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Beatrice Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 3

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Beatrice Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Beatrice, Nebraska Mrs. Eldon Lovell left mrs. James Beamer and mrs. Donald Canfield getting an education is not kid stuff by Pat Larsen irs not kid stuff its not just children and teenagers getting an education. Its a mature thing too. Although the goals May vary they Are All after the same things knowledge. Among the million women working outside the Home today experts say that those with the Best educations hold Down the Best jobs and take Home the largest paychecks. For Many adult students 28 million Strong who have joined a trend started after world War ii when returning veterans flocked Back to colleges aspirations include not Only a step up Job Wise but just Plain enrichment. Night classes Appeal to Many for self improvement. And As outlined by dynamic Henry b. Darling Pershing College president in the proposed school of continuing education special classes would be geared to those a interested in pursuing knowledge for its intrinsic value and not necessary to obtain a says president Darling a the school of continuing education will offer courses that its constituents find of interest and of use to night classes often fulfil a Long suppressed yearning a How to sew a dress write a Short Story or learn a foreign language. In Many cases institutions such As Martin Luther Home and Beatrice state Home encourage their employees to enrich their backgrounds and increase their knowledge with special classes. One Point brought out by an adult student was that going to College keeps her in step with curriculum that is being presented in the elementary and secondary Levels of the school system. A the science and math that i take gives me a greater understanding of the cd old rent a study problems a the student said. Another student said that she thought that because Pershing is a Small College there is individual instruction which is important when returning to a study routine and discipline. A now that in a going to College i have something to discuss besides my children a said another adult student. In a More aware of what is going on and i feel More a part of the action a she said. A one of the main implications of the older students on College campuses today is that they Are admitting that they done to know everything they Are willing to learn and that a College background is important a viewed or. Howard Bailey academic Dean of John j. Pershing College. And he added that frequently the older students returning or just beginning the College experience Are More Clear in what they want to know what they need to know and they Are More conscious of their direction in their behaviour and discipline. A in other words they Are More sure of where they want to go and some times this refers to a specific vocational Field a he said. A i would Hope that the common experience of the class room would provide a better understanding of All age groups and themselves a or. Bailey a d. He added that being a student is a behavioural activity with no set age limits it refers to one registered for a specific class and engaged in the process of learning. He said there is no guarantee that age brings Wisdom just As there is no certainty that a first hand experience brings understanding. A having various age Levels in a class room is a stimulating situation a for the younger student the mature learner and even for the instructor a said or. Bailey who is a philosophy instructor. In answer to the query who is better equipped mentally to learn the Youthful or mature student or. David Kaplan had this to say a youth has an Edge on cramming and memorizing for exams a said or. Kaplan professor of psychology a but when it comes to Basic understanding and associating material assimilated the older student has an Edge because of her greater fund of or. Kaplan added that the Ideal Way to learn is with a we All know we have to get by and a pass to satisfy requirements sometimes when done by strictly memorization the subject matter is forgotten a he said. A bit of advice was Given by one aspiring degree seeker for those who Are planning to resume College work and those who wish to take the initial step of attending College Start out Small. Take three or six hours possibly in the evening to begin with and gradually work up to a full time schedule. Getting into the discipline of a study routine can be difficult especially when exam time comes. A ifs a matter of totality a summarized one student a one has to sacrifice social life a clean House and the luxury of spare time to attend one thing that All of the interviewees agreed on a a without the cooperation of my family going to school studying the whole bit would be impossibly As one older student says a if you Are tired of Bridge parties and coffees if you Are bored go to school improve your mind learn what is going adult Type Pershing College students have Many things to share in common Sun photos by Pat Larsen Why do they do it what Are their problems what Are their feelings about being in a classroom again How Are they accepted by the younger students let us share what the a mature students at John j. Pershing College thinks about going to school again. Mary Schwandt a there is never enough time in each Day so i have to choose what is the most important thing to accomplish. Many times this Means instead of studying that extra hour i will spend it with my family a said Mary Schwandt who will be a May graduate at Pershing College. Mary will be taking one hours when the fall semester begins. She had a Start towards a degree and waited until her youngest was in school to resume her academic career. A although i received my two year elementary teaching certificate from Wartburg College at Waverly Iowa it has always been my dream to get my degree a added the wife of the Rev. Alton Schwandt pastor of St. John lutheran Church. Their children Are Nathan 16, Roxanne 14, Susan 12, and Juli Anne 8. B o t ii mines. Schwandt and Canfield look Forward to their student teaching experience during the Spring semester. A and especially to the fact that when Spring semester exams Roll around we will be exempt As seniors from taking them a they both agreed. Mary Ann Canfield mrs. Donald Canfield a charter member of the Pershing College student body who is a senior majoring in elementary education with a minor in German says that her children Karen is and Les la Are proud that their Mother is a College coed even though they have More household chores. Confided Mary Ann a Kwh a i first attended Pershing and i believe i was the first adult student to enrol i took a class in music from or. Charles Ganser. I was very self conscious about being the Only adult. A but the students were very gracious although i sometimes feel they expect an adult to do better Grade Wise. It is fortunate a Che a d d e do that t h e instructors treat us adults As students and not As adults. They done to expect More of us because we Are mature Marilyn Calhoun a your family routine is run by the clock and everything is programmed to fit my schedule a said mrs. Jack Calhoun a senior at Pershing. Her family consists of husband. Jack who is assistant treasurer and business manager at Pershing daughter Marta 17, and son John 8. A year ago Marilyn resumed her work toward a degree with a business administration major. Her summer schedule was a Hine a Quot lds Al so with a ten hour Load which included classes in investments business management and Earth science. A motivation for my returning to College was the limitations in vocations without a degree. And Job Wise there is definite discrimination against women so i decided not to join the women a liberation movement and yell about it but to do something Concrete about it with an education a said Marilyn. Another aspect that Marilyn emphasized was that mature students budget their time to to commod Ite study no. Phyllis Lovell mrs. Eldon Lovell bookkeeper at Pershing attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha before becoming the Mother of David 15, Dong 12, and Amy 8. She is working for a Bachelor of science degree and says that an adult student does no to find time to study but makes time. During the summer term Phyllis was enrolled in two classes and is considering enrolling in an evening class when the fall term begins. A one of my problems is that although i had accumulated a Hundred hours i changed my major so i will have to backtrack a Little a Phyllis told us. Patsy Beanie this summer mrs. James Beamer started her College education a from she is the wife of James Beamer assistant professor of mathematics and coordinator of teacher education at Pershing. During the summer she accumulated six hours and will be carrying 13 hours this fall. Says Patsy a business administration Maior whose goal is to teach one Day a i thought about it for a Long time and there Are several reasons i decided to take the plunge. Mainly. My going to College is for self improvement. In the business world where i was a Secretary bookkeeper and was paid Well i had gone As far As i could without a College degree. Mrs. Beamer was employed by a local manufacturing firm before starting her College career and she added that her son Shane 13, is proud of her academic involvement and he is Happy when she displays a Good Grade for a test or paper. Patsy admitted that she had a cold feet at first and Felt that she might not be accepted by the younger students. She said that this was an unfounded apprehension. A students definitely put me at my ease and i done to feel out of place in the class room a she concluded. I aria it Ershery mrs. John Ottersberg says a my incentive for pursuing a College education was intellectual boredom a during the summer of 1969 Gloria started from scratch and anticipates graduating from Pershing in May 1972. She is a biology Maior and has been on the Deans list for four semesters in a Row an Honor she shares with Mary Ann Canfield. G or a Mother of to la 12, in j Fra to to no Cian at the Beatrice state Home a a Job she devotes 24 to 30 hours a week to. Asked about the problems of turn to Page 5, column 5 a Beatrice daily Sun i or and about women mrs. Jack Calhoun left or. Howard Bailey and mrs. John Ottersberg yes there Are Many reasons for the older student going Back to the classroom. Among them Are a larger paycheck escape from intellectual boredom and a step up Job Wise. It is a National trend �?28 million women Are leaving the dishes in the Kitchen sink and studying for exams Welcome to Beatrice mrs. Darling introducing mrs. Henry b. Darling. Mrs. Darling was welcomed at a morning Coffee by Pershing College faculty wives held at the Home of mrs. Robert Gates wife of the director of athletics of Pershing College. Among the 20 guests who met the vivacious and personable mrs. Darling were wives of several new faculty members mrs. Richard Palm wife of the Dean of students mrs. Robert Wiseman whose husband is associate professor of history mrs. Dick Birkholz whose husband is a biology instructor and mrs. Paul Mccullers whose husband has returned to Pershing to teach math. The Youthful mrs. Darling born in Centerville Iowa and raised in Davenport Iowa is tuned in to nuances involved in returning to College. Both Pershing College president and mrs. Darling Are candidates for doctorates for 27 years Marjorie was not involved with the academic Community. From 1938 when she was a student at Macmurray College in Illinois until 1965 when she resumed work on a Bachelor of science degree in business administration and a masters degree she was housewife Mother and businesswoman. Mrs. Darling deceived her degrees from the University of Arkansas. Although successful in the real estate Field mrs. Darling decided to continue her studies and teach. A i see president Darlings and my own academic interests economics As having something in common. I feel that my interests Are supplementary to my husbands and not really a conflict. We speak the same language As far As a Field of knowledge is concerned a she added. Included in the non Scholastic interests of Marjorie a Are Bridge and Golf which she sports a 12 Handicap although she admits that she Hasni to had time with studying to pursue these pastimes and a anyway Henry is the accomplished golfer in our on Campus unrest a although i understand that there has been no strife per be on the Pershing Campus i interpret the current upheaval across the country As being caused by four areas and not caused by just the administration and faculty As pinpointed by Martha Mitchell wife of the attorney general of the United states John Mitchell in a recent statement a mrs. Darling said. The areas include administration faculty students and exogenous factors such As the Vietnam War and racism. About Beatrice a one of the first things i noticed when i arrived in town was the new schools. This is always a sign to me that people care about education a she said a and that they Are Welcome Marjorie to Beatrice your being Here will be an asset not Only to Pershing College but to our town. Pm. Mrs. Howard Bailey left mrs. Robert Gates and mrs. Henry Darling

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