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Beaver Southern Utonian Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 3

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Beaver Southern Utonian (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Beaver, UtahNew of Etc letter. ,7t�m i i if it Cru i a f a a a a i a Quot to i gift 7t a. Is f i i it al a Jih i2ti3xece a chinese to Eri Raillie a a Auden an prove a men r 01 Han mail s13 to vice. New Volc Jim 12, 1891. \ Ixo a a Ltd a u lit a. Clilon in to Iho Tren Tirol of tit a Trumont Toache Tho tootle. Whenever n woman Entera Tho poll Gim iese opera mid theatrical com a i Lii Lail Puia plays clans Silc ,.rmcc>�t Llma Eti Arm of pan y of in Oft Lfting Oregon Riim he �tl<1 surgeons ivc of gain a fail in electro a .0 incl Lacy of manner which last Ved and has mud Arr Eugeni nut l society or the i Blu amp Bionoi nut la3ic t pin Cuik or Iho coarser to Talco i a Ivy Vii re a six Story i Rit Maliotis o elect i Elty Coli ill nod u i Willu Van Natius of influences observe Trio Luis hmm in 1vu Street for the n,e�?~1�imi Foj t l of Mon in la la cd incr. We do not . A no j s tot�1 "tnov.ry�od, in Glicr of not York �.,1 Dmn a. F m Cox h��?T1? so Gim iese merchants will Tal o it Jamu. Frt Nut de Vuong neither to to thu electro medical matters. Faus Over and when Tuo ,1? ou�5 Trio ends o Tom string Minuto tur Ole Etrueal instrument recently in u.,Ner of an Neli. At we of a vented a or avoiding incident tip. A it la Vla of Iho extraction of tooth Lina considerable attention l�rioilj1 sista of adjustable prongs concerning railroads Metal to of a or railroads Aro proving Cut to dinner to rep Jay Takiue is attracted ,1 it Filu it pull will open us a a very satisfactory icily it con 0i�r,z at Tho Tun in a fraction of a it is a Oporto in Lei of Ijuan is carrying ,. Per being Cut by Tho atrium Ihns Vuc u going to into Button and connected wit i an electrical a 1 if a in Ltd had been used. Buttery. The buttons no placed on i to j Quot Faco Over the nerve leading from to tooth to the Braini and a circuit la Stab ibo moment the extracting in al frument touch of Tho tootle Ajo in unit of Phi Adolphin physicians u the right to vote. I j of not Wunn Ihm Llly Xor Xor la Hir u Liti r. Whenever to woman enters Tho poll ical Arena she sacrifices that Charm it which coarser i of is Mer a a a in the Bow the nov the my ital Toek of which in Tobo a Injoo the com Pany is to tto organi Eli Nivon Liivik to am ii can Iklin Malj if the tii Liing Elu Cleil it tic Kiili factory to lie building in a Petur will be la ilium tue Eil immediately according to it Chin Kliu ii cuty of nut Ney Wilt be spent to decorate the i Hen in1, which will be Ime of Tho most a Luhorne in the will he Jade by us Iii a Wornnie b mid the theatre will to c in every rot Pec to tie Silaya will to Hick in Tojo nchir�3 of Uchio and no Dovaht the Audie yes will to Clinese a to we hut u Tate of Becl Mineso drama but year am i Ine Agine that will satisfy americans for Isoline Yeara to come a 1j0ta.nic 0ain>jv.v, a movement Anta been started by a number Ltd prominent Hufine of Tom City for the Purpi of eatable isling a botanic Galen which it is intended shall lie located in one of phone pub lie pm us Besom a die blur Lem la Ivor. A Well attended meeting wild yield just week to discuss Tho matter when it was unanimously r Eso Hod that a botanic Garden in a Ocny York has become n Public necessity the cominis owners it in Iblis Parkes liar Given their. Cordial co opera tie n and have prom ised to tie Vete Mich land an May be needed for die purpose provided a Asili Lieut sum of Money for the equipment nil Makuta induce of Tho Garden be raised within two years the move joint is in Craigo of the tor icy to Mical club and lilo meeting was hold at Tho residence of judge Daly president us the american geographical society. Ail present caressed Hrent interest in tic undertaking Ami Tho into Liuti to further it in any Way in their Power. O. In of m1aib on t in a tvs be a most important improvement in mail transport Tiou is about to be made by the introduction of mail sorting on Board trims Atlantie Sinai Iship Smi Ilai to Tojo Meun it i Kowm of on railroads. Director general , of tiie total service of a Ernoy hat Jabeen for some Iii Ion a poking Urr auge a 3iiciiwith Tho United a ties to i my git my Trio new Ulm an Agu ement Lias Jin idly Boon made for that purpose. The new ur-1 in Lemeut is at j in tech to go Ioe Cilent Between the Umu la a tales Anu str my Only hut cell bit will be made to include Stancu and England As a non Asio a sublet the new Senico will on the first of next april. Two mail clerks one from each country will be stationed on Board each of Teumer whose duty will be to so it the mails in transit mid thus save several hours in delivery. Tho new system wifi Uudo Hociy be a great \ improvement mid foreign mud is for the. West especially will to greatly Benc Jit Teth Avo Neu troubled with headache will find Simmons liver to Guttor relieves and cures. Mis Mary Elkinton daughter of Joseph h. Elkinton a Prumis finl member of Tho Philadelphia society of friends has Nurmi us u japanese Young Man. After All the Best Way to know the real Merit of Hood s Harsa Darhla is to try it yourself. Do sure to got hoods 1 Cal psf to ii nil Tuo n it path Rolo. Or Hansen la rapidly preparing for lib expedition to Trio North Polo lie Wilt Start from Norway in february next in Tkv ship of 170 tons Burden that has been specially built for him. This Issei is so contracted to Batelio can not to crushed by Tho inc but if nipped Tho toes will simply Force her out of the water on Tho Ico. I a Nanson a provisioning lib vessel for a to years and a dozen men will go with him to share his Good Luck or tragic Fate. Ilo thinks it u i Tako about three Cara to Drift from Tho islands of new Siberia across Tho pole and Down Tho other Eldo to Tho Southern and of Greenland Tho of Peduto which a carried out by Tho Aid of Tho swedish govern men t and Tho mail Denenco of or Dickson will Cost a Hunt Lorld gift Tho Alexander family of which fifteen members Havo graduated at Princeton University arc to have Pic or debt to that institution signalized by Tho gift of a now building from mrs. Harriet Crocker Alexander daughter of Tho into Charles Crocker Tho California millionaire and wife of Charles la Alexander of new York it is pro posed that Tho building shall be devoted to commencement exercises and Tho higher functions of Coll Agiato life and to Tho finest thing of Tho kind in the country frequently Hen associated and to in Duco regularly cur lifted practitioners to Tako up the subject Oil a so Nellie basis la tests on a number of Dut Orent poo Lions an electrician bus found Liee Icet Ive resistance of Iho Laumau body to to Leas to the Alten Ralpg than in Tom direct current in Tho Samo individual with a great variation in Tho resistance Tobither current in Dii Tont persons in Hoo subjects tui Resis Taneo in a continuous current of til volts ranged from to 10,000. 1 to Testa revealed incidentally a striking in Din strength of current different Hull visual scan endure Tomk wonderful work Lias lately been Dono in the removal of diseased parts of Tho human body by electrolysis. Or Abrari who has paid special attention to ibis Branch of surgery states that to has removed tutors and cancers with Case by electricity where no surgical interference with Tho knife was possible oases which have bullied All medical and surgical treatment including liniments or injections. Urn in up people who had been under Hospital treatment and dismissed As incur big Havo thus escaped the horrors of suffocation or other miserable deaths this Thohas had photographed in their perfectly cured Stuto after electrical treatment to not Only finds that Tho electric current will kill Tho cancer cell to Yod where Tho knife can go hut that Haemorrhage and Shock Oro Moro or less prevented with Tho so of electrolysis and or a Hieinia which so often follows removal with Tho knife a nearly always avoided strange and curious Trees. A do Ihus Man a in his Yard a Palm Iron in Blossom and a Plum Creo on Wiloh Pluma Aro now growing As Largo As nuts in Fresno county Cal Pene 1 rating thick underbrush Catao upon Tho biggest treo yet reported in that wonderful St Ato. Tho Ropo that girdled it four feet from Tho ground wag 121 feet i inches Long. Uruu Jun Rel station on the Raton Istad Railroad Oliero is a Peculiar Poco of Woodland a spot where the roots of ten Trees will attach them Solon to the trunks it from four to six Lerl of Trio ground giving to Tho stumps an Odd spidery appearance the soil of the Vicinity is very pm a mtg Yafo to lends weight to Tho opinion that the Banyan Iko a a Ove has been formed by the action of Frost and water tin Pivot of a California too recently made a remark Able journey for Tho water of a Souer. It Folliard Tho Hovver casing Imus it reached a High Brick Wall in which several feet up Ivas a very Small Holo leading to Tho other Side Tilis Hole the Root Amdo u acc Leno for passed through it and ran Down on the other Side where finally it found the water it sought allow did Tho tree know of the Hole in Tho Wall How did it know that Tho sewer was a on Tho other Side on Tho Plantation of John 11, Roberts near s. Thero is a tree if not destroyed by Tom Lur Ponti no hands that does not touch Tho ground by six foot a Pino sapling Cut Down at some period unknown to Tho oldest inhabitant lodged on Tho ugh of an adjacent tree Tho growth of die too and limb gradually Slobod around it utile it Tjoei maj completely imbedded drawing its Hoo from Trio too it grows and presents a luxurious appearance. All Traco of Tho stump from which it was Cut has Long Muco disappeared. Fler Muy that the introduce american Cura for the passenger per Vive. Iris figured that the United states has a mile of Railroad for each 400 of population and each 93 Miles of area while the Luth Inco of Tho world has i in lie for ivies 7,3ik of population and 1337 nil cart of area Trinu Uro Many indications that before lung Trio electric Light will lie the observed the Only a Mihutat employed on railway a not trains. An important step has beep taken by the russian govern men to which has decided that All the car Ligon Ontl amp Tato railways shall to lighted by Tho electric Light in Trio future Kansas has Moro Mitos of Railroad than All Trio new England Huttes put Dotson and Sof Sinuis Vicil 1s88 a ,4v> a in eng Youner do women Wield Tho purifying int Lonco at Tho Polla Euf Trago Avoca ton claim i a Havo not observed a Case in years of observation whore the Volco of a Oman together she Lias Byj Mon it Mil Oft iban of1 in tou in Tom primaries Tho Condon Ioas y01, mql0s0 population and wealth or u3 Rop m out a to Vos either Minisei Piu surpass Kansas tour to Uno. She has dry to acis to Csurics a Leturc Lwy is or executive though a single female More than Dio great state of Pennsyl a Delegate to a county convention May to tan a 0l, Perusi Kansas to Day an exception Tho better class of jvju1�?~ has $,731 in Lea of railroads Illinois a a amp ova us us a Vav Aco largest mercantile House tvs la one ice options est of Lenver oily Ca Weies a Complete line i la Caro 1 Litho for Tho ballot or political honors feeling that who hand that Rooks Tho Radlo Ratos the world Dot Tho Mother who gives to her Chato half n dozen Manly Votos accomplishes Moro for her country s Good than Tho woman who neglects Homo children timid duties to Volco Tho sentiments of women who never know nor can know Tho meaning of motherhood love or lion women As a mass do not Pino for Tho ballot and were it loft to the ladies of Wyoming to decide woman suffrage would to lost by a Largo majority while it enl Lucico is not degrading to Tho lords of creation yet to can not learn that Thoy Are particularly purified by meeting Mother wife and sister at Tho polls and in Ero arc but few men while they might not dare to openly express it but privately feel a do squat at the thought of Timo they Havo always held up As Emblem of purity becoming contaminated with politics woman 1 As an official candidate will pander to Tho Low and degrading to to alone surpasses her with p,00ft Miles. Next Remes of oven with Mih Miles. Fob lowing her is Pennsylvania with 8,221-uion comes Texas with 8,210 Miles. Tin track mileage of at ret railways in i Mcilvo leading cd tips of Tho in Ltd states is now York sos Chicago Scio Host on 32ft Isoo Kluit 331 Fella Del Thlu 33�� Tho mileage of different motive Powers is fur horses 2,331 electric City 200/cable, 235 team elevated fifty one surface 221. Three cd loft Havo elevated roads new York thirty two my los Brooklyn Twenty for Miles and Kansas City 11 in Miles. Haiti Moro usos nothing but horse Power motors and Scranton has noun hut electric roads qum a Chango seems to to taking place in Iho general opinion aft to do bust arrangement of but oking room accommodations on Somo classes of pits Sengpr Iruin and u is Quilo possible Llma Tho common smoking car will to Foro Jung Censo to form a part of Tho Bouer class of trains. Qulin a number euro votes just As men Dol is tills Etc 0j railroads have constructed their rating or purifying Tho condition of a hair oars with smoking rooms of Bufil Ginan a no better nor is Liro Rumado 1 a on. To to provide ii commode easier or labor lighter where Sho has a j tons for t 10 occupants of ouch car to i Voto Tho woman who perform a Fri Lettico of thu i furn Una n smoking crockery and glassware. Boots shoes hats Caps clothing cents furnishing fancy. Dress goods a specially a notions Etc. Etc. A full j due of farming implements our a Ltd Nuila and Calija it Dep Renwri if Fiill with Ali once a Cut Sylpa. All Kiili of mining supplies of. Rig lit to Voto Iho woman practice her Nat viral Tabors to they in to Humo r00tn for Ach car a rapidly extending or outside is a toilet if to it to at Dio Samo common Day Coa Uhos and a num Timo keeps Hury Ulf informed in All that b in of very ,1 111t roads Are patting interests her us a duty socially and to 1 a mule Long compartment in nearly every uti Cally must accomplish Moro than Tho car Lxvi building Homo oven fitting Strong Man Anil by harder work Man up Tho second Clara Day coaches in this consisting of Piunt powder Caps fuse Heel pick is Loyois hammers nil by Elret All kind of produce bought and log Chat Pineo paid Frisco cd i eaves county Utah ,. F 1j no 91 if a has accorded to woman equal Rigl Tagu Perlor to those of Trio ballot Ahe May walk Side by Eido with him in Tho Battle of life Bho May even outstrip him As Thonvo is no Uvo nuo not now open Lotfie woman who wishes to enter Tho professional Arena against her Malo competitors Tho tuvo woman who would make Dio most her every did gluon attribute asks not for Tho ballot hut for Lovo and Home Licio Tho carols of Babyhood no Sung to to Smi ghost of babies where manner. of Uin in shh or of wf4 Clarko of Tho Delos optic Cal society of Washington has Mado to following Esti Mato of Tho Relativo Quantity of d10 chief elements la Tho composition of Tho Earth. To uss mos for Tho Earth a known crust a thickness of ten Milos below sea level and included to Ocean and tic air in Bis cab Culaton. Oxygen 4ft.os per Cyb Sill mkt big Saddy. And Halm Miketi and Caler. Of Homos no Avcin Tatum Wnm let wry a re f cob 25.30 at Minum 72fi Jrsn husband May find rest and aching Charta Carol urn 3.ol Ina Gnosini 50 Sod Jim sympathy m3l28 potassium 2-2ft� Hydrogen 001 ways of crocodiles writers conveniences. A Xiv inking pad has an Ink absorbent top of buit Ablo Felt cushioned by an elastic support that is composed of particles of Cork or Tho Elko embedded in gel Atino. Anew in stand is Mado with attachable stopper Nril has a concave indentation in it Ltd top for the reception of the stopper when removed from the Mouth of Tho bottle a sew combination a an in stand with a Frame hinged to Tho Roar portion of its base haying a flexible cover arranged to be drawn Over to Ink Well attached to Trio Frame is a plate adapted to carry a Calendar. A new postage stamp package consists of a cylindrical Coro having opposite Heads or flanges with a strip of paraffin paper cemented to one end of Udo Core. The web of Stamps is rolled around Tho Coro with Ita Mufic Llang surface next to Tho paraffin to paper. A a new Machino for sharpening pencils is described As Dio combination of n positively rotated Marid Roi adapted to carry Tho Pencil or equivalent work Ami a grinding disc arranged cd Gowo in relation to Iho mandrel and inclined obliquely to Tho longitudinal Axis thereof whereby to work carried 1/y Yho mandrel is rotated or turned bit Nulta no ugly Frith Tho rotations of to grinding disc. A cont a 1 Vas cd for opening Jotters speedily has been patented in Melbourne Australia. Tho in von lib consists of Tho simple plan of fastening a bin piece of string across to upper cd go of Iho envelope just where Tho some of Tho in thu no i i it Presto in. Aft Artemus Ward says Trio Croco Olio is not Liam Sonio but he i fils very opon countenance a and some of the i habits of Duft animal As lately or scr of d by a Voez Kory in Gatun no hit cresting travelling 1 to i tubed to obtained in Liana iry spoon Tonino Tiow Lud ergs of Tho Ani Freud a nest Webb was 11 avg or tax Pacca from Trio Bank of Dio Iago got a tributary of Tho Ooi in dast Africa for a space of Sourjo eighteen foot in Dlamater a input Lead Boon cleared of plants in a Circle apparently by the Crocodile having wheeled around Koneval time a Fow branches Lead been Laid hero und there but Ibero was no nest build Long proper thu nest so called Lay open to the Sun with ibo exception or n couple of Bushes at Ono part four pits dug in the hard dry ground about two feet obliquely Down held Tho eggs about Oughty five or ninety in number including those broken in digging out the natives told Tho traveler that Tho Crocodile having sol cited and prepared a spot makes a pit in it that Day and lays about Twenty or Twenty Miro egg it in it which it covers with Earth next Day it makes a second pit and so on from the com Moneo in Cut it re Matnet in ij10 nest and in bleeps Lucro till Tho Hutching of Tho Young which appear in about two Mouths when Tho heavy ruin pc Rifel frets in. Tho egg laying occurs Only onco in Tho year about Tho end of january or beginning of february. A disturbed Tho Crocodile on a eggs and saw it drop into Tho water but from Dio look he got of it it seemed to to Tho Oro coltts re att so common in Hast africa.dcmorea/s Magazine cd Tallum 030 Carbon 0,91 a cd Lorono und Bromine 0,10 phosphor my 000 manganese 0.07 Sulphur 004 barium 003 nitrogen 002 chromium 0,01 total 10000, it is Calculi Tod that these mine elements form us por cent of Tho Ruff Tsofi to Earth titanium which is popularly supposed to to very Raro is Eldon absent from to Vidor rocks or Clark a buy but having 110 striking and but let to con Imor Cial importance it is easily overlooked. Toledo jul do 4i a Ofira trn Chico Liao riven a. A a Nev pc to holiest Misof Etc patents for nil do yes of . Lioy Natlo a be Day o i jute i a Miles und Havo Boci tred al oui Zecof Many that have lire Iotis by reject l Theli mover in a Dot her col urn 11� will Hoof Iitto Rolft to 111 Ven torn Putin teen in aim Framp Tirom an i nil who Havo to do with Patent. T i 11 is varied and extensive Stock com prising among other fhe me8$ Ite amp met amp a cow nov a and ladies Sac idles i Stimps cinches Bitts amp i Sadi Lac to lines quilts if a ladies fancy a lips a. Snapps amp nor amp ill Iii Iii Aid bits a this retell rates Quot Iff Cis in repair Safly a 1 Era Wool Saddle lining a hobbles amp sweat pads off Oam and Riding . Groundbugg3r Linos amp t am lines 5� ogs Tuge. Amp Sampson i alters amp race Bitts of a t w m a h Quot principal Points East West North and South slept in u or River. An amusing instance Illust rates to extreme of w Ohleh Lomo per soft exhibit in Lhoir Cage Noas to avoid Tho danger of drowning Whitlo on Atoa boat trip-3 a Young woman who no was a Pas Tonger with some friends on �7jq a Muno of to steamers leaving Sosten for a a f main City Mas asked in to morning whet Hersho had n comfortable night and Abo replied that her Elton was disturbed be also she had not got tired to Dio life preserver which prevented her getting into an easy petition it Lur cd out that Abo Hail fastened one d these Bulky contrivances round her body of retiring for the night and imprisoned in in folds she had Ocomo Black and Jet to from Iho pros Aurorf in hard can so is Jln a. 2 a. 1 or in Unoo id re opt rim Vaa covering upon her. This examine of in Iii Tran of we Tunja Aati pc a of Lyl 9 tit in u tit 1 with an 01 Cut remo precaution m Tho two of info is a striking on trip need of Ampler directions for to Cir of a a a Jln uus . Avid -. Pay Lford trains Leavo train arrive Milford. 8, r0 p. In. A i a lakh 7.00 p. In. S w. Erdos 1 a Cal Frt a Faes a i 1 time Luke City get/1 manager 6jih Lake fity skin a a aril is Hale to 0 Der. With of Trade nolo Chip a Rolls eur 2kle3 Siso a with ?. Daih3 i hah tus3 All we h Bis l00p3, and with Sarap j. Ssh Jib e spig3 h w Blik All Liin Sof a in id los Mil in blur Rowan Fecit nil 1 a in Ric slow Aii i . Ihil George Woodhouse. Quot i div Vsev i Vav in a tr1s a a Hou off Phi Medicino by riots Icline. Moureu we re All fail a Fin ant Amalfi Greable to Tho tat Ito. Children take it without a blvd Ion. . A a can to do f>rw0ix and hrhiwal1? the Best. Ujj amp co a Illus tried i Ltd script Ltd of priced seed annual per 1091 a ill by my ult to free to Ftp and Clit Oman a re by Penen a incr of to two or fit a should it a id for it and drum do ferry amp co Detroit Mich Lari the id Mill Louf a cited a Cata Ioco a Diu Nisenb Orv of wheels Alfir qhappliwx1gn ldziengyosr0iiivim- Toledo onto
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