebel Down town which is sur Antonio Imbert rounded by a Junta was and the 24hour ceasefire that halted the longest continuing Battle in the Mont hold dominican the told newsmen we Are in full As everyone Here wondered if the United nations was decontrol of the Northern the ceasefire would be extend Broad mail rate increase backed which is expected to be placed under the command of a still Tobe named brazilian a officer was expected to be second in Ellsworth Washington up an lion 19 and last Ameri can sources they know of no evidence that the Viet Cong was in on the the Premier himself offered no ambassador Maxwell Tay informed about the develop went ahead with a Bassadore to the said that the Oas Force May be physical ported trying to negotiate a 24the cleanup was heed or if the bloody fighting by operating in the dominican hour Extension of the just before the Start of the would resume saturday capital saturday or wow Mon f ail Fin it futo inn newsmen touring the the United states announced in Square mile Battle zone said Francisco Caamano Washington it will soon with they saw bodies being burned in driveways and in the the rebels said draw about of its troops earlier despite Junta the Santo Domingo tunisian Leader swings to big Auto wheels flee hotel Blaze Detroit up More than including the Tunis a president Rawest and particularly the and 12 members of bib Bourguiba of Tunisia for Mally rejected anti Ameri can ism sweeping the Middle East and warned Friday that his withdrawal from the Arab league might Bourguiba thus seems to have Given up Arab ties in favor of de states amidst indications of increased american the dominating personality of president Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic was the main reason for Bou Guibas outlined in a major policy increased cooperation with the speech before officials of the the general motors Board of escaped safely Fri Day from a five alarm fire at the downtown Statler Hilton firemen said it was a Cle none of the guests or employees of the hotel lost their eight firemen were Over indonesians raid Agency of ruling socialist Detour come by one was m Jurod damage was the speech followed an ear estimated at nearly flier feud with most Middle East countries Over Bourguiba proposal to negotiate with Israel rather than fight the jewish Spring meet near millionaire philanthropist Arles a pm direct and Frederic Board escaped from the upper floors of the hotel where the fire broke who will be 90 next Indonesia up Indonesia mob attacked the consulate in surabaya officials report care auxiliary from the 12th floor of raised an indonesian and Neld at the was awakened by some the Spring meeting of the one pounding on the he w wed plastered anti according to auxiliary the business meeting is scheduled for and will be followed by a picnic luncheon and Fellowship the purpose of the auxiliary on the indonesian police in the East Java City stood by and watched As the mob stormed inside the consulate a embassy spokesman Here said police allowed the demonstrators to raise their is to interpret the work of the the 15story hotel by walking Down a on the he led a Small group of people to a fire escape leading to a Donner and his fled from the Lith they were among scores of pm Stock holders in the pm had its annual meeting fire chief Glenn Thorn said red and White Flag on the Flag Center to the Public and Prouhet fire apparently started from Poland put up signs protest Mote the Exchange of ideas for a soldering cigarette in a service Wagon on the service ing policies in Viet improvement of the Auxilio and the dominican work with the elevator at the eighth Export sheep learning Spanish the rain in London a Farmer Raymond Edwards is teaching his sheep Spanish to help Brit Ains drive the ministry of agriculture thinks Hes but he it May sound a bit said Edwards of Hythe in county but if theres a Lan Guage problem with we Farmers had better do some thing about Export minded Edwards read that British animals exported to foreign countries were having trouble understanding the com mands Given to them by foreign Farmers who bought armed with an English de Havilland Dies London a Frey de sir Geof a Pioneer Pilot who became one of the most famous names in British died he was the name de Havilland was carried by a Long series of famous starting in 1915 with the a two seat Pusher biplane Spanish Edwards began getting up a Little earlier last going out among his sheep and shouting Spanish commands at the picking it up catholics proclaim a Healing Miracle France a the Catholic ecclesiastical Tri Bunal of the Marseille diocese has decreed a Miracle in the Case of a French now who is said to have recovered from a Bone disease after visiting the sacred Grotto at the decree was published thursday after six years of investigation by clergymen and the criteria followed by an International medical Bureau of the which gives its find Ings to the is that a Miracle May be proclaimed when a cure is verified for which there is no discoverable pretty said the 50 year old instead of shouting at them in in getting them used to told of the Farmers an agriculture ministry spokes Man said it is quite True that there is some language problem with animals although its not All that serious and theres no need to go to natural or scientific explant the weather Beckley Vicinity Vari Able cloudiness today and to night with widely scattered High today Low tonight in the upper Sun partly Cloudy and West Virginia variable cloudiness today and tonight with showers affecting 20 to 40 per cent of the High today 74 to 80 East and 78 to 84 partly Cloudy and details on Page 11 Bunker told the Oas that the troops to leave would equal about the number being sent in for the Oas Force by Costa Rica and the brazilian government announced Friday that of its air and naval units would be sent to the dominican they were scheduled to Start arriving after Midnight Friday by brazilian a year to the postal advisory com Miltree appointed by postmaster general John j in it endorsed grou Good morning the news Brief a Iling Joseph 76yearold father of the p r e s i d e suffered a slight Indis position Fri d a though his miss Ann sped 110 Miles Over the High Way with a police escort to be at h i s b e d s i d at Hyannis o r Kennedy a source close to the family said there was no cause for onetime Ambas Sador to great suffered a crippling stroke in december Maine overturned a taxation commit planned visit to marines at i tee report Friday and voted 198 a 380 Miles Northeast of in favor of a Bill to create a in somebody fired a Bullet into the nose of Taylors Jet but none in his party was and no re pairs were a Viet Cong squad ambushed Gronouski Friday recommend1nouskis suggestion that Airt Nice of marines de an across Leboard increase mai1 be Miles a nans postal rates and a policy be adopted of fastest it further suggested the Ehm available transportation for nation of special Low postal first class a higher rate add Mil Liberal arts stay Charleston a Charles president of would be charged for priority handling of first class mail under the committees recon presumably this would be somewhere Between the present Hie Tov Jolt the state Board of 5 cent stamp and the 8 cent Friday that fou year although the brazilian officials said their31 arts and teacher training pro committee did not make a Spe mtr Fuff am n of t3111 s we ii 1101 Flo it i i i 1t1 111 1 n i it int novt in country was considering Send ing additional troops Honduras already has 250 soldiers in Santoni Cabagua about 170 while Costa Rica has sent 20 policemen the Oas approved creation of the police Force last directing it to halt the fighting in Santo seek a cease fire and support Oas efforts to establish an interim govern ment for the Caribbean sinking vessels Grams will not be eliminated at civic recommendation on the Bluefield state he also declared that there Are no racial issues involved in the boards study of the future role of the College and Bluefield state president Al Johnson at Retreat Washington a presi Dent and Johnson flew by helicopter Friday night to slay overnight at Camp the presidential Retreat in the Ca Tocsin mountains of Camp Davis is about 60 Miles from stamp charge for this airbase and a Marine Lieuten ant suffered a Chest wound in the ensuing three vietnamese women who saw the engagement said eight guerrillas were pm May expand Detroit up general motors said Friday that if the Economy remains Strong it will spend a record billion on expansion and modernization of its facilities next big Bubble gum Case blows up Washington Federal Trade commissions big Bubble gum Case blew up Friday when a complaint of monopoly tactics was Dis missed for Lack of the commission ruled 4 to 1 that near exclusive control Over pictures of big league baseball players did not give Topps chewing gum the nations largest Bubble gum an illegal hold on the in the Etc no evidence was developed in the three year history of the Case to indicate that offering Small Fry pictures of ballplayers along with a slab of Bubble gum was even an important competitive Maine sweepstakes like that of new Queen Elizabeth was cheered by hundreds of thousands of bavarian Friday As she toured Birthplace of nazism in Defiance of threats against her a Federal anti poverty Grant was approved Friday to set up a summer youth corps project in the West Virginia department of natural the project will pro vide work for 618 Young men Between 16 and state officials said the youths will do forestry and conservation Charles do Gaulle said Friday the world faces a possible general disaster unless the system of two big Power blocs american and rus Sian is chivas Premier Chou Menlai will visit the East african nation of Tan Zania at the beginning of the new China news Agency reported Trew picked up Senate cloture efforts new York up the Crew of a sinking norwegian freighter abandoned ship in a treacherous wind lashed sea the Captain and 24 crewmen were rescued from two but two other crewmen were hurled into the water from a capsized life raft and a British passenger liner and a norwegian Tanker diverted triggers Washington a sunday of debate on the ate leaders moved Friday to choke off debate on president Johnsons negro voting rights if the two thirds vote needed to halt the debate is to the scene by the coast Dir Sens forecast of Suc guard quickly picked up the j Cess in the showdown next tues but a band of uncommitted or unannounced most of uni Suauu Vul Gnu Iinuma a Survey of senators bold second time the stored re Millican Ever slate cloture stored Republican Leader Ever survivors from the two the British freighter Nova Scotia was trying to Rescue the two men from the life raft when it flipped the ship radioed the men vanished in Waves 18 feet High kicked up by 30 knot the coast guard said there was no Chance of getting a plane into the area until j there was also no Chance of Rule on a civil rights that first happened a year on a 7129 if All 100 senators it will take 67 of them to push across the cloture that would hold the balance in the cloture limit each senator to one More hour of talk on the measure the saving the is a 326 merchant ship from at last it had Only s feet of freeboard left and was sinking swiftly from a Hole in its the British passenger liner bound for new rescued 12 crewmen from one i illegitimate child he has been the Ionnes skipper an convicted of 12 other crewmen were picked Iasmi a univ us i Pic Bauit Tut a Davis is ordered to support child Princeton a state a act president Anderson Davis was ordered Friday pay a month to support the made their positions in an associated press Survey or through their Public stands on the 25 were against clo fifty eight senators made known their support of the de Bat ending in the poll or by signing the they included Jennings Hospital system Here is praised a the appalachian regional Hospital system is an example of How hospitals working together can Cut costs and improve patient Karl Klicka said Here in a speech prepared for delivery Here president of appalachian regional addressed a National hos Pital forum at Duke the 10hospital appalachian he operates medi Cal facilities in West Virginia and we feel we have a Challenge and an Opportunity to Demon Strate to the entire country that Rural hospitals can operate More efficiently if they share common he Klicka added that appalachians 10 hospitals save Money by a centralized system of Purchas payroll processing and buying of up by the norwegian Tanker Raila which left Canada Enro Ute for Spain jails yanks Spain up Young americans were arrested in Spain last week arid still Are being held on charges of insult ing Generalissimo Franci s c o chief of the vice Consul said vice Consul Alexander wat son said the David of and an unidentified Are in Madrid crab Inchcl he said they Are due to he tried in a special Public or Ider court within a Mercer county intermediate court judge Howard Jarrett issued the order after Davis produced his 1964 personal income tax Davis said he would a former methodist said at fridays hear ing that he is without an income because Church officials have barred him from the ministry since his a jury found Davis guilty april 22 of fathering a child to 24yearold Helen Carol Ough Long Active again the Marine corps said Friday it has no plans at this Lime to Call up the statement was issued in response to published reports that a callup was being seriously supreme members of its bar and possibly former president Harry Truman will Honor the late associate Justice Harold Burton of next tap recording of the final radio conversation Between the Cairo Airport Tower and pakistani jetliner that crashed with 127 persons aboard closed Friday that the Pilot gave no indication of of she was a former a the Kun flux silent and almost unnoticed in North Carolina in recent has shed its cloak of secrecy in a resurgent drive for Money and Robed escorted by steel helmeted Security have paraded in recent weeks sections f of Par time Secretary to him when More klan rallies and Demon he was minister at a Bluefield stations Are scheduled during the next six including judge Jarrett made the the first Kkt wedding in the month payments retroactive to state since 1926 and a Street the Dale Davis was walk in the capital City of a a Street March is planned saturday through a Community 55 Miles East of a Dan Moores office said he had no statement on the klan the revival of the klan in North Carolina has come As a Surprise to some state North Carolina was among the first of the Southern states to integrate hotels and school de segregation has moved smooth Church and business leaders have launched a counterattack against the tourism is the theme Al the states official 1965 Highway map which was released Fri the map contains 25 color photographs of tourist attract a special events location of Roadside Parks and the interstate Highway tax delinquencies in West Virginia dropped to an Al time Low last the treas Ury department an honorary doctor of letters degree will be conferred by West Virginia University on West Liberty state College pres ident Paul Ulbin May the soap and detergent Industry told Congress Friday that production of the Type of detergents that have foamed up streams and Rivers will end by july they noted that the changeover from hard detergents to one that decompose like other wastes was accomplished voluntarily korean officials disclosed Fri Day that the Pilot of an unarmed South korean observation plane was killed when the air Craft was shot Down Over communist indonesian guerrillas and saboteurs have been killed or captured in the Twoy Earold indonesian Campaign to crush a defense ministry spokesman said Driver in jail Lester Gore of eighth Street was arrested by City police at p Friday on a Drunken driving was lodged in county he the Raleigh

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