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Beaver Southern Utonian (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Beaver, UtahLtd j l is the ut071an is a a time a Ifim twice each we he or tag at $850, per annul in Advance. 4>� a Fai Quot not je3 Jyi cd j�v5t a i j i a it Vamp jq333vc x-"w33235s.xj"sr �?1?==-� 7ei.xx> or or a is r vol. I. \ j u of Man j 1, he. Niv % it pc 4 1&, a we Oil a a att onion at Law a a a Ticle notary to Niblic. A a a a Alison a a a a of try in Suraco Beaver City Utah nest of kleptomaniac. Beaver City Tali at Home Anli abroad tuesday january 20, 1891 Gas the oficial paper of gel heaver county no. 5 x in Mccartt. Ell Murdock. Attorneys it Law. Practices in Tho court of Tho us Osi it judicial District Utah of titles to ii pal Jos Tatj a . No 53 of a. J certain i d. Physician amp surgeon Oit Loo in residence opposite Bishop Jolt a Smith Ilu Uver City u no. Calls o Aruj taut of Cifax or Cote nut responded to Day or night. Buck Dun s Arnica Salvi i. A to Ibbett Salvich the Voi i for juts bruises tires la leis a. It hymn Over 8oig�,, in 1 pud bands chilblains corns ult Mitiu find cares Pilo or co pay required. It i i guaranteed to give perfect anti fun Timi or no Jiray in updo i Trice 25 cents por Box. Fur Sac by g h. V Sun Moria is. E. Of Hawk if is i Tec live in Tim a vary Uro Hlaj . A kleptomania a Ball o detective at Iho Central station to a Chicago mall reporter Tho other Day a is an Ali Letlon that is As widespread &3 it is Peculiar. 1 never could understand Why women who Liao comfortable Homos Aro not in actual want Whoso husbands would give them Money to buy things with if Thoy asked for it should for Tho Iti Cro Lovo of stealing Purlin articles often times such As they could Novor Uso lint fit Tell you Quot Tho Oft Cor continued Thoro is not As much kleptomania As Trio to u alleged to to Tho fact is Tho a Ascaso is nine times out of ton Plain larceny. It becomes kleptomania Only when Tho Chloves Aro detected turn out to to ostensibly resp Tahlo people i was called into a Caso onco which led to a train of Tho most Peculiar Sircum stances i Over uncovered Quot a certain retail Storo on state Street had Boon missing articles for a Long Lino ladles gloves hosiery velvet ribbon other objects of feminine lao had Boon disappearing by wholesale Tho proprietors suspected a woman who was a Good customer of theirs so far As Lier appearance was concerned should have been above suspicion. She was of Middle age dressed Riciny lived in a fashionable boarding House Lee fore proceeding against her it was necessary to have proof i engaged Board at Tho House whom Mio stopped lie sides Tho suspect Tho boarders in eluded a Hoard of Trado Man of sixty a Thini old lady of Tho Samo age who had a son of Twenty a spinster daughter who taught a kindergarten school a commercial Man his wife a clerk in a who Losalo Coal of Ico who was a Natty Dresser. A a it took to Only a few Days to get Tho hearings of the House. Tho suspect had a room on Tho third floor Filio was Down Lawn All Day though Sho Hud nothing to keep her unless it was her occupation of . She Hud Means of her own evidently from her room dress. In less than a week 1 discovered that Slio was Selling articles to Tho other ladies in urn House Filio would drop into Tho room of Tho commercial Many a Vifa display a Bolt of velvet ribbon or soveral pairs of gloves. Sho said Slio had got them very cheap Liat though she could not Wear them Bho bad to tight Thorn because they Scro such a Groat bargain. Then Sho would inquire if Tho commercial Many Wilfo Ovit two thousand persons live n Ono 1 in Menso building in Vienna. Cuimei nov is reported As so scarce in parts of Hollva that citizens Are cutting Tho notes into pieces passing Ali so As fractional currency fix am air a time has been fury ii Quot copied in Asia by not less than forty million people in Europe by almost no equal number in America by no Oro than sixty million. A Tiia Velikie has discovered that brunettes Aro not Tho Rule in Spain. Many a Spanish women Are fair with Blue by ctr especially in Cadiz while oven Tho has quo women Ottun Liao Auburn hairy out of Tho Avo Rugo half a million let levs that arrive daily in ilor Llu ton thousand Aro Ailda cased or not addressed at All some Oul bearing the names of Tho addressed. Thirty three Post of Licals Aro kept constantly at Ivury for ton hours a Day sorting Mur cling these letters f a a Quarry near Salt Lake last wok a Frog hopped out of u pocket in the cent ter of a Rock which bad just been blasted Tuo animal was of Small Bizo perfectly White its Oyes wore Gnu silly Large but apparently Blind Wboro to Mouth should have Boon Diero was Only a line. Tho Frog died next morning. Quit no customs of ulcers to Rojy a it it flanked by a shrewd Mano Uve r of Somo smugglers urn other night. Tho of flyers received a hint that two carts with four casks of whisky Scro to to cd min to amp Lac Hoa port Road at Midnight mud Thiry spent several hours on Tho watch. A i he it captured the carts Tho contents while taking them loto quebec1 or smugglers lard is Cassun Tho Island of Oriya in it is said that in Many French Villag a wet tvs a boat Bot Llu hut Cutter is to Tia vol to anti Nitor being separated Tho pm scr u to Ruoto Tho right lot thus ions Ning Tho Cork which can then to raised out of Tho Bottlo by Tho Cutter i r is very Seldom that a request for a Patent is refused to n scottish applicant when it is Tho reason almost invariably is that Tho idea has already been patented. Oho of Tho earliest scotch inventors in this country was old Hugh Orr a my who had a foundry at Bridge water mass., during Tho revolutionary Timos. To was Well known in his ufos Elmo to Washington the other american loaders As from his foundry came most of their Iron brass cad non Orr invented Many agricultural implements. The Cucu it Ltd de1. Uwtswb1 wow amp to of n method list pro biding elder an inter Patorti Typo of Chi amp or Tompt Eliut him All but punic i away Jojn mid trials tif Tho in Kim Dimitor of Lyell Ion forty Tarp a if a. A tie Kcf Leodist preacher of to Day standing in is costly Broadcloth in a flu Clit fell preaching to a Largo woh dross cd congregation is a far different Purs Onaga from Tho methodist Dreuitt riders of forty years ago said Totev c. To Trusdell presiding elder of Luo Chicago dust riot Asho loaned Back in his comfortable Ann Cliar fell into a Romieu Lecont Strain of thought to a Chicago i a Onang Xois reporter. A when i look Back to Tho old Days Quot Eon timid Tho divine a recall Tho incidents that befell to when is n _ l Young Man 1 was a Orcutt Tidor it boards Aro set up bearing Tho Folkma Brit scorns us if they Wero Terri lady Kard instructions a Elled Gorog it lives w j times vet when 1 was n ctr cult i div i Mico snails wire Worms animals v0vs<3ld not much mind it i suppose i Jurious to agriculture. Don t la ill Ider Juditd As Many hards Liis a Tho leverage a Qira Uit rider. Looking Back to Siuao Fly sly re to seem strange enough a listener a ies Ipp of Ulm trlal3 of circuit rider would nkurai1y sat it a hedgehog Toad helps agr cd Iti Joi destroys Twenty to thirty done to kill a Toad. Cockcr infer it Ltd Lar co deadly onem Tes to farm seventy to Ono liquid j egg Kij Jtb cock Literl a Iris Eaph department was unit after All they a a a la ru., v Rauco i uses twirl of i any Nill Lihas of Thor duty Iligir aim a n us or his was a hard lob was but after All they Scro frite francs through Tho injury Dono by a Ccu. Done to kill Tho jblrds.1 Itu stans Tiro fond of Tho pleasures o tik3 table during Quot Quot about a Lxi Timell a Oneo every to o Hom Tho House of a russian but Tho Lack of it never stopped a circuit rider from Ful Iulius his duties. Of i could go ahead talk All night about my exper Lonco As a ctr cult rider but Thero is no Ubo in it. Why 1 remember Ono Day during a Rainy spoil 1 tried to urge my horse to swim across a Creek that was swollen by recent Rains but Tho horse make it i narrowly escaped wit i my ufos. Hut Tho Farmers boys whore i was going dragged to out loaned to dry clothes i wont on my Way rejoicing. That was but Ono of Many incidents that served to Mako up my Ufa As a circuit _ a Murll lug adm Uon a a want becomes of All Iho Stalo Candy Quot was asked in Well known confectioner. A it is Mado up into fresh Candy Quot Thoro is not an ounce of Wasto about confectionery. You Elk a Choco Lato caramels Divoll they contain Moro scraps than any other Candy Thoy Aro especially adapted for this on account of their dark color. They Scro to Rob made by a confectioner who received Tho Nuspl ration from Bis Stock of old sweets. Work 1� . Any work no matter Bow Humble that a Man honors by efficient labor steady application will to found Tintor tint enough to Oscuro respect for lilt Kolf credit for his Natuko Tho operator very careful in Quot Bing Oil Tho Loose Gold after each stamping so As to Loso Nono of it. As she uses the leather tipped stick so permits Tho yellow stuff to fall through a crack in Tho table top into Tho drawer beneath in Tho i hypo of dust. It is allowed to accumulate Thoro until the drawer la full Tho drawer is quit o big deep will Lipold 810,000 Worth of the dust you would not imagine it to to any very precious substance if you found a Quantity of k in some Odd place it looks is much Liko powdered Tunsol As any thing else however it is Worth 8"0 an ounce when a drawer full is collected Tho Gold is forwarded to Iho mint in in la Delphta what the subjects it to assay sends Back a Check for its value Tho Burnt rubber used for Tho final pol Liing off of Liq Gold loitering is simply Indiati rubber which has been Many Peculiar Points make no Oiin a i Parilla Pup rior to All other medicines Peculiar in combination proportion a preparation of in relents a Hood s Sarsaparilla possesses Tho full Curativo value of Best known Rem Edior of Tho vegetable Peculiar in Economy or hood1� Sar Lapar Tkv is -�?T0 Only medi Cino which can truly Fao Saul a a of a Mildred doses Ono dollar.11 Fedl Elnes in a larger smaller bottle require larger Des of do not produce As Good results As blood a a Mccullar in its medicinal merits Hood s Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hitherto unknown has won for itself the title of a Tho greatest blood purifier Ever left covered a Tecu Lia r i n it s a a Good Nam o Home Quot a there is now of Hood s Sarsaparilla Lowcau whore than of All purifiers Phon Csc amp abroad has x Ono than Many who l4a Viren it rider from n of Moo a a a Isiom Ltd a go 1 no Hico Ted to Ftp tit Illas a pro presses Fiat. Was Jas Ntoni i very epo Gioso ass Arlont. 1s i mali�3� amp latter Quality that top ribbons. Flo bus hats to i Moil in latest Myles. Puco of but i ump opposite first Aste Mihly Hall heaver no 10 la lid not want to buy Tho not Loiza. I got 11 Strung i a Jud Jii Ough evidence to convict live und Tot a Stuie a when we Tuo Asj Aii Eia Ivy Tot Vlf Jar to it a b033 Coati Ixion Youthful Apauty. Plumpns3s Ahu a l0vblin353 let lick ail. Now i get to Tho Best part of my Story. I discovered that in that Board ing House Ali co Wero two other Ldcpto-manlacs�?1� you choose to Call them that. Ono was Tho old lady Whoso daughter taught a kindergarten Tho other was Tho Young Man in Tho Coal Oil co a Tho old lady a daughter treated her very badly Beca Uso Stio was not a Cut to rated person Wyllo her daughter Mado great pretentious to culture. In fact Sho a Toti struck her. Though Tho daughter received a Good salary Anil Ono si6 prn.iucc1 by old or. Ile Atli a harmless a Servo al Hoiu Venat no wafers a a id Black is eruptions Kiti diseases. Ulcers Catarrh Hay fever asthma lung diseases enu located perfect health is the Mirror of Bounty Ami onl3�?T if 1 a Box or six for �?5.mailed Eoa Leil. Fret consultation atom lines 2 j1 Broadway new York. 1 or a july Lily we Challenge any Man woman or child who is of Foet etl with constipation dyspepsia headache or torpid liver to prove that a few doses of Simmons liver Ileau histor will not relieve them. It no or fails is so Pitre so sure so harmless that an infant can take it never Haven second spoil of adult can Tako it keep the boil As regular secure health. Notice Foit publication notice no 038. Land office it Salt Lake City Utah oct. 21st, 1sd notice is hereby Given Flint the Fol of Wing timed settler hns filed noting of ids intention to Natuko final proof in support of ids claim mid mint said proof will to made before the county clerk of Garfield co. Utah at la Augu itch Utah on january 17 this ju.vi/, Samuel l. Gould . No 10795 for Tho n 4 s e $ let s e 8 a Sec. 27 s w 8 w Sec. 20tpll, s. L�ango2 a containing icon res to names live following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon cultivation of said land Viz Thomas in cock Edward Owens William i Lavcek All of Kim glitch Garfield co. Utah mid in ruin ulcese of Coyote Garfield co Utah. Frank i. Hold >3, Register no i 10 son living in Tho Nous cot tft8 or s a per week Anil two other grown sons Scro prosperous Ono Dividu 5000 Ana Llic other s�,000 per year the old lady was never Given any ready Money. Why do Causo she Clung with a Mother a Fervour to a Drunken worthless older son who sneaked to Tho House when his sister was away a Hiedl her for All her spare Chango. A Usho had to steal to keep that Black sheep in a maudlin state Tho other ladies missed Little articles from time to time hut Tho boarding House was a swell one you know Thoy could not Volco their suspicion. Tho Hoard of Trad Oman missed half a dozen collars Ono Day shortly afterwards lies saw Tho son of Tho old lady wearing Ono. Tho boy had Given his Mother Money to buy collars which had Afono Luto Tho stomach of his brother in Tho shape of whisky. Tho Larcenie Scro brought Homo to Tho old lady by the discovery of a lot of towels Tho property of Tho boarding House keeper which Wero found wrapped up in Ono of her Pott Coata. Tho daughter tearfully said that Sho was a kleptomaniac sought another boarding House. In Devoar missed by male boarders was found in Tho trunk of Tho Young Man who worked in it Coal Ollice with both the so discoveries Camo Tho Oppl Anathon of Tho absence of Many to lungs. Tho Clork for Tho Coal office declared that to help it that to was a kleptomaniac he too disappeared. 1c was Tho Molt interesting nost of Clopto a maniacs that i Over struck i was Tho Only person up lost nothing in my weeks stay there because i took nothing with me. Trio House is now filled with a Sot of entirely now i it a a 1 l h i.jjnjv7_ a it con Jota will t knows no to fun . This repast is Efti Down with frequent cups of Vodka of russian whisky. That Over when Tho visitor feels As h to had Caten enough for Twenty four hours Tho Host says a now for a illuminated oat is among Tho curiosities of Tho 1 agent Lilue at Washington d. C. It is made of pasteboard or tin painted Over with phosphorous is intended to frighten away a rats mice such Small Deer a in Tho darkness of cellars Garrett. Another patented cat is of Sheet Iron with Interior clock works a Bellows. It has poisoned Tecl claws Teeth when properly Sot with such Energy naturalness bristling its Tail Mon Whilo by moans of Tho Bellows that All Tho Pussies in Trio neighbourhood arc attracted to it killed if they venture too near Tho terrible steel claws.3 virus ,. A a circuit elder was distinguished we by a 8p��?osioi0 Ana sunni pub. D it the pleasures of from n stationed Nroa Ehor by Bavin a. A Blo is its latter Quality that t am Iff a airing tour two or a req appointments to 11u, Uirt Broo of your Fin to a Rudy 1 Dayman nip Tonyd As Tiu regular pro act a9 Tsiu Orfi \ Ger Wili Tytko up lib Ihan w we uni dec ni3, a lion you fio. At h Acup pfc i of Gold in its Porra i t1 jiwnti1 Ian to fit Fri Lara of to Quro my \ Tonuia of Ubo Euclid o Placco j 1 a a Iii Nott i to Ltd amp Siaa in looking at or i Rublico is loaded Viii al Hho Poltl preach. For Bear him. To often pre Clud every Day in Iho wok perhaps Turco Thiu a on hut Wuy h was no uncommon thing for methodist Clr cult Eldors to Liao a g03-ml o circuit with perhaps a dozen appointments. So you co they a Loui omit a lol Fluor l it Mado their Homes Wboro Chanco or Tucler horse brought them. A my lat circuit waft in Iowa i waft obliged to travel through Tama Marshall Story counties. 1 had from six to ton appointments you my rest assured i was kept Busy livery sunday in tilts year i preached three time a morning afternoon evening a o Fiumos during Tho week. 1 Wou Hugot up Early sunday morning inventors inventions. Tits Experiment of tanning leather with Palmetto roots Lias Toon successfully tried at Apalachicola 11a. Iho leather was As Sott pliable As Tho Rnest Calfskin. Kicks boiled in Coll tar Aro rendered hard durable Mach no made Brick. If boiled for a Long period say Twenty four hours becomes water proof. Bricks thus treated arc Well adapted for Sowers cesspools Tho buildings. will appreciate a to cont invention tor shelling peas in this Machino Groen peas in the pod May to introduced in quantities the re pm in no Tho a Juir no Rusl Voss of Somo tor Mart 1 Vonlil Sot out Soin s c is into plied we . To rot Plooy. 1 would pro you after eating my Breakf fast co ing that r a Lionso waa properly cared tor Start Olp for my 11 rat appointment ton or fifteen i Lea away. I carried my Lilito with to went merrily along Over Tho country roads singing to inns Elf exchanging salutations with Tho Low people i Mol on Trio Road. Ivhon i arrived at my drat appointment which was about ton of clock j would gon Emliy hold services then Tako Tuy dinner at Somo far More a House. And of Bow the Puoplo would turn out on those occasional 1 loll you they did no to Liao a Chanco to go to Church ovary Day in Tho week nor Overy sunday anti when a preacher did Como along no matter Bow had Trio weather was they turned out to a Man nil gave him a rousing Welcome that halt did away with Tho discomforts of oiih�?T8 Long journey. A after a Good substantial dinner at lettering Limos Rodono at Tho government printing Olaco in nearly Tho Samo manner but with a yellow composition called a German Motal a which looks very much like Tho Gold 1ft decidedly cheaper. No trouble is taken to Savo Tho wastage each Book cover after being stamped by Tho hot die is simply put through a brushing Machino. St Quot or Tomii m ant Tom Niy. In the mutter of Tho eff to of a Ito a Iii in Flera boil. In stir. Rub hath court of Rall of Only. Wrice or for a Mold an or will. A Moro Polit la it 1ft tnx<l6� Cihir blood Peculiar in Llam record of ails r no cd her Irpa Ratola Cyr fat talked such popu laxity in to Sciort a time r al retained its conf Duco amans fill classes people to steadfastly a do pot to induced to buy other rreparatiotis#1 but to Uro to get lilo Peculiar Mceffie too hoods Sarsaparilla 0om&ll tut to 5 iltforj3> by o. I Hood a coi Ftp Lowell ilium 100 Dooroo Ono Dollar consumption he rely cult 1sd a to tub end Torii Lenso inform your readers that i Havo n positive remedy for Trio above named disease. By its finely Uso Tho Sande of hopeless Eusch Havo been permanently cured i al Mil let of glad to Send two bottles to readers who inv consumption it Tioy will Send their express l1. O. A Edresa a respectfully t. A. To Logut it al r in pour a a a Fiss a i go so or x in lotion to inf Leif flip uses give for Iho 8 e i tree a to Litimo Tho following to Provo his continuous residence Upu mud cultic Ntim of Suid Liml Viz lox Amlyr 11. Piton Lullis n. Marsden Juhn Wbrown inca who Mii Klaseu of in Aronim City Iron co Utah fran it d. Ilo Dis Register. A. Nol�?9t. A _ a t a a at al i cat 10 n of it Tate it republication. Notice no. 1901, in Vituj status Lani it Oit Joju. Halt la Kab City Utah november 25, 1�90 notice is hereby Given a that John in Koi Jaii. , a a a a. Den slow Whoso to Stol Lleo Tuu Huft a notice is hereby Given that Lioussa r a a Jorj Utah by Bis attorney in tones has led with the c leik of shia i Llen g. Cump Bill alien knit a pm Lilious Pray it for Tho pro Ngoi Liliu will of i to estate of Juno Liviu Nitt con cd Dimi that Aln Ruay the 17th Day of a Sineuy . 1891,111 of clock a. M. Of Suid Day it the 10. Court House in Beaver City county of Beair Terri Lery of Utah has been a Ltd to for hearing said petition when where any person Ini eroded May appear und film Causo Why the eur ,1 pc Tiniou Ehui Ibl not to granted. Henry Emir Sam tro Ludo clerk. Reaver City u to dec. 29, a. I. 1699 no 1 St Ufa in Cne Nril Cli Luckins a citizen of Leo county Gay tolls the following Etoryi a last Spring i planted amp lot be big Lush peas. Ono Day Iho chickens got in to Garden scratched them up Ato therm i did no to Liao Timo just then to Send to town after Moro pea seed to Plant so i decided to Cut the chickens crawl open take Tho seed out Plant them. J did that then i sewed up Tho crawl i Villi a common Needle thread i never saw a finer crop of English peas than i raised last sprint a i think those chickens we tit Iho Hostel Ever tasted for be la Means for discharging the Poda Tho shelled peas separately into convenient receptacles. A a saw invention Ift that of a collapsible railway car in which the principles to air cushions is applied to prevent Dan porous acc dents in Caso of collisions. The car will Boiu two compartments Ono larger than Tho other empty a that when a collision occurs Tho Small r Section will to forced into Tho larger Tho at in which act As a Cushion relieve the occupied Section of Luo sudden Shock. In a. O.uilax�, a Wisconsin Man has invented a Peculiar clock. It Consi t. Of three egg shells set of pivots on w Denoto the hour Ono Tho minutes Tho other Tho seconds Tho shells r Volvo on Tho pivots without apparent mechanism to give them 5�?o�?~ Garland intends making one balls hanging an incandescent lamp there in Tho afternoon Tsien redo to Tho next Placo preach Thuro that night. Then id stay All night at Somo fart or a Tho next morning completo my circuit. Tho Puoplo always used to woll�?1 believe they always did Uso circuit riders Well w he Rover i stopped i was always Suro of getting Tho Best Tho House could Allord. It was tho30 Little tilings that Mado to forget Tho hard disagree Ahlo part of my work. For it was hard disagree a to Thero a no Uso in denying that. I would Liko to Ece Somo of Tho ministers of to Day Riding Over All kinds of Mads in Alt kinds of weather travelling through rain Snow Slot perhaps with garments soaked or Frozen Balm in lug credits putting up with hard fare preaching in a miserable Little school House or in Tho open air or in Somo Farmers dwelling. A a Druit rider did no to draw a princely salary a Ali her. Tho first year i was a notice 1 Guji 1�?Tur ligation. No 751, land Olf Ico at Salt Lake City Uliuli dec. Lilily 1690. Notice is hereby Given that the Fol lows i a Nam Cal Celler 1ms filed Milico of ids intention to to nuts fund proof m support of Bis claim mid that Faid proof will be my Uto Toporo Colin to Clef a of i Lemur county at Reiner i it on feb. 3rd, 1691 Viz Evan Hinca h. H. No. 7217 for the n. E. I not a i l 21 n. 4 n. Or. B s. A 2t. W. 4 few �2, tii. 29 8. R. 8 numbs the inflowing witnesses to prove Ida continuous residence upon urn of end Lithul in Joseph 11. Joseph William h. Los Jib wat Kin Ile Cao �11 of Adieu Novillo reaver county Robert Rotnor in Glam of renter City Taii. Frank 1. Hobbs. Register no 1 lot it. Campbell Whoso pout Rodico address is Fealt Lunko City Utu i lev ninth application for United state Patent for to 0. K. Copper Minn mining claim fit Natch in the reaver Lai o mining District a to Utah territory of 1,-187 linear feet of Titio lode suit in a a Gro in nov feet in Width i4<0ot nuniber29, i to held notes Ami plat of be of Lam Survey on Flo in ibis of lace with Iris Ign Setio pm Inthou it 16 Deg -10 min. East aft follows commencing at Post no. 1, h Corner of Thombi Iii running thence n. -1 Deg. -15 min. E. Coo it. To Post no. 2, from which u. 8. . No 3 bears North 05 dog. 45 Mhz. E. 20 1 it. Distant from a Liili u. A m. . 1 bears n 5 dog. 30 min. E 17,809 , ibo Rico n.84. Dug.20 min. A. 1487ft. To Post no. 3, bunco s 4 dug. 45 min. A. Coo it. To Post no. -1, thence 8 84 dug. 30 min. E 1487 it. To place of beginning containing 20.48 acres All of which is cd a 1 mod applied for tie roofing Mixcon it. I rom it Point it tha Middle of 1 in each Ball so the clock can be my a i did no to get a i out of pay Servo As a lamp a Well As a Olnie a on y Twenty five cents during the it looks As though the Cork-3cirow entir0 to race it jut then i did no to mind would Havo to go. To Omo Genius Lias m Thuro worn bund Tda Moro Cir Van cd a Champagne wire Cutler vim in not a bit better off than Tny is sightly us Vivell As useful in j it Ory now so. 3109 a year Latady Hies a pair of curled Piort with Asu Arp Noel cd was a Ria ice Artl to in those Days a part a a Tran a Chi tnp ngot tie a Arterly end Lino of to Quot claim Trio discovery Point bears a 81 dog 20 min. W. 737 . To said mining claim being of record in to Ollice of the recorder of reaver county it reaver City Utah territory Thuro being to recorder of or records in reaver Savko mining District the known Loca Lions being there Are no patented claims no Loca Liona in the v Ivi nity. I direct this notice to be no 1 101 j direct this notice to be put blah Ca in the Fon i hum utopian the so jux Arasi off isl 83�s.smft , Bou Hiott. 6 fico if Stoml hew a re sixty via a. Frank b. Zlobl p. Regia a so Ujj %
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