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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 5

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Beatrice, Nebraska In Joice rejoice the school Bell by Betty Canary you put the elastic thread you her How about a game of Ping in the latest episode of life took All the Orange beads let Pong now that she a rested. Tiong the Munch and crunch go j Sai Jjo Mother agrees. And Why not Inch we come upon the fam a. Saturday is almost gone and in y on a Fine fall weekend. The Mother enters garage grabs another Day be Back in Wildren clamor to go outside All available elbows and Deli school. As she serves she hums other vainly attempts fitting ers a 15-minute monologue on a bit of her favorite hymn St years boots on this years peace love and sharing. The Praise god from whom Allet while in the background children agreeably and ask blessings flow. In merry voices of spider Man a a a a a a and Penelope pit Stop blend into in mad cacophony. A a can to you turn Down one of lose programs a she Calls. A i can hardly hear it now Quoter son screams. Scraping the remains of a Peanut butter Sandwich off her happenings sunday wipe your feet Stop that in your shoes off the sofa Quot in answer the children cry what a for lunch a a i gotta o to the Library a a Moth error less got my baseball cards three couples Exchange vows in fall ceremonies and cards. Election of officers a adult Fellowship group first Pickrell Rural doers 7 30 pm she wonders dully Why she presbyterian Church 6 30 ., At Home of mrs. Norvin ver leaned against the table at Home of or. And mrs. James Overbeck. Without checking first. A after Meyers or. La these years you a think id thursday hink a she sighs. Monday first presbyterian thus engaged in reverie she Board of managers of Church Church luncheon i Mrs. Ardly notices the children who women United fall meeting Harold Kloke chairman. Pro re now coming Back inside. 9 30 ., first Christian Gram. A answering troubled heir destination is the base Church. Youth in our fan Lent recreation room. Strange . Auxiliary dinner meet Al composed of Ron Soh Leon enough although the Kitchen first National Bank 7 ., Ard Svoboda James Simones Oor is but three Steps from chairman w. P. Rumpeltes. Capt. Donald Luckeroth and Dale basement door the children club 7 30 With Vid Henderson As Moderator eem unaware of this fact. They mrs. Virgil Simmons 913 Dor monthly mingles 1 30 Lake a circuitous route through soy Street. With mrs. Norman Stokebrand. Tie bedrooms and living room Pickrell Rook club 1.30 Des woman a missionary society musing briefly for a squirt gun Sert luncheon with mrs. E. A. Ight in die upstairs Bath while Emal. A a. A o t h e r Calls mechanically what a Trump Bridge club 8 ered dish Mission Fellowship With mrs. Leonard Tyser at dinner i Hostess mrs. Wilber. Everett Vanbuskirk. Leaders mrs. Jim Wagner. Love offering. U c.w.f., first Christian Church Welcome Wagon newcomers 7 30 ., hostess Circle no. 2, Mother removing her ear club i Luncheon branding study and worship mrs. Fran drugs says gaily a Awby done to Iron a a name Bingo to be Ces hotline. A a Gnu huh a a the children an reservations or cancel Fairbury special a St. Vertical bands of lace continue Cortland special a miss or. Mrs. Eugene Alt of Lincoln Pickrell a miss Sandra in petals were topped with Small wer. Laden by monday noon to mrs. Dish chairman mrs. Ernest Michael a Catholic Church was to the floor hem of the or Linda Rae Cox and Clare Jay and mrs. Wesley sterner of i Kay Kelle Filley became the Pearl Tiara from which fell a a walk in the Woods and see Ansell Raney 228-2433 or mrs. Liedtke hostess Margariet the setting for the sept. 19 wed Ganza dime skirt. Wunderlich of Roca exchanged not n.d., were Bride matrons. Bride of Gerhardt j. Dauben double Circle of Green veiling. He pretty leaves a Jim Hendrickson 228-2010. Newell. A Ding of miss Susan Jean Sny completing her costume was vows in a 3 30 Sept 19th miss Suzanne Cox of Lincoln was Diek of Rural Beatrice in a 6 30 they carried colonial bouquets a huh a huh a they reply. Cedar it a fund raising a Sis ont Narv United Der and Michael James Ham a Matching lace Voticke from ceremony at St. Mary a Church bridesmaid. . Wedding at the Zion Luth of Bronze chrysanthemums with a follow the Leader a she sue a a i methodist a Church t30 no Mer father frands Murphy which fell a cotillion length Man in Norfolk. Charles Vanderbeek of and eran Church Pickrell on sept. Flowing streamers. Flower girl follow toe Leader Ane Sug mock smorgasbord 6.30 Methodist Church 7.30 ., 4 double. Tula widely bordered in lace parents o the Coupe Are or. Ama was Best Man. Jim Wun 20. The 6 30 Candlelight was m i s s Colleen returners ring ceremony. Commentator Matching that used on the gown. And mrs. Wallace Wunderlich of Derlich of Roca Thomas Mckay ceremony was performed by the Pickrell and ring bearer David for the wedding was Tom Smil her Only jewelry was a Rhine Roca and or. And mrs. Sidney of Lincoln and Richard Ander Rev. Ordean Grant before 250 Daubendiek Fairbury by Fairbury. Stone and Gold brooch belong Lynn Cox. Son of Omaha were groomsmen guests. Richard Buss Beatrice was parents of the couple Are or. N8 10 Ber grandmother mrs. The Bride wore a gown of Steve Clare and Gary Behrends or. And mrs. Norbert Kelle Best Man and seating the guests Emanuel a Ervein. Lace and Satin which featured both of Cortland John Leake of Filley Are parents of the Bride were Dave Smith brother in Law miss Diann Snyder Fairbury a Peter Collar tulle Yoke Lincoln and Harlan Schlueter of and or. And mrs. Alfred Dau of the Bride and Alfred Dauben served her sister As maid of and lace covered bodice. Omaha seated the guests. Bondiek sr., Rural Beatrice Diek jr., brother of the Groom. Lonore bridesmaid was Terri a lace Tiara held her Chapel a 5 Dinner was served ends of the Groom. Other attendants were Arlan was provided by mrs Edna Stofer Lincoln and brides at length veil. She carried an or at the elks club following the the altar was flanked by spi Kelle Filley brother of Bride Hammer who accompanied so ton was mrs Rita Snyder it fair chid roses and Stepha Notis. Ceremony. Ral candelabra entwined with and Dale Otto Beatrice. Hunt air of Tho Hrino to to a. Mrs. Michael James Hamer mrs. Gerhardt j. Daubendiek couple wed in Fairbury Dallas Home of newlyweds Daubendiek repeat vows jests. A let s find a tall build Riverside Park Pavilion. Bring Ltd a a. Program mrs. Gene no and ill be first one off. 4. Whitney. Covered dish to serve 12-15 and but the children Are gone in i welter of potato chips to Muse themselves by stringing service. Drink and dessert furnished. Vesper chapter no. 9, o.e.s., stated meeting masonic Temple 8 ., preceded by 6 30 family covered dish. Friday chapter a p.e.o., Sandwich luncheon at Home of mrs. C. R. And mrs. Raymond Snyder and or. And mrs. Leonard Hammer All of Fairbury. Traditional wedding music Brott a it la stirrer hostesses mrs foist Diann Snyder sister of a Ster in Law of the Bride. Mrs. Fred Veling of Beaver the couple will live in Dallas Ivy and accented with White a reception at the Church Brott. Assisting hostesses mrs. Toast did in on yuck Bister it a identify floor end Kiana Hon u., leads in the garage. The older Blue Valley chapter no. 69, it nes fashion Indian headbands o.e.s., 8 Masonic Hall my Choker necklaces while the Wilber. Exemplified initiatory youngest children Are Content meeting. O draw peace signs on the Valls with old pieces of Burnt wednesday charcoal found in the Grill. Crim. Assisting Nusl Fusto mrs. In ii turn u1ijv.v1, Ostow a Thorr i Onti ool Al nor Iona . Club covered dish w l Jenks is William Han the Bride. Key wore Lder Ulai f or Ieng. ,. ,. ,. ,. W. L. Jeans mrs. William Nan the gowns of Empire styling Fash Mother who knows a respite luncheon at noon meeting at 2 sen jr., and mrs. N. E. Beck the Bride who was Given in Iongi with puff sleeves and a when she hears one assumes Hostess miss Sena Aden. With. Program mrs. N. E. Marriage by her father chose a deep peat Chis is her Opportunity to have Roll Call a what i like Best Beckwith. Traditional White dress of Organ they were of purple velvet a cup of Tea and look through about fall. Gage county Republican a Over taffeta Klencon lace Kwh Lavender ribbons at the a Magazine or two. Picking Beacon Kensington first women 9 30 At Republic briefly bowed in Satin contour Empire Waist their headpieces a copy of mad she prepares to Christian Church 7 30 At can Headquarters 113 North 5th de the lace bodice with its vie were Lavender bows with Cir cd relax. Home of mrs. Don Rasmussen. St. Important business. Torian sleeve lace cuffed at Jar Nettin Ltd each carried a from the garage wafts the ladies Sun Golf league Golden age meeting St. John the wrist. A Petite Bow of Satin nosegay of purple daisies Pink sound of children once again Starette 6 30 ., hidden lutheran Church 1 30 Was placed at the Empire Waist same and babies breath. Dam wise., was Matron of Hon Texas. A a a a a a by Laura Conradt same Type of bugs later that a you mean things Tell me where acres pro shop salad supper Parish Hall. Line at front introducing two miss Narx a Terril was flow a number of Beatrice people attended the neb. Game in los Angeles last saturday doves. Aisle candles were trim ish Hall was Given by the permed with greenery and Bronze ends of the Bride Satin bows. Organist was or mrs. Daubendiek is a Grade p4 a our Chopa dlr Vns to my Ville Remmers brother in Law ate of Filley High school and itally cull Ollus 1/ 11iuy of the Bride who accompanied is a dental assistant to or. Her soloist Robert Ehmen. Bert Jackson. Or. Daubendiek Given in marriage by her to a graduate of Beatrice High evening. They were Wiser. Or at ther the Bride wore a gown school is employed by Eliason Lack of rain creates prob least More fortunate. Their trav fashioned of White tissue crepe and Knuth drywall of Lincoln. Items. Everything in the Way of Els were taking them across featuring a High Waist encircled they will be making their Home vegetation dries . Heat soars sidewalks instead of dangerous with Satin rope with twisted at 927 North 20th St., Beatrice. And bakes and dries things streets. Pearls which were repeated. 1&Quot or girl. So a carried a White sat even further. As fall approaches we seem around the High standup Collar in Basket of Rose petals. Ring. Too much rain i find creates to have a mixture of leftover and cuffs. Venise buds and bearer was Greg Lowe who problems of a different nature weather. Rain wind heat cold pearls were sprayed on the Bod carried Che rings on a White clothing towels shoes news and so goes september in be ice and Bishop sleeves. Tiny Braska. Bride honoured at Shower in Diller Satin Pillow. Both the Basket papers everything becomes Sog and the Pillow had been used by Musty moldy doors begin.,.,Diller special a a bridal Satin buttons adorned the Back Shower for mrs. Ronald Baete at the weddings of three aunts of the Bride. Attending the Groom were birthday dinner for mrs. How Martin Huff Lincoln John Barnard Retchless of Filley also Mer Fairbury and Jim Dixon present were or. And mrs. Rich among the Many nebraskans monday evening Bridge club entertaining a few guests ast entertained last sunday at a in California last saturday for hostess at a dessert was mrs. Luncheon at Che University the Nebraska Cal Fomia game . Christensen who had As a club in Lincoln on tuesday was were several from Beatrice. Or. Guest mrs. George Mcnenny. Mrs. Earl Jordan. And mrs. Everett Jones who had returning Home recently from hostess at a Bridge luncheon Ard Engberg and family of Lin been in Hawaii for the National their Cabin on the Lake near on thursday complimentary to Coin and Howard Retchless redi mix Concrete Board meet Kenora Canada were or. And Foer Mother mrs. Walter Vasey and mrs. Lillian Thompson filing stopped Enro Ute Home to mrs. . Cook sr., who had on her birthday was mrs. Fred Ley. Visit their daughter Dian in spent several weeks there. Vette. Or. And mrs. Stephen k. Los Angeles and while there at last sunday or. And mrs. Mrs. Jim Keenan of North Stribe and daughter Brenda tended the game. They returned Cook has As their guests or. Platte spent the past weekend arrived Friday to spend the Home on sunday. And mrs. Robert Fricke and with her father Frank Hubka weekend with the Engberg. Or. And mrs. Dennis Byars family of Ashland. The Lith at Virginia and visited her Moth sunday noon dinner guests will returned monday from their a birthday of their granddaughter or it who is recuperating from a be mrs. Harlan Strobe and mrs. Street Fairbury cation. They were joined in Cal Mary Fricke was celebrated. Broken hip at the mennonite . Montgomery both of Lin Fomia by it. And mrs. Steve spec. 4 and mrs. Kelly White Hospital. Coin. Byars and the four of them Katherine who have been the birthday anniversary of Julie Elias celebrate her 13th spent a week in Hawaii then re stationed at fort Hua Chuca mrs. Martha Genrich was eel birthday Friday evening when to collect in dark areas. The clothes dryer works overtime. Frustration results Over hair that wont cooperate. Why did it choose to elude Bridge notes of Beatrice was Given by her five aunts sunday afternoon in the Parlours of the St. Paul a lutheran Church at Diller. Host of Dawson. Ushers were Keith All summer Long but now Snyder brother of Bride and that school has begun Down it Roger Cacak Lincoln comes in buckets. And when for travelling the Bride Selec the showers briefly cease fog ted a two piece outfit in her and murky gloomy skies Greet chosen color of purple with our mornings. Black accessories. Her Corsage was of Pink roses. Following a wedding trip the couple will reside at 713u2 h adult from Pace 3 a Wear your old shoes to the three. I done to Trust shoes anymore. Too Many soles have Marion Allsman. Come unglued and seams have East West parted company under Ordinary first James and Robert conditions leave alone what Turner. Might happen As the result of second mrs. Richard Bellows too much exposure to moisture and mrs. Laverne Brandt. House. Those attending were her children and families mrs. Willard Witkovski Little Rock ark., or. And mrs. Glenn Genrich and family Olathe kan., their Home for a slumber party. Job Holder Gloria said Are no obstacles. The so hri27 Are it spending Ebri de Law a inlay r�?T8 her h0u/ or in Moth and Ink a Day Ali in mrs. John Schonewise % aria z. Andje. Angeles. Whites Mother mrs. Viola Cox. Or. And mrs. Max Martz and from Here spec. White will re or. And mrs. J r. Brashears Post. Lewis wash., in also resumed Home sunday eve route to Vietnam. House speaking of shoes it just so latest or. And mrs. Ted Ziemba keeping suffers but nothing out happens that my sons latest id family of Hastings Are Standles far As problems Are patrol Shes a so Ait a Ning. They had been to Las veg the Whites daughter and As nev., and then on to los husband capt. And mrs. Daniel family Lincoln or. And mrs. Angeles for the game. Benkert of Tucson ariz., will Marvin Coates and family Stan the . Cook ., were arrive next week to spend Sev ton and or. And mrs. Robert also at the game and stopped eral weeks Here. Genrich and family. In Las Vegias on business in mrs. . Carstens was to mrs. . Shaw returned route Home. Stess at a one gift Shower at from Kansas City mo., last football remains the main in her Home tuesday evening com sunday after visiting friends for Terest right now and among alimentary to miss Lois Helm a week. Those in Lincoln today for the Oclis who is Berng married to attending the wedding last sat Nebraska army game Are or. Day to Marvin Zimmerman. Urday in Norfolk of Linda Rae spending wednesday in Man Cox and Clare Jay Wunder Kato kan., with her sister mrs. Lich were or. And mrs. Ted Gerald Kier was mrs. . Fuhrman and boys mrs. Mem and family of Hastings weekend guests of or. And mrs. And wrist enclosure. From the Empire Waist fell a very full aisle wide train concealed under a soft Sash. Her silk illusion Finger tip veil esses were mrs. Leonard the b e a t r i c e 77 duplicate fell from a Pearl studded Dou Roelfs mrs. Donald Roelfs and Bridge club played a Mitchell Hie Bow touched with Rose mrs. Glenn Roelfs Diller mrs. Movement september 21st with buds Matching her gown. She Ervin Roelfs of Lincoln and mrs. The following winners carried a Juliet bouquet of red Norman Balderson of Odell. North South roses and Ivy. Mrs. Baete the former Kar first or. And mrs. Dan urn Matron of Honor was mrs. In Miller is the daughter of Cheryl Smith sister of the or. And mrs. Fred Miller of Bride. Bridesmaid was miss Beatrice and the granddaughter Cheryl Jurgens Filley and 0f or. And mrs. Roy Roelfs of Bride Matron mrs. Adonna Otto. Diller. They were attired in autumn about a a relative a attended Green tissue crepe styled with a a Empire Waist and circled with the Shower 11,056 rom Moss Green Satin rope which town were the Bride her Moth was repeated on the standup or mrs. Fred Miller and Daugh Collar and around the cuffs of ter Linda mrs. Maurice Baete the Long sleeves. Adorning the Mother of the Groom and mrs. Back and cuffs were tiny Green William Bernhardt All of beat Satin buttons and the softly Rice mrs. Ervin Roelfs Lincoln Nate in the weekly club sessions gathered Back skirt was topped and mrs. N. Balderson Odell. At the Patrice elks club with with a Moss preen Satin games were enjoyed alter Chenour. Second or. And mrs. Char i say Les Gromowski. Third mrs. John Traubel and everyone is invited to Partick or. And mrs. Loal Genrich and Charles Mann. They Are arriving saturday after the Nebraska concerned. Same As the three shirts and game time at 7 30 A i find that my attending col two pairs of trousers also for lege stimulates my children As him and also purchased in the their headpieces Wert made of which the honoree opened her Matching fabric. Crepe and sat gifts. We Are competing for grades a she concluded. Army game in Lincoln. Or. And mrs. Ray Elwood or. And son of Lincoln were last weekend guests of his parents my. And mrs. Ray Elwood or. And mrs. Howard Bailey at Pershing College. A although \ a Ile weekend or i a a registered nurse i still Marlene Baker mrs. John Baker is the nurse same department store As the shoes. feet expensive. And mrs. Roy Bartels or. And mrs. C. M. Beardmore or. And mrs. Harold Deitemeyer or. And mrs. Dean Doyle or. And mrs. . Gleason or. And mrs. David m. Gleason or. And mrs. Dennis Byars judge and mrs. Area meeting Are getting q be in Fairbury Geddes Thober Post 1077 Aux and speaking of sons i learn >7 met for a regular session de at fat the other night that with the meeting being opened the fifth graders Are now doing by president Esther Laber. Lackey of Man want 10 supplement my Educa some phases of work Equi Alent reports were Given a am to the High Ktal eve of Iris and acted upon. A letter was in had As weekend guests or. And mrs. James Hattan Kau. Twenty guests were enter majoring in psychology a said tamed last Friday night follow p61"1 wife of Pershing col Beatrice Columbus Lee division chairman of Edu Era. I had suspected As much when i read through some of produced for signatures to help his assignments. Our service men in prisoner of the High school curriculum is War Camps in North Vietnam my the Beardmore. Fuhrman or. And mrs. Lloyd game at the Home of or. And Ca a on and physical education. Or. And mrs. Ray j. Calkins Otto and Lori or. And mrs. Mrs. Roger Eskra. A the ecology of Community then equivalent to the College t0 receive More humane treat returned wednesday evening Keith Clare and Steve mrs. Or. And mrs. Morton Milne Menta health is becoming More level of Yore. Maybe that s our ment from a trip to Kimball and the Dorothy Behrends Gary Nan of Philadelphia pa., were last important and nurses will be answer. The kids Are learning Ernest Hubka the d. M. Meisen Black Hills. By Janet and Gerald Rodney bachs or. And mrs. Leslie no they had As their Friday of Franklin and or. And mrs. Leo Hie or. And mrs. . Cook night guests or. And mrs. Clare All of Cortland. Sr., or. And mrs Ron Sutter Henry Jennings and Robert Hal the John Genrich Beatrice mrs. Norman Stevens and miss comb of Kimball and miss Don and Walter Bosses of Pickrell Ada Kuhl a Tribolt of Denver colo., who accompanied or. And mrs. Or. And mrs. Howard Wood All went to Lincoln today to Dennis Church to Crete recent end were or. And mrs. West Ward and Debbie of Lincoln attend the football game. By where they viewed the newly Velte Lexington or were last sunday guests of or. Or. And mrs. Kenneth Thober Home of or. And mrs. Church and mrs. Roy Bartels. Peggy entertained 25 of the Schlachter just recently constructed at 1030 Bartels of Omaha was Here for Thober wedding party at a pre Crestline drive and enjoyed a the weekend and they were All nuptial dinner in Hastings last Patio party there joined for sunday dinner by or. Friday evening. Mrs. Norman Stevens mrs. And mrs. Walter Bartels and among Beatric ians in Hast Don Claassen mrs. Willard my Friday overnight guests of or. Pay no a bigger role in this All this so Young by the time _. And mrs. Forrest Crone. The Field. I would like to be pre they be reached the College lev be held in Fairbury sunday Milnes Are parents of mrs. Pared t0 Ake part in this area Al Quot they become bored restless sept. 27. Please notify the pres Richand Crone. Of nursing a Marlene answered and inclined to dissent. Dent of Yoy pm to attend. Guests of the Rev. And mrs. In reply to Why she was atthe next meeting will be oct. Clarence Buehler Over last week Quot tending College part time. This must be migration period g at the Home of Ida Brandt. The academic value for a certain Type of Black bugs. After meeting the auxiliary will be Able to have their meetings in the new Post Home soon to be completed. Twirlers pantomime at birthday party entertainment at the birthday party Given at the Martin la the first one we encountered was attempting to Cross the entire Width of court Street the other evening. Kelley spied it while we stood waiting to Cross where there is a beside and received it gives a person a mrs. Reid Velte Eagle or. Different Outlook on life. Take a and mrs. Robert Oman Scott a ass and discover How to be and Sheila of Holdrege. Or. Alive a Marlene admonished and mrs. Jewell Stroope from Erst while students. Waxahachie Texas and their during the summer Marlene son and daughter Gary and jul Mother of two sons Mike 9, and no control Light. A ooh Good a she William Bartels. Ings saturday for the Schlach Lisier mrs. Robert Miller and by who attend Wesleyan in Tom la not Only attended class exclaimed As a car whizzed by last saturday evening dinner ter Thober wedding were or. Mrs. Albert Siefkes of Adams diversity in Lincoln. And was College nurse but was a the Bug did no to get hit a guests of or. And mrs. Ronald and mrs. Kent Barnard or. Attended a Coffee at the Al or. And mrs Wayne Waddell Home health nurse for the men a what Bug a i a s k e d As Wiechmann and daughters were and mrs. Roy Porter and fam Pha Delta i sorority House in drove to Colorado last weekend onite Hospital. Whoosh whoosh two More cars ther Home and school recently or. And mrs. Clifford Timmer ily or. And mrs. Clyde Tho Lincoln thursday evening Given to bring or. , Waddell Home. An added Bonus of attending zoomed past. By mrs Jaycees was Proman Mary and Martha of Diller Ber or. And mrs. Alan Tho by the alumni in Honor of the he had been visiting his Daugh College Marlene added is that i spied the Bug then and video by Baton twirlers Peggy Ani or and mrs. . Ruigh. Ber and family the Rev. And new House Mother and recent ter miss Josephine Wadell at being a student again gives one could see that he was still in Keane and Shelly Hausman of in v o Oria mnn., last week mrs. David Henderson and Bret pledge mothers. Estes Park for several weeks insight on what Young people swathed scurrying along rickety Beatrice High school. End w the or and mrs. Jerry or. Ani mrs. Glenn Chapman mrs. Rufus Strough attended or. And mrs. Edward Linhardt Are feeling and thinking today split toward his destination. In birthday children were Honor Gross and family were or. And and Rick or. And or. Guy the Odell Catholic Church Din were in Denver colo., for a one can identify with their prob fact i became so engrossed in de and pantomime was enjoy mrs Harold Griffeths. Terwilleger and Jim or. And Ner last sunday As a guest of week to visit or. And mrs. Ron items and understand them bet the Fate of that Bug for a few de. Decorated cupcakes and bub mrs Veryl Lehr of Lincoln mrs. Don Barnard or. And mrs. Mrs. . Linville. On monday Ald Lirtie Wardt and sons. Enro Ute ter a Why they dress the Way minutes there i forgot to watch Hie gum favors were Given the arrived thursday to visit at the tooth and family mrs. Mrs. Strough was in Omaha on Home they stopped in Omaha they do or Wear their hair Long for the traffic to Clear. And children by mrs. Jaycees mrs. Home of her sister mrs. Ray Merle Jones and mrs. Don a business. To visit or. And mrs. Thomas or than our generation was her mond Johnson Herman. Or. And in. D a. Engberg Mullen and family summary. Carefully directed on thing that sets Harman service apart is the great care with which each funeral is planned and directed. No detail of a service under parnian direction is Ever slighted or left to Chance. Thin suddenly splat he got it. we saw three More of fib and mrs sue Fincham mrs. Joe Champ Kebab redwing it Tuut it Totua 62311k Street dial 223-2341 Beatrice Nebraska John s. Harmon Mal Lrol Orit or John s. Herman in ply Mouth dial 656-5225 if no answer Call 223 2341 collect

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